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This is Jacob from the Wisecrack channel and welcome to Film Legends: Where the most renowned films of our age battle to be crowned the greatest of all time We’ll be analyzing and awarding points for every single thing a movie does right Many will compete, but in the end, only the strongest will have what it takes to become FILM LEGENDS Today’s challenger, Frozen, which will be scored according to the Film Legends rules here. Got it? Let’s go. The traditional Sámi Joik chant establishes Frozen’s Norwegian locale before even the credits roll. Cultural Respect! The ice workers’ lament doubles as a statement on the Fair and foul, Elsa And if you listen closely, this entire opening number pretty much spells out what’s about to happen for the next 90 minutes NARRATIVE FORESHADOWING! King Agnaar: Help, my daughter. Grand Pabbie: Lucky It wasn’t her heart; the heart is not so easily changed Unchangeable and frozen hearts are referred to throughout the film: Grand Pabbie: There is ice in your heart Anna: The only frozen heart around here is yours … reflective of the biblical “hardened heart”. Per Scripture, a hardened heart marks spiritual decay and is nearly impossible to break. Elsa is forced to hide her icy powers… King Agnaar: Conceal it? Elsa: Don’t feel it. … setting up the central narrative dilemma of the film: Should Elsa be true to herself and use her powers freely? Or should she hide her powers from the rest of the world? CHARACTER ARC SETUP! Elsa and Anna’s confinement in the castle is a classic literary device: Women are confined, often by men, in houses or rooms A metaphor for the subjugation of women in patriarchal society DEEP THOUGHTS! Like in every Disney film, parents live a long and happy life watching their children age into adulthood [Laughs] Just kidding Remember, you’re watching a Disney movie! Parents of course always die in horrific and devastating fashion, leaving behind emotionally shattered orphans THINK OF THE CHI – PARENTS? D’you wanna build a snowman? [Sniffles] No, I will not cry in an animated children’s film. It’s not gonna happen this time! TEN BUCKS SAYS JACOB CRIES AT THE END OF THIS EPISODE Anna: It’s coronation day! Wait a second! Who’s been ruling Arendelle in the three years between the king’s death and Elsa’s coronation? This seems like an egregious omission, since so much of the plot hinges on the power vacuum in Elsa’s absence! Anna: I need you here to take care of Arendelle Prince Hans: She left me in charge Yet there’s no mention of who was ever ruling beforehand NARRATIVE CONFUSION! As in all classic musicals, when emotions run too high Characters break into song Be it Gene Kelly singing in the rain after his goodnight kiss, or Anna singing for the first time in forever as she’s freed from the confines of the castle A MUSICAL TRADITION! During Anna’s grand number, she reenacts many famous paintings: Bruegel the Elder’s “The Peasant Dance” Serrure’s “The Picnic” ter Borch’s “Dancing Couple” Sargent’s “El Jaleo” Fragonard’s “The Swing” and van Leyden’s “Potiphar’s Wife Shows Josef’s Gown to Her Husband” Nice job sneaking in an art history lesson Disney! A blink and you’ll miss it cameo by another confined Disney heroine, Rapunzel Disney, you sneaky bastards Anna: Hey! Prince Hans: Are you hurt? Meet cute alert! As is the case in many romantic comedies, our young lovers first meet under embarrassing, slapstick conditions Anna: This is awkward Frozen gently pokes fun at the typical Disney “love-at-first-sight” trope hinting in lyrics that Anna and Han’s single-day courtship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be Hans: I mean, it’s crazy. Anna: What? Hans: We finish each other’s Anna: Sandwiches! TROPE K.O! The film constantly plays against the tropes of Disney films past Kristoff: I don’t trust your judgment Anna: Excuse me? Kristoff: Who marries a man she just met? Anna: It’s “True Love”! Our so-called prince charming ain’t all that. A true love’s kiss? Anna: Hans, you have to kiss me Hans: What? Anna: Now! Well, let’s just say this ain’t no sleeping beauty TROPE K.O SMASH! Many in the LGBTQ community have embraced Elsa as a queer icon She’s born different Yet told to hide her true self from the world Later her powers are publicly outed and shamed in front of the whole kingdom, a tale many in the LGBTQ community know all too well IT GETS BETTER! Elsa, who spent her entire life hiding her powers, finally embraces them; but in the process, Anna: You kind of set off an eternal winter A consequence of unchecked personal choice Note from witer: NO. I refuse to write the lyrics of this song. Hmmm… This song sounds vaguely familiar Yeah, “Let it go”‘ is a juggernaut Shaping modern-day pop culture and inspiring little girls everywhere Be honest, even you, jaded YouTube viewer have hummed it in the shower. Yeah. YOU. BOW TO THE SONG! The song also showcases Elsa’s metamorphosis from scared girl living under her parents rules to an empowered woman, finally making her own choices CHARACTER TRANSFORMATION! Frozen uses magic to tell a classic coming-of-age story As Elsa embraces her power, she lets her hair flow down and downs a revealing gown, fully embracing her own sexuality for the first time SEXUAL AWAKENING! A nice callback to Elsa’s parents shutting the castle door on her I’M THE ONE WHO KNOCKS! Doors are used throughout Frozen to symbolize Elsa and Anna’s emotional relationship: When Anna seeks to reconcile with Elsa the ice palace door immediately opens And later, Anna implores Elsa to – Anna: Please don’t shut me out again [Singing] Please don’t slam the door Which, by the end of the film, both sisters, reunited, will agree on Anna: I like the open gates Elsa: We are never closing them again Kristoff chooses to live a life of isolation, Kristoff: I don’t take people places much in the same fashion as Elsa Elsa: You should probably go Frozen rejects this isolationism: Both Kristoff and Elsa yearn for companionship, even if they refuse to admit it IT’S LONELY BEING A DISEMBODIED (and a caption writer) VOICE TOO! Who doesn’t love Olaf, a snowman in love with the summer? Such a simple yet clever idea Aye, a nice tip tip of the hat to Mary Poppins SWEET VIS! Anna and Elsa are visually represented by two primal elements; ice and fire, showcasing their opposing personalities Elsa’s internal struggle reflects the age-old “nature versus nurture” debate Elsa’s parents attempt to nurture her into controlling her powers and acting like a queen, yet Elsa’s true magical nature constantly pokes through this facade THOU, NATURE, ART MY GODDESS Kristoff: Meet my family! A nice play on the boy taking his girlfriend to meet his parents for the first time, except here, – Anna: They’re trolls! GEUSS WHO’S ROLLING TO DINNER! There’s even an overly protective mom surrogate MOOOOOOM! The trolls song plays against the cliché that women need to fix a man; instead, according to the trolls, everybody needs a little fixing men and women alike! [Singing] Everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper [Singing] We need each other to raise us up and round us out This advice reflects philosopher arthur Schopenhauer’s view on romantic love, who once stated, “Love comes when two people perfectly complement one another.” DR. DRUID! Grand Pabbie: Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart Troll: A true love’s kiss, perhaps? Oh, true love’s kiss! A Disney trademark since 1937 SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME! Hans: Oh, Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you. When hans reveals his sinister motivation, his face reflects through a window showcasing the characters two-sided nature SWEET VIZ! Hans extinguishes the fireplace, metaphorically putting out the fire of love between he and Anna Kristoff to the rescue! Yet Frozen again subverts the trope of the shining knight to the rescue Kristoff here arrives seconds too late to actually save anybody Wait a second! Isn’t Frozen supposed to be a musical? The fact that there isn’t a single song for the film’s entire third act is a major miscalculation Especially considering how great the other numbers are MUSICAL FAIL! Olaf: Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours Olaf here sites “altruistic love”, in which a person puts the needs of their partner above their own, LOVING YOU! which we see play out not five minutes later, as Anna chooses her sister’s life over her own SISTER! SISTER! [Sniffs] Nope, don’t do it Jacob. Keep it together. Keep it togeth- [crying] GIVE ME THAT SWEET, SWEET MONEY, JAKEY BOY! A terrific subversion of the old “true love’s kiss” trope It’s not romantic love that saves the day, but sisterly love TROPE K.O! TOKEN UNLOCK! Hey-o! Frozen subverted so many Disney tropes, it’s unlocked a hidden bonus! KILLING IT! Nice payoff to the Troll King’s premonition: Elsa’s powers sure are beautiful Throughout Frozen, Elsa struggles with whether to use or hide her powers, but her motivations have always been for her own self-interest Only now by using her magic for the good of others is Elsa finally able to use her powers freely and gain the respect of the kingdom CHARACTER ARC COMPLETE! Aww, even the giant snowman monster gets a happy ending the clap A DISNEY CLASSIC! All right, Frozen, let’s see how you did! Nice, consistent base values in every category, with an obvious standout in Technique! And when we factor in all the multipliers and streaks, Fuego! (fire) Ain’t nothing chilly about these scores, Frozen And by letting go of all the old cliché Disney tropes, Frozen earned itself a special bonus But could Frozen shut the door on its competitors? Let’s take a look at the leaderboard Frozen rising, rising! Could it actually be the one to topple the Matrix? Come on! And Frozen settling in at number three Just not quite enough magic to take that number one spot But hey, that score ain’t nothing to scoff at – Frozen, the bona fide Disney Classic Be sure to come back next time as another competitor “dreams” for the title of Film Legend It probably implanted that idea in my head… IS THE NEXT CHALLENGER READY! If you love exploring the deeper meaning of movies, TV shows, and more, you’ll probably love the Wisecrack Channel Click here to check it out, and if you can’t “let it go”, you’ll find our hilarious video on the hidden meaning in Frozen And of course, be sure to check out the other episodes of Film Legends here Until next time, theorists.

100 thoughts on “Why FROZEN May Be The BEST MOVIE EVER! | Film Legends

  1. I have noticed that you haven't posted a video in this series in a while so I would like to see Coco the Pixar movie, and The Maze Runner. Make sure to like, So Jacob can see!

  2. Frozen was my favorite, but we're on an era where nothing last forever because there's going to be another movie that can surpass these previous movies. So my new favorite movie is Coco. I highly recommend this movie for those who still haven't watched it.

  3. I dont care what people said I freaking hate this movie my family always watch this over and over when i was at school we haved a free time my teacher let us watch a movie and this we watched the whole movie I just slept because I freaking hate it and also its like the other disney movies someone important to the main character always die there is always song and there is the true loves kiss at least Disney descendants got it right

  4. Fuck off this movie is trash I’m surprised the fact merchandise is still in store like fuck every isle I go in Walmart is frozen and I keep hiding other products on it

  5. I don’t think frozen deserved such a high spot but I will admit that it was good enough to get higher than 6

  6. i thought anna line of "nothing is in my way" and tripping over because of hans would be counted as foreshadowing

  7. Do you want to know what the opposition of a Disney loving female is

    A marvel loving male and that is what I am

    And I have not hummed it in the shower before

  8. Are you seriously suggesting that FROZEN hasn't got enough songs??!! I mean I love the movie but that is seoriously enough.

  9. I think Elsa being a representative of the LGBT community is a drawback, not something to be proud of. It should lose points for that.

  10. Damn, for a sec I thought you were actually original and tried thinking outside the box rather than another typical male feminist

  11. Some people who are dam foolish like Aditya Dandwate didn't like this movie and the characters of the movie. i read him in frozen movie reviews on Google he didn't like Anna, Elsa, Olaf, svan, kristoff, trolls of the movie and the songs. He says worst movie ever i'm totally angry when i read his review i thought he is the worst man in earth who didn't like adventure, fantasy, songs and comedy and you guys tell me he is worst man on earth or not if you agree with him then i have a present for you A HUGE DISLIKE is weating for you.

  12. Let it go let it goo
    Nooooo oh god plz noooooo noooooooooooooooooooo
    frozen is a mistake i hear that song 79 times becouse ma sister its messing my mindddd

  13. I don't care what you say, Frozen is one of the greatest movies Disney ever made. #LetItGo#AllOthersComeSecond

  14. I don't hate Frozen, in fact I was enjoying it until Hans turned evil since it seemed so out of nowhere. I don't see why he didn't just marry Ana. No need to kill anyone since Elsa didn't want to be queen and Ana wanted to marry Hans. Never watched the movie again despite the songs and Olaf

  15. (Rapunzel cameo) Another confined woman by the patriarchal system!

    'Inner voice: wasn't it a nasty old selfish mom social woman that locked me away to never ever leave….'

  16. Nope. Frozen is not the best movie ever. You're wrong kid. The best movie ever is Pulp Fiction!

  17. “Many of the LGBTQ community have embraced Elsa as a queer icon”

    Okay, listen, I’m gay, but I do not want to be associated with Frozen is any way, shape, or form. Also, why do the gays walking around in rainbow undies have to soil so many things?

  18. It's not. The plot is lazy and full of holes. The characters weren't developed enough thus they were unrelatable. The animation was good but it's Disney that doesn't mean anything. The only reason people loved it that much is the song

  19. People hate on frozen cuz it’s a new (or kinda new at this point ig, 6 years old) princess movie. They have the excuse “it’s too overrated, everyone talks about it too much.” Everyone always talked about Disney hits when they came out. Frozen gets hate because it’s a “princess movie” and people think it’s cool to hate on it.

  20. I think the two worst ways Disney parents die is Mufasa falling into the stampede and the off screen but dark death of Tarzan’s parents when they are killed by sabor.

  21. A little critic here on the scoring methodology. The score works its way up pretty slowly to 11,000 but then at 07:30 we get two simple viz! and a trope k.o. adding a whooping 6,000? Really?

  22. I hate frozen. But i love the emperor's new groove, because it's
    -family oriented
    -has a nice ending
    -has a nice plot line

  23. Me and my friend OldBaldBobby were thinking, Elsa should have died of starvation because she was in her room without food for at least a few years. Anna should have died when she fell off the cliff, no matter how much snow there was, Cristoff too

  24. The only reason this movie was a hit that I can tell is a low-key LGBT resemblance. I mean we got The Frog Princess where there's a independent black woman doing her thing to get her own but having to understand that work isn't the only thing in this life. Brave an Irish or Scottish girl who refuses to be the traditional princess and has a beautiful mother daughter duality she has to face. And Moana which deserved all the hyped it got even though it was a little like Brave but also had it's own independence as well. Frozen was nothing but a woman falling in "love" giving her kingdom to a man while falling in love with another man and the true heir leaving her family legacy behind to find herself. Really, hiding who you really are, that's Mulan. This movie was just lucky that the LGBT community is where it's at, period. We have had great and badass princesses and woman this one was a cliche copy that have people crying homosexuality and so it got to be where it is.

    I did enjoy the sisterly love however.

  25. I remember in primary school (elementary in usa) at the end of the school year everyone would gather in the assembly hall and be given ice lollies (popsicles) and we would all watch frozen.
    every year

  26. I think Elsa is an UNIVERSAL METAPHOR! Of course everybody could see themselves in her somehow, because that's how it's supposed to be. That's an universal metaphor: We all could relate with her because humans make mistakes, and because we all want to be free! Or maybe we relate with her because we want to improve in something; maybe our skills in our jobs, in a sport, our personalities…. We all have dreams we want to come true, or maybe we have something in our lives that we just can't control. Maybe we have something we don't want people to see or know about us: our way of thinking, a secret, an innovative idea… or maybe some kind of medical problem, or something about our emotions; an emotional problem. Or maybe we can relate with her because we care and protect the people we love with all our being… who knows! Those are just examples. Parents, siblings, couples, lovers, dreamers, students, professionals, leaders, guardians, fighters, men and women… We all could relate with Elsa somehow, and that's something amazing about a fictional character.

  27. You should also have mentioned the fact that Elsa had COMPLETE control over her powers as a kid and she only hit Anna because Anna was being reckless and didn’t listen, then Elsa slipped and accidentally hit her in the head. None of that was because her powers were out of control and she needed to learn to control her powers. She lost control because she hit her sister in the head and because of that her parents never let her see literally anyone except them for like 15 YEARS! She was lonely and isolated and terrified that she was gonna hurt someone. She tried to hide her powers and pretend they didn’t exist and therefore they spiralled out of control. Then when she left the castle and was all alone were she knew she couldn’t hurt anyone she created a freaking ice castle and LITERALLY A LIVING BEING within like, 3 MINUTES! She always had control but she was held back by the fear that she would hurt someone…

  28. One of the main characters is so hateable and horribly written, that this kinda ruins the movie for me. Anna is cute, Cristoff is wholesome, and Sven is cute and awesome. Elsa is such a currency bovine, that she is used to pander to minorities by making her gay in Frozen 2. Just to sell more dresses. Disney is doing greedy things with a bad character. A sure fire way to make me pull a shotgun on the screen.

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