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Hello.. Yes, tell me.. on my way to work.. i was asked to be there for some critical issue Unavoidable Depends on the criticality Could be till morning Ok.. Ok, Let’s meet tomorrow. Ok, Bye Who is that? Who is that? Who is that? Who is that? You fool. Have you lost your mind? You seem to be scared? You plan to scare me to death What the heck dude? My heart jumped into my mouth Why do you project yourself as courageous then? I meant it to be a joke dude, don’t take it seriously. You seem to have low sense of humor You seem to be lot more scared? How would someone react otherwise? You seem to be calmed down after seeing me? Yes! What if, if this is not me? Now don’t start over again.. What if, if this is not me? Don’t blabber dude What if, if this is not me? Enough of this.. What if, if this is not me? If this is not me? You are fooled again.. You don’t seem to be considerate towards me. I will kill you if you repeat this. Hello.. [Phone] Hello… Tell me.. [Phone] Where are you dude? I just stepped out on some work. What’s up? [Phone] You got the news? Regarding? [Phone] It’s about Rahul.. Yes, I am with him. Tell me? [Phone] What? Tell me what’s the matter? [Phone] Rahul met with an accident. What? [Phone] Yes, that was a major one and he was on spot! What the heck are you talking dude? He was on the way to work and this incident took place. This is terrible. Hold on a sec! Rahul? [Phone] Hello? [Phone] Hello? [Phone] Hello? [Phone] Are we still connected? [Phone] Hello? [Phone] Hello? When did this happen? [Phone] It was about 2 hours back, that was a major one. I’ve informed all our friends..

43 thoughts on ““YEVARU…?” Horror Short Film || Directed By Trinadh Ryali || Camera: Bhargava || Music: Suneer

  1. Hey 😲😲 it's really unbelievable……. Simply awesome……….. Congratulations to the whole team….. And Anand too…..

  2. Anna super
    such a good creations in the seen
    bhaya pattalsina wadu bhaya paddudu

    In this short film 🎥 one thing is again proved strongly that is


    message of the film right

    friends first message of film ardham cheyandi then you'll see more creations in this team

  3. Water tight screenplay….
    Terrific Direction…
    Lively Acting…
    But, Scintillating BGM took all the above to NEXT level
    Excellent team work…
    Congrats all….

  4. bro నిను పాటలు రాశాను నాకు పాటలు పడనికి ఛాయిస్ ఇస్తారా bro

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