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Whoo! Whoo-hoo!
Oh, yeah! Okay, you’re great. – You got the line?
– Yeah. Come on up, slowpoke. Help! You okay? You know,
we’re 50 miles from anybody. – Who are you screamin’ for?
– You! Come on. Just pull me up! Rich? Just pull me up. All right, don’t be a dick,
Richie. I need a pull. Rich? Rich? What… When you plant seed
into your own kin, you anger God. Still have not been
able to locate the two college students. Richard Stoker and Halley Smith
have been missing since last Monday… after failing to return
from a weekend of rock… – Hey. How are you doin’? Do you have any idea
what’s going on up here? Tractor jackknifed
about five mile up. Spilled chemicals and shit
all over the road. Any idea how long
it’ll take to clean up? – Couple hours.
– Couple hours? You in a hurry? Yeah. I need to get
to Raleigh tonight. – What you oughta do
is get back in your car,
– Mm-hmm. Fix your hair a couple
hundred more times… Thank you. Hey, Doris.
This is Chris Flynn. I have a 7:00 p.m.
Interview with Mr. Keller. I’m, uh, running
about 30 minutes late. – I was wondering if you could… Hello? Hello? I’m not gonna make this. Excuse me, sir.
Do you have a pay phone? Uh, this one’s not working. Do you
have another phone I could use? Long distance? What isn’t long distance
from here, right? You cuttin’ wise
with me, son? No, sir, I’m just…
I’m runnin’ behind… and I really need
to make a call. Well, that’n there
is my only phone. Right. Well, uh, the highway’s
really jammed up. Do you know of another
route heading south? – No.
– No. Why is this Bear Mountain Road
dotted like this? – Dirt.
– Dirt road? ‘Fraid they ain’t got around
to pavin’ it yet. It looks like it runs into the highway
about 15, 20 miles. Is that right? If you say so. It could work.
Thank you very much. You take care, okay? You’re the one
gonna need to take care. Wejust got nailed, man.! – Jesus Christ.!
– Shit.! – Goddamn drunken hillbilly!
– Hey. Hey, you all right? I’m so sorry.
I was just… – Jesus.
– I was just comin’ around the bend. – I didn’t even see… I got distracted.
– My God, you could’ve died! – Are you guys all okay?
– Yeah, yeah. You wanna sit down? – You might be in shock.
– What were you doing
driving so goddamn fast? – All right, all right.
– Why was your truck parked
in the middle of the road? Because we blew out
our tires, asshole! – I’ll pay for whatever damage was done.
– That’s my mom’s car! All right, Frannie.
The man said he’d pay for… Oh, looks like you killed
my bike here too. I’m sorry. L…
How did you blow out your tires? Someone left some barbed wire
in the middle of the road. I can’t believe someone
just dropped it there. Nobody dropped anything. I just found this tied to a tree.
Somebody did this. Southern hospitality at its finest. – Redneck assholes.
– I’m gonna try and find a phone. I think I saw a gas station
like a couple miles back. – I’m gonna come with you.
– There is no phone. – I was just there.
– Why don’t we just wait for
someone else to come along? What, like Speed Racer here? – I’m not going anywhere.
– Okay, you guys go, and
we’ll just stay here, Francine. – And get high.
– Yeah. So what? – Careful. They don’t like stoners.
– Who are you calling a stoner? – Your mom.
– Hey, what’s your name? Chris Flynn. You hurt, Chris Flynn? – No, I’m fine.
– Good. – ‘Cause you’re the mule.
– Oh, no. You know, I can carry that. You just
had the whole car accident thing. Yeah, we’ll just stay here
and maybe get hit again. – Are you guys sure you’re cool?
– Yeah. Yeah, we’ll be just fine.
Thank you. – Mess you up.
– Yeah, smoke it up there, uh, Skippy. – Yeah, have fun.
– I don’t fuckin’believe this. Your mom’s gonna kick your ass. God, I cannot get out of my head
what just happened. – Are you sure you’re all right? Yeah?
– Yeah. I’m fine. What are you guys
doing out here? Uh, uh, oh, camping.
Uh, I don’t know. Actually, we’re lost. You know, a lot of people say…
who have been through similar
traumatic experiences… that the following moments kind of feel
like you’re moving kind of in slow motion. – Do you feel like that?
– No. I should tell you that my voice
is fairly low and normal speed. – Pretty good.
– Mm-hmm. Where’d you get this? Um, I got it out of my
dad’s room, actually. – You can finish it. I can’t believe
they called us stoners. Dickheads. Are you sure
you know where we’re going? Yeah. There was a map
at the gas station. Oh, I’m so tired already. I’m starving,
and I’m being eaten by ants. Are there any on my back? No, nothing there.
Oh, hey-ho! I call it. Uh, squirrel. – Well, you said you were hungry, Carly.
– I don’t think it’s a squirrel. – It’s a mink.
– Really? How do you know? – Probably ran over it. In medical school, they make you
work on animal cadavers
before you get to the real thing. – It’s a mink.
– Oh. It’s a mink? I need to be in Raleigh by 7:00. Hmm. Better get
a move-on, then. You know, we should’ve
just taken her to New York. No. You know how she loves
this outdoor stuff. Yeah. If you ask me, though,
nature sucks. Well, the next time she gets dumped,
we’ll take her to New York. Drop your pants. What? When do people
always show up, Evan? What are we doing? Consider it an experiment
in probability theory. Really? Mmm. I love you. I know. Now get them
trousers off, boy. Don’t be a sissy. – All right. You know, I’ve been thinking
about this whole wedding thing… and I think we should
take a trip down to Mexico. – Mm-hmm.
– I’m talking about a long weekend… margaritas, the two of us
on a beach alone, sunset. And, you know,
I’m talking about just, just eloping. – You know what I mean?
– Uh, wait a second. You wanna know what I think? Yes, please. – I think if you ever
want to get in my pants again,
– Affirmative. This is the last time
you use the “E” word. Okay? Okay. Yeah, it’s a disgusting word. Hey, guys, hold on. Hey, is anyone up there? Hello! – There must be people nearby.
– Anyone up there? – Somebody had to start it. Let’s keep moving. Hello? Freaky. Oh, look at this.
It’s fucked! Nothing. Nothing. Hey, did you find
anything to eat? They took all my Power Bars. Um, no. No. Sorry. Damn it. Scott and Carly
took all our friggin’ sunscreen. Does he have any good CD’s? Mmm. Definitely not. You know, I think this guy
must be some kind of doctor. Maybe we could get him to write us
some prescriptions when he gets back. He doesn’t have
any smokes either. Almost out. Evan? Evan? Where are you? Hey, baby,
what are you doing? I’m just… amusing myself.
Whoooo! You, uh, getting
anything there, chatty? No, nothing.
I’m gonna miss this thing. – Why didn’t you just fly?
– I put all of my money
into that car back there. Okay, forget eloping, but there is an idea we
should discuss about the band for our wedding. I think we should hire a… you know,
a Frank Sinatra-type, uh, lead singer… as opposed to
a James Brown-type lead singer… because, you know, really, let’s be
honest, there’s only oneJames Brown… and, you know, a faux James Brown
is really quite intolerable. Evan? Where are you? You pissing or something? Evan? You know, plus he’d be grinding his hips,
and my grandmother would be… yes, revolted
but also strangely fascinated
in a completely disturbing way… and, um… Baby? Carly, I wa…
I was kidding. Carly? – Evan? Sweetheart?
Hey, guys, hold up! Guys, hold up
for a second, all right? Baby, seriously,
this isn’t funny. – Jesus God! – Baby! – L…
– Oh, I’m so sorry. I could’ve killed you, woman.
I’m-I’m extremely dangerous. You wanna know
why I love you so much? Because you’re so fun
to play with. Is that why you love me?
That really scared me, baby. – I’m sorry.
– That really scared me.
Would you not do that? Hello.! Hello.! There’s, uh, nothing
like stating the obvious, huh? – Hey, baby, look at this. Whoo! Hey, Carly, I think
this would be good time for you
to confront your fear of… Don’t!
Okay, that is not funny. Look who’s scared now. – Sorry.
– Whatever. Just get me to a motel room… run me a very hot bath… and be prepared to provide me
with a lot of orgasms. – Oh!
– I think they need to be alone. What do you expect?
They just got engaged. They’re happy.
It’s a hard thing to find. Yeah. – Got it?
– Limber tongue. Got it. You’re stupid. Maybe we shouldn’t
have left Francine and Evan. Don’t worry. They’re fine. – You guys okay?
– Super. Well, wait, guys.
This road isn’t on here. That’s because you don’t have
the Redneck World Atlas. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. I think
we’ve just been saved, kids. – Can I get a… – Make this quick. Actually, maybe we
should keep walking. What? The next house is gonna have
a white picket fence? Yeah, if there is
a next house. – Hey.
– What? Hello? All right, this isn’t right. Hello? Hello? Anybody home? – Whoa, baby! Could you… Shh! Hey, hey, what are you doing? I was gonna see if they had a phone.
You guys can wait out here if you want. You can’t just go barging
into someone’s house like that. Yeah, ’cause, you know,
I’m just thinkin’… West Virginia, trespassing…
not a great combination. Look, I need to pee. Well, I need to remind you
of a little movie called Deliverance. Guys, we got two wrecked cars.
I mean, we really need a phone. Hello? Hello? Carly. Hello? What the fuck? Let’s just do
what we gotta do and get out ofhere. Hey, I am not sensing a phone here. Hello! Okay, who lives here? I don’t know, but can you
help me find a bathroom? Baby, I think
this is the bathroom. Oh, fuck. Oh, my God.
Look at this place. Seriously, guys,
I think we should go. Help me find the bathroom.
Then we’ll go. Baby, what if this place
belongs to some kind of cult? I read in Newsweek how
economically depressed places… are like breeding grounds for
all kinds of apocalyptic visionaries. Order of the Solar Temple, Church of
the Lamb of God, the Chijon family. – Remember them?
– Hey, brainiac! Shh! All right.
Maybe that door. – Christ! – You okay?
– It’s just a paddle. It’s all right. Whoa. God, look at this place. Yeah. It’s like
the garage sale from hell. – Jesus. Can you believe this? Jesus, these guys
are ripping people off. I mean, this is like
$30,000 worth of stuff. – Chris.
– Mm-hmm. We should leave. This is kind of creepy. – Yeah, this is it.
– Okay. Be quick. – Okay!
– All right? Two minutes. All right?
I’ll be here. Ew.! Guys, guys, check this out. Oh, no. Oh, God. Oh, God.
Scott. Scott! – – Scott, we have to go now! – Jess! Jessie!
– Jess! – Hey! Guys, what is it?
– We need to get back to your friends. – What about a phone?
– There is no phone. Shit! – What about a phone?
– There is no phone. Shit! There’s a back door.
I saw a back door. Come on. – Go, go! – Okay, hurry. Shit! No!
– Shit! Scott.! Scott.!
It’s not gonna budge.! Come on.! Go. Go. Go! Go! – Go! Go!
– Go! Go! Go! Go! – Go, you guys! Run! – Go quickly.
– Come on. – Where are they going?
– I don’t know. Jesus, did that
really just happen? Do you think Evan’s okay? – Please.
– I can’t. I can’t. Carly, come on!
Get up! You didn’t see what
they did to Francine! – You didn’t see what we saw!
– Carly! Carly! Sweet pea! Look at me. We are gonna
get out of this, I swear to you. We are. Okay? We’re gonna find a road.
We’re gonna get to a town. And we’re going home.
We’re gonna get married. All right? And we are never
going into the woods again. – All right?
– We gotta go. – Come on. This way!
– Let’s go! Come on! What is this? Jesus. All these people. Baby. Fuck. How can they do this?
I don’t understand. – How’d they get away with this?
– Oh, my God. All these people. Maybe one of them still runs.
Look for keys. None of these cars
are gonna run. Come on. Look at them.
Oh, fuck. Get down! Get down! – Come on!
– Okay. What do we do? – They left their truck running.
– So? – We gotta take it.
– How are we supposed to do that? One of us leads them
in the wrong direction… and the rest commandeer the truck
so they’ll run for the runner. It’s a classic military move. – Who goes?
– Me. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Over here! – Oh, shit. Oh, God. – Go! Listen. Help him. Get to the truck.
I’ll meet you there. I love you. Fuckers!
Asshole motherfuckers! Assholes! He’s okay. Shh, shh. Come on. Here, here. You’re okay. Go ahead. Go, go, go.
Go to the truck. – Come on. We gotta go. – I can’t.! I can’t.!
– Come on! Come on! Carly, get in! We gotta find Scott!
We have to find Scott! Where is he?
Where is he! There he is!
There he is! Scott! Run, Scott.!
We’re over here.! Scott.! – Scott.! Come on.!
– Scott, let’s go! – Come on! – Come on, Scott! Scott!
– Let’s go.! – Scott, come on!
– Come on, Scott! – Come on, Scott!
– Scott! Scott! What are you doing? – Scott, what’s wrong?
– Scott! Scott! No! – No! Let go of me.! Let me go.! Scott.! No! Drive! Drive! – No!
– Drive! Oh, God! What’s happening? Oh, God, what’s happening? Jess, please,
can we go back? Please! Carly, we have to
keep going. Okay? Scott. Are you sure this is
the road from that map? It’s gotta go somewhere. This better get us out of here. Shit. – Shit!
– Come on! – Back it up. – Come on!
– It’s not gonna go any farther.
Come on. We have to get out. We gotta find out
where we are. The highest ridge is up there.
Come on. What’s the point?
They’re gonna find us anyway. – Come on. Let’s go, Carly.
– No. If he’s going, I’m not.
He got us into this. Carly, look at me, okay?
Scott died protecting us. We need to keep ourselves alive,
or it was for nothing. Okay? We’re all in this together, Carl. Come on. I want him back. Shh. I know, I know. – Carl, look at me. Okay? Look. We’re gonna stay alive.
We’re gonna get out of this. We’re gonna find the police and
make sure those motherfuckers
are punished for this. Okay? Carly. Come on, Carly.
You can do it. It’s gonna get dark soon.
Come on. We need to find
that road quick. I know. Just a little bit farther. Chris! – It’s a bear trap. – What’s up?
– I gotta rest. – Hey, guys. Look. Oh my God.
It’s a watchtower. – Hello! Is anyone up there?
– Shh! Shh! – I don’t think anyone’s up there.
– Doesn’t matter. It may have a phone or a radio.
Maybe we can see the road. You okay? Come on. Guys, I don’t see
any roads or towns out there. Let’s not stand by the window.
They might see us. – Hey.
– We’re all gonna die. Carly, I need you to come help me
look around, please. Hey, Chris. – Jess.
– Thanks. Oh, my God.
It’s a radio. Thing looks prehistoric. – Do you know how to use this?
– Uh, let me try. – It could still work.
– Don’t move anything. – Keep it on the frequency they had it on.
– It works. Can anybody hear me? We have
an emergency. Can anybody hear me? Say “Mayday.” Look, we have a huge emergency.
Please, does anybody hear me? Someone is injured.
We need help. Hello. Please, is anybody
out there that can hear me? – Hello.
– No. Get down.
Cover the light. Shh. I think they’re passing us. This is Ranger Base Emergency.
Do you copy? – What is your position? Over. Do you copy?
What is your position? Over. – I don’t know my position. Just help us.
– Shh.! I need another copy of that.
I repeat. What is your position? They’re coming. We don’t know our position.
We’re in a watchtower. We must be north
of Bear Mountain Road. Someone is trying to kill us!
They’ve murdered our friends!
They’re after us right now! I’m having
some trouble hearing you. If you’re in the tower, stay there.
Do you copy? Yes, we copy! Just hurry, please!
This is an emergency! – Help me move this. Come on! Come on!
– We’ll come to you. They’re after us.!
Someone’s been shot.! Our friends have been killed,
and we need help.! Please.! Fuck! What are they doing? I don’t know. I think they’re going down. Jess. Hello? Hello?
Is anybody there? Can you hear us? Hello? – Jesus, what are they doing?
– We’re on fire. They’re trying to burn us out. Oh, my God. Carly.! – Come here!
– Let go of me! Let go! I’d rather jump than burn to death! – Calm down.
– You’re right. – What?
– She’s right. – We have to jump. Those branches
are only a few feet down.
– That’s more like 20 feet. I don’t want to burn, and I don’t want to
be chopped into pieces. We can do this. I’ll go first. Chris. Hey. Oh. Aaah! Chris!
Chris! Aaah! – Chris! – You okay?
– Do you think they saw us? I don’t know. We gotta move.
Come on. Shit. Shit. Carly, come on. I can do this.
I can do this. I can do this. I can…
I can do this. – Car… – Shh. – Come on. Come on. – He’s coming.
– I know. I have a plan. Come on. Jessie, this way. – Can you hold this?
– Why? ‘Cause we’re gonna knock this fucker
out of the tree. Can you hold it? – Yeah.
– All right. Don’t let go
until I say so. Okay? – Where are you going?
– I’m gonna make sure he comes this way. – No. You can’t move as quick as I can.
– Jessie. Jessie. I’m right here!
Come and get me! Where are you? Here I am! – What… – Hmm? – Hey! Sorry about your friends. Last Friday I came home,
and there’s a message on my machine… from my boyfriend, who… says that we shouldn’t
be together anymore. Within 20 minutes
of me… telling Carly… she had Scott and…
Evan and Francine… all blowing off work this week
to take me out here. That’s just the kind
of friends they were. And now they’re dead. It’s not your fault. It’s not. They’re here! No, they’re not.
You were dreaming. I wish. – How’s your leg?
– It hurts. Which is good.
If it didn’t hurt… Road. – What?
– Road. Look. – We gotta get down there.
– Take that slope right there. I can’t believe it. – How are we gonna get you down?
– I’ll get down… – Chris!
– Go! – Chris! No! Chris! Chris.! Chris.! Chris! Get off of me! – Jessie! Jessie! Hey, stop!
Oh, thank God! Are you crazy? – They took her. Come on. We gotta…
– Just calm down. – We gotta move.
– Are you one of them folks
who called me from the fire tower? – Will you shut up and listen.
People are dead!
– Dead? What people? Help.! No! – Mmm.
– No. Help me. Please. Help me. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Yeah?
Can you help me? Please help me. No! No! Help. Somebody, help me! No! Help me! – You’re okay. Come on. Just stay with me. You’re all right.
Come on. It’s okay. Keep looking at me.
All right? You’re okay. – Thank you.
– Shh. Everything’s okay. – Chris.!
– – Chris! – Chris. – Get off of me! Shoot them. I only got one shot left. Come on, you motherfuckers.
Just die.

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