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It’s AumSum Time. What if we Drink too much Water? Water is super Cool. Drink as much as you wish. Wrong AumSum. Drinking too much water is not the problem. But drinking too much water in a short span
of time is. If we drink water beyond the processing capability
of our kidneys. Then they are not able to eliminate the excess
water. As a result, water level increases in our
blood and sodium level goes down. This condition is known as hyponatremia or
water intoxication. Sodium is an essential electrolyte. Which balances fluids inside and outside our
cells. The imbalance caused by water level going
up. And sodium level going down causes the fluids
outside our cells to move inside. As a result, our cells begin to swell. This swelling can cause multiple health problems. Also, if swelling takes place in our brain
cells. Then we can get headaches or nausea. This condition can also prove to be fatal.

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  1. I have the notification on so this video was 6 minutes ago 🙂 this is the first time I’m the 49th Watcher and keep up ur good videos my mom says that I only watch YouTube and they make me bad so I told her that I watch aum sum And he gives me knowledge 😉

  2. I was in 7th standard and first time I watched a video of aumsum time on Nirogen cycle in my school.
    From that day I like your channel.
    Love your channel AumSum

  3. Aumsum time, if you eat very salty foods can’t you just drink a lot of water to lower the sodium levels in your blood?

  4. I like your style of teaching .I can remember those very easily.You make toughest topic easy to learn by animation.😀😀

  5. 1:17 its. 37373635636363735363636366373636.3376363636252637373637374747448383837373737733737647473828282628393303030303300303030300000000000000003847474644636636282828282637374648382737463763376373636363466463633546646434444333455444747474746748464674747474646466464646464646646464646466464644746464664664646666666664746466464747474747484848484884647362552427232574948453867363835935745383684647352582846327937363t835373735263673536737366363663733663535353663363663637377373737737373844896970707007070606077006587472514148563935393729393784745637362719292746398777677777763322222222222222222736464664636364647464747747477774757474757474747474747474774656463737646464663534774747474764436746464546466446 388338373774477447477474747747474747747474747 liters

  6. How many videos can you post in one day??

    Ans. I don’t know ! But I love your videos a lot!
    You Guys are fantastic,,

    You are giving us so Much knowledge

  7. OMG drinking too much water can be fatal and can cause hyponatrimia. I thought water can be good for our health. Water has no nutritional value and too much water in the blood can cause our body to swell and our kidney have difficulty excreting excess water in our cells, the problem is not drinking too much water but the span of short time you consume it. I thought water helps in digestion process and detoxification of toxins in our blood? So the key is in moderation, everything that is too much or too little is bad for our health.

  8. Hey I like your video very much😍😍😍 and I loved it I'm your subscriber since you were in 374k subscriber 😘 pls make the video how does subliminal work. I hope you will make the video because it is a new topic and useful topic so pls make the video, You maked my life awesome, thanks Aumsom.🥰

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