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-Morning, Buzzy!
-Hey, mom. Do you guys remember when you told me if I got perfect grades all
the way through middle school I could have anything I wanted? I think it was to ward off any further talk of a pony. Wanna know what it is? I don’t know. Do we? A family trip to Antarctica! Ponies are cute and maybe not as much trouble as we thought. I was taken by her beauty and talent. I’m accompanying the first graders. That’s a big deal, Bee! Can I come? No, you wouldn’t like it, the words are way too cute. You might die of cuteness. Well, I want to die of cuteness, that’s my favorite thing to die of cuteness. Something unexpected has come up. There’s much more explanation coming but I have this one shot. Just thinking about it has got my heart racing. Bernadette? You’ll never guess what happened. She disappeared. Bernadette! What? She didn’t just vanish! I’m gonna get my gear! -BERNADETTE
-Bernadette Bernadette! Poof!

100 thoughts on “WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE | Official Trailer

  1. All I needed to see was Linklater's name and I'm in. The cast looks good too. The trailer could have been an emergency broadcast system test and I'd still go.

  2. This is going to be difficult… I love Linklater but cannot stand Blanchett. Hopefully she’s not in much of the film lol “Wherever you are, Bernadette, stay there!”

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  4. Quirky ladies disappears quickly let's find her because shes too quirky to just tell us where she decided to take a quirky adventure to hahahaHAHAHA

  5. The trailer isn't all that good, but if has Cate Blanchett in the cast and Richard Linklater as the director… I'll be definitely watching this.

  6. i just read the book and the trailer is SO DECIEVING from what the story actually is and i bloody love it!!! (the book is very good 10/10 would reccomend)

  7. Other contention for nomination for Cate Blanchett and hoping that they will be campaign her for Best Actress for next year's awards season and Oscars 2020

  8. All i see is Cate Blatchett😡 But we all know Troian Bellisario beats her😂👏😂👏 If you didnt know Trioan Bellisario is in this movie (Btw if you dont know Troian Bellisario is…wow😝, she is the girl that played A.D or spencer on Pretty Little Liars)

  9. This trailer has the weirdest tone. Are we supposed to feel worried for Bernadette? Apparently not, the music is happy throughout the entire trailer

  10. OMG! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book!! and now it's gonna be a movie and Cate Blanchett is gonna be BERNADETTE!! WOW!!! PERFECT!!!!!!! THE BEST CASTING CHOICE EVER!!!

  11. Cate Blanchett is one of my favourite actresses but this trailer does not make the film look appealing at all.

  12. That is a very mediocre trailer for what should be an exciting film being directed by Linklater and starring Cate Blanchett. Hopefully Linklater's direction is better than what seems right now like a generic white middle class ensemble indie dramedy.

  13. came back here again cos I cant wait for Cate to come out in a movie in 2019. oh can she and Kristen Wiig pleaseee do promotions together. i wanna see how their humour gels.

  14. With Cate Blanchett starring as the lead and Richard Linklater of Boyhood fame directing it, it's kinda attracting Oscar buzz.

  15. I think this is going to be one of the first movies based off of a book I've read that will actually meet my expectations

  16. Me: watches trailer oh this is nice it looks good I guess
    Troian comes on screen for half second

  17. Oh goody–an entire fantasy promoting the idea that raising a family is destructive and that abandoning said family to pursue more "lofty" goals is somehow not only NOT selfish, but actually the responsible thing to do. Because being a mother is toxic and harmful to those around you. Brilliant.

  18. Love Cate Blanchett, love Laurence Fishburne, love Annapurna Pictures AND Interactive but I'll be straight: this looks like absolute dogshit from the mid-2000s twee boom.

  19. I’m sorry but this trailer makes it look like a happy, fun family/comedy movie. What is happy or comedic about a mom suddenly disappearing from everyone without a notice? That’s not a laughing matter. I’m assuming this is supposed to be a serious movie, based on the concept. This trailer sucks!

  20. the trailer makes it look awful, but the marketers who edit trailers are good at that. Linklater is a good director though, let's hope this isn't the end for him.

  21. The movie itself wasn't bad as people are saying. I find it to be underrated to be honest. Its not horrible but nor it's great. It's a fun family movie and that's about it. But I do agree that its a bit off that Richard Linklater directed this movie.

  22. Linklater has to be the most inconsistent filmmaker around, the Before trilogy is transcendently good and this looks like it’s… not

  23. Good to see a romantic thriller that does not overstate 'family values' but lives it out, day by day, moment by moment. 5 stars…and except for a few 'colorful' expletives, this film should qualify for top billing in both the 'netflix' and 'pureflix' markets. Wonderful to see a good book adapted for the silver screen where it truly belongs….casting was wxcellent, including the lead actors and supporting roles of Steve Zahn (notable from 'daddy daycare') and one of my faves, Mr. Lawrence Fishburne:))).

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