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12 thoughts on “Why Study Film?

  1. Sure, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn about …. khmm… movies 🙂
    I am sure they will remember that one after they get their first job at McDonald's.

  2. I generally avoid leaving negative comments. This is probably my first one, but this video was insufferable. I just wish my University told me that this is what the course offers so I could have stayed well away from it. Instead they sold me dreams and gave me this kind of BS.
    What I have learnt so far has been really interesting but seriously not worth what I paid for. Daylight robbery. And you know this. Shame on you.

  3. The few comments here demonstrate a kind of knee-jerk cynicism too often shoved into the faces of those who dare suggests the arts might be worth something. What these cynics fail to understand is that educational institutes are not necessarily intended to provide job training; they are places for people to learn. Now, if you want to learn the skills applicable to a particular line of work, that's great. Really, it is. But for many people this kind of education is only valuable insofar as it'll one day pay the bills and put food on the table. For the individual, a practical education answers only one question: "How will I make a living?" It's an important question, but only one question, nonetheless.

    Film/art/literature/etc. courses, on the other hand, take on every other question that might give meaning to an individual, some emmensely complex. One that comes to mind is, once one's living is made, why might one care to make it? Studying art exposes a student to challenging ideas and teaches him/her to read them and ask strong questions about them. Dedicating serious time to this kind of study gives the student a wealth of content and ideas that add layers and textures to each of that student's subsequent experiences. This is what the instructor in the video was talking about when he said that people who don't spend time with film/art are impoverished. Art augments our experience of the world; the more you consume, and the more thoughtfully you consume it, the richer your experiences will be.

    There's more to life than putting food on the table. Perhaps if more people understood this, we wouldn't live in a world where obesity kills more people annually than starvation.

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