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19 thoughts on “Woman Starring In Indie Horror Film Charged In Real Life Murder Day After Filming Wraps

  1. I've read a little about this, apparently she had a restraining order against her uncle for attacking her, she described him as a violent drug addict… In the cellphone video you can clearly hear her telling her uncle to "get out of here" before she shot him dead… The only reason the judge has a hard on for her is because she can be heard saying "fuck" in the same cellphone video after someone let's her know her uncle is still alive… Which in my opinion does not change the fact that she did NOT seek him out and he decided to approach her and violate the restraining order, the fact that she wasn't happy her uncle didn't kick the bucket instantly is besides the point, I don't know anyone who loves the hell out of their attackers even after having to get a restraining order, if anything, its a shame the judge is blaming the victim for not feeling sad for the man that attacked her who legally was not allowed near her.

  2. I reviewed the footage of the shooting and think the woman is innocent of murder , she would not have shot him if he obeyed the restraining order. She seemed a bit callous after she shot him but hey the guy was playing a stupid game and won a stupid prize.

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