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Hey hey what’s up yeah yeah yeah yeah but it’s a nice day today huh wait what are you doing what I was your hair smells really nice so good new shampoo No yeah let’s go inside let’s go inside yes hey movies on this Olivia cult like it’s the diary okay next you slip more comfortable for me and you do not jujitsu stuff again what seriously me okay let go no seriously no seriously I thought you were cuddling me know what nothing’s your hugs are so tight you know okay okay alright actually actually Dave can you do that again can you like hugs me around the neck again right nope okay last week in class you know we practice the moves for that and I felt like my schedules horrible right now chameleon please no I gotta go babe come on you’re my partner gonna help me babe hey I mean wait baby boy really actually there’s something wrong with the jack with it so that so that this what is this you were just this jacket is all off right now it’s so tight in the wrong area you can’t go out like this it’s fine thanks no like I gotta loosen this up I mean hold on okay so be careful I’m just ripping you know under stretching your jacket I just come close to me I’m gonna pick you up camel victory I’m gonna choke John like seriously let me fix the July in that month come on there it’s 5:00 at Ernst respective sites fine it’s stretched no I need a stretch baby you know I need to practice my spider guard what do you do this babe okay okay I’m down the Kona Coast oversight on your practice come on come on I have a term in three days I need practice babe come on all right announcement time may 9th 2015 I will be flying to Las Vegas and competing and the jiu-jitsu World League tournament I know a lot of you can’t physically be in Las Vegas for watch this fight so if you’re there come by say hi if you can’t make it don’t worry I got a solution for you guys on the iPhone there’s an app called periscope

75 thoughts on “When Trying Moves on your Girlfriend | LiveTheMachLife

  1. I trained mma, judo, soccer, basketball and many more sports but after training i was happy to go home but after bjj i fucking wanted to stay at the gym, i was like asking all my family members to train with me

  2. Sup buddy ! I am Brazilian guy and I practice Jiu-Jitsu also by Gracie Barra Academy and I confess you that I've made some positions on my girlfriend also ! positions of Jiu-Jitsu of course hauhahauha 😊

  3. My brother dose practicing on my mom. He recently started jujitsu.

    Sorry for my very old comment u favourted!!! I was very intoxicated. Was going thru my emails on all the replys of my comments and saw this one. Made my night!! We dont even have a dog. Idfc what i was saying sorry.

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  5. The one where she cuddles your neck from behind is so true, however my gf does know how to sink a RNC and will start training again with me soon so I have good reason to worry 😛

  6. Wife beater looking douche. Stay your wife-beating looking ass in the gym or douchebag frat guido parties.

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