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Alright, so not too long ago I made a video
about shooting film at night and not long after that I got many messages of people asking
me where they can develop film, so now today I’m going to show you this place called Filmlog. But it is not by any means the only place
to develop film in Seoul, it just happens to be the one closest to my place. And uh I happen to like them. So…yeah Okay so like right now we’re at Dongdaemun
Yeoksamun Kongwon, that’s Dongdaemun History and culture park. This is exit 5, but please do not confuse
it with Dongdaemun station which is a different one. This is Dongdaemun history and culture park. But anyways, all you are going to do is come
out of exit 5 and walk straight. I want to talk to you guys about developing
film in Seoul because I want to separate it into two categories. Basically there’s the consumer, the consumer
grade film development. Which you can find like on pretty much every
corner. Like every station, every other block. You are going to find these mom and pop shops
where you can develop your film for like 5 bucks, it’s very cheap. Easy to do. And even for me, I always I pretty much always
go to them because it’s just so easy and ubiquitous you know? And on the other hand you have the second
tier, which are like the more professional grade film development studios. And this is one of them. The two others that I like are Fotomaru and
Photopia, they are probably the ones that most foreigners are very familiar with. So like if you want to pull your film, or
you want to buy film, or cameras, or all that kind of stuff…prints. You will probably go to Fotomaru or Photopia,
they are in Chungmuro. But you don’t really have to, you can just
go to a mom and pop one and it’s fine you know? Unless you have some kind of specialized film
or you want them to pull your film, then you go to Fotomaru or Photopia. And then there’s this place which is called
Filmlog. Now I actually came across this place by watching
of of Cari Cake’s videos and I was going to Fotomaru and Photopia because I had the Cinestill
800 film that’s very specialized and I wasn’t sure that the the small mom and pop’s stores
know how to develop that film. But this place is actually much closer than
the other two. So I thought, why not? So…we’re here more or less. Once you see the Hotel the Designers #2 all
you have to do is turn to the right and you’re basically there. Now the great thing about Filmlog is they
actually have a website where you can order preorder films and things like that and you
don’t even need to come back to the place, you can just download the files from the server
which is what I did. Or you could even mail in your photos if you
want, if you are really lazy or you don’t have time just mail in your stuff or download
afterwards. That’s what I like about it. Now this is the building, it’s kind of a new
building so it looks abandoned , don’t be scared, but they are on the top floor and
you can see the sign over here, it says Filmlog 필름로그.

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