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45 thoughts on “Yehya Reviews A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Woooo lawd rolls more Rrrr’s than Eartha Kitt. Love it!
    So glad I know how too, so i can legit go Mrrrrrr. Rrrrogerrrrs. 🤗

  2. Lol, Jimmy does that because he actually loves everyone including minorities. You can tell he doesn’t care about the rating but more about our humanity first.

  3. A Walking, Talking Stereotype. Meanwhile, people that talk like him in the streets , always get told or screamed on to Speak English!! Horrible!!

  4. He speaks english and explains everything more coherently than the narcissist in the whitehouse that committed the quid pro quo.

  5. Why do they almost pronounce it as Yeya, instead of YaHya, a hard H? Even a hard H doesn't do justice since the equivalent word from Arabic word doesn't exist in English either.

  6. ANDREW YANG deserves better treatment after the media blackout of ANDREW YANG, Why did you disrespect ANDREW YANG on national television? ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG it's always ANDREW YANG

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