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-This place is nice.
-I really like the music that they play.
Bob Ellis on the drums. (CHUCKLING) ANDREW:I’m part of Shaffer’s top
jazz orchestra.
It’s the best music school
in the country.
FLETCHER: The key is to just relax.
Don’t worry about the numbers. Don’t worry about what
the other guys are thinking. You’re here for a reason. Have fun. Five, six, and… (JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING) -I want to be great.
-And you’re not? We got Buddy Rich here. -(DRUMMING)
-Little trouble there. You’re rushing. Here we go.
Five, six, and. -(GENTLE DRUMMING)
-(CLATTERING) Were you rushing
or were you dragging? -I…I don’t know.
-(SLAPPING) If you deliberately sabotage my band,
I will gut you like a pig. Oh, my dead God. Are you one of those
single tear people? (SHOUTING) You are a worthless
pansy ass who is now weeping and slobbering all over my drum set
like a nine-year-old girl. So how’s it going
with the studio band? ANDREW: Good. Yeah,
I think he likes me more now. FLETCHER:I push people beyond
what’s expected of them.
I believe that is an absolute
necessity. ANDREW:
I want to be one of the greats
and because I’m doing that,
it’s gonna take up more of my time and this is why I don’t think
that we should be together. JIM: I would never let him
put my son through hell. Why let him get away
with what he did to you? FLETCHER:There are no two words
in the English language
more harmful than “good job.” (ESCALATING DRUMMING) (RAPID DRUMMING)

100 thoughts on “Whiplash TRAILER 1 (2014) – J.K. Simmons, Miles Teller Movie HD

  1. Trust me this happen to me when I was learning piano and only for 7 years I got beaten daily
    And I came home crying via walking across full society

  2. On 0.49 he says "cut you" and if you listen carefully you'll notice the change in the audio record patch, he doesn't say "cut you" at all in the movie

  3. Soy completamente distinto a este mundo de las baterias…. Pero se me ocurrio…ver esta pelicula fumando canavis…. Y ese sonido ultimo de este trailer…aun no m lo puedo sacar…. Palida… Y eso hace rato ya…

  4. Today saw it on boxxy software with german subtitles. Amazing movie with a good motivation. will watch it again definitely.

  5. 0:45 – I love the ADR here, hahaha… did they have a janitor loop this line to make it PG? Clearly it's not JK Simmons.

  6. what an absolutely horrible film this was for me. i found it SO disturbing, I couldn't imagine why someone would create such an unsettling film. yikes!!!!

  7. I absolutely love this movie. It's one of my favourite movies of all time. I relate so much to the main character Miles in this movie. I completely identify with his struggles to pursue his dreams and never giving up despite the obstacles he had to face such as Terrence constantly verbally abusing him and telling him he's terrible at what he does.

    It also has a great screenplay, with great direction and great performances, with the best being JK Simmons. He absolutely steals the show everytime he's on screen.

    I give this a 10/10 and if you haven't seen this yet, I recommend that you watch it as it really is an amazing film.

  8. Thank God i watched the movie without watching the trailer. It gives away too much. Wouldn't have been able to enjoy the movie that much.

  9. I would say its a Masterpiece! J. K Simmons mortified his students such a ruthless teacher i hated him while watching the movie.

  10. I have been on my superhero movie kick for the past couple years. And have been very much enjoying it. I saw the trailer to this movie and had a feeling that it was going to be good but never had a chance to see it until recently. This beautifully tragic tour-de-force has definitely lit something in me that I cannot put my finger on just yet. A definite must-see.

  11. Simmons character was SO confronting that I had to press pause, a few times, and come back later to resume watching.
    A great movie. And especially so for drummers, like me. But I played for pleasure, not pressure.

  12. Yeah, put parts of the last scene in the trailer, good job!

    There are no two words in the English language more harmful. 1:28

  13. Some music teachers are like this, some aren't. I however could really relate to the tension in the film.

  14. Donde puedo ver esta película alguien me ayuda ya puse en Netflix pero no me sale alguien me ayudaras x fis si me dicen me suscribo si no para q 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Gordon Ramsey and Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms) have a child. The music teacher in this movie is that child.

  16. 4 years after watching it for the first time. I still did not agree with the teachers methods. A movie about Mobbing. Very good and well acted 👍 5/5

  17. "If you deliberately sabotage my band, I will G U T you like a pig" I forgot we gotta keep the trailers PG

  18. What a great movie, I can't believe that the instructor was this crazy. It felt going through military bootcamp again

  19. The teacher here is supposed to be the most intense and demanding instructor in all of clowning, and sh*t, it's Roger isn't it? Its gonna be Roger?

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