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Let the day perish
wherein I was born,and the night
in which it was said:There is a man child conceived.Let that day be darkness and
the shadow of death stain it.As for that night,
let the wind bear it away.Let it not be joined
unto the days of the year.Let it not come into
the number of the months.The Pilgrimage
of Students Peter and Jacob – Whoa, whoa!
– Steady, girl. Imro! Bongilaj! It’s me, Jacob. What’s up with him? Why did you run away? Lmro, do you hear? He’s scared I’ll turn him in. In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Eržika! Why have you left us
and gone into the night? May God forgive her sins! May he take her hand
and protect her!… so always ask for Always
for comfort and protectionwhen you most need it…Have a drag.Always… for the freedom
to be yourself… always.Get Adidas aftershave…
– Here. Such a tragedy.
Come on, all of you. Follow me. What shall we do? What’s he done, the fool? It’s a terrible blow –
and worst of all for me. God, what have you done to me,
letting her be killed? Where’s lmro?
Show yourself, murderer! Poor fools!
Should I kill lmro myself? Where is Eržika Šugárová? So where’s your granddaughter? Who was in that coffin? Present address 12 Radimova St,
Prague. Occupation? Student. I study law
at Prague University. Ah, a future colleague. What do you know about
Eržika Šugárová’s death? She lived with lmro Bongilaj. He went to Ostrava to work. Then
Fero Berki started courting her. – You’re well informed.
– I was their friend. What happened when Bongilaj
came back from Ostrava? Something happened between
Eržika and lmro in the church. In the church? What? I know nothing. I swear. You’re lying, Berki. That’s all
you people ever do – lie. When did you last see Eržika? At a wedding. Bongilaj came looking for us. I got scared and ran away. ‘We didn’t know what he’d do.
We ran after him.’ Carry on. Eržika and Fero were lying
on the grass, by the wood. Imro saw them. Fero ran off.
Then lmro took out a knife. So you saw Bongilaj kill Eržika? I didn’t see anything. Anything! I was drunk. Eržika’s body had seven stab
wounds, two of them fatal. Do you recognize this knife? Yes. It was lmro Bongilaj’s. I’ve never seen it. You realize that making a false
statement is a criminal offence? – You already told us.
– Well? Did Bongilaj kill Eržika? Yes. Bongilaj killed Eržika. Do you know
what you’ve just done? We Šugárs are everywhere…
in Bystrany, Žehra, Krompachy… Don’t you want to punish
your granddaughter’s murderer? There are lots of us.What hast thou done?The voice of thy brother’s blood
crieth unto me from the ground.And now art thou cursed
from the earth,which hath opened her mouthto receive thy brother’s
blood from thy hand.A fugitive and a vagabond
shalt thou be in the earth.This is all we have. Has he lost his tongue? He’s still asleep. When he
wakes up he’ll kill himself. Imro didn’t kill Eržika –
Gypsy killed Gypsy. How do you punish a vow?
Enough blood’s been shed. Nobody will touch lmro. The white courts will
never reach a verdict. His own soul will punish him. Go!My sin is too great
to be forgiven.Thou hast driven me out this
day from the face of the earth;And from thy face shall I be hidand I shall be a fugitive and
a vagabond in the earth.– I was telling the truth!
– That’s your idea of the truth? There is only one truth.
Imro killed Eržika. Sure. You know the crime. But
do you really know the murderer? – Do you know the unwritten law?
– Don’t talk rubbish! What makes you so sure
he’ll get a fair trial? He will. But first the court
must know all the facts. Crazy fork! I need somewhere to live.
I can pay… I’m freezing. I might know a place. It’ll be at least 5000 a month.
But that’s not much these days. I’ve got my Moral Phil exam
tomorrow. The Enlightenment. I know bugger all. – It’s a piece of cake, Viki.
– Four extra dumplings, please. The Prof’s only interested
in British philosophers. Hutcheson’s Ideas of Beauty
and Virtue. That’s about me! Locke’s about personal ethics. – Hi, you two.
– Mind if we slip in? First food, then philosophy. Shaftesbury’s more about
social ethics. No thanks, Jacob. – How do you spell that?
– As it sounds. Adam Smith says selfish
capitalism is good for society. Ferguson claims philosophy
must come before ethics. – Ethics make me sick.
– Don’t be sick here. Ciao. See you. Enjoy your lunch. Today
it’s Ferguson and dumplings. What? See you, Gabi. This place sucks. What’s bitten him? Quiet, please. This is
an important announcement. Today’s winner is… this!
My latest work. Just look at that composition! Don’t touch, please.
See those proportions? A painting without
proportions is crap. Zuza! The murderer was ostracized,
or cursed, as in ancient Greece. This is what happened
to Orestes and Alcmaeon. Today this system survives in
some less ‘civilized’ societies – in Albania, for example,
or among Romanies. But Romanies must live by the
law of the country they live in. Are you saying the two legal
codes should co-exist? – That’s hardly likely…
– Excuse me. I’ve never heard of a case
involving a blood feud. In my country, Macedonia,
the gypsies have their own laws. And it’s a problem –
a society within a society. Some victims are ritually
humiliated: I’ve seen it myself. I’m not an ethnographer. You say they judged the murder
by their own law but handed the murderer
over to our judiciary. Maybe in their eyes he
ceased to be a gypsy. No, but his family disowned him.
For a Gypsy that’s like dying. Humiliation isn’t a trial – it’s an expression
of our moral sense which is a vital part
of our sense of identity.The heart is deceitful above all
things, and desperately wicked.Who can know it?I the Lord search the heart,
I try the reins,to give every man according
to his ways, and his fruit.Such as are for death,
go to death;such as are for the sword,
to the sword;and such as are for captivity,
to captivity.Have some milk. Go on. Take it. It’s yours. Excuse me, Professor.
Good morning. I’ll be right with you. Come in. Your friend Jacob is obviously
confused. Nelly, get down. He feels a moral obligation but existential anxiety robs him of the strength
to fulfill that obligation. Conscience is the awareness
of obligation, of duty. And it is man’s lot
to do his duty. You have done no more and
no less than your duty. Yes. But I’d feel terrible
if Bongilaj was locked up for life. Nonsense! You know there’s no chance of that. But if… Why must it be me? Listen… You know fuck all about gypsies. What should I know about them? And why should I anyway? Why? Because gypsies
need to be given a chance. A chance to live their own
life in this lousy world. A world full of gypsy whores
and gypsy thugs and drunks. We taught them to be that!
They’re forgetting their own law. So do something about it. What can I do? Nobody
listens. Not even you. The politicians talk a lot of
bullshit about gypsies, get loads of money for them,
then line their own pockets. Leave your shoes on. Come on in. This place is a right mess.
You’re a real expert in this. Don’t act like
you’ve never seen it before. Why can’t they heat this place? – What’s this? Ethics and the Law?
– Forget it – it’s a load of shit. The law says crime’s OK –
it just depends who you are. What’s ethics got to do with it? Fucking waste of time. Registered letter? A court summons! I’m not going anywhere. There.
Now I don’t have to. What’s the game anyway? Snooping? Don’t be daft. If it wasn’t
for me you’d be on the streets. We’ll make a vow. As many times as
I stab this candle I’ll stab you
if you touch Fero again. You’ll stab me
if I touch Fero again. No, no, no! Jacob, what is it? Stop it! Jacob! Jacob! – Come round the back.
– Did you tell her we’d be here? – Great wig!
– No, from behind… careful. Don’t get it in a mess… Careful. – Not bad, eh?
– Not so loud! – It’s okay.
– This’ll shake them up. A bit of action at last! Come on in.
This way, folks. Damned hooligans! Young louts – ought to be
locked up and shot! What is this filth?
What a load of crap. No! Stop! Stop! Lvana, calm down. Turn the bloody lights on! I can’t breathe! Idiot!
Lva, take a deep breath. – This one’s better.
– We’ll use both. As long as he doesn’t go
squealing to the Dean. Give it a rest, Viki. It’s my fault.
I just couldn’t take it. That was the whole point. It wasn’t a bad show. There
was just… something missing. Sex and drugs? He’ll be OK. The worst they can do
is stop his grant. Right, Viki? We must all act
as if nothing happened. – I could do with a rum.
– Alright – just for you. Get two bottles! Mr Lukavec… Have you ever thought about
giving up your PhD studies and getting a job in a circus? – There have been complaints…
– So we have to take action… No need. I’ve already decided. Admit it – you’ve run
out of arguments. That’s right – just run away! Hide in the loo like a kid. You fucking idiot! And what are you?
You and your precious law. Why don’t you call the law? Stop it! It’s not funny. Someone’s
going to get killed… Peter, no!Wherefore lookest thou upon
them that deal treacherouslyand holdest thy tongue
when the wicked devoureththe man that is more
righteous than he?OLord, how long shall I cry,
and thou wilt not hear!Cry out unto thee of violence,
and thou wilt not save!And there are that raise up
strife and contention.Therefore the law is slacked,
and judgement goes not forth.Help! Repeat after me: When man departs this life
His body is torn with strife. When man departs this life
His body is torn with strife. The weary soul must sigh
As the bitter end draws nigh. The weary soul must sigh
As the bitter end draws nigh. Dear Lord, if it be Your will
Let me die – I trust you still… Jacob! Jacob! Jacob… Imro wasn’t the killer. Infidelity was the killer. The same Christ is today
that always was. He is Alpha and Omega,
the beginning and the end. Oh Lord, protect and preserve
us with your holy wounds. Christ our Lord. Amen. May the resurrection of Christ
turn our darkness into light! Christ, light of the world.Thanks be to God.I baptize you Jacob.In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.Take a deep breath.
Hold it. Now push. Great. You’re doing fine.
That’s wonderful. Try again, a teeny bit more.
Go on – that’s the way. And again. Slowly.
Lovely – here we go. Goodness, look at
the size of that head! Come on, little one. What fine big boy!
Just look at him. He’ll be called Jacob. What would you do if you knew
a man had killed a woman? I’d pray for both of them. For the murderer too, to give
him the strength to be penitent. He killed for love. You don’t kill for love.
Love is joy. I lied for his sake.
Now I must go to court. The lords of nations
rule over us and judge us. Christ came to save,
not to judge. But we are subject to human
laws, as St Peter tells us. – You must go to court.
– What will I say? That I’m sorry?
Or go to jail for perjury? Christ says: I shall give ye
words and wisdom. Get lost! I said get fucking lost! Give it a rest,
for Christ’s sake. I’ll murder you! The horses need seeing to. Come and see me next week.
Both of you. Is she with you? Why not? Well – not bad for
a couple of beginners. You’ll be dry in there. Come on then.
It’s better then we deserve. – My clothes are soaked.
– Take them off then. It’s alright. – Well…
– Oh, come on. Mr God won’t see.
He’s feeding the horses. Quite a tough nut, your Mr God. He’s one hell of a vicar.
Tending his father’s flock. – He’s a great guy.
– I’m sure he’s a bunch of fun. Don’t worry.
Well it’s a roof, isn’t it? And there’ll be food
in the trough. Is that all?There is one event to the
righteous, and to the wicked;to the good and to the clean,
and to the unclean;to him that sacrificeth,
and to him that sacrificeth not:As is the good so is the sinner;
as the liar, so the man of truth.But where shall wisdom be found?
And where is understanding?Man knows not its price; nor can
it be found here on earth.…the accused lmro Bongilaj
is guilty of murder. In view of the exceptional
brutality of the crime and the extreme unlikelihood
of his ever being rehabilitated. I am recommending
the maximum sentence.Lamb of God, who takest
away the sins of the worldHave mercy upon us.Lamb of God, who takest
away the sins of the worldHave mercy upon us.Lamb of God, who takest
away the sins of the worldGrant us peace.Lamb of God, who takest
away the sins of the world. Blessed are they who are
called to the feast of the Lamb. Lord, I am not worthy
to receive thee under my roof, but speak the word only and
my soul shall be healed. Soul of Christ,
body of Christ… May your suffering
give me strength… I request a new report on
the defendant’s mental state, because the existing report
fails to take into account the traditional attitudes and values of
the Romany community, which, though different, are no
less valid or morally binding. So I believe that
the decisive testimony is that of Jacob Lukavec, who knows the Romanies well,
and not that of Peter Mácha. Given these objections, I ask the court to rehear the case and recall Mr Jacob Lukavec
for further examination. Your request has been noted. But lmro was holding the knife! You don’t even know what
fidelity is. Imro knew! And that’s why the whole
village condemned him? – Not condemned, punished.
– And they knew why. A vow is a law. It’s all sorted out, Father. So nothing happened.
Is that it? Right. In that case
let’s ask these two. Me? I didn’t see a thing. Nor me. I was playing darts. What if someone had got killed?
You’d still have seen nothing? I thought you were going to
forgive them, not judge them. – I’m not in confessional now.
– Neither are we! – You damned!
– Hold your tongue! Get out! You two as well. I’m against a plea of insanity.
This is murder, after all. But surely it’s obvious that
the man is emotionally unstable. You can quote me:
‘At the time of the crime the subject was aware that his action
was a danger to society.’If you’re saying he’s sane,
your report is really a verdict. Not so fast, my friend.
Our job is to give evidence. It’s the court’s job to judge. But they rely on your advice. You decide whether he goes
to the gallows or the asylum. But we can’t have our asylums
overflowing with murderers. Who’d look after them? You? In the end the courts are
helpless. So they turn to us. But even you admit you can’t
always be absolutely certain. Certain?
Nobody can ever be certain. Never. Not even you. Anyway listen. Why don’t you
drop in again sometime? You can talk things over –
sort of like a patient. This is the best medicine
in the world. Here. What if the psychiatrist
gets it wrong?Errare humanum est.I must say, their conclusions
are often quite extraordinary. According to Jacob there are
things about Romanies we can’t ever understand –
and don’t want to. Maybe he means that each
person must aim to be himself. If Romanies try to copy us
they’re sure to get into a mess. It’s quite common. Anyway, who says our way of
life is the best or only way? The courts should realize that.
Otherwise how can they be fair? Read this. You are just the sort of man who
should specialize in legal theory. I’d like you to be my assistant. You can’t change the world
unless you have power. Then I want power. Isn’t he gorgeous?
So lively! He’s lively 24 hours a day. – Pick a card.
– OK. With your left hand, Mum. – Sorry.
– Good. And another. She says
I’m going to have twins. Another present, girls. – Who’s it from?
– Grandma. Well, no stacks of cash. Ha! The ace of hearts –
that’ll be some woman… …of Peter’s. I am a model. I’ve really screwed up.
College… everything. You need to get away…
a change of air. I heard that. Don’t go giving her ideas. I’ve got to go. Here, this is for you. Thanks. Hi, Mr Breadwinner. – Nice…
– Everything’ll be OK. How’s that? I’ve got a job as assistant
at the university. That’ll be a big help. Jacob! Jacob! Wait here.
I’ll be back in a minute.Please stand clear of
the approaching train.Jacob! Tell the truth.
Tell them what you saw. – What I saw? Is that the truth?
– Of course it is. – Truth isn’t something you see.
You feel it. – That’s bullshit! You know fuck all. You don’t
give a shit about anyone else. Just go to hell! Eva! Here we are. The VIP lounge. I’m cold. And I look terrible. Let’s go back. Back? Where? What are you missing? Or who? Well? Who is it? We keep moving,
but nothing ever happens. Nothing? – You have to go back too.
– I don’t have to do anything. I can’t go back, anyway. Don’t you see? I don’t want to! Eva! Since when do we take taxis? What’s it to you? Since today. What’s up? – Leave me alone.
– What’s the game? Well? – Leave me alone.
– Where’ve you been? – Jacob…
– Never mind the baby. – Mummy’s home, darling!
– Just tell me where you’ve been. – Let me be.
– Tell me. – Piss off. – Listen…
– I said piss off! Piss off! If only I was lmro.If a man come on his neighbour,
to slay him with guile;thou shalt take him from mine
altar, that he may die.Life for life,
eye for eye, tooth for toothhand for hand, foot for foot,burning for burning, wound
for wound, stripe for stripe.Mr Mácha, tell us exactly
what you saw at that wedding. I don’t remember much.
Imro came out of the pub. He was looking for
Eržika and Fero. Then – I don’t know.
I was talking to a friend. That is not what you said
in your previous evidence. I can’t remember what
happened after that. Was your earlier evidence
given under duress? No. Not at all. May I remind you that we
have a second eye-witness. – Your Honour?
– Yes. After we have heard
the next witness, Mr Lukavec, we may wish to charge
Peter Mácha with perjury. Who did you see there? Eržika Šugárová. Did you see anyone else? – Maybe. Let me think…
– You’d better! We went to a lot of trouble
finding you! He who looks finds.
I found without even looking. Don’t be impertinent.
Remember you are in court. Screw your court!
Go on, put me in jail! – That is contempt of court!
– Freedom is only for the rich! – Your Honour…
– Shut up, you jerk! I don’t need a court to tell me
what’s right and wrong! Fuck your stupid questions!
And fuck you! Jacob, I can’t get in. You can’t get over the wall.
Find the gate. Jacob, I want to talk to you. I have to talk to you. I’m not allowed to get excited. You’re more sane than
the rest of us put together. Only people who think
they’re sane go crazy. Walk round the wall. Just keep walking
till you reach the gate. But which way? Can you hear me?
Tell me which way!This is the condemnation, that
light is come into the world.But men loved the darkness
rather than light,because their deeds were evil.For everyone that doeth
evil hateth the light.If the light in thee be darkness
how great then is the dark!

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