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Vijay… you will always be my first I love you my dear hubby I love you too dear I think we are there Come on Yo! Hi! Don’t keep us waiting for long.
Go, get done with it Carry on Welcome Vijay,
Welcome Pallavi Hi We were eagerly
waiting for you guys Please come in Pavi, get them some water
to drink Lingesh is getting ready – Pallavi
– Hi dad Hi Vijay
-Hi – What took you so long? Any issues?
– Welcome dear Nothing dad Here, have it This is Pavithra, Lingesh’s sister Greetings This is Kishore, her first husband… and this is her second husband, Gopi The second marriage
happened just last month So, the one who lives in Dubai? That’s my elder daughter Deepthi That’s her She is carrying right now This is her first husband, Kavi… and this, her second husband, Vignesh They have settled down in Dubai Both guys are such a gem! Go, check if Lingesh is ready Isn’t he ready yet? What is he doing? Welcome. How are you? This is Anu’s first husband, Priyan We are unable to find a
second groom for Anu yet If you know anyone, who is gem of a person
like Vijay, then please do let us know And Anu is… Anu is younger brother’s daughter She too is doing her studies in law She is inside, conducting
home tuition I thought why disturb her
– Oh Quite necessary that women should
be aware of the laws in this modern era You too are in law
field as a judge… yet what’s the use? Hi uncle How are you? I’m fine How are you doing, Pallavi? How are you doing? I doing just fine, uncle And this is my cousin, Jai – Hi
– Hi I am gay But he said you are Jai That’s my name… but sexually I’m gay So, what are your post marriage plans? Do you wanna stay together or… I am cool with anything, uncle I’m cool if Pallavi wants to stay three
days with me and three days with Vijay Or else, if Pallavi is ok with myself,
Vijay and herself living together, then… that’s ok for me Not bad, you know my name Obviously… after all you are my
fiance’s first husband So, then… do you agree to be my
daughter’s second husband? Of course! Look here… today’s your first night after marriage Forget all your
concerns and be happy But you will always be my first I know dear Now, go I love you my dear hubby I love you too Now go Vijay She is a bit shy… Can you join us Today is my first night… with my second husband Wait! No With my first and second husband Disgusting right? Does it make you judge our family? Post year 2067… this has been the plight of every family Well, that’s the law enforced upon A woman must get married
at least to two men What else can be expected? In 2013, the gender ratio of boys
to girls was 1000:950… it has now dropped to 1000:270! The reason? You are the sole reason Wondering how? In 2016 alone, 34000 rape cases
were reported in our country Those men’s hands and private parts should
have been chopped off for raping a woman! But who’s fault is it
that it didn’t happen? It’s a flaw in the law, isn’t it? Well, even if the criminal
is sentenced to death… then based on a Human rights
commission guide lines… the penalty will be reduced
the following month Then who will fear the law? You protested for many important issues
like Jallikattu and banning Sterlite… but wonder how you forgot that
our safety was also important Even five and six year old
toddlers were not spared When the girl children aren’t safe… then what else could have
we done to help ourselves? The only option was, not to
have girl child anymore And that’s what exactly happened! Female foeticide don’t happen anymore rather only male
babies are formed, thanks to advanced medical science So, only male children are born now Only a few with will and
conscience dared… and that is the reason women
species continue to live But do you have any idea how our
lives are right now? A girl cannot leave her
house without police protection Going to school, college and
a job is out of question! We had just begun to step
out of the kitchen… and you have sent us
back to the kitchen! Daddy! What happened, dad? A dream… A dream? Dad, quit thinking about today’s
judgment you gotta make You will definitely make the right call.
I trust you! Get some sound sleep. It’s
already 3 in the morning Listen to me. Get some sleep Ok dear I’ll come check on you
after few minutes Now, sleep You are listening to 92.7
Big FM and this is RJ Sarithiran Twelve year old Fathima’s rape and
murder case has sent down shivers across
all over our city The verdict on this
case will be out in sometime Before that, we all are aware of five year old Subashini’s
rape and murder case from five years ago We are now going to talk to Subashini’s mom and
listen to what she has to say about Fathima’s case We have her on the line Greetings madam! So, tell us… what do you think should be
the verdict on Fathima’s case? It’s been five years
since I lost my daughter It’s been four years since the criminal,
who did it, was hanged to death The guy, who was hanged to death
suffered only for few minutes But I’m still suffering everyday from the
trauma of what happened to my daughter Who’s will put an end to this? We understand what
you are going through… And no words or action
can be a consolation So, go ahead tell us. What punishment
do you think must be given? It should not be just a formal punishment… the punishment should strike fear in the
minds of potential offenders Both, Aadhavan and Daniel Thomas are accused
of raping and murdering a minor, Fathima… and the final verdict
will be announced today Since Fathima was 12 years and 45 days
old at the time of the rape incident… both the accussed might not get death penalty; as the Indian law imposes
compulsory death penalty only on those who rape children below the age of 12 Mommy! If the punishment enforced on these monsters, who rape infants,
are not severe… then the Judge’s dream could become a reality!

100 thoughts on “Yours Shamefully | Soundarya, Vignesh Karthick | Tamil Short Film with English Subtitles

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  2. Nalla karuthu Namma ena dhan padam eduthalum arpattam pannanum Edhum Mara povathu ila. oru oru human being crt ah oruthanuku oruthi antha Mari kolgaiya use pannanum

  3. Yeah, india is probaly one of the most misogynist country in the world, please care of your women and protect them instead raping of personal sexual desire.

    Also why the fuck it is bad when you raise women instead a boy, because it costs so much money to sell her afterwards to the groom ?

    The problem is the law, governement and the culture, this is why the women are bleeding

  4. All problem create girls only childerns Male, female all are equal give equal responsibility both generation ok. Girl 28 -35 marriage not good for society.. mother also became good its ever think fine

  5. Grt message… Cngrts Vignesh bro … Keep rocking…. Waiting for other short fimls besd on social relvnt issues .. lots of respect from kerala

  6. சிறப்பான கதை தொடர்ந்து இந்தமாதிரி குறும்படம் வெள்ளித்திரையில் பெரும்படமாக வரனும்

  7. 👏👏👏👏 can't understand the language but can feel it .. save girl child .. good job 👏👏👏🙏

  8. ஐயோ! !!..
    (6.30)அந்த பொண்ணு சொல்ற ஒவ்வொரு வார்த்தையும் கேட்கும் பொழுது அப்படியே புல்லரிக்குது…

    காரணம் தெரியாமலே…….😢😑

  9. Actualla indha padathooda startingla paarkupoodhu asingamaana padam poola irundhadhu but now it's a marvelous and awareness movie for the present world…


  10. Speechless.. yevalo sonnalum yevalo incident nadanthalum yarukkum puriya porathu illa.. gvt serilla…. oru sila pasanga valarppu serilla.. oru silar ponnunga dressing sense sarilla nu solranga.. appo aavangaluku yella oru ⁉⁉ kolanthainga odambula yenna irukku ?? Kelaviya kuda vidurathilla nama society??? Appo ithuyella yar thappu????

  11. Sema anna ungala romba request pani kekren thayavu senju cinema ku vaanga intha mare social awareness kudunga pls apo than society urupudum

  12. Apdi onnum Varathu…
    It is Ramachandran…
    Video panna muyarchiku vaalthukkal.

  13. Was amazed to see the beginning of this short film…felt like Panchali in Mahabharata. The climax was super! Good message and concept.

  14. ஒவ்வொரு ஆணும் பார்க்க வேண்டிய படம்
    இந்த சமூகம் என்றும் மாறாது.

    ஆண்கள் ஆண்களை தட்டி கேட்கும் வரை இந்த நிலையில் தான் இருப்பேம்.


  15. I burst out into tears, oru ponna a ena vena pannalam veliya sollama matta. Yena itha society, family, relatives, friends nu than neraiya ponnuga avagaluku nadakura kodumai yarukum solluradu ila. Apadiyae sonnalum atha ponna asigama pesi emotionally weak aagiduraga. Aparam apadi veliya solluvaga.

    Ungaluku oru incident solluren

    Oru paiyan avan oda physical pleasure ku kaga oru ponna use pannitu iruthu iruken, ponnuku ava lust ku use pannuran nu theriyala. Itha paiyan atha ponnu oda mudhal kadhal, ivan than elamae iruthutu irutha.
    Oru naal vera ponnu kita atha paiyan pesuradu theriji avan kita keta, easy marriage panni ka pora ponnu sollitan, apo IVA? Ithu theriji suicide panna poi, uyir a kaapathi vacha, atha paiyan ava sollura mari close vae ilayae nu solli, atha ponna ku mental nu pattam kattitan. Atha ponnu hallucinate pannura, avaluku treatment venum solli atha ponnu oda life ae spoil pannitan paiyan.. ithula atha ponna pathi degrade elam panni avanoda serthu atha paiyan oda family um ithuku support. Paiyan influence iruku, pavam atha ponna la onumae panna mudiyala.
    Vitula veliya theriya kudadu bayam, friends yarum kita solla mudiyala, yarukitayum support nu keka mudiyala veliya theriji family ku kastam agum nu.
    ponnu than 4 vati suicide ku try panni, romba kasta padura.
    ana paiyan inoru ponnu oda pesitu kalyanam pannitu poga poran konjam kuda oru thappu pannitom nu oru feeling ilama.
    Ana inum atha ponnu, itha paiyan than vazhukai nu nenaichutu vazha pudikama saaganum iruka.
    Ena pannuradu nu theriyala.

    ponnuga oda bayam pasaga oda baalam.

  16. This is really the future of not only India but the world… Surely this is the future… There is no doubt about it…

  17. Team rape awareness ku movie edunga..but intha maathiri ladies ah insult panni start panni kamikanumnu onum avasiyam illaa… (2 husband).. nee strong ah government mela kora solunga . 1000 dislikes.. pengal onum avalo kevalam kidayathuu..

  18. Team rape awareness ku movie edunga..but intha maathiri ladies ah insult panni start panni kamikanumnu onum avasiyam illaa… (2 husband).. nee strong ah government mela kora solunga . 1000 dislikes

  19. Watched this after YOURS SHAMEFULLY 2, both are super good and awesome, eagerly waiting for your next part. I appreciate your brave by sending a proper message through this video clips – Short films. Hope they would at least feel guilty.

    Thank you,

  20. In Kerala .this system was here .whomen was married 1 more boys.mainly in Nair cast because girls are the only owner of there family property.then the girls have more freedom they marry more boys

  21. Rap case vanda
    Eppadi pozhappigala
    Kayyi eathuku ponnillana vazha mudiyatha
    Okrathu thaa mukyama

  22. Girls should be treated as sisters. Respect her. Dont see her as a thing to satisfy your sexual thirst. Treat her as a human. Those who commit mistake should be chopped.

  23. Good message to the society Enna panalum society maraporathu illa ethu pengal Oda thalavithi Roomba kastama erukuu 😭😭😭😭😭

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