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SUBTITTLE STARTS The distinction between the past,
present and future is only a stubbornly
persistent illusion. Missing the way to ones own soul the helpless first reached valley. Who is this helpless, Daddy? I’ll tell you. According to the rules of the valley they sent him to the desert. But all his paths lead to her. So he again and again reached the valley. There was a man in the valley
who was a dream interpreter, but he couldn’t remember
the dreams he himself saw at night. Even after his death people remembered
him for this inability. Daddy, I feel scared. Why should you be scared, my Juwana? This is just a story. The rules in the valley kept increasing the
length of time between reality and dream. Those who travelled before
and after the time, stopped coming to the valley. Then a person who
was travelling with time reached the valley. In his shadow a woman’s presence
could be felt. Through the woman
standing besides the man, the helpless man quietly watched, a time never before
seen in the valley. Daddy, see there. Jesus! It’s strange how a different world
comes and goes at the blink of an eye. Well, the question remains… During the second year of Nebu’s
reign, the King had some dreams. Due to that he became restless. He lost his sleep. To interpret the dream magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, and chaldeans were
summoned by the king. They all reached the king’s court. King told them all that I had a dream. I’m anxious to know the meaning of that. DADDY…. Bull shit! Why does this dream keep repeating? Is this trying to tell me something? John, tell her to come and
have bath. We have to go to church. Juwana, can’t you hear Mom calling? I don’t wish to have bath now. No, Juwu… Go. I don’t like you. You don’t like me? John, tell her to come fast. I’m coming, Mom! What nuisance is this! What nuisance? Be a good girl and go have a bath. Don’t you want
to go to church wearing a new dress? Leave me. Leave me… leave me… Hey John.. Its Christmas! Merry Christmas Isabella.. Merry Christmas! Wake up! What happened brother? How far is Mercada from here ? In total it’ll be 7-8 hours journey. 7-8 hours? Yeah… 7-8 hrs journey. Thank you! Okay, okay. Why do I keep visiting the
same place in all of my dreams? Did I just wake up to another dream? Hey, who are you? Until yesterday, you used to
go back after pressing the door bell. Today, you have dared
to open the door. Who are you? Hector, again? Yes, I really don’t know who they are. Maybe they are trying
to tell me something. Or maybe.. maybe there are real… I think we should see
Dr.Samuel, today… Yes. I also want to know the truth… Hi Juwana, how are you? I’m fine. How about you? Haan, You are alone? Where is your uncle? He is parking the vehicle there. Okay. Samuel Uncle, what if we are all
living in someone’s dream and when we ‘die’ is
the person waking up? Dr. Samuel is not reachable.
I tried both the numbers. It’s christmas, he must be there at his place. I want know the truth. You can find out the truth.
But you can’t handle it. What? Tell me Hector? Do you believe in God? Does it really matter now? Everything matters now. There is a much deeper
level to this dream. Hi sweety, what’s your name ? I am Juwana, what about you? I am Neena. Merry Christmas Neena aunty! Thank you! Wish you the same. Bye, bye..
– Bye.. Juwana… who is this guy who
keeps coming in your dreams? Who wants to meet me? Hector. I am Neena. I really don’t know who they are. Maybe they are trying
to tell me something. Or maybe.. maybe there are real… Who is this guy who
keeps coming in your dreams? Hector. Juwana. It’s Christmas. Neena. Dr. Samuel. Neena. Juwana. It’s Christmas. I am Juwana. Hector Juwana Hector Juwana Neena Juwana Neena Dr. Samuel. Excuse me. One coffee. What did you say his name was? Hector. It’s just a dream, Dolores. You don’t have to worry about it. No, Ayana. I feel that something
is happening somewhere. Or something has already happened. And these people are
trying to communicate with me. Thank you! Welcome. So are you trying to say that
all these people are actually real? Really, Dolores? Are you kidding me? May be they are real… May be they are unreal. I don’t know. But it wasn’t just a dream. Oh God! Hey! – Tell her to have bath. Don’t
we need to go to the church? Come here. Juwana! Juwana, can’t you hear mom calling?
Go. I don’t want to have bath now. Go, Juwu… I don’t like you. You don’t like me?
John, tell her to come fast. I’m coming, Mom! What nuisance is this! What nuisance? Be a good girl and go have a bath. Don’t you want
to go to church wearing a new dress? Leave me, daddy! Leave me.
– Leave me. Leave me, daddy! Bathe and get ready fast. We’ll go to church. Excuse me. Can I ask you something? What happened? You are Mr. Hector, right? Sorry sister. You must be mistaken. I am Vinod. Vinod Barve. Sorry! I thought you were someone else. It’s okay. I need to rush. Can…. Hello! I will be there in an hour. Okay? Bye! Are you sure? Is it really him? Yes. I am sure. It’s him. I don’t think he will lie about his name to you. It could be. But the man in my dream and this guy are identical. I need to find out why
I am dreaming them frequently. Juwu, don’t touch anything. Juwu, don’t do anything. I told you to remain quiet, right? What is it that you are doing? Huh! Can’t you remain still? Don’t you know how to sit still, Juwu? Daddy! John. It’s not christmas. Juwu… From the sixth hour onwards there was darkness on earth. The death of christ… Isn’t it, John? I’m investigating this case, John! Shahul Hameed. Tell me, John!
What actually happened that day? Tell me. What happened that day? Who is she? Who? she…? Who is she? What happened? Maruti 800. Help me. God help me… God… Color? Cornfield. Who is she? A girl was alone Who is she? She needs help. Help her. What’s happening? Shahul, you took charge
here last week, right? Yes, doctor! One Isabella missing case. Anyway, all the best! Thank you, doctor! Sir, Mr. Hector is here. And he said it’s urgent. Send him in. Okay Doctor, I’ll leave. See you. Okay, bye! Doctor… Yes. Tell me, Hector. Doctor… Till now I haven’t seen such a place. I haven’t even seen such a person. I want to know what’s
happening with me. You can find out the truth. But you cannot handle it. What? Tell me Hector, do you believe in God? Does it really matter now? Everything matters now my brother.
Everything… There is a much deeper
level to this dream. Britto! What could have happened to Isabella? Do you think she is alive? Intuition, only that can help us in this case. If John starts , our work
will be easier. Hmm! John… Sir. It is somewhere here. Hmm. This is the cornfield
mentioned in the statement. hmm! Sir. Yehh… From the beginning of time
he couldn’t understand her. Even now he can’t
perceive the depth of her. Hey, you! Get out! Told you many times already! Sir! Can’t you cover
the body with something? Has the body been identified
by her family? No. Till now it hasn’t been done. What about the Forensic team? On the way. Do you have a cigarette? Will it not work? What the What the Until now you didn’t
believe me, right? See.. I saw her. She was in the cornfield. She was alone.. And she is dead now. What’s happening here? I think I should inform the police. I don’t understand anything. But I won’t let you
go to the police now. Ayana… I saw her.. I saw the car. It was a Maruti 800. It could be true. But you know very well. How these police
people work and act… I don’t want you to go through
all of this. Initially I also thought that it must be just a dream
like everyone else sees. But this is… In this valley something is happening which we both are
unable to understand. I think I should get some help. Few days back one of my
cousins for personal reasons, through a friend had met a criminal psychologist. But she is not just a criminal
psychologist. That’s what he said. I don’t know whether she can help
us in this. But we’ll definitely try and
get her help. Thank you! Everyday his mother quietly
waited for him in her grave. And he never missed a day. Mumma, I know Isabella
is out there somewhere. And I am sure she will be back soon.
Very soon. Hope. It’s a strong feeling. You all know that. Would the valley be kind to him? Only time will tell. I am sorry. I didn’t know that this was real. I hope you forgive me. How are you, Merin! How are you? He killed you, right? I won’t spare him. I’ll kill him. I’ll show him what animalism is. Welcome Mr. Jagdhish. Take your seat. All I see is this man Walking towards a star. I don’t know what it means. I haven’t seen him or
that place in my whole life. Have you had a similar
experience before? Incident or dreams like this? No. Never. I have had dreams, but they don’t
seem to repeat like this one. That’s why… I am a bit curious about it. One thing I know that… this
is not a very common recurrent dream. Could you specify
the time of your dream. It was around 6 in the morning. And how often do
you see the same dream? Almost every week. Sometimes my day starts with it. And it’s been haunting
me like anything. So, Mr. Jagdhish. You are saying that this
man is walking through the fog and then you have this leaf
falling down on the ground. And then he is heading
towards the star. Am I right? Bird cries and flies away. Hmm. What colour is this star? It was white. And what bird was that? I don’t remember the
kind of bird in the dream. No matter how hard I try to
recall the dream and the bird in it. It’s okay Mr. Jagdhish. I think its enough for the day. Let me go through the details
which you have given to me. Come back tomorrow. Okay, Sir. Thank you! You are welcome, Jagdhish. Save me. Dolores, I have some happy news. That woman has agreed to meet. But she said that only one
person can meet her. You go and meet. Her house is somewhere near that lake. I am not Human This form of mine isn’t real When I was a kid this used to happen to me a lot. But I never shared it with anyone except my mom and dad. They are no more now. And this time there are no happy moments in it. That is why after thinking a lot I told this to Ayana. It is very strange that I’m meeting them in real life too. Like I said. The real life name of that
person I saw is something else. On some days I see one or two events. On other days I see the rest of it or the events before that. Sometimes something new, which will have no co-relation
with these events. Like Merin. Yes, Dolores. This is a topic I
have given a lot of thought over the years. Dreams! I want to know how
this could be possible? And why me? I want to know the truth. Everything is possible here, Dolores.. Everything… Standing next to this small lake if we close our eyes our mind will have the speed and power to
reach Alaska. The human mind can travel
to any extent through time. Forward and backwards. Because time starts,
sustains and ends in the human mind. We have no good explanation
for such dreams. And perhaps that’s why science
has not investigated such events. Because science has no place for them within its current world view. If there is something
that the mind can’t comprehend through words, it is difficult to explain
it and make others understand. For most of us it
is impossible to explain such things to others using words. Its beyond words. There are things that we can’t convey through words ever. It doesn’t mean that they are
not there in this world. Or that they can’t happen. That does not mean such
things don’t exist in this world. There is a cosmic
connection between you and the people whom you see
in your dream. Sometimes when two people
share a strong spiritual, emotional or physical bond they can feel each others emotions. Like in the case of twins. In the same dimension that you see
in your dream, is hidden the answers to all this. All these events that you
told are of a criminal nature. Maybe somehow you are
connected to those people and those crime scenes indirectly. Or maybe you have been
chosen to prevent those crimes. So I can’t help you, Dolores. No. You have to. You are the only one
who can help me with this. You know I can’t. You know why? Because I’m dead. No. No. You are not dead. I am just a memory. You are not dead. You are not dead. Dolores! Dolores! You are not dead. No. Dolores! What are you saying? Dolores! What happened? What happened? Okay. I am sorry.. Okay. You have to tell
me every detail of your dream. Yes. Okay. Everything. Yes. So, Mr. John. Atleast tell me now what really happened that day? At 6 o’clock. Did you murder Isabella? Hi, Britto! Are you sleeping? You are not coming
to the church these days? New case is keeping me Busy Okay. Hello, Father! Hi, Shahul! Have you been waiting
here for a long time? No, Father! Must be ten minutes. I thought a lot on whether I should tell this to you
or not. But now I feel as if somebody is inspiring me to tell
you this. Tell me Father. What is the matter? What I’m going to
say won’t be something that’ll ease your anxiety completely. Tell me, Father! What is it about? These are my findings. Since past few years in this
Valley, a death takes place every year on the day of Christmas. Some are natural deaths. So I don’t even know whether
anyone other than me has noticed this. It is natural to die on the
same day, right? What is the problem in this? In this world there are so many people
who are born or die on the same day. It could be natural to take
birth or to die on the same day, but all these people who died are also born on the same day and
at the same time. Ofcourse, they were all born
in different years. Don’t you find something peculiar
about it? But… how can this be… Father, let me go
through this in detail. Okay. I think I need time. I will get back to you. Okay Shahul! Thanks for coming. You are welcome, Father! Shahul! Father Davis need not know about
this matter. Okay, Father! Human kind was a lie, from the beginning. Juwana was totally living
only in John’s imagination.. She was never born into this world. She was safe in Isabella’s womb until she got abducted
on 25th December 2012. Where are you Isabella? Where are you hiding? Dolores and Arunima had
many sessions in that week. But Dolores couldn’t
go beyond Hector’s dream. She knew that there is a
beginning part of the dream which she couldn’t remember. Show me, Oh lord! What is hard to remember! Damien, Born 8th April 1990 Sunday. Died 25th December 2008 Thursday. Megan, born 8th April 1977 Friday. Time of birth 5:30 am. Died 25th December 2009 Friday. Mark, Born 8th April 1975 Tuesday. Time of birth 5:30 am. Isabella. Missing on 2012 Christmas day. Born 8th April 1985 Monday. Time of birth 5:30 am. Merin, Born 8th April 1988. Died, again Christmas day, 2013. Arunima and Dolores meet quite often and try to recover
what Dolores couldn’t remember. John! Jagdhish… Answers received in the
middle world are less reliable than those received in
the Upper or the Lower world. In your case there
is a bird…there is fog and wind. Any dream that contains an animal or is set in a natural environment, is indicating Lower World. Now, you are going to
go into the dream space for me. How does it work? You will be in your dream when
it will start working, my friend. What do you intend to do?
Tell me. Whatever I’m doing is for your sake. Trust me, Jagdhish. Go on. Remember, try to engage in
conversation with the beings you meet. It could be
characters, or objects from your dream. Or may not be. As your journey progresses,
it is likely to go beyond the dream. Accept it. And remain open to new
experiences and insights. And if you find him, don’t forget to stop him. Now you walk. Hey, listen! Stop! Who are you? Tell me. Who are you? Tell me what happened? Did you meet him? No… I think I met him
before the dream space. There was no star or a house there. Did you meet anyone else? No. What happened, doctor? I’m sorry, Mr. Jagdhish. Its too complicated
to explain right now. What do you mean its complicated? There are a few more people like you experiencing the same dream. They are all after this
man whom they have never met. The dream of an unknown. Oh my god! God has got nothing to
do with this my friend. What kind of case is this? Generally speaking this is
called a shared dream. But this is not only a shared dream. This is the dream that I’m
unable to interpret. A dream of many whom I have never met. How is this happening? They are also seeing at the
same time? A shared dream can be seen
at varied times. May be in the same year
or may be years later. The strange part is,
all of you who have seen this dream, are totally unconnected. I’m not able to connect the dots
between all these things. It’s my failure. You can go now. Mr. Jagdhish, I’m sorry! If you can’t interpret this, no one can ever. My life was actually very simple. Ever since these
dreams started happening… It’s been strange, can’t even eat without
thinking about these people. I don’t even know. They are just everywhere. They are there when I’m sleeping. They are here for real. I want to help them, but I need to be strong. I can’t help them like this. Ayana, can you understand
what I’m going through? Yes. Can you feel what I am feeling? Yes. Can you please help me? Can you please help me? We will figure it out. I want to live life.
What kind of a life is this? I can’t even sleep. I wake up feeling scared. I wake up like a mad person. It’s okay. It’s okay. Sir, I don’t know whether
you noticed or not. Father was really nervous. I have no idea where
all this is going to end. Can you give me a cigarette, Britto? Sir! What is this? Killer in Maruti 800. Who might have kept this? We were not away from here for long. Who could have dropped this in
our vehicle? In the premises of the church if somebody should drop this note
without anybody seeing, it has to be someone present in the
church premises at the time. Could the killer have dropped it to
mislead us? I don’t think so. Merin, Juwana, Samuel, Neena, Hector Pick up… pick up… Hello.. Ayana… What is it, Dolores? What happened? Inspite of trying so much I’m unable
to get that first part, Ayana! How do you know that
there is a beginning? Or else you tell Arunima that
you were wrong. Try to tell the things that you can
remember connected with first part. Hector’s event. That’s not right. We have to be honest. Otherwise Arunima will
give us wrong interpretations. But Dolores… I will call you later. As I told you we have a serial killer
in this valley. The missing case of Isabella. And Merin’s murder case. I have been trying
to connect them both. Both of them went missing on
December 25th. That is on Christmas day at 6 am. We have got Merin’s body. But even after one year we have nothing on Isabella. But in both these cases there are many similarities.
– Yes, sir! If we look at the time period, it is possible that the same
person was behind both the cases. Even then… The killer who revealed
Merin’s body hasn’t revealed
Isabella’s body till now. I feel there is a foul play. The list of people owning
Maruti 800 cars in this valley will reach the office
tomorrow morning. If my guess is right, only a handful are there. That’s good. That will make our job easy. He can’t hide between these pine trees
and fog for too long. I’m sorry! I couldn’t come. We’ll meet tomorrow. Yah! Okay, bye! Avarthan! You are taking too much time. Why did this happen to me? Why? Why? Why? Why did this happen to me? Calm down, Arunima. Just calm down… Just calm down. This is all Rithi you Hi, Dolores! I wasn’t expecting you so soon. Come in. Please sit. I tried to reach you on your mobile,
couldn’t reach. Hmm. I’m sure you are here
with the beginning part of your dream. I am Sorry! I couldn’t recollect it. Inspite of trying so much I couldn’t remember it. Not even a single piece of it. Whenever I think about that I’ll sleep in those thoughts. There is a reason for this. Thoughts! Thoughts can diminish
frequency and it’s length. It can influence one’s body. It can cause severe
damage to ones brain cells. Sometimes when people
become unconscious they fall into deep sleep which is
caused by the tiredness of the brain. I don’t know whether, I’ll be able to find it or not. The pieces of the part of your dream you have forgotten make up the rest of the dream. So without finding that part we can’t find the truth behind this. See I believe that the source
of your dream is directly connected to your life. Just the beginning part of your dream. I don’t know how
you’ll understand this. But I’m going to try. Now listen to me very carefully. Everyone’s world is different, but the centre of
it is always the same. If we don’t realize who we are how will we lead anyone
to realize who they are? The truth is not what
we learn or what is taught to us. Will you have some tea or coffee? Coffee. Anita, two coffees! Dolores! After you lost your father
and mother books were everything to you, right? Einstein, Freud, Agatha Christie
and everything. They were your heroes in that world. The changes that those books brought
to your thoughts are also connected with these events. Dolores, If we close our eyes there is a world within us which is
totally silent. That world is very powerful. A person entering their Inner self should only analyse their thoughts. Not run after them. But your thoughts have started to wander free
like a kite without thread. In that world everything… everything was there. We react to some sounds through
our eyes. Some we might like. But some we don’t like. These likes and dislikes which favour
and disfavour us create many things inside us. Energies… Yes, Dolores! Every thought you have
causes a neurochemical change in your brain. What flows through your mind can sculpt your
brain in permanent ways. Think of your mind as a movement of information through
your nervous system, which on a physical level are electrical
signals running back and forth, most of which are happening
below your conscious awareness. Every time a thought travels
through your mind, neurons fire away together
in distinctive ways based on the specific
information being handled. And those patterns of
neural activity can actually change your neural structure. Like I said earlier the human mind has the power of creating and undoing
the whole universe. In the blink of an eye. All that we see and hear Increases the reach of your senses. The beginning part of
your dream that you are unable to remember, there must be reason for that. Let us wait. Next we’ll meet only on the day
you see that. So come back with your
real dream, Dolores. Thank you! Why didn’t you come inside the club? Just like that! Sir, only 6 Maruti 800 cars are there
in this valley. Out of that 3 of them are in
different workshops. Two of them are in the scrap yard. What about the last one? That is the confusing thing. It is in a physics professor’s name
called Galileo Presto. He has been dead for 250 years I don’t understand how this vehicle
is registered in his name? Is there any relative of this Galileo who is alive in this valley? I will enquire, sir. I can tell one thing for sure. There is something in you. You are special. And that is why all
of this is happening. You’re blessed with a gift. Hey! Hey! Who are you? Sir, the person is here. Sir, Where is he? Come. Veetus. Let’s go. You don’t move. Don’t move. Don’t move! You don’t move. Don’t move. Britto, take him. He is
also born on 8th April! Why Christmas? Hey, look here. Turn this side. Descendent of a genius
like Galileo Presto is a psycho shit like you. Where? Tell properly. Where is Isabella? Tell us. Why all these murders?
Tell. Officer, are you looking
for a confession? Why did you kill Merin? Tell. Tell. Spit it out! Tell us. Merry Christmas! Tell us, son of a Shahul knew one thing, that Veetus didn’t murder Isabella. Then who? Avarthan, I need answers. I need to know why and
when did this happen? No I will not hold on. Tell me right now. No. What didn’t I give you? I gave you my everything. Answer me right now. No, no when did this happen? When did this happen
for the first time? Tell me. I can’t believe that after
so many years, you would do something like this. Tell me right now. No… no… Don’t you dare hang up on me! No! Sir! Britto! Come sit down. Sir, you took medical leave, right? Yes. Good. Sir, that Father was right. I had visited Merin’s home. The mysteries of this valley are
never ending. Sir, it is Alpha 2. Something like a UFO passed. Location? Next to the lake. Location? North side of the lake. Over…over… Sir, I’ll go get tea. In this world there is nothing which is eternal. The time has come for me to
disconnect myself. Have you decided? Yes. You sit, Britto. When I was going through Avon hospital
records I found this Hi! So! In 2011 another
death occurred. Yes, sir! Adheena Albert. Born 8th April 1981. On Wednesday. Died 25th December 2011, Sunday. Time of birth 5:30 am. Britto, do one thing. Make a list of everyone born
on april 8th in this valley. List.. Hospital.. but.. Okay. I will do it. Sir, for how long can we do
the investigation unofficially? If the first person couldn’t end the
dream and dies, shared dream continues
to the second person. To fulfill Hey, who are you? Who are you man? From 2008 December 25th each year there is a death. With just hours apart on adjacent days each body has been buried here. Adheena’s death in 2011,
one that Father forgot to mention, where do you think that body is? It must be in some other cemetery. Each murder is connected in an
unlikely manner. Hi, Doctor! Hi, Shahul! What made you come
to the church finally? I’ll tell. Sit. Shahul, I need your help. Sure. What is this? It is John Luka. I know him. What happened? I want to know about him. I was called back
to investigate about his wife’s missing case. I have told you about Isabella
missing case, right? Yah! After that incident he is totally shattered. John Luka is a very reserved man. Infact after that incident he has become totally silent. He doesn’t even talk to anyone. Isabella was last seen on 25th December 2012. So that is the truth. He is representing a crime scene. Interesting. I don’t understand anything, doctor. I’ll explain. Where is he right now? I want to meet him. Are you sure about it? I don’t know whether
he’ll agree to meet you. I want to meet him. I’ll try, doctor. Dream telepathy is the
purported ability to communicate telepathically with another person
while one is dreaming. Irene. Born 8th April 1982. Died 25th December 2014. Thursday. Time of birth 5:30am.
Time of death… Sir!
– What happened, Britto? Nobody is here. After Irene’s death
the family members left. Not only that. There is no contact
with the neighbours also. Then you come back. Okay, sir! Favourable situations
are necessary for one person to be familiar with another. Thoughts projected
from our brains are like frequency waves broadcasted
in the air. And are received by those minds which are tuned into those vibrations. Mr.Zohan, Before Elias died. did anything unusual happen
at home or anything? What happened? Nothing. At such a young age… I’m sorry for your loss. If you remember anything
unusual that happened you can call me at any time. I’m leaving now.
– Okay. Officer! Now I remember one incident. But I don’t know whether
it is unusual. Before Elias’s death a girl had come to meet him. Who was she? What was her name? Hello! Hello! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Can I talk to Elias? May I know you? I’m his friend. And… I want to talk to him.
It is very important. Oh… you just missed it. He went to the airport. That can’t happen now. I mean… Is there anyway that I
can talk to him? Can you call him? Do you have his number?
– Wait. You just mentioned that he is
your friend. Then how come you don’t have
his number? Excuse me! That girl must have told her name.
I don’t remember it. But… Elias doesn’t have such a friend. I know all his friends. After that even in the cemetery I saw that girl. Elias, age 22. Born 8th April 1993. Died 25th December 2015. Friday. Hey, officer! What are you
doing here? Yes, John! My friend, Dr. Samuel
was trying to reach you. But he said that you were not
there at home also. Samuel has something to tell you about your wife’s death. Not only that. Many in this valley have seen you in their dreams on many days. This is very strange. Even I had the same dream the day I lost my loved ones. On that dreaded Christmas day at
6 o’clock. Sometimes life is
more than just a dream. Isn’t it? John, but you still
haven’t said anything ..about meeting Dr. Samuel. Mom, why did you call me? John, sit. I can’t take this
with me to the grave. I tried to tell this
to Isabella many times. But I was afraid that she’ll leave me. Isabella is not the only child I had. They were fraternal twins. Isabella and Dolores. Even before the birth
of our children problems started between me and their father. After the children were born it must have been some six months, when we separated forever. He took one child and I took the other child. That was our mutual condition. I didn’t choose Isabella. That was God’s decision. After that within a few days time he remarried and went far away. Today I’m very eager to see my Dolores. John, can you bring me my Dolores? Who are you? Wait. Hey! Who are you? Tell me. Tell me. Who are you? Please! I’m John. Thank you Dolores for helping me. To find myself among the dead. John. John. John. Xavier, age 68. Born 8th April 1951 on Sunday. Died 25th December 2016
on Sunday. Is this the house, Britto? This is the address, sir. Sir, It’s started raining. Dolores! I’m Shahul Hameed
from State police. Come in. Britto. Please sit. Thank you! Tell me, Shahul! What is this
about? I’m unofficially investigating a case. As a part of that I went to
Xavier’s house. You must be knowing him. Xavier’s daughter Serin told that you had gone there on the
day Xavier died. That is on the night of Christmas. Not only that, she said that she saw
you during the burial. To be precise, on December 27th. 2016. Merry Christmas! Hi! Hi. I’m Dolores. I need to meet Mr. Xavier. Papa is in the prayer room. Can you call him? I need to
meet him now. Relax. I’ll call him. Papa! Papa, there is someone
to see you here. Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa… Oh my God! Papa… Papa… Papa, get up. Tell me, Serin. Do you remember her name? How will I forget that beautiful name? It’s Dolores. Not only that, sir.
In Merin’s house.. and after that in Elias’s house too she was reportedly seen
by the family members. Ya! Come with me. I need to ask you
about a few more things. Please. Come. I’m not the Dolores that
you are talking about. I’m Arunima. That’s her. Dolores. For the past 3 years she hasn’t stepped out of this room. She is suffering
from Locked-in Syndrome. Since 2014 January 28th. Shahul Hameed is
an ordinary policeman. He doesn’t carry any big degrees
after his name. Still… Far… far in his imagination… John. What is that? A vehicle skidded and went downhill. Truth was there since the beginning.
But… No one wanted to accept it or just didn’t want to look for it. Everyone was warned through the
dreams as they were all telepathically awakened. They were all connected and… they all had a strong cosmic
connection. But no one listened to it. Or maybe they were unable to tune into
those vibrations. Dolores and Isabella both had the same frequency and
wavelength. The day Isabella went missing At that very moment she might have called for help in a very strong manner. Those thoughts travelled through
electromagnetic waves all the way to her twin sister Dolores and her brain received them. Dolores could decode the mysterious
phenomenas happening in the valley which were beyond the 5th dimension. As we all know her soul travels beyond time. But she could not save any of them. Beyond that dimension someone is transmitting the future
through her dreams. Who is he? Anyway after all this happened, I’m sure Shahul became a new man. There are many mysteries which still remain unfolded in
this world. Let this also be one of them. Dolores. Where are you now? I’m in a dream. Yes, Dolores. You are in my dream. In fact I was wondering about how Galileo wrote the destinies
of Dolores, John, Arunima and the valley. That too 250 years ago. What happened to Isabella?
Where is she? I also want to know the truth. Like all of you. I’m sure that the truth is
hiding somewhere in-between my next chapters.

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