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This is Chandragiri
village near Tirupati. People speaking Hindi
language also live here. There is an old temple
of Lord Hanuman here. Today I, Jayprakash will show you
the real story of a man living here. Go there and check.
– Come on. Gopal..
– Brother.. Pay up. – I don’t have money
right now, brother. I’ve spent all my money
on my daughter’s wedding. The business is not running well.
I’m very disturbed. My wife is sick, my daughter
has eloped with my neighbor. I’m very disturbed; I can’t
even provide education to my kids. Isn’t this the story
you wanted to tell me, Gopal? Pay up. Pay up.
– Yes, brother. From where did you get the money now? Gopal, you must pay up
whenever I ask for money else.. ..I’ll kill you. Come on. Hey! Come on. Lakshmi, hope you are fine.
– Yes. Give me two strings of flowers. Well Lakshmi,
I hope you are ready to pay us. No, I haven’t sold anything yet. Brother, this girl
hasn’t sold anything yet. She wants to pay tomorrow.
– Yes. Yes. You couldn’t earn anything
with these fragrant flowers yet. But, your beauty will help you. Doesn’t matter. You are
supposed to pay tomorrow. Right? I’ll return your scarf tomorrow. Brother, brother..
– Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me, darling.
– No. Give it to me. – Leave..
– Cartoon, I’ll teach you a lesson. So, you wanted to interfere. Catch him. He shouldn’t escape. Catch him. Catch him. Catch him. Hey! Forgive me, brother. Forgive me. Well, you dwarf, you wanted to hit me? Forgive me, brother. Why are you staring at me? Will you save him? So, are you going to hit me?
Come on, beat me. Beat me, you beggar. You are a beggar
and you want to beat me? Come on, beat me. Beat me. You are staring at me because
you want to hit me. Right? This beggar is increasing my anger. Hey! Why are you staring at me? Don’t you understand? Come on, speak up. Speak up. Why are you staring at me? I’ll gorge out your eyes. Look down. Someone explain
to him or I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him. Beat this beggar. Come on. Come on. What happened? Why don’t you speak?
– A beggar bashed us up today. He thrashed you badly?
– Yes. Come near me. Come on. If I stick this inside you it hurts.
Isn’t it? – Yes, it hurts. It hurts. Right?
– Yes, it hurts, brother, it hurts. Will you have chicken?
– No. No.
– We are not priests, we are goons. We’ve disguised ourselves
to mislead people. We drink beer too. Come on, drink. Drink. If you spare him thinking
that he is an ordinary beggar.. ..then the children roaming
around on the streets won’t pee.. ..on the streets,
they’ll pee on our face. Go and get him here. Oh no! Baldy.. – Yes, brother..
– ..go and get the beggar here. Don’t place your hands
on his chest or he’ll kill you. You may go now.
– Okay. Brother, have you finished your meal? The poor fellow, he had fought for us. I don’t know what they’ll do with him. I’ll go and find out. Hello, sir.
– Yes. Take ten lakh rupees and
return the documents of my land. Listen to what she is saying. Be careful with him.
Hold him properly. He shouldn’t run away.
– Stay around him. – Come on. So, he is the one.
– Yes. Did this beggar thrash you all? He looks like a beggar
but he beats very badly, brother. He is not even hitting me back. Rahul doesn’t fight the
person who is not equal to him. Go. Go. He should’ve been beaten. Why did brother leave him? Come. Lord Hanuman is with you. Everything will be fine from now on.
Don’t worry. Okay? You should give him a haircut
like a superstar. – Okay, sister. Go and get clothes for him. What about the money?
– Collect money from everyone. Why will we contribute?
– Why? Why can’t you contribute? When the goons ask
for money you give them. He has helped us so much.
We must do something for him. Have we ever been concerned
about his meals or health till date? He has been living here since one
year but did anyone worry about him? It’s our responsibility
to take care of him. I’ll give money. You also contribute. They don’t even feel ashamed
to see that a girl is contributing. Come on, take out money.
Come on, give me. Come on, eat. I don’t know anything
about his family background.. ..but he is very handsome. Come on. Come on. Why are you crowding here?
– Let’s get down. Move aside. Priya, go there. Go.
– How much for this? Let’s go there, brother.
– Okay, let’s go. Brother, where is your attention?
What’s the price of this one? They were around.
– I don’t know where they are. Where can they be? Hey! He is Raja. Yes! He is our Raja. Raja! – Raja! Raja!
– Raja! Raja, speak up.
– Raja, speak. What’s wrong with him?
-What’s this, Raja? We searched for you everywhere.
– Yes. What are you doing here? -Raja!
– Raja! What are you doing here? Speak with us. I don’t understand what’s wrong. I too can’t understand anything. What can we do? Raja, what’s wrong? Raja.. – Speak, Raja.
– ..I’m your friend, Lakshman. Where did you vanish without
informing us? Raja.. – Listen.. you know him? He is our best friend. We did M Tech in engineering
college together. As his name suggests he
was once like a Raja (King). Raja!
– Raja! Raja! – Raja! Drugs are being sold in our college. Yes. We tried to convince them not.. sell drugs but
they won’t listen to us. When we tried to stop
them they started beating us. They are goons. Raja, look.. You sell drugs here? Get out of here. “He has bashed up everyone.” “He has bashed up the goons.” “He has bashed up everyone.” “He has bashed up everyone.” Not only did the goons
run away because of Raja.. ..but it has also stopped raining. Shut up! What’s this, Raja? What’s all this? Do you come to college
to practice hooliganism? Do you think that this college is
a boxing ring? – Yes. Shut up! What’s the matter? Answer me.
– Sir.. Hey! I saw everything. You need not explain anything. Your hooliganism is
increasing day by day. Mind it. Say something.
– Hey you! What’s this? Was he going to abuse me? I’m the lecturer of this college. Hey! Are you enjoying yourself here?
– No, we were studying. Yes, we get plenty
of oxygen if we study here. It makes our mind fresh so we.. Do you think I’m crazy? If I beat you hard, carbon dioxide
will fill your mouth. Understood? If I see you here again,
I’ll kill you. Go. I can’t stay without seeing you. I love you, Sanju.
– I truly love you. Hey you! Your love is so deep that
it has stopped raining yet you are… ..holding on to your umbrella. I’m snapping my fingers
here and yet you can’t hear me. You are so crazy for this girl
that you can’t understand anything. Stand up! You come to college to study not
to ruin your life in love. Understood? Come on get out from here. Go. Sandhya fell in love with Raja,
the guy who hated love affairs. Hey! Have you seen my Raja around?
– Yes, we have. He is so rude. He always keeps
fighting with people like a goon. Didn’t you get anyone better
than Raja to fall in love with? What’s wrong about Raja? I know everything about him.
– What do you know about him? What will you gain by falling
in love with someone who hates love? Look, I don’t need your advice. If you know where Raja is tell
me or shut your mouth and keep quiet. You are crazy. I’ll go and tell Raja. Please. Please.
That’s what I want to do. Please. Okay, stop all this.
It’s time for our class. Let’s go. “When I match tune with you,
we make our tune..” Give me a missed call.
– Okay. I don’t understand anything.
– I too don’t understand anything. I’m getting bored. Sing something.
– You sing well. What? Do I look like a singer?
– You were saying so. I can’t sing but I can dance. Come on. Start the music. Great! Great! Keep dancing. Great! Great, brother! This is a classroom
and not a cinema hall. Actually, you always come in late
so we were trying to pass the time.. Shut up! You are dancing
instead of studying? Go and sit down. How will we know anything about dance? Stop the music. Today’s lecture..
SEP today, revenue summits. Total 99.
Total segments for the year ’99. The call has come. Who gave you missed call, sir? If you want to talk to
the person you can use my phone. I don’t need it.
I’ve balance in my mobile. Stupid! Son of a donkey!
– You can talk. Pay attention to your studies.
Sit down. Stop your nonsense. Note down everything
by the time I come back. Okay? I’ll charge the phone and be back. Why are you late? I was scolding a student in the class.
– Okay, so this is the matter. Do you know that you look very
beautiful in this sari? – Is it? Yes. What happened? Are you charged up now? Shut up! So, you are joking with me? I was talking about the battery.
– Idiot! It seems that the old
man is having an affair. Have you noted down what I mentioned?
– Yes, sir. Okay, good. Now, we’ll discuss about.. Sir, a notice has come. Okay, you may go. It’s a good notice. It’s testing time of your talents. We are going to celebrate
our college’s anniversary next month. All of you must perform something
next month on this event. Sir, what’s this event? You don’t know what it is? Stupid! You must perform some song,
dance or play on this occasion. Sir, I’ve a good concept. Shall I tell about it?
– Tell me. Tell me. A very nice college..
– Good. ..ideal students study
in that college.. – Very good. There is a lecturer
who looks like a fool. The lecturer has an illicit
affair with a lady lecturer. When the students find
out about this they feel that..’ll ruin the college’s reputation. Therefore they burnt both
the lecturers with petrol. Sir, how is my concept?
– It’s just like your face. I don’t like this concept. Romeo Juliet.
Devdas Paro. Or Laila Majnu. Take up interesting concepts like.. Mr. Brahmanad, stop your nonsense. You’ve taken the
names of famous lovers. But, they were losers in love. No one loves anyone
truly in these times. Everyone just pretends. And you are asking us
to perform something on.. ..these nonsensical love affairs. We know what to do. You do your own work.
Get out from here. You hate love. I’m also speaking nonsense. Why should we discuss love?
Let’s get back to studies. Isn’t it? It means.. You’ve insulted me before
everyone especially before girls. I’ll handle you later. What’s the matter, Mr. Brahmanad? You always keep roaming near
the washroom? – Sir.. If you continue these habits
it’ll bring bad name to our college. Control your frequent
trips to the washroom. Is this a mission, sir?
One has to go when one feels the urge. You must try to control.
– Sorry. I’ll try. Try to control Raja. He is getting out of control. He is acting over smart. Let him do his work
and you carry on with yours. He acts smart because
he enjoys your support. We must support good students. “Love you, mother.” “Love you, mother.” Why are you staring
at me like this, mother? What wrong has your son done? I haven’t done anything wrong.
Petty things keep happening. Let anything happen but
your son is studying well. He’ll become an important man just
like the one you wished him to be. It’s my promise to you. Okay? “I love you. I miss you.” Poor Raja,
he lost his father in his childhood. His mother went through lots
of hardships to get him educated. But before he could fulfill
her dreams, she left this world. He used to love his mother a lot. Miss you, mother. Okay mother, it’s time to go to work. I’ll come back in the morning.
I love you, mother. The bus to Goa has left. Come, Raja. The passengers going
to Pune are waiting. It’s so late and the
bus hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll go out and check. You sit here
and handle the work at the counter. The bus to Pune has arrived.
All of you may proceed. Yes sir, tell me. Give me a ticket in
the express bus to Baroda. – Okay. Your name?
– Rajkumar Pandey. 1000 rupees.
– Here you go. Give me a window ticket,
I want fresh air. You’ll get plenty of
fresh air if you stay outside. No, it’s fine.
– Okay. Here you go. Brother, give me a ticket to Nagpur. Name?
– Kaveri. Kaveri? – It’s not my name;
it’s my wife’s name. – Okay. Hello, yes the bus.. Raja.. it’s time for
the hotel to close down. Go and have your meal.
I’ll handle the counter. Come on. Hey! Won’t you go to the classroom? Wait for some time.
Raja will soon be coming. Let me take a look
at him and then we’ll go. Her craziness has started again. Yes, I’m crazy for Raja. That’s fine but normally
it’s seen that boys run after girls. But, your case is just the opposite. Hey Priya, you are crazy
for reel hero Shahrukh Khan .. ..but I am crazy for real hero Raja. I’m better than you. People in love are actually crazy.
Okay. I’ll go to the classroom. You come after you get to behold him. Good morning.
– Hi! Morning. Well, have you finished
your practical? – Well, friend.. Yes! “I just needed a beloved
to fall in love.” I’m here for you.
– What’s it? Get going.
– Just compare yourself and me. You are short and I’m tall. Go.
– He is mad. “I just needed a beloved
to fall in love.” He is like this.
– Yes, right. “My heart is beating fast.” “I feel scared.” “My heart is beating only for you,
only for you.” “My heart is beating..” For whom has he come here? Excuse me, will you all leave? It’s time for class. Go. Not you. Not you.
– Thank God, we’ve been spared. Not you.
– Oh God! Do you know that you are
very fortunate, Priya? – Is it? What are you saying? You know about me. I completed my M.Tech from
here and refused jobs from.. ..Wipro and Tata to be
a part time lecturer here. Do you know why?
– I don’t know. I had placed a bet with my friend
that I’ll love a girl from this.. and marry her
before I leave this college. Priya, do you know what
Shahrukh Khan is lovingly called? King Khan.
– Good. Do you know what I am called?
– I don’t know. You tell me.
– I’m called Dream Khan. You are called Dream Khan?
I’ll explain. I’m a six feet tall
guy who earns 6000 rupees.. ..and will be the
next Amitabh Bachchan. Is it so? So, I would like to
choose a girl according.. my talent, height and looks. A want a girl with a long slender
neck, she must be very beautiful, She must have a very good heart. I’ve written a poem
for the girl of my choice. It’ll soon be published.
– Is it? Do you know what its title is?
– What’s it, sir? ‘A Sari goes to her Marital House’. I didn’t get it, sir.
– You never wear a sari. Now I know. Do you know who he is?
– He? He is Saddam Hussain, the dictator
who calls his nation his. – Correct! I follow the same policy. This is my college
and you belong to me. Okay? If Raja finds out about
this he’ll pull your skin out.. ..and fill it with rubbish. Stupid fellow! Is Raja dangerous? I’ll make Raja dance to my tunes. He is a child in front of me. If he comes in front of me,
I’ll strangle him.. ..dig a grave here and bury him. Let any Raja come, no one can harm me. Hey, stop your love story. So, all of you are here. I didn’t expect you all. What are you doing here? He says that he loves me. Is it?
– Yes, I’m in love with Priya. Hey! You come here
to teach in this college. You don’t come here to torture girls. If I see you here again, I’ll..
– Put your hands down. Put your hands down.
– No. Remove your hands.
– No, I won’t. I said, leave my collar.
– I won’t. I’m warning you the final time,
remove your hands. I won’t, what will you do? I’ll cry. Remove your hands. Sister, tell him to
take his hands off me. Come on. He wants to fall in love. “I just need a beloved..” Why does Raja hate love, Priya? We’ll find out.
Why do you worry? I’m with you. Hey! There’s Das, Raja’s best friend. Look, Das is coming. We’ll ask him. Wait, I’ll ask him. Hey Das! Come here. Why did the wretched girl call me? Das, come here. Why?
– Come close. Why? Will you talk
only if I come close? What’s the matter?
– Hey! What happened? Why are you scared of coming close? I get scared when I see you. Am I going to eat you? I want to talk to you. Come with me.
– I won’t come. You know what I’ll
do if you don’t come. What will you do?
– I’ll rape you, son. No. No. Don’t do so. I’ll go wherever you ask me to go. That’s like a good boy. Come on, dear. What happened, Sandhya? You are Raja’s best
friend in this college. I’ve been Raja’s best
friend since childhood. I want to know something about Raja.
Please tell me. Don’t ask me anything about Raja. I won’t tell you anything
even if you ask me. Hey! I had threatened to rape you.
Do you remember? I can’t trust you. You can do anything. Ask me.
– Okay. Why does Raja hate love?
– I’ll tell you. Two years back Raja
was like any other person. He used to respect people in love. But an incident completely
changed his character. Shall we go?
– Yes, let’s go. Let’s throw it. No. We’ll sow it
as a symbol of our love. Oh! Let’s do it. “What has happened to me?” “I don’t know when my heart got lost.” “My heart became
happy when you smiled.” “Today you are the poetry of my life.” “I read you every moment of my life.” “What has happened to me?” “I don’t know when my heart got lost.” It’s written on the pack that smoking
is injurious to health. Isn’t it? Okay. I’ll stop smoking. Pledge for our love, Raja. I swear on our love
that I’ll never smoke again. Brother, I don’t have a
lighter to light my cigarette. I saw your bike and so I came here. Do you have a lighter?
– Don’t you understand that.. shouldn’t smoke in public place?
Don’t you know? If I see you here again I’ll kill you. Get going from here. Get going. I don’t smoke now. They are bad boys.
– I’m so proud of you, Raja. “You are the bright
moonlight of my life.” “You lit up my house.” “Your breath and my heartbeats
make a new love story.” “I live only for you.” “What’s this magic
you’ve woven on me?” “What has happened to me?” “I don’t know when my heart got lost.” “My heart became
happy when you smiled.” Hey! This is a blood bank. Today is the anniversary of our love.
– Oh I see! Then I deserve one kiss. Mr. Raja,
it’s a strange thing that both.. ..of you have the same blood group. It’s O positive. It rarely happens. After seeing your blood
group match I know that.. ..pairs are made in heaven. Your pair has also
been made in heaven. If others start donating blood like
both of you we can save many lives. “You are the cloud
and rain of my life.” “We’ll dance like peacocks.” Hey Raja, look there, the symbol
of our love looks so beautiful. As it keeps growing our
love will become stronger. It’s the symbol of our love. “I’ve got my world in you.” “I’ve surrendered my life to you.” “What has happened to me?” “I don’t know when my heart got lost.” “My heart became
happy when you smiled.” “You are the poetry of my love.” “I like to read you every moment.” No!
– What’s your problem? If I don’t stop you,
I know what will happen. What will happen?
– We shouldn’t commit the mistake.. ..that couples commit before marriage. Don’t other lovers do it? Look, five fingers are not the same
and I’m different from other girls. It means we’ll do everything
after marriage. – Of course. You said it so easily. Right now I’m in B. Tech third year. It’ll take me one year
to complete this course. After that I’ll do M.Tech.
It’ll take two years. It means I must wait for three years?
– Correct! What are you saying? We won’t make the
mistakes that others do. Do something.
– What? Think of it once again.
– Go to sleep quietly. Come on. Raja, you know that my
parents expired when I was small. My uncle brought me to Mumbai. Now when he is not well,
I must take care of him. That’s not the case.
Your studies are going on quite well. If you stayed back for one year
you could’ve completed the course. You would’ve got
a good job after that. You could’ve taken care of
him even after that. Think about it. There is nothing to think
about this matter. It’s fixed. Don’t speak on this topic again. Okay?
– Okay. In future I’ll be able
to spend very less time with you. So, don’t waste time. Okay?
– Okay. Bye. Rajesh, I thought I am
late but you came even after me. Well, I got late because
I dropped my lover at her office. Okay. So, this is the case. What are they staring
at so attentively? Isn’t this the film
that has released today? It’s the latest film. They’ve recorded it from the theatre.
– Yes. To hell with you.
Idiot! So, you are into piracy. What are you doing? Are you crazy? If we go to the theatre and watch
films the producer will earn money. It’s only then that he’ll
make another good film. Many lives are dependent on films. There are just films in
this country which provide.. ..good entertainment.
– Yes. Everyone forgets their problems
when to go to watch films. And you are pirating those films.
Are you crazy? If he was smart he would’ve
completed his education by now and.. ..would’ve gone abroad. Raja, wait.
– What’s it? I want to discuss something
important with you. – Yes, tell me. What’s this? You’ve stopped talking to me since
you’ve fallen in love with Meena. It’s not wrong to love Meena. But, it’s wrong not
to talk to me for her. I feel very bad about it.
– What’s this, friend? You’ve always been my best friend. Why do you think like this?
– Let’s go to class now. Now I feel relieved. I heard that Meena is going
to join a job. – Yes. What kind of work is it? Is it good?
– Yes. I’ll give my love to you, one
more time. I’ll give my love to you.” Good morning. Love you, sweetheart. What kind of clothes are you wearing? You’ve completely
changed your appearance. The MD doesn’t like me to wear
Indian clothes to office. – Oh! I must dress up according to
his preference since I work as his PA. Oh! Is it so? Sit down. Look, he is so smart. He looks like a hero. Shall I try out on him?
– Yes. – Okay. Excuse me,
you look different from others. You look very smart.
– Thank you. Do you have a girlfriend? – No,
I don’t have a girlfriend. – Wow! But, I’ve a lover. Oh no! – Meet the love of my life.
Meenakshi. – Okay. Hi! You are very lucky.
– Thank you. Hey! Have you ever got impressed
by anyone just like them? Yes, I have. The MD of my office
is fit like Salman Khan. If I had met him before meeting you.. ..then I would’ve
fallen in love with him. Hey! Why do you look so disturbed? You are the most handsome man for me. Stop thinking nonsense. Okay? New films have released. We’ll go to watch them as soon as
we are free in the evening. – Okay. Bye. Yeah, of course. How can I go without you? Well, it’s not anything special. ?Who are you talking to so lovingly? I’ll share the details later. I’m talking to Gita. It’s time for the film
and the bus hasn’t arrived yet. What happened, Raja? Meenakshi, how are you? Have you forgotten your friend, Meena? You forget your friends
when you are with your boyfriend. You turned out to be very selfish. Come on. Let’s go. Why did you lie to me? Maya has many boyfriends. If I say that I’m friends with her.. ..then it’ll leave
a bad impression on you. You had told me not to talk
to her but she is my childhood friend. I can’t break the
friendship so easily. I was talking to Maya
but I took Gita’s name. I don’t like your
friendship with Maya. Cut off all ties with her. If you ever lie to me in future
I’ll kill you. Got me? – Okay. Rajesh, I can’t see
our piracy gang around. A new film must’ve got released today. They must’ve gone to watch it.
They’ll copy it and pirate it. I hope they didn’t
go to the class to study. Look, they haven’t stopped piracy. They’ve changed place. They are watching a film
so attentively. – Speak softly. What film are they watching?
– Speak softly. Hey! They are watching those films. You mean adult films? But the actors are speaking in Hindi.
Increase the volume. What sort of crazy people are they? They’ve kept the light of
the room switched on. – Yes. If I ever go to a
hotel with a bombshell.. ..I won’t switch on
a single light of the room. Look, he is talking smart because
if he doesn’t switch off the lights.. girl will sleep with him. She looks great. I’ve seen her somewhere.
– She is Sudha, my girlfriend. I think she is from our college. What’s it? Oh God!
– Hello darling, I’m in a meeting now. We’ll talk later.
– Brother, she is talking to me. It’ll take time. It’s better
you leave instead of waiting for me. We’ll meet tomorrow. Okay? Yes, we’ll meet. Just look at her. Her boyfriend is calling her.. ..and she is saying that
she’s busy in a meeting. This is her meeting. Who is it, darling? – There is a guy
who stays near my house. He says that he loves
me and won’t leave me. He says that he’ll commit
suicide if I don’t love him. I’m confused about how to handle him. I think he is crazy. Brother.. brother.. Get up. Get up. Someone’s life is getting
ruined and you don’t even know. Hey! Get up. Go away from here. Don’t you feel ashamed to
sit together and watch such films? Go away. Go away from here. Brother, do you know what
the wretched girl used to tell me? That she’ll have poison and
commit suicide if I don’t love her. But brother, today I know
that she was speaking only lies. Now I’m in such a condition
that I feel like committing suicide. Brother, you may remember
that one day when I introduced.. to her my hand accidentally.. ..touched her hands
and she started shouting. She was pretending to be decent. Hello. – Sorry Raja,
we can’t go to watch the film today. Why? What happened?
– My MD has asked me to work overtime. Okay, we’ll meet tomorrow. Sorry, Raja.
– Okay, bye. Love you, dear.
– Love you. Who had called, brother?
– Meenakshi. We were supposed to go for
a film today but she has office work. She can’t come. – My lover
used to say the same things. Whenever I called her she said
that she is busy in a board meeting.. ..or chatting over internet. Brother, I hope your lover is
also not involved in another affair.. ..and is giving the excuse of
overtime. – Rajesh! Your love betrayed you
but this doesn’t mean that.. ..all the girls are like this.
Meenakshi is not like this. You are drunk. Come on, let’s go home. Raja, why are you angry? Rajesh’s lover Sudha has betrayed him. So, this is the matter? She looks very decent. She betrayed him? Are you sure? I can’t believe it. That’s the fact.
No girl can be trusted. Raja, do you’ve faith in me? Raja, I hope you have faith in me. If you don’t have full faith in
your love then it becomes dangerous. What do I have to do to prove my love? If you want we can
go to the temple right now. I’ll swear before God that
no one except you has ever touched me. I’ll not let anyone ever touch me. No. I trust you. Okay? Look at her personality
and look at your personality. She is there to enjoy and
you are there to support her forever. How can you be so happy
after what has happened? What can I do? Girls will keep coming and going. I’m very happy now. Thank you,
brother Surdas. – Surdas? – Yes. It’s said that love is blind. I was blind in Sudha’s love. But friend, you showed
her film and opened up my eyes. So, this is the matter. If you are alert you’ll
be able to see the truth. Raja, how are you? How come you’ve arrived
before me today? Yes, brother. I’ve stopped dropping
and picking her up from now on. I want to do something
big in life now. Okay, we’ll meet tomorrow. Bye, Das.
– Bye. No one can make out
if you are happy or sad. You said in the morning
that it’s going to rain. It’s not raining. What happened? Has it gone back? Will I cause rainfall?
Get out from here. It’s difficult to understand his
temperament. – Come on. Go. Oh no! Listen, brother Raja.
Please listen to me. When I’m trying to forget
her I’m missing her more. It hurts. Please take me to the place
you had taken me yesterday. Sorry friend.. ..Meena and I were planning
to go for a film for a long time. We’ll be going today.
– It’s okay. Enjoy yourself. See you, friend.
– Okay. Where is the key? Hello. – Raja, I can’t come
for the film even today. Why?
– Sorry, Raja. What happened, Meenakshi? Try to understand,
I’ll have to work till 9. – Okay. Oh no!
– What happened? The program has been cancelled.
– Cancelled? She’ll have to work overtime.
– Oh! Let’s go there then. Come on. Here you go, brother. Forget it.
– Take it. I don’t want it. Earlier whenever we used to drink,
we use to automatically smoke. What’s wrong today? Meena doesn’t like the fact that
I smoke. – You are doomed. If this continues then do
you know what will finally happen? You won’t be able to do
anything of your choice ever. Look friend, I was just like you. I used to follow
everything she used to say. But, what happened? Everyone saw her actions. Listen to me, don’t trust her. If you trust her, don’t suspect her. You’ve doubts on your love, my friend. Tell me something. You drop her at office every day. So, you know the address. She told that she’ll work
over time till 9. Isn’t it? It’s just 6:30 now. Go there straight and check
if she is doing overtime.. ..or she is with someone else.. Don’t look at me like this.
The intoxicating.. ..effect of alcohol will wear off. Please. Oh no! You are angry just because I cancelled
yesterday’s program. Isn’t it? Sorry, sweetheart. Love you. Come on, cheer up. Raja, what happened? Why are you serious?
What’s wrong with you? Tell me, Raja. What happened? What happened, Raja? Till how long did you work overtime
last night? – 9 o’clock. Till how long did you work overtime
last night? – 9 o’clock, Raja. Meenakshi, till how long
did you work overtime last night? 9 o’clock. Hey! I had seen you,
I had seen you with my eyes that.. had gone to
Hotel Manis with your MD. I had seen you. Come on, tell me,
did you sleep with him last night? Raja..
– Did you sleep with him or not? Raja..
– Did you sleep with him or not? Yes, I slept with him. I like him. But, I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Meenakshi.. Raja, forget it, don’t cry. Don’t think too much about her. We thought that he’ll always
remain disturbed if he stays there.. we called him here
to join M.Tech with us. Do you know how much I loved her? Meenakshi was my life. She always said ‘I love you,
sweetheart’, But finally she broke my heart. Friend, I had doubted
her many times before this.. ..but she always
managed to convince me. Before this incident when I
doubted her once, she told me that.. ..she is ready to go to the
temple with me and swear that.. one except me
has ever touched her. This girl dumped me. Once when I questioned
her and scolded her she said.. ..she hates me. She said it so easily. Girls are like this. They stay with us but they are
always on the lookout for better guys. When they get better
guys they leave us. It’s very common. Why have I brought you here? To forget all this. Come on, drink. “..every single night..” It’s my boss’ call;
I’ll talk to him and come back. Enjoy your drink.
– Hello sir. My friends have come
from my native place. Excuse me, sir. A girl needs a chair.
Shall I take this one? “Somebody’s dream.” “Somebody’s dream.” What happened, Raja? You’ve started smoking again? I had sworn on my
love that I won’t smoke. But, when that love doesn’t exist
anymore why should I stop myself? It’s a pleasure smoking now. Where is my chair? A girl was asking for a
chair and so the waiter took it. The waiter took it? Come here. Why did you take my chair away?
– A girl wanted a chair. A girl wanted a chair? We are already in
problem because of girls. Go, go and get the chair. Go.
– Yes. Hey! Leave the chair quickly. “Somebody owns you.” He took away the chair just
because a girl came and asked for it. Look at the present times. The girls now come
to the bar to drink. I don’t know what’s
happening nowadays. The girls have spoilt
the environment these days. They are making unnecessary noise. Today is Valentine’s day.
I had forgotten about it. What Valentine’s
Day are you speaking of? I’m heartbroken. You are too much. Come on, get up. Let’s dance. “Welcome to love game.” “In teenage,
middle age, old age, come on say..” “Teenagers, come.” “Middle-aged people, come.” “Aged people, come.” “Come, I’ll teach how to love.” “Do anything,
but you won’t be spared today.” “My magic is going
to work here today.” “Don’t teach me how to love.” “It takes lives
without strangulating.” “It hits the heart.” “It has shattered my heart.” “Love is the passion.” “Love is the nation.” “Love is the ocean.” “Say with me, come on.” “Love is the passion.” “Love is the nation.” “Love is the ocean.” “I want to forget love.” “I want to burn those memories.” “This crazy heart
couldn’t understand you.” “It couldn’t keep you in the heart.” “The melodies of the
heart want you to come back.” “I’ve become alone without you.” “Why did I fall in love with you?” “Why does my heart always think..” “My heart makes me mad.” “You became crazy in
love and stayed behind.” “Don’t feel sad, come on.” “Don’t finish yourself,
start afresh and fall in love.” “Teenagers, come.” “Middle-aged people, come.” “Love is the season.” “Love is a caution.” “Love is a poison. Poison.” “Love is the season.” “Love is a caution.” “Love is a poison. Poison.” “My heart was crazy
and got lost for you.” “My heart was crazy;
I know this after losing myself.” “My heart was crazy
and got lost for you.” “My heart was crazy;
I know this after losing myself.” “If you are the moonlight
then why am I the dark night?” “Why did I lose my heart to you?” “You became crazy in
love and stayed behind.” “Don’t feel sad, come on.” “Don’t finish yourself,
start afresh and fall in love.” “If this is love,
why did I fall in love?” “You ruined my life.” Raja. Raja. Get up. Get up. Come on, get up.
– Are you crazy? – What are you doing? Get up. Let’s go. Let’s go home.
– Please leave me here. What are you doing?
– Why shall we leave you here? Let me stay here. Let me stay here. Please calm down and let’s go. I tried very hard but I can’t,
I can’t do it. I can’t forget Meenakshi. I will die. It’s better that I die. Are you crazy? Why will you die? You’ve loved Meenakshi, right? Forget her. I tried very hard, friend.
But, I can’t forget her. I want to die. I want to die. What are you doing?
Leave it. Leave it. What are you doing?
– Leave it. – I want to die. Love is only a part of life. Many people who have
lost in love have won in life. Why did she leave you
and go to someone else? He is not handsomer than you;
he is more educated than you. He is rich. Study well and become something
in life and then several girls.. Meenakshi
will come in your life. No, friend. No. I don’t want any other girl. I want Meenakshi. I can’t forget Meenakshi. I can never forget her. I had so many dreams. We had decided to name
our daughter after my mother. Everything is over.
Everything is over. You remember that you would’ve named
your daughter after your mother.. ..but don’t you remember
your mother’s last wish. Your mother had dreamt that
you’ll become an engineer or doctor. Have you forgotten it?
Try to remember those things. Mother.. Since that day, he forgot Meenakshi
and came here and started studying.. fulfill his mother’s dreams. Meenakshi has hurt Raja’s feelings. Do you think Raja will fall
in love with you after all this? I don’t think so.
There is no chance. Forget him. I’ll heal the wound that
Meenakshi has given Raja and.. ..I’ll definitely make
a place for myself in his heart. My love is true love, True love always wins. True love will always win. You wait and watch. Mother. Mother.
– Come, I was waiting for you. What happened? Have you spent all the money?
– Yes son, you are right. Seek blessings. Take this. The expenses of this month. Mother, when will you
get me married to Sandhya? Let her finish her education first.
– That’s what I am waiting for. Get her married as soon as
she finishes her education. – Okay. Hello. Brother is inside. What’s it? Where is Sandhya? She is getting ready to go to college. Look, she has come. Hi, Ishwar. – Hi, Sandhya!
How are you? – Seek blessings. How are your studies going on? I don’t know about
studies but I’m great. Okay.
– Hey what kind of joke is this? Look Sandhya, don’t worry
about the exams, I’ll help you pass. Sir, you need not do all this. I’m very confident. Brother, Satya is acting over smart. Until you go there,
the problem won’t get solved. Hello.
– Hello. Okay, mother. I’ll come later.
– Okay. Bye, Sandhya. Is this the way to
talk to your fiancée? Do you think I’ll marry Ishwar? No. Never. What’s lacking in him? He looks like a prince.
– Yes. He extracts money from
people and you spend lavishly. Sorry. It’s time for my college. Bye. Hi!
– Hi! If you say that you love me,
I’m ready to pay any amount as dowry.. marry you. That’s not all. I’ll make a Taj Mahal for you
just like the one Shah Jahan had made. Yes. I look like Shahrukh
Khan yet you must be wondering.. ..why I’m ready to pay
dowry to marry you. Isn’t it? That’s because.. Oh no! He’ll pull out my skin.
What’s all this? You always speak of love. Do you come to college
for education or to love? The college campus,
the green garden, the benches, All these are here to
sit and study and not to love. I’m a part time lecturer
yet I’m interested in studies. You are trying to trap me? It’s wrong. Go. Go to the classroom. Mad fellow! I don’t know
what he thinks of himself. Stop! Why are you crying? Why are you crying, sir? You know that I completed B.
Tech and then did M. Tech and.. ..then refused jobs from renowned
companies like Wipro and Tata.. work in this college.
– That’s because you are mad. I did it so that I can marry
a nice girl and elope with her. Oh! – I somehow managed to get a girl
but Raja came and spoilt my plan. You won’t gain anything in this life. Look, no girl will get impressed
by your bad personality. Raja is against love. Will my mission remain incomplete? It won’t get fulfilled in
this life time. But, don’t worry. There is a wonderful
bar in our city of Mumbai. Girls shout ‘touch me,
touch me’ there and pull hands. Get her a peg and
she’ll run after you. In this way, your dreams will
get fulfilled and you’ll get a girl. All guys in that bar
look like Shahrukh Khan. Yes. I look like Hrithik Roshan.
– You look like a fool. Don’t shake much. If you can bear it then you’ll
get a new item there every day. What are we waiting for?
Let’s go there. It won’t help if you
keep moving while going there. You need money to go there. Don’t worry about that. I’ve lots of money. I’ll manage. Let’s go.
– Okay, let’s go. I think they’ve become mad. “Your black kohl lined eyes.” “Your black kohl lined eyes.” Sir, here is your drink. Enjoy yourselves.
– Thank you, friend. Thank you. No. No. You drink. You drink. I don’t have any bad habit. In the name of Ramesh. Suresh, Kalu.. How is he eating? Come on, eat. The expenses of drinks
will be high in ‘Touch me’ club.. I suggested that we drink here. But, it seems that he’ll vomit here. Do you want something, sir? I just want “Touch me, touch me”. You want “Touch me, touch me”? For that you need to pay the bill. Yes, get it.
– Hello. Get the bill. Here you go, sir. Pay the bill. Sir, I’m drunk but
why have you fainted? Come on, tell me sir.
What has happened? Sir, I’m drunk but
why have you fainted? Actually, the bill.. This isn’t a bill of a disco. You had said that you’ve
enough money to go on this trip. How much money do you’ve with you?
– 100 rupees. You’ll never get
anything good in life. You’ve come here with just 100 rupees. You wanted to go to “touch me,
touch me” with just 100 rupees? Scoundrel,
you can’t afford to come here. You’ll get knocked down
by a truck and die. Scoundrel! Sir, stop.
– What’s it? Pay the bill first.
– Bill? Hello. Hello. Pay the bill. – I’m doing something.
Why do you interfere? Hello. What’s this? There is no network here.
I can’t do anything in this matter. You’ll get network if you go outside.
– Is it so? – Yes. Hello. Hello. You’ll get the money when
he comes back after talking. Hello. Who is this man?
– He is my student. He is talking on phone. He’ll arrange the money. Fool! He went away on the
pretext of talking on phone. Escape. Am I a fool? Didn’t you hear the bike start? He has gone. Come on,
I’ll give you all a treat today. Why? Is it? Ravi has fallen in love with me. Don’t speak nonsense. No one can dare to fall
in love in this college. You know Raja. We are scared because of Raja. Then? – He had told me to study hard
and become something in life. He advised me to marry
only after doing this. So, this is the matter. It means.. what shall we
do now to make your love stronger? He told me to tattoo Ravi’s name
and I’ve done it. Look. – Oh wow! Wow! Oh wow!
– Where did you get the tattoo from? From Paris beauty parlor. Paris beauty parlor. Where did she go? Hi!
– Hi! – Please come. Where, ma’am?
– Over here. Think of it again, ma’am. Once you get the tattoo,
you can’t wipe it ever in your life. I’m getting this tattoo so that
this name remains close to my heart. Please.
– As you wish, ma’am. Do you know what kind of man I am? I shouldn’t have been here
but should’ve been in America. They too use the washroom. But I’m working hard
for all of you and my country. I’m such a decent man that.. I’ve tattooed your
name on my chest, Raja. I teach you good things, yet some
naughty boys have made fun of me and.. ..have insulted me a lot. But, it doesn’t make
any difference to me. My goodness is my identity. Come on, ask me any sort
of questions you want to ask. Fire the questions. Sir, I’ve a small doubt in mind. Doubt?
– Yes. Come here. Be careful. Which stream are you from?
– Mechanical engineering. Mechanical?
– Yes. Then why are you here?
Get out. Get out. Don’t come here again. Come on. Come on. Next question.
– What’s this, sir? Why are you here for so long?
Won’t you charge yourself? – Shut up! You’ve spoilt my mood. You are too much. Hey, please look at me once. What happened?
Why didn’t I get a missed call yet? I hope she didn’t call someone else. Okay. Okay. Next question. What should we do to develop
communication in a new office? There is a method to develop
communication in a new office. Just follow it. It has come. He’ll run away now. I need to go to the washroom. I’ll be back soon. Okay? Sir. Sir, where are you going?
– To the washroom. You went to the washroom just now.
– Can’t I go again? What can I do if I
need to relieve myself? Answer Raja’s question and then go.
– I’ve to go to the washroom. It’s urgent for us too. Leave me, try to understand. What’s this, sir?
– Try to understand. Can’t you control
for some time for us? I’ll relieve myself in my pants. Please try to understand.
– Oh! Yes, I’ve come. Dear, I’m waiting
for you inside a toilet.. ..and not in a palace.
Come quickly. Treat it as a palace. I can’t tolerate the stench anymore.
Come quickly. Move aside. – Try to adjust
for some time. I’m coming. I smell of sweat. Let me go to the classroom
first and wear a fresh shirt. Dear, please go outside,
I’ll clean the toilet. Clean it later, go out now. The Principal has said
that the toilet smells very bad. If I don’t clean it, I’ll lose my job. Tell me something. Some people like the smell of petrol,
some people like the smell of earth. I hope you don’t like
the smell of the toilet. Stop your nonsense and do your work. Oh God! May you be ruined! Someone please come and help me. He has come to rape me. I’m ruined. My honor is at stake. This mean man wants to rape me. Oh God! What shall I do now? Hey! What happened?
Why are you shouting? How can I say it? Ask the person who is sitting inside. Who is inside? Come out. Come out, quickly. Shame! So, he does such mean things. Sir, you are a lecturer
and you do such things? As a lecturer how can you
do something in the college? Can he do it outside the college?
– Shut up! What is your explanation? Actually..
– No more explanation. Don’t you ever think of your age? Don’t act like animals. Sir, you want to say this to him.
Isn’t it? Shut up! Mind your language. Come and meet me in my cabin. You clean the toilet. You all go back to your class. Come on.
– Go to your class. Hello Mr.
Brahma, people come to college.. get education and give education. College is not the place
to act in the way you are doing. If you repeat these actions again,
I won’t speak but kill you. Go. I just need a chance to
show the tattoo on my chest. That’ll be enough for me.
– Don’t think of it much. I’ll manage something. I’ve got the chance. Das, come here. Why is she calling me?
– Wait and watch what happens. I didn’t call you. Go. Das, my friend Sandhya wants
to talk to your friend Raja alone. Arrange the meeting.
– Do I look like a middle man? Will you listen to me or not? Why won’t I listen to you? You won’t spare me if I don’t
listen to you. – Yes, do it. Co to my room with Sandhya
at 7 in the evening. Today is my birthday. What?! Today is your birthday? No. I’ll celebrate especially for you.
– Thanks. Okay, bye.
– Go and prepare for it. Your wish has been fulfilled. What’s this, friend? Why are you giving
me so much money all of a sudden? Go to watch Shahrukh’s
film with the other boys. Come downstairs,
we’ll watch Shahrukh’s film for free. All of them are gone. I just wish he comes now. Hi, Raja! Come inside. What happened?
Did no one come here yet? Let no one come.
You are my best friend. I was waiting for you and you’ve come. That’s enough for me. Shall we cut the cake now? Yes, cut it. Happy birthday, Das. Hi, Sandhya. Thank you. Welcome. Sandhya is such a nice girl. She has come here
without any invitation. Come. Hello.
– Hello, Sandhya. – Yes, tell me. The tyres of my car
have got punctured. Tyres have got punctured? What will you do now?
– I’m confused. Ask her where she is at the moment. Where are you right now?
– Near the over-bridge. Near the over-bridge. I’ll go there and pick her. Okay? Das is going there to pick you up. Okay.
– Okay? – Tell him to come. Both of you sit and watch TV,
I’ll get her. What happened? Why are you standing like this? I love you a lot. Hey! What do you know about me? I know everything.
– What do you know? You know what everyone
in college calls me. Everyone calls you a goon and
I know it but you’ve a golden heart. I’ve fallen in love with you
since you’ve come to our college. Don’t talk like a fool. I hate love. Do you know it?
– I know it. – What do you know? I know that you hate love. I know the reason. You loved Meenakshi
but she betrayed you. I know everything. I know everything. That’s it. All the girls are the same. They pretend to love in the
beginning and then they betray. Oh no! Look Raja, are all the
fingers the same? No, right? Are all the children of a mother same?
No, right? Similarly, all girls are not the same. I’m not like Meenakshi. Look, I’ve tattooed
your name in my chest. If I wanted to betray you then
why would I tattoo your name? Tell me. It’ll always stay close to my heart. I can never wipe it. If you still don’t realize
that I truly love you then.. ..I don’t know what I shall
do that’ll make you believe me. Hey! Okay, I trust your love. Okay? I love you. I love you. Raja. I went to watch Shahrukh Khan’s film
but all the tickets were sold out. So, I went for another film
in which the hero looked starved.. I left the movie
halfway through and came home. Hey! What is she doing here? What are you doing here? I’ve come to attend Das’ birthday. Birthday? Das! Betrayer. Scoundrel,
he didn’t call me for his birthday. He left me out. Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter
that you didn’t call me. But why did you call her?
Why did you call her? He lied to me and sent
me to watch the movie. Come on, Raja, tell me. Why did you do this to me? The effect of alcohol
has worn off in just one slap. Today isn’t his birthday. His birthday is on
the 14th of next month. Why did you lie? Why did you make this plan? Tell me. Speak up. Speak up. Just cut this cake, Raja. Super cake. It’s a nice cake. Isn’t it?
– cut. You were trying to mislead me. Idiots! The cake is delicious. If you keep dreaming then
your love will remain a dream. One sided love won’t help, Sandhya. You must say what
you’ve in mind. Got me? Don’t miss the next chance. Hey! Look Raja is alone,
go and tell him. It’s time for the class, go. I like you a lot. I fell in love with you
at first sight. I’m crazy for you. I love your style, your way
of speaking and your manliness. I wish to hug you
and kiss you right now. Come on baby, I’m waiting.
– Stupid! Look, he is drinking water like a dog. I feel as if I’ve
drunk heavenly nectar. Hey! The water that you drank
right now is the water from the drain. The effect of last night’s
drink has not yet worn.. so he was drinking like a dog. Look. Look over there. Brother, come here.
– What happened? What are you studying?
– Engineering. – Engineering? You’ll become an engineer
if you study. Well, forget it. Are you in first year or second year?
– Second year. Second year? – Why have you
come decked up in college? I’m going to attend
my friend’s wedding. He is going to attend
his friend’s wedding. Well, what’s your name?
– Udit Narayan. Okay, Udit. Sing like Udit Narayan. Shall I show you how he will sing? “I went out with my car..” “..I got down from the car
to eat something as I was hungry.” Shall I say something? The film’s songs
are treated very badly. When they sing it appears as
if they are hiding behind a table.. ..and singing out of fear. “Even today your tresses
get blown by a gust of wind..” “Your scarf gets blown away..” He is singing the song exactly. Look, he is here.
– Move aside. You are sitting here and singing
instead of going to the class. I don’t know why you come to college. Useless fellows.
– Actually.. – It’s fine. Hand me the list of the students whose
fees is due. – Take it, sir. Okay.
– Wait, where are you running away? Actually sir,
I don’t belong to their group. I belong to the group
of mechanical engineers. I’ve a list of all the unwanted boys. Do you want to hear it? Listen to me.
Lakshman, Das, Shiva, Raja. Do whatever you want throughout
the night, drive a taxi or auto.. ..bring money from wherever you can. You must pay the fees tomorrow
morning or you won’t be allowed.. sit for exams. Welcome to the second
round of illegal kick boxing. You are watching an interesting game. Raja, where were you all this while?
You’ve come after a long time. I didn’t want to
come but I had to come. I have to pay exam fees. Hi, Raja! Shall I announce your
name next? – Yes, announce it. He has knocked him down
and the countdown starts. 1, 2, 3. Yes! We’ve a new winner now. I’ll bet the entire amount. Mr. Raja will fight the
winner in the next round. Brother, the tiger is entering
the ring after a long time. Please lend me 50,000 rupees. I’ll make four times the
money and return it to you. Why, brother? Are you mad? You want to waste 50,000
rupees on an unknown man. I don’t want to take unwanted risk. He is not a jackal but a tiger. He doesn’t come every day.
Whenever he comes he wins. Okay, as you wish. Take the amount.
– Thank you. Now comes in, Mr. Raja. Raja who rarely comes
here has come to make me win. I can bet any amount on him. Why, brother? He looks weak. Why are you putting money on him? Look brother, I feel pity for you. I’ll put in all the
money I’ve won today. It’ll be enough if you put in 100,000. 100,000. Right?
– Yes. – Okay. Here is 100,000. Come on. Come on. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.. Hey brother, you said that he is weak? You were right. But it’s not my man but
your man who has fallen down. Don’t worry;
I’ll look into the matter. So much money? Has he won? – I had told you that
this tiger has always won. He came, he fought,
he won and he went away. You should’ve introduced
him to brother once. Why do you want to
introduce him to me? After all he is a goon
and I’m the owner of this place. Well, there is a
smell of painting here. It seems that he
is doing it right now. Here you are, brother.
– Sorry for the delay. Don’t mind. – If you delay next time,
I’ll come to your house. Brother.. – Yes. – ..look a super
model is standing there. To hell with you.
– Why? She is Ishwar’s fiancée. If he finds out he’ll kill you. Sorry brother, tell him.
– Forget it. Our brother is very fortunate
that he is marrying this girl. He isn’t fortunate. What did you say? Look, she is after that guy. We must immediately inform
brother Ishwar. Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Yes, let’s go. Hey, my sweetheart! I’ve
been standing here for a long time. Look at me once. I love you, my sweetheart. Brother, don’t beat me,
I’ll pay in a week. You are bound to pay. I lend money to earn interest
and not to help people. I’ll return the money in a week. Why are you hitting me, brother? I want to discuss something personal.
– Take him away. What’s it? – Sister-in-law
Sandhya loves a guy in college. What nonsense are you speaking?
– Yes, brother. I saw it with my eyes. If you don’t believe me
then ask sister-in-law Sandhya. Why will I ask her? If I ask her she’ll say she loves me. Her mother had promised to
get her married to me but this girl.. ..has spoilt every plan. If I’ve to stop this I must
remove that scoundrel from this world. Go.
– Okay, brother. Okay, brother. Hey brother,
what you are doing is not right. Back off or it won’t be good for you. What’s this? I don’t even know you. If you don’t tell me what I’ve done,
how I will know if I’m right or wrong. The girl you love is
brother Ishwar’s fiancee. They are soon going to get married. That’s why I suggest
that you back off. Who is your brother going to marry?
– Don’t act smart. You are pretending to be innocent
even when you know everything. The girl standing in the
center is our sister-in-law. Who? Sandhya?
– Yes. Hey Sandhya, I love you. What can you do to me? We can’t fall in love. Is he the only one
who can fall in love? Can you fight Raja? No. Right? So, you must accept what he says. Hey! This is enough for you. Hey! Let’s go back. Let’s go. Hurry up. Let’s go. Let’s go. You hid such a big truth
inside your heart and troubled me. Thief! I love you. I love you. I love you. “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You come in my dreams
and steal my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You come in my dreams
and steal my heart.” “Why have you become
a guest in my heart?” “Why do you come in my dreams?” “Why have you entered my heart?” “Why did you steal my heart?” “When I saw you..” “When I saw you, my heart said..” “..I’m yours, I’ve become yours.” “My heartbeats say..” “I recognize myself
when I get lost in you.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You come in my dreams
and steal my heart.” “When I see you, I get restless.” “How do I control myself?” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “My heart gets restless.” “It always looks for you.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “I’ve got lost in your arms.” “My desires have taken flight.” “You are a brave heart.” “Come and play the music in my heart.” “Play a melodious music for me.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You come in my dreams
and steal my heart.” “When I see you, I get restless.” “How do I control myself?” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You don’t say anything.
You play strange music for me.” “My heart is no longer in my control.” “What magic you’ve woven on me?” “Oh hunter, you’ve killed me.” “Why did you play this game of love?” “You are my life’s story.” Love you, Raja. Have coffee, son.
– Coffee? What happened, son? Your daughter loves someone else.. ..and she has tattooed
his name on her chest. Control your daughter;
I’ll take care of the guy. Sandhya! Mother, Ishwar has no manners. He doesn’t know manners. Right? He went away without killing you
even when he saw someone else’s name.. ..tattooed on the
chest of his fiancée. Yet, you are talking about manners? What are you so proud of? Ishwar will be your husband. Hey! Where is Raja?
– Why? I want to give him something. You look like a borrower
and not a giver. Where is Raja?
– You want Raja, right? He is over there. Look. I’ll thrash you.
– Raja, he has come to meet you. So, you are Raja? So, you love Sandhya?
– Yes, I do. I pity you. You must know the background
of the person you are hitting. If you hit anyone without
any thought then you don’t get.. ..the chance to think about it again. I’ll give you time. Go away from here.
– You.. Hey! I beat the person who
knows me in such a manner that.. ..he can get up and go. If the person doesn’t know me I hit
him so hard that he can never get up. If he challenges
me again I’ll hit him.. hard that he’ll
forget everything. Tell him when he regains
his consciousness. Did you see? This is the reason why I wanted
to introduce him the other day. If they had got introduced
he wouldn’t have beaten him so badly. He hit him so hard because
he doesn’t know him. Sandhya, I thought you
will be the one to propose.. ..but it’s Raja who proposed. Look, Raja is there. Go and talk to him.
– Okay. What’s it? Hey! Don’t you know that I hate love? That day brother Ishwar’s goons
came and told me not to love you. They asked me to back off. I had said, ‘Sandhya, I love
you’ just to check what they do. You thought it to be true. Crazy girl! Hey listen, love is like a drug. As long as you have it you enjoy it. When you are without it you
feel as if you are going to die. Love has the same kind of feeling. When you are together, you feel good. Kiss the girl,
the first kiss seems to be great. But, when the love affair ends,
anyone of the two is hurt. The person becomes heartbroken. The person’s life
appears to be shattered. It seems that living is useless.
The person tries to end his life. But, if the person’s parents
who’ve brought him up dies.. ..he feels no pain for them.
Crazy people! This is the reason why I hate love. I don’t even encourage it. Got me? Please. Please help me. I’ve met with an accident. Please help my mother. Please. Please help my mother. Mother. Mother. Mother. Call 108 immediately
and call the ambulance. Don’t get scared.
– What’s this? Why should we trouble
ourselves for others? It’s time for the interview. Let’s go. We can give another interview
if we miss this one. But, if anything happens to her then.. You don’t know the price of life.
But I do. I do because I’m an orphan. You won’t know the value of life. Call the emergency
number immediately. Call. Stop! Stop! Stop!
– Mother. Hey! Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Richard Johnson
and I’m the editor of Microsoft. I’m pleased to be here.
Where is Mr. Raja? Raja is a senseless
fellow of our college. Most dangerous and useless. If you take him to America,
he’ll sell entire America. So, don’t take him to America. Do you know tiger’s tail? What the hell is he saying? If you hold a tiger’s
tail it’ll eat you up. If you leave it, it’ll eat you.
He has similar nature. If you give him job you
won’t be able to tolerate him. Yeah, I understand. Hey! Stop! Stop!
– Mother. Carefully. Carefully.
– Come on, mother. Sit inside.
– Carefully. Sit inside.
– Carefully. Carefully. Congratulations! You’ve
been selected to Hyderabad office. Thank you, sir.
– Mr. Shiva. Hello, sir. You are selected.
– Yeah! America! Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much, sir. If you drink with other guys in
the evening you won’t go to America.. ..but you’ll go straight to heaven. Okay, sir.
– Come on, go. Sandhya. Your certificates are very good.. ..and you are selected
for the office in California. I don’t want to go to America. I don’t want to leave India and go. It’ll be good if I get
a job in an Indian branch. You’ll earn in dollars
if you go to America. Why are you refusing? Are you
patriotic? – It’s because of love. Excuse me. What did she say? She doesn’t want to go
to America because she loves.. ..someone here. For love she wants to stay in India.
– Oh! Your love is great. So, we’ll try for
our Hyderabad office. Thank you. Thank you so much, sir. Mr. Lakhsman. I’m sorry, you are not selected. Sir, give a job at least in Mumbai. Forget it. You don’t deserve a job
even in a village. Go away. – Sir. Excuse me sir, Mr. Raja has come. Oh, you are Mr.
Raja? I just heard about you. Why are you late? On my way to the interview
there was an accident.. ..and one lady got injured.
So, I had to take her to the hospital. That’s why I am late. Sorry for that. What? You saved someone’s life? I thought you can only thrash someone. We know about you. That’s why we hate
to give jobs to Indians. You beg till you get the
job and then you threaten us. God damn Indians! Hey! Be careful of what you speak. I’m late and you can scold me. Why are you abusing my
country without any reason? Well, we are goddamn Indians. Right? We used to beg before
you for jobs earlier. But, nowadays you come to
us and request the intelligent ones.. work with you. Why? That’s because the work
that you Americans do in 6 weeks.. done within 6 days
by us for a lesser salary. Do you know who controls
the railway system in London? Tata Consultancy Services. Who are they? It’s an Indian company.
Indian company. The value of dollars
is decreasing day by day. You didn’t gift us super computers.. ..but we’ve invented
it with our intellect. You didn’t help us to
develop nuclear technology.. ..but we used our intellect
to make nuclear bomb. What right do you have
to speak about my country? If you love America then I love India. Our India will lead
the world very soon. The day is not too far off. I don’t want to go
to America or work for you. What the hell is happening? Hey! Translate every
word spoken by me to him. Go to the classroom.
– He always gives lectures. Well, what were you doing here? I was looking at this. This? What do you mean?
– I was looking at this tree. – Okay. Where is your friend Shiva? Where is Shiva, sir? What are you looking
for inside your nose? He was here till now but
I don’t know where he has gone now. I can’t see your friend Das. Das is here. Where? Inside your ear? Are you crazy? He was here;
he went to the class just now. Okay. I heard he changed
his room because of you. There was no ventilation in the
room so he shifted to another room. Can’t you answer without itching? He lived in the room to the left.
– Forget all this. Where is Priya’s group? They are studying
in the AC room behind. Is the AC room here? No, they are studying
in the AC room over there, sir. You are an unwanted
dirty man of our college. As I am talking to you I’ve
forgotten where I am at the moment. You are right here. In front of me.
– What did you say? Shameless fellow.
– You are right in front of me, sir. Shut up!
– Why are you sad? Hey! You are crying? What happened? I haven’t deposited the fees yet. Tomorrow is the last date. I’m scared. Didn’t you get money
from home this month? Father said that his entire
salary was spent in paying the loan. He can’t send money this month. What do I do?
– Hey! I’m here. Why do you worry? Come with me in the evening. I’ll give you money. Okay?
– Okay. Welcome to illegal kick boxing. Generally in any match if
one person wins the other one loses. But, in this match
the loser will have to die. You all know about
illegal kick boxing. It’s an illegal kick
boxing competition. There is no place for spectators here. Only the ones who
will bet can stay here. What’s this?
– Kick boxing club. When I need money, I come here. But, I’ve come here today for you. I thought that you’ll lend
money from someone to help me. You need not play this
dangerous game for me. I don’t need money.
Let’s go from here. Hey! A friend in
need is a friend indeed. You’ve studied hard and now
if you don’t sit for the exams..’ll ruin your future. This is the reason we are here. There’s no risk in this game.
Don’t worry. The next person is Raja. Brother, Raja has come to fight. I want money for betting. Shame! You want to place a bet on him? Have you forgotten the
way he fought the last time? I’m sure he’ll win. Okay, so you are joking with me. It’s better that I have
rat poison and die instead of.. ..earning money by betting on him. I’ll show all of you
my true nature today. Come on, one, two, three. Come on. Come on, Raja. 1.
2. 3. 4. 5. 10. Give him 20,000 rupees.
– 20,000 rupees? Why? He had spiked Raja’s cold drink. You are very smart, brother. This is his real nature. Catch all of them. No one should be able to escape.
– Seal the exits. Come on. Come on. Surround them from
all sides. – Go and check over there. Raja, who has been participating in
illegal kick boxing for many years.. ..has been badly hurt. He is being taken to the hospital. This game which was illegal.. Doctor, how is the patient? Anyone addicted to alcohol
or cigarette has a weak heart. He suffers from hypertension too. He has got hurt badly in his heart. He needs immediate heart replacement. If we get heart from a person
of the same blood group and same age.. ..then there are chances
that he can be saved. Are their chances of his survival
if he gets a heart transplant? How far are these operations
successful, doctor? There are chances. Recently a guy named
Hiten saved a girl’s life.. donating his heart to her. The girl is fine now. She’ll definitely be fine.
– Thank you, doctor. A student named Raja is
in a very serious condition. We need O positive blood to save him.
– Raja. When we found out about
him we didn’t know what to do. Suddenly a miracle
happened and Raja got well. Mr. Raja, you’ve fully recovered.
No problem. Congratulations, Mr. Raja! Your operation has been successful.
All the best. Your love may be strange but your
beloved has donated her heart to you. Your love is so great. Happy Valentine’s Day!
– Happy Valentine’s Day, Raja! What are they saying? Read this letter and you’ll know. Raja, I had thought that
one day you’ll come back to me. But you didn’t come. I got the news that you
are fighting for your life. So, I came to you. Raja.. We are waiting for a person
of the same blood group. Meenakshi!
– Raja.. Stop your nonsense. What have you come here for? Everything has happened because
of you. Do you see his condition? His life has become
hell since you betrayed him. You left his life. Right? Why have you come back now? He is going to die. Always be happy. Always be happy.
– Meenakshi. So, you are Meenakshi. Raja hates love just because of you. Other girls get a bad name
because of girls like you. Get out. Come on, go. Get out of here. Raja! – Get out.
– Go away from here. She is pretending that she loves him. Are you not happy
after ruining his life? Why have you come here
to pretend that you love him? Calm down.
– I’ll kill you. Hey Meenakshi!
– Meenakshi, what happened? Meenakshi! What’s wrong with her? Save Raja, doctor.
– Take her inside. We share the same blood group.
– Forget all this. Get her admitted right now.
– No. I’m already dead. Don’t try to save me. Save Raja who is more
precious to me than my life. That’ll be enough for me.
– What is she saying? Here is my letter to him. It’s my decision to
transplant my heart to Raja. Oh my God! When Raja gets well, give this to him. Meenakshi!
– Meenakshi! You must be wondering
why the girl who betrayed you.. ..donated her heart to you. Do you know what had happened
in the hotel that night? We had an important
meeting in the hotel. I was the PA of the
MD and so I accompanied him. You accused me without
knowing the truth. You misunderstood me and said what
a lover should never tell his beloved. Did you sleep with him or not? I truly loved you and so I
couldn’t tolerate such words from you. So, I said what a beloved
should never tell her lover. Yes, I slept with him. I like him. Brother, I’m responsible
for your present state. Forgive me. I don’t know if you
ever realized your mistake.. ..but I could never
forget the pain, Raja. Doesn’t matter..
even Lord Ram had suspected Sita. Sita had given the fire
test to prove her innocence. I donated my heart to prove
that my love for you is true. Don’t cry for me, Raja. I’m very happy. Do you know why? A beloved always wants
reside in her lover’s heart. But, I’ll live as
the heart of my lover. What else do I want? I’m very fortunate. And one more thing, Raja. I think you remember the mango tree,
the symbol of our love. It was my sole support
when we separated. It’s just a tree for others
but for me it’s the Taj Mahal. You must take care of it. Your dearest sweetheart Meenakshi. I love you, Raja. I love you, Raja. You are always my sweetheart. Meenakshi.. A beloved wants to reside
in her lover’s heart forever. But, I’ll always be present
with my lover as his heart. What else can I ask for? I’m very fortunate. I love you, Raja. Meenakshi.. Meenakshi! Meenakshi! Raja..
– Raja.. ..control yourself..
– ..control yourself. Control yourself. Meenakshi.. Meenakshi..
– Raja.. Meenakshi.. Meenakshi.. Meenakshi.. Meenakshi.. Raja..
– Raja.. Raja- Please move aside. Stop crowing around him. Don’t disturb the patient. Doctor, why don’t you tell them? Please go out. Please try to understand. Please. Please. Please. Come on.
– Please go out. Go out. Please.. come on. And one more thing, Raja. I think you remember the mango tree,
the symbol of our love. It was my sole support
when we separated. It’s just a tree for others
but for me it’s the Taj Mahal. You must take care of it. Your dearest sweetheart Meenakshi. I love you, Raja. We didn’t know where Raja went after.. ..disappearing from
the hospital that day. We didn’t know in what
condition he would be and.. we were searching for him. We are very happy to find him here. Brother..
– Yes, tell me. had spared that
man thinking that he is mad. But, the people here
have made him their God. Since he is supporting them the people
are not paying us the weekly money. The people who were scared
of us are now threatening us, brother. If this continues
then even the dog on.. ..the streets will
pee on our mouth and go. Wait there,
I’ll come and send him to hell. Where is the beggar?
– He is over there, brother. Where is he?
– He is over there? Raja, I searched for you everywhere.
– Just look at him.. Who are you? – Look at him, he was
dressed like a beggar that day and.. he is pretending to be a hero. Get him here.
– Move aside. Hey come here. Raja! Have you become the hero of this area? Come on, hit me. If you are a man, then hit me. Hit me. Hit me. What are
you staring at? Hit me. What’s this? He is getting thrashed but
you said that he had beaten you. Brother, he doesn’t react if
you hit him anywhere except his heart. He remains silent until
you hit him in the heart. He reacts violently when
you hit him in the heart. He gets violent when
he is beaten in the heart? Wait, I’ll check it out right now. Hit me here, hit me here;
you can hit me here too. But, if you hit me here, I’ll kill
you because Meenakshi resides here. It’ll hurt her if you hit her.
I’ve hurt her a lot. I don’t want to hurt her anymore. I don’t want to hurt her further. My Meenakshi is very good..
– Raja.. I don’t want to hurt her further.
– Raja.. Meenakshi!
– Raja, calm down. Raja, come and stay with us. Raja.. come on. No, friend. You all carry on. Meenakshi had told
me to take care of this. It’s the symbol of our love. So, I need to stay back here. You all may go. Go. Sandhya, please try to convince him. You try to get him back. You truly love him
and true love always wins. Call him and he’ll
definitely come back. I had thought that my love
for Raja is the greatest after.. ..I got his name tattooed on my chest. But, Meenakshi donated her
heart to Raja and proved that.. ..her love for him is the greatest. Doesn’t matter. Let him stay here happily. We’ll come here
sometimes and meet him. Lakshmi, take care of him. It’s my good fortune to
be able to take care of him. Don’t worry about him. Take care of him, sister.
– Yes.

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