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– You know that saying that
money can’t buy happiness? I agree with that, for the most part. But sometimes, it does. For example, today, I
bought something real cool. (groans) That is about 60 dollars worth of socks. But they’re the all the
same exact type of sock. And you know those socks that
have a left and the right, no. None of that crap, because
now whenever I do laundry I never have to do the whole
process of going trough bunch of different pairs
of socks and pairing it up and making sure that the left
one goes with the right one. No more of that, so I am a happier man. So I’m gonna take all my
pairs of mismatched socks I collected over the years
and throw it at Goodwill and be like “Take it! Take
the problems off my hands!” I don’t even know if that’s
a good charity thing to do. ‘Cause now they’re gonna
have to match all those socks and it’s gonna be a headache for them. Should I just soak all
the socks in gasoline and just burn it instead? I don’t know, I’m just
trying to do the right thing, but sometimes the right
thing is hard to do. Alright, so today we’re talking
about the Oscar nominations that have announced and what
cameras were used to shoot. First of all, I just wanna
know, because I’m kinda nerdy and I also like to see what
kinda trends are going on in Hollywood films and how
they’re using it and why they’re using it. Anyways, let’s get started with the list. I don’t know the list, I
have to go get my laptop. Hottest film of the night,
ten nominations, Roma. Which is a black and
white Netflix original. It’s a film by Alfonso
Cuaron and looks like he shot it as well directed
it as well as edit it. Did the whole thing and that
was filmed on Arri Alexa 65. which is interesting
because Netflix is generally dominated by Red Cameras,
because Netflix has this requirement that
all their originals be shot on something with
an native 4k sensor. They won’t except an Arri Alexa unless it’s the new LF or 65. But the Arri Alexa 65 is
like beast Alexa that has way more than 4k pixels and he went with the 65, that’s awesome. One point for Arri Alexa so far. Next is A Star is Born,
with nine nominations, wow. Shot entirely on Arri Alexa Mini. And my guess is they probably
wonted something smaller and lightweight and probably
a lot of camera angles. There’s some behind the scenes
of it filmed on Movi Pro. They probably went with
Alexa Mini just for that flexibility and size. And the picture quality out of those Alexa Mini is beautiful. That’s one thing I love
about Arri Alexa is if you’re trying to get very
vibrant beautiful colors the Arri Alexa does it so well. Opposed if you’d to
take most other cameras and you just crank up that saturation it just start to look kinda gross. The Arri Alexa, you could take that, bump that saturation and
it just looks glorious. For example, a few
months ago I co-directed a music video for Pepe
Aguilar and the DP Dennis Zanatta and I had a conversation
about the look of it and we wanted it to be very
saturated and colorful and rich. And it became very clear we
had to shoot on Arri Alexa. The Favourite, also another
popular choice for the night. I haven’t been able to find
specifics on what camera was used, but from
behind the scenes photos it looks like he’s using a film camera. Definitely a very filmic look. But apparently he used
mostly natural lighting and according to DP Robbie Ryan,
he just kinda slapped the wide angle lens and just shot it. (laughs) He also mentiones he went for
some super wide angle lenses that are kind of abstract,
but it’s beautiful, you could tell it’s real film being shot. By the way, when I did
this video last year I got a lot of questions about “What do you mean by film camera?” Basically, all our
cameras now are digital, So light comes in trough the lens and hits a digital sensor. And then data gets recorded
on to a memory card and it’s all done by computers. But before there were digital cameras, they were film cameras, this
was like built in the 50s. I firstly never actually
shot a film because I always hear it’s too
inefficient, it’s too expensive. But there’s a lot of filmmakers that argue that you can’t fully reproduce that traditional film look
with a digital sensor. But yeah, until recently all
movies were shot on film. But film cameras are still
kicking it in Hollywood. Vice is also cleaning the
floor with all it’s nominations and filmed with Arri
film cameras and a Bolex. Which is what this thing is and now I’m super pumped to get this
thing going and testing it out. And generally speaking,
the majority of time pieces are shot on film, because it just has that traditional, beautiful cinematic look. Which still I don’t feel like it can be fully emulated with digital cameras. The Green Book, another
huge hit of the night. Filmed Arri Alexa Mini with Leica lenses. Wow, Alexa Mini really
taking the floor this year. Usually we’d see the Alexa
Mini as the sidekick to XT and the SXT but now
they’re just making it the main camera, that’s
awesome, I do love that Mini. Bohemian Rhapsody, yes. That was a fun film. Alexa 65, SXT and film,
Hasselblad and Cooke lenses. It’s interesting how they mixed up the Alexa’s digital look
with the film footage. Black Panther also making a
lot of noise at the Oscars and it was shot on Arri Alexa XT Plus paired with some Panavision Primo lenses. Oh, man, this might be another year where the Arri Alexa dominates the Oscars. I did the same thing last year and I’m just recycling content now. Last year it was dominated by Arri Alexa, little bit of film and there’s Red Camera in there somewhere. It’s basically just a repeat of last year. BlacKkKlansman, another
big hit and this was shot on film, whole gaggle of Panavision and Arri film cameras,
Zeiss Master Prime and Panavision lenses. Alright, so out the eight
nominations for best picture, three of them were shot
on traditional film, four of them were shot the Arri Alexa and one that was shot on
both Arri Alexa and film which is Bohemian Rhapsody. So film is still hanging
in there, in the fight hasn’t been totally destroyed
by the Arri Alexa, yet. But let’s keep going down the list and seeing what everyone else is doing. Cold War is up for several nominations including directing and cinematography that was also shot on the Arri Alexa XT. Cooke S5 lenses, Zeiss Ultra Primes and Angenieux Optimos. First Man is up for dour
nominations including best sound mixing and best sound editing. Which is awesome because
one of my close homies, Alex Nickerbacker, he’s been
in a couple of my videos before, but he and I’ve
been talking about making a whole video for you guys
about sound and editing sound and sound design and sound
processing, all that stuff. He worked on sound for
the First Man but he also has a lot of tips for
simple creators like us. So let’s just comment
down below, telling Alex the rudest thing you can think of saying “Alex, if you don’t come on
Potato Jet’s show, blank” and then you just comment
down below, get creative, I don’t care, he’ll read these comments, be so scared that he’ll be on this show. And then we’ll all have
better audio, yeah! But the First Man was shot on film, no brainer for a film like this. They had the funds, they
wanted that look, they got it. Never Look Away, another
film for best cinematography. Arri Alexa XT Plus with
Zeiss Mater Prime Lenses. Eternits Gate for best actor. Shot on the AK Red Helium, that’s the first for
Red so far, we got one. Red has officially entered the race. The Wife, I actually couldn’t
find too much information about what they shot
this on, but I’m assuming it’s the Arri Alexa. I only saw one behind the
scenes shot with a camera in it and that look generally
like the Arri Alexa, but I could be wrong so
let’s just exclude this one for now, ’cause I don’t have firm facts. Can You Ever Forgive Me,
shot on the Panavision DXL. That’s pretty awesome, I heard about Panavision rolling out
their new digital camera a while ago and we weren’t sure if that was gonna be the
next big digital camera. It is Panavision and those guys know what they’re doing and I believe they’re using the AK Monstro sensor from Red. They took that sensor, they put it in their own body and they
process it their own way. If Beale Street Could
Talk, another film shot on the Arri Alexa 65, Hasselblad Lenses. Man, I wanna give my hands
on that Arri Alexa 65 one of these days, it’s
basically like Arri’s Imax’s camera, it’s their biggest sensor. But I believe it cost’s as much as a kidney and soul and a house. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,
also shot the Arri Alexa Mini and Alexa XT with Zeiss Master Prime and Fujinon Alura Zoom Lenses. Wait a second, this is a Netflix original? First of all, the Alexa XT and Alexa Mini, they’re amazing cameras,
but they’re not even 4k. So next time you’re shopping for a camera and you’re like “I must
have 4k” just remember that the Coen brothers
don’t even shoot in 4k. But I’m confused now because I thought Netflix originals had to
be shot on a 4k camera, which the Alexa Mini is not. And I thought it was kind of ridiculous, because you’re literally eliminating of the most popular Hollywood
cameras out there, clearly. And they’re like “Nope,
can’t use that camera.” Shot on Arri Alexa mini and
Alexa XT and Arriraw 2.8k. Maybe the Coen brothers were like “Hey, Netflix, we’re the
fucking Coen brothers, we’re gonna shoot on the Alexa Mini.” I don’t know, did they give
them an exception or something? Who knows. First Reformed, shot on Arri Alexa SXT. That’s actually interesting, ’cause I would’ve guessed
this was shot on Red just by the way it looks,
how it was de-saturated. And a lot of green’s in the shadows. Mary Poppins Returns, the Arri Alexa Mini and Alexa SXT with Panavision
and Angenieux Zoom Lenses. And definitely makes
sense, the Arri Alexa, if you’re trying to make
something super saturated and poppy and vimsical like this, Arri Alexa, hands down. And I feel like Arri
Alexa is so good at making skin tones look super rich and creamy. And the camera does it so naturally. You point that camera at
anybody and you’re like “Wow, you look so beautiful and glowy.” Mary Queen of Scots, another film with the Panavision Millennium DXL. And they used the Red
for the second units. I actually haven’t seen
either of the films filmed on this Panavision Millennium DXL, but I’d love to see and see how it looks. I imagine it has a lot of
characteristics similar to the Red because they are using the
Monstrous sensor in it. But in Mary Queen of Scots
they also did use Red for a second unit camera, so
I imagine they pair very well. A Quiet Place, filmed entirely on film. But man, look how good their faces look when they’re shot on classic
film, it’s beautiful. Border, nominated for
best make up, shot on Red. As I mentioned before, Red
cameras do an excellent job of giving you that grundgy moody feels. Watching all these
films, I’m always amused at how dark cinematographers
are willing to shoot. They’re totally comfortable with majority of the scene being in dark spectrum. It’s pretty cool, but yeah. Another one for Red cameras. Next up, Avengers Infinity War, shot on Arri Alexa Imax, which
is a modified version of the Alexa 65, which we talked about couple of times before
and also some scenes were filmed with the
Red weapon and Helium. So Arri Alexa and the Red. Christopher Robin, shot
on the Arri Alexa Mini, SXT and Panavision film cameras. That’s pretty common to pair, Arri Alexas with film cameras, because if there’s any digital camera that looks as close as possible
to traditional film it’s the Arri Alexa. Ready Player One, the film
directed by Steven Spielberg and shot by Janus Kaminski. Steven Spielberg, still huge
fan of traditional film, but he has accepted the
Arri Alexa + into he’s life. So this is filmed partially
on traditional film with the Panavision XL2 and Arri Alexa +. I gotta admit, I have not
seen that many of these films. I’m such a shit YouTuber,
I’m talking about movies most of them I haven’t seen. Solo: A Star Wars movie,
I saw that one at least. It was shot on Arri Alexa 65, Alexa Mini and Alexa XT, good combination, the 65 is kind of the beast camera that got probably got the
majority of the epic shots. The XT for the sidekick and Alexa Mini to tuck into small tight corners, get those unique angles. No idea if that’s what they actually did, but that’s my guess. (laughs) Obviously, can’t talk about
any of the animated films, because they’re shot with computers. But Isle of Dogs, I’m so
glad to see that on list that was a fantastic movie. And it was stop motion, so basically just a whole bunch of photographs
stitched together to make it look like it’s moving and that was shot on the Canon 1DX. Let’s look at the couple
of the foreign films. What are people doing across the world? Capernaum, shot on Arri Alexa. I actually had to google
how to pronounce that, because I was gonna say kapernaum! (laughs) That would have been embarrassing. Never look Away, Arri Alexa
XT Plus with Master Primes. And Shoplifters, from my hometown, Japan! It’s not actually my hometown,
biologically my hometown. Combination, Alexa Mini and film. There’s also quite a few
short film and documentaries I wasn’t able to find the information on. But there’s Free Solo, which
is the NatGeo documentary. Which was shot on the Canon C300 and I think C300 might still be
the best documentary camera out there, the auto focus is phenomenal, it’s light weight, it’s flexible, you can take it and hang it
off the side of the mountain and it’s gonna film just fine. A battery will last all day, piece of cake to shoot on, looks beautiful, very powerful. So let’s sum everything up. The unique camera was
Canon 1DX and also C300, although I bet the C300 was used for a majority of the documentaroies, I just couldn’t find exactly. But those C300’s man,
they’re all over the place. And then there was the Panavision DXL which shot a movie and a
majority of Mary Queen of Scots. Red cameras were used to
shoot two of the movies and also partially used
in two other films. Classic film filmed five of the movies and there were two films where it was partially Arri Alexa and film. And if you saw last years
episode, this is no surprise but 15 movies shot on the Arri Alexa. Two movies shot with Arri and film and one movies shot with Arri and Red. Anyway let’s close this of by reading few comments from my last video, which was all about Sony’s new a6400, 4k, APS-C side sensor, with a flip up screen,
so potential vlog camera. Let’s see what you guys had to say. Matti Haapoja said “Stuck
at a mountain, just kidding at office by myself, miss you.” Matti, I visited you in Toronto, it is time for you to
come visit Los Angeles. DSL:R Video Shooter
says “In a couple months I’ll see you on the other side my friend. Rest in peace the 20s.” Almost happy 30th birthday. I’ve been 30 for like three days so far and it’s been great. Although the only thing
that’s really changed is that I have to take a lot of Tums and Pepcid before I drink. So thanks to all my
friends for visiting me last night, I had a blast. My 30s off to a amazing start. “Happy bithday Tomato Jet.” (laughs) I’m not a tomato, unless I
forget to wear sunscreen. “Happy birthday, welcome to the 30’s club. Kind of want to know how you got that scar on your left arm.” Oh, yeah, this thing? I was doing this jump on a snowboard that I was not prepared to do and I shattered my shoulder and
I got very bad concussion. Wear a helmet when you do an activity. Even those bird scooters, you know those bird and lime scooters
that are getting popular. Those things are dangerous and that comes from me as a motorcyclist. The problem with them
is that they go fast but they don’t feel that dangerous. But when you have that
much speed, it’s dangerous. For anyone out there riding those things, just be careful. “Do you think Canon 80D is
still worth it for 1000 bucks? I’m a Filmmaking student.” That’s a good question, it depends on what are you trying to do. For a filmmaker, probably not. But I am doing a giveaway
with my Canon 80D fairly soon, because I am thinking about trying to make all my videos 4k. I’m pretty comfortable with shooting with this camera in 4k,
but when I’m vlogging I’m probably still gonna shoot in HD, ’cause I don’t want that camera to be right up in my face and you guys seeing every single wrinkle and pimple and hair in nose that need to be trimmed. “Tive me a heart.” (giggles) Done. “When’s the giveaway?” Which giveaway are you talking about? I0ve given away a whole bunch of stuff. (laughs) But, yeah, here’s the
winner for one of them. [Electronic Music]

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