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Film Courage: Theoretically do you think you could be
making a living as a filmmaker if Hollywood didn’t quote “come knocking?”
Sorry for the cliche. David F. Sandberg (a.k.a. Ponysmasher on Youtube) back in Sweden yeah maybe but I will probably
have to make different kinds of movies you know that would be more Scandinavian.
I guess that might not necessarily be a bad thing. But yeah and I mean with it’s an
interesting time we live them with YouTube and everything like that because
some people can make a living out of just doing stuff for YouTube so I’m sure
there would be a way without Hollywood but yeah you know and you said you were
hired to do corporate videos and corporate versions of animated yeah
things yeah which wasn’t very fun but it was you know you better than normal job
still and I think if I if I had someone else to sort of negotiate myself it
would have been more sustainable but yeah like I’ve always had that drive so
if if nothing else yeah I would have just kept making movies with no money
you know look then I had this idea of like for a feature film that starred
just her with a little bit of me and added that we could sort of shoot
ourselves and I think that’s what we would have done and even even you know
when we were making the deal for for lights out since I was you know an
unproven director they were like they wanted this little clause in there that
if we can’t just can’t get the movie made with you attached it’s that’s the
director we want to be able to make it with a different director but that will
make you a producer and you’ll get a producer’s fee and to me and that
producers fee was like a few hundred grand or something so to me that was
like well okay so I either get to direct a Hollywood movie or I get enough
money for lot than me to be able to make our own movie so it was kind of a
win-win situation of course I was hoping for the directing job but it was
like either way we’re making a movie you know sounds like a good deal I mean I
know it wouldn’t be probably ideal to be removed
luckily they kept you yeah do you do you think it’s almost a blessing that you
had jobs where you weren’t suited you know some people are introverts and you
know they have what do they call the Myers-Briggs personality test and so you
can know are you a people person are you good yeah is it almost a blessing that
you shied away from those jobs for lack of a better word because then it forced
you to have you know because it’s it’s I’ve had to learn those things anyway
because being a director you have to communicate with people you have to be a
part of a group I know because it is a collaborative art form or experience or
whatever you might call it so I’ve had to learn it anyway and and it’s it’s
been hard because it’s especially when you’re used to rather than having to
explain what it is you have in your head you just start making it start shooting
it so coming here that that was the big adjustment of like how do I explain this
and sometimes when you’re explaining things certain things in your head are
so obvious that you don’t even mention them and then when you see the result
it’s like well where’s that thing and that thing is that well you didn’t
mention that well it’s obvious you know so you have to learn a lot of those
things and I have become more extroverted as well like just because
I’ve had to to be able to do this it was actually kind of funny for pushes am the
publicity tour we got went to Sweden and I was on this Swedish big more Swedish
Morning Show doing an interview and afterwards they were like oh you’re so
easy to interview you’re so American you know like you just keep talking well you
know Swedish actors and directors they’re just like yep it’s fun you know
so I have changed a lot as a person just because I’ve had to but it’s it’s been
under great circumstances because it’s been making movies you know I I don’t
think if I’ve been working in a video store still
I don’t know how much I would have changed might have been even the other
way that I’ve didn’t become even more withdrawn but yeah it is something that
I think you have to learn just because you have so many I mean being a director
is it’s all about communicating you know when you start out and you’re making a
little no budget shorts it’s about learning cameras it’s about how to write
a screenplay it’s or about how to light how to edit how to make V effects all
these things but once you get here to Hollywood make a movie
all it is is telling people what you want that’s the whole job like you don’t
have to pick up a camera you don’t have to sit at the Avid you just tell
people what it is you see in your head what it feels like what it sounds like
what it’s how it looks so that that was like you know that was something that I
didn’t quite expect I guess even though I should have but you know yeah it’s
helped me as a person in many ways you know it’s interesting I it always
bothers me when I hear people criticize an actor or whomever a musician like oh
yeah they they went in the back and they were in the green room or they didn’t
want to hang out with everybody and it’s before us said or being on performance
because maybe that’s part of what they need to do ya to get ready for their
part on stage or in front of the camera there’s not everybody is hardwired to be
yeah how you doing and this and that and then oh okay you need me to do my lines
it’s too exhausting yeah and and I’m very much that way where I need my sort
of alone time or recharging time and sometimes it is you know a bit much like
when we wrapped Shazam you know the line producer you know made this little
speech in front of everyone instead it’s like hey David like do you want to do it
and that’s like no like I can’t it was you know it was not the time it was not
the the moment for me so instead I wrote this letter to the whole cast and crew
and then the sent that out and which people came up and said they were much
appreciated everything I wrote and everything but but yeah I was one of
those moments were like I can’t do that now I have to do it my
way you know so so it still happens or where I’m a bit introverted you

17 thoughts on “What If Hollywood Didn’t Come Knocking? – David F. Sandberg

  1. Every time I hear him speak it reminds me that all I have to do is pick up a camera and shoot what I want, and forget about being delayed by anything between a vision and shooting it. I have not heard anyone else speak in such a way that invoked that response.

  2. I want you to let me in on . A project we could take the world by storm david get at me im an empath i can help you im a life coach. Hello im valerie i.m watcher p

  3. That question she asked near the end about needing to get ready before working and him saying he is a bit introverted, that makes so much sense to me. When I go do comedy at open mic nights, I am often looking over my notes and not talking a lot because I'm so focused on what lines I want to say and be prepared before I go on stage.

  4. I love this guy! He is so humble about everything that is his Hollywood experience, that I learn a lot from everything he says.
    I have to be honest, I don't like his horror movies, but everything he does is well deserved by the humility with which he receives it and takes advantage of it to learn and share it with others(Google traductor)

  5. Any aspiring filmmakers NEED to watch David's YouTube channel. Even since he's become a Hollywood director he continues to make videos about how to make movies. He does real behind the scenes videos where he actually explains how you do things, not just talk about the film itself like most behind the scenes DVD extras.

  6. It’s a shame with the way Youtube’s monetization policy works, that AMAZING channels like this will cease to exist.

    Bless you for your your work Film Courage.

  7. Another great interview! Is it possible to set up, or are there any plans, to interview director/producer Brian Yuzna perhaps?

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