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Zhang Han, New Force Forum of Chinese Film, is willing to contribute to the movie industry LOS ANGELES November 26, Young Film Crew Seminar and the Third China Film New Forces Forum held in Hangzhou, the theme of this forum is Hold high the new era and stride forward a new journey, Zhang Han as a young performer Attend one, and came to power to participate in young actors dialogue. Zhang Han said that he has benefited greatly from participating in the event and is looking forward to cooperating with excellent directors on the scene in the future.   Decades debut Zhang Han: Sincerely for the actors than anything else. I should be the oldest actor in the audience. Zhang Hans funny opening scene caused a laugh. In the course of his debut ten years, Zhang Han experienced a red night, also experienced a tepid period until the Wolf 2 movie once again sparked hot, and to be a sincere actor is him Always beliefs and goals. Just out of the school gate, the film Mei Lanfang piece Mr Mei said: a real life, the drama will really phrase to him a very deep feeling, such as director Wu Jing shooting Wolf 2 won Success is because Wu Jing director privately is a passionate person, his patriotism is from the heart, not to please the market, the audience can most intuitively feel the movies sincerity.   Thanks to the audience Zhang Han: willing to contribute to the movie industry.   At the end of the talk, Zhang Han said: It has been a long time since I became an actress. Many things have been given to me by the audience and the community. As a newcomer to the movie industry, my future movie remuneration can be donated to Chinese movie charities. All along, Zhang Hans performance with a professional performance of the work, with a dedicated attitude to complete the movie career, mind first heart, do not forget the mission, let him adhere to the actors beliefs; into the role, do everything we can to interpret the size of the characters, shaping the Class screen image, not to mention reward, only for the actor word.   Through such screen works as War Wolf 2 and Memorandum of War, Zhang Han won the acclaim and approval of more audiences, which is closely linked with his attitude of treating every piece of work. In the recent two years, he not only grew in age but also got mature thoughts. Zhang Han also raised his strength through the accumulation of his works. As he said, efforts will always pay off and Zhang Han, who knows how to be grateful, will achieve better results.

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