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Welcome to noisefilm I am on my way over to Nick, it has been a while. He told me he had an idea for a video so let’s go hear what he has in mind The coffee has to be warm, I am actually looking forward to well, I helped him set up his new office everything should be in place now He says it’s a great place for some b-roll and maybe the occasional noisefilm episode let’s see what happens great little place here get the coffee brewing ready Nick! let’s see if he is home yoo
what’s up? what’s up come inside, I couldn’t fix your camera no.. it still does not eject the film eh ehh I have tried to do some vlogging on my way here, now the camera tipped.. doesn’t matter.. well, cool cool it’s a shitty camera it really fucks up the photos shit what to do? coffee!
coffee! need that lovely coffee the best in town? close enough eeehmm once again I don’t know what we are doing today Nick, tell me i was thinking we should talk to you out there about… some of the great reasons why you should try shooting film if you haven’t tried it yet how many reasons? it’s easy to come up with 5 Reason number 1 for shooting film if you haven’t tried it yet reason number 1, most likely it will be a challenge and it’s always good to challenge yourself as a photographer back when I started photography I shot a lot on my iPhone it did all the work for me I knew exactly how to use it which made me stop thinking but when I first got a film camera everything became a challenge which film to choose? what does the buttons do?
how to load the film? challenge yourself as a photographer try shooting film yeah, I’ll take…. reason number 2
slow down! I have implemented it to my digital work, and yeah I do shoot digital too it’s my job so whenever I shoot film I’ll bring some of those same techniques into my digital work for example I tend to think before I shoot my subject or model I don’t just start firing away. I got that from shooting film. i have slowed yet I get the shot faster. so to all of you out there who has a digital camera and a huge SD card who wants to try shooting film, with only 36 frames or 8 or 10 on a roll, TRY IT you’ll probably adopt something into your digital workflow Reason number 3 you get to go full manual and yeah yeah you can go manual on a DSLR as well BUT, the manual feeling of shooting an analog camera things like the click sounds, rewinding the film. these are so cool to really feel you feel like you are working that camera another cool thing is that you probably won’t shoot a ton of photos you won’t be pixel peeping “uhh did I get that juuuust right?” instead you start to trust exactly what you are doing and being confident of your work, you don’t have to shoot 20 photos to pick the right one that is reason number 3 Reason number 4 The history when you have got yourself a camera you don’t just get a camera you get a piece of history and some knowledge you can research the camera is there a famous photographer who has used this camera? is there some famous photos shot with it? There is a ton of knowledge to get, which I search a lot So you get som photography knowledge through history it is actually it’s actually something I spend a lot of time on I do!
I haven’t been doing it a lot but maybe I should try it. yeah, I spend quite a few hours at night reading up on the history.
okay cool. i was thinking before we go to reason 5 you are really close to me now.. we need some beer.
yeah yeah I’ve been thirsty for a while now I don’t have any here tho ..shit…
I’ll get us a beer let’s take a quick walk
let’s do it never just have one beer always one for each leg we still need reason number 5 and Nick got it Reason 5.
there is thousands of different film stock.. worth trying out there because you get a “baked in” look with every film meaning you don’t have much post processing to do lightroom, photoshop etc. you get the look straight out the camera there might be som small adjusting of contrast depending on the way you scan your negatives or get others to do. the look is baked in and you get to.. try all kinds of different very recognized looks like for example the Kodak Portra look those were the 5 reasons we got, or Nicks reasons.. yea, well let’s say ours, noisefilms 5 reasons to why you should try shooting film yeah and really think about trying it go out and find yourself a cheap point and shoot maybe or an SLR whatever use a little extra, if you are lucky you might find one a market or a thrift shop or go check Ebay, there is tons of film cameras out there sooo eeeh.. what Is it we say here?
we say.. Noisefilm outta here Remember to like, subscribe.
do something there is loads of buttons to be pressed which would make us happy, it actually does a difference, so.. noisefilm outta here see ya

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  1. Another reason. The mystery of not knowing exactly what you really got after your shot, but then seeing the results later. You are often surprised that it looks better than you had expected. That little anxiety turns into a bonus.

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