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Footlocker has set us a challenge We have to create a video look book on the concept of our summer rotation when it comes to the crep down We have to make this work bro Chemistry is everything We ain’t playing PAQ presents Let’s kick it So we are PAQ. We are a fashion show on YouTube. I’m Danny Lomas, I’m Elias Riadi I’m Shaquille And I’m Dexter Black Every Thursday we create mad content for you guys right here on the PAQ channel The love is absolutely macadamia, so nuts bro Shout out to you guys for liking, commenting and subscribing and if you are new to the PAQ fam, a family barbecue is gonna be absolutely amazing You’re going to love Kwanzaa, you’re gonna celebrate Diwali Even if you’re not Hindu, you’re a Hindu now because you have cousins that are Do you know what else you’re gonna celebrate? The fact that every Thursday we drop episodes Now if that isn’t the cherry on the cake then Gee golly, I don’t know what it is. Am I right? Nice one Thank you for clicking onto our show, you could’ve clicked onto anything else funny cat videos, I personally like watching snakes eating stuff or like, there’s this new thing that I subscribed to that was called, I think it’s called Ant Channel and this guy he literally narrates his whole ant farm Yes guys, we are collaborating with Foot Locker To celebrate the amount of fire creps they have in their collection, Foot Locker has set us a challenge We have to create a video lookbook on the concept of our summer rotation when it comes to the crep dem I love Stan Smiths, Gazelles, Hamburgs, Spezials I go to Foot Locker for two creps and that is Air forces and TNs The great thing about Foot Locker as well they get in like a load of different Jordans My favourite Jordans of all time would have to be the Cement 3 or the black Cat 4 or Bordeaux 7 So last night we went to Foot Locker to pick our shoes for our lookbooks When you look at so many shoes all at once, you get so flabbergasted, you don’t even know which ones to pick But in the end, we all had to make decision We picked four different creps to style our lookbook around We are gonna be working with the one and only Meeksimus the master of time, We have a week to shoot and edit our videos then Foot Locker is getting us a panel of judges to decide who the winner is But at the end of the day, you guys always crown the people’s champion So make sure you hit the comment and tell us who you think should win Summer rotation, so what does that mean to me? It doesn’t matter what trainers I’m wearing as long as they’re not talking to me, and not doing this at the bottom I mean, what I wanna convey is like your shoes actually complement your summer experience Every little, you know, graze or whatever, it’s from a scenario that you were in and I’m assuming that was a happy one. Even if it was a bad one, even if you’ve got a scuff, that’s something you can look back at And you could be like, man that was so jokes Shoes act as a memory bank, just as good as this camera that’s allowing me to record this footage to talk to you guys So summer rotation to me is all about timeless silhouettes, like the classics so we thought we shoot a lookbook in classic Rome Classic lookbook, so no narrative, no speaking, no words In an old Italian film you usually have a lady So I’ve met up my friend Ilaria, she’s come down so she’s gonna join me in this lookbook I am the master of black. Who said you can’t steeze black in the summer? Meeks is round the corner, we’re gonna have to, you know, set up for the first stage’s lookbook What you saying man, you good? Yeah bro, why you late again? I’m not late, you’re late What is this? This is my coffin Me and Meeks just landed in Nice The reason why I’m in Nice, the south of France is because I’ll be filming my Foot Locker summer rotation, a day in the life of Elias Okay maybe this might not the day in the life of me yet, but I’m a very aspirational person For my rotation, I picked these red and white Air Force 1 that I’m currently wearing right now the shoe that I always wear however, is the Vans Old Skool bro, I love those shoes The third pair of shoes that I got, I got the Air 1 Jordans The Air 1s I think they’ve just got, like this beautiful silhouette that I just love so much I’ve also got 97 TNs, which I think are absolutely amazing So memories are unpredictable, unpredictable much like British weather which you guys probably can’t tell, but it’s actually just started to rain! Why have you got me out here in the rain You see, first of all, you flew the coop, you come back, and now you’re questioning everything already. When did I leave?! Where were you in the last shoot? Why can I only hear silence and the pitter patter of raindrops hitting my umbrella? We have to make this work bro, chemistry is everything We haven’t got off to the best start See I get Shaq’s vision, like, me and Shaq although he…. gives a bit of waffle we’re telepathic out here Love you Love you too, it’s cool So obviously you’re from Rome, is there anywhere around here you’d recommend? It’s like, the vintage area of Rome Alright I’m just gonna capture you anyway Wait you already got it started Yeah I’m setting up the poles, do you want to give me a hand? What? Do you want to give me a hand? I don’t know about that stuff I beg you stop playing? See that? So the trainers that I’ve got, number one of course fresh pairs of Air Force 1s I have the TNs, nice clean white with nice little orange touches to it, you know Alright, let’s sort this Then I have the checkerboard Vans slip ons And lastly I have black and white Air Forces, Monochrome boys, you get me? Get some shots of the butterflies then come out and record me coming out cause I see it in my head They’ve all gone, I don’t know how to get them out! So what’s this then? This is Santa Maria Maggiore Oh right, I will not be able to pronounce that My mum and dad, they were sitting in the dark one day And then, they were like, “may he appear” and I was there Bruv, why you always talking and not helping? When I don’t talk, people are like, “Dex what’s wrong?” When I talk, people want me to shut up. You guys gotta pick one There’s a balance of life I know there’s a balance, and do you know what the balance is? Friendship 3, 2, 1 Maybe someone should try holding me up I’m not gonna make it! Keep going a little bit Oh my god Literally just jump on it, and walk on it Yorkshire… Yorkshire God’s own county What happened? To what? What? I’m wearing a black suit with black Air Forces, Dex always has his own vision whether it’s black or not I’m gonna support it, I’m gonna facilitate it, we’re gonna make it bang You look like you’re in the bath tub I like the element of surprise So that was look number 1, just done. That was actually really funny, really interesting Now, we’re gonna move on swiftly to look number 2 Yeah, we’re gonna climb some trees, like Meeks said on some Jungle Book flex, you feel me? So second look, adidas Continental 80s So we’ve got a sick little bookshop behind us. Le-me bebeet.. Masterus.. Seguile.. No, try again We’re in Greenwich right now We are going to an underground tunnel cause we will be shooting the second part of this lookbook TN 97s, I’m gonna ride up and down There ain’t no games, bruh We ain’t playing Correct, give them the glow Jheez, okay Look at that plane PAQ’s on bottom of it, that’s crazy! Do you wanna come down? I do wanna come down to be fair Don’t try to finesse me bruv, take the camera I need a Slush Puppy Bro I wanna get la glace fam …… la glace, les slush, le anything So…How are you actually getting up here? It should be like, super chill Oh my god! Nah, this is high fam… This guy fam… I’m doing the most, you know, to try and make this Come mai sta perendo …. C’era un buco nel sacco – e stato facile seguire la traccia d’oro Almost there.. Almost there It was decent, but yeah It would be cool to get a shot of you like jumping down You see in my head, I’ve already done it In my eyes, you haven’t I found a spot, I know the guy here, he set me up with my own little corner, little complimentary drink or two Switch sides Ah man I gotta really respect Meeks man, he’s really out here He’s pushing for my vision you know I can see the effort, so yeah So what you saying man I think we’ve done good you know Good, yeah? I feel we’ve done good Next stop graveyard yeah? Huh? Next stop graveyard yeah? Alright safe my guy Man didn’t even say which graveyard They’re blessing me with a little champagne, lavish boys, yo, really out here living a movie people Jheez, bossman Nothing between me and the ground other than air Jesus, alright, 3, 2… that 1 is not coming out fam I’m on the edge, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna jump Give him back a little gentle push Give me a nudge? Me or him? Yeah. Okay, cool! I like that. You like that? No Perfect 3, 2, 1 Yeah, yeah, I did it You know the shot didn’t even look that great For the third look I’m in Superstars We’re both in matching outfits once again, cheers mate You don’t put sugar? Nooo! Really? You’re so English So I’m now in look number 3 I’m currently wearing my Air Max. Let’s move that vegetables and let us get the drone I like what you did there I was wondering where that was going, you know.. No, not a gentleman like that, would you? Yeah Don’t trust you Question: what are you trying to capture here? We’re trying to capture me in my element And serenity? And serenity, that’s right I don’t know if I want to be buried fam So what do you wanna be? I want to be like… I wanna become a tree So we’ve done the restaurant, now we’re just doing the transport mode This is how we moving mandem, this is how we moving! Tell me when to stop! Yeah, get a jog on I feel bad He’s doing the waddle, that’s the p*ssed off waddle I just… I just love Italian vibes man Aww how cute! Look at these lot, man They can’t keep their arms off each other Natural chemistry, take notes So I have the all black TNs on right now I’m wearing a leather jacket, yeah I still wear leather jackets in summer And, you know The reason why I come here is always a deeper meaning What, are you telling me it’s only 7 minutes to Monaco via helicopter? Geez, okay, that’s what I’m talking about Look, even the tombstone says peace, that’s peaceful Right, so we just got off the helicopter Get the trainers shots in it Get the crep! Gotta get the crepdem shots. Look, can you stop messing about? You don’t have to kick it bruv Giving it that extra flare So that was three looks out of four, you gonna be alright? Alright cool, safe mate, peace! Why are you ducking again like this fam This guy is… Geez look at that boat, the number 1 Most expensive, most advanced yacht in the world How much? 450 million? I just wanna say to the camera – this whole situation here is completely mad Nah From a year and a bit ago, to helicopters, yachts, like… What are we doing bro? So if you guys haven’t copped already yeah, but a lot of the outfits for the shoots have literally been two outfits in one just some things have changed around, do you know what I mean But when I take off my shoes, I’m gonna put them next the previous two shoes I was wearing And I want you to capture that You know I like to end on a high note, so this sounds like it’s gonna be a cool shot There you go, we have a baked pie. Bob’s your uncle. How does Bob come from Robert? Shouldn’t it just be Rob? I swear it does. It does, isn’t it? Yeah, exactly, like Dick is short for Richard, which makes no sense I just allow them ones So we are in the last look of the day. Once again, super matchy, black, white and red So I’m in the Continental 80s for the second time today Where are we? Giardino di Aranci. It’s actually Orange Garden, Orange Garden ….Yeah, sure So I have an oversized black jacket on, a black hoodie underneath, black trousers. And of course I have the Jordan 1s, I’m from west That’s a W already PAQ and that…Awww what you saying, mate? See that? PAQ and that Let’s get that classic Italian road, I’m gonna get them coming towards me, and then….go Ladies, know this: Danny can charm anyone Yeah I’m not gonna lie, she’s a photographer as well. I’m a bit worried, you know And Danny likes her a lot than he likes me Aw I appreciate that. The hoodie is sick Every episode… To the death Do you wanna see the whole jacket coming off? Or… What the ****…Someone needs to capture that, oh my god, where’s the Super8? We might not have got bare footage but the footage we did get was gold This is actually a tease fam. I’m just burning right now, this… why isn’t this my reality! Why you looking at me like that? You look like you’re just… The look you’re giving me is so…why do you look like a…like What’s that deer’s name or that reindeer’s name Reindeer? It’s so mad because I thought like that was meant to happen The whole concept with the thing was to capture moments like …bless. I feel calm already, I feel like that just did something to me Yeah that was mad Danny, if there was a time to tell a crap joke it’s now Can’t believe all this was built in a day When in Rome No? No… Yeah…. Beautiful people walking right behind me. Life is good Life is great I’m a beautiful person walking behind him Elias don’t do that fam Go on, give us a final “now then love” to that camera there This one here, to this one Give us a “now then love” No… now then love What a keeper It’s a wrap! Congratulations guys! But… did we get any shots of the shoes? Just a quick interruption, we wanna say a big big thank you to Foot Locker for making this episode possible. It’s an absolute mad ting Whether you’re a Hypebeast, a sneakerhead, 80s causal, or you just like a nice pair of trainers every once in a while Foot Locker’s got you covered Foot Locker has the best kicks, fact So as you guys might have already seen, all of us have such different styles So that means we’re all gonna be wearing such different trainers But do you know what, we’re all good. We have a link to all the trainers that we used in the description below And they sell black trainers What the hell is this guy talking about? Anyway, you might need to make sure that your summer rotation is on point Foot Locker has the maddest crep collection, where better to go? So thanks you guys, thanks Foot Locker for making this possible. Back to the episode! So thank you all for coming to our screening room, to show you guys our mini movies for Foot Locker, our short films Hey guys my name is Vlad, I’m a Russian who lives in Italy, and I’m an Italian YouTuber, I guess Hi I’m Eda Vendetta and I’m a content creator. I’m from Berlin Hey, so my name is Barbara, I come from Paris. I’m a fashion stylist for Hypebeast I’m Selma, and I’m coming from Paris. I would say that I’m a sneaker collector I’ve been invited today by Foot Locker to judge the PAQ boys’ lookbook This is Foot Locker video lookbook. Basically it’s all around summer rotation I don’t know, some might be artsy, some might be documentary style. I have no idea I’m very curious since all you guys have different styles, so like I’m really curious what you come up with I guess we should get into it, I’m up first I hope you enjoy it You are the world’s biggest flexer bruv This outfit, like the suit and the shoes, this is, how you call it, “peng” in London? Yes! That was nice Yeah I like everything about the helicopter, the TNs, and the suit You’re the biggest flexer, and you’re too damn pretty. But I enjoyed it So Shaquille, you’re up next I wrote something that I thought ties in every scene in the short films so it’s literally I literally wrote just for this There’s nothing but freedom, especially in my kingdom where happiness runs free And it isn’t so mild. Unleash your heart said the innocent child. Explore the world in its beauty. Have no fear, be yourself, be unruly. Be transparent Run free and run far Lay down in a bed of your thoughts Look at the sky, admire the clouds but seek the star Last but not least, before the summer breeze is deceased And so your mind is at peace Document every moment so you can reflect on your 3 month masterpiece Was really really cool, and who edited it? Seriously good job I really liked how you showed the sneakers because on Instagram everything is very clean and staged I love when you said about being transparent and you are wearing the see-through jacket, cause you know that in itself it’s art When I think summer, you think of like breaks, I don’t mean like lads holidays in Malaga I think about nice city breaks in cool cities. I’ve always wanted to visit Rome So I thought Rome would be a fantastic place to shoot a lookbook So yeah, this is my ode to vintage Italian media So that was my film, “Boyfriend Material” I never actually saw this phrase in Italian, but… Have you stitched me up? Wow it was very different, I didn’t expect that I like the sneakers you chose because it’s timeless It was awesome bruv No I have to admit that was so so sick A few of my favourite trainers ever since I was a kid have been Air Forces and TNs I found the best way for me to push my personality is to genuinely be myself I really wanna reflect that through this video Look out for some of the editing, listen to the music as well cause that was produced by one of my friends, Honeywood Six If it’s a bit of a horror film, I apologise So I loved how it was four completely separate different scenes. Honeywood went in on that mate It actually looked like a music video and the music is actually awesome To me it looks like how you describe London from your point of view I’ve had four heart operations, and I’ve been very familiar with face of death When I used to walk to school and walk home, I would walk through a graveyard And at times where I felt like I had no friends and I was alone, I would go there as a comfort place And it sounds weird but I didn’t feel alone there I tried to keep positive, but I am representing myself in this sense Bro, the music, the vibe, like It was really well done, so So thank you guys a lot for sharing your films with us Now I think we will have to talk between ourselves to just decide which one of you we choose so if you could just maybe leave us together Was that alright? Because I still like what actually he did, I completely agree on the fact that he can win First of all, thanks for the amazing videos you shared with us Towards the slightly forced unanimous decision of the winner It took us a while And the winner has black nails, Dex Fired up I mean we loved everything. You didn’t deny anything about it, how it can be like tough sometimes Let us know who you thought had the best film. Make sure you comment below, like, subscribe All that good stuff keep the lights on bro, keep subbing, that’s how us man eat, we gotta eat! On behalf of PAQ, thank you guys for coming down as well, you know, coming to the UK Shoutout to Foot Locker, you guys fully gave us the most maddest challenge ever, and it was so much fun We’ve never directed our own short films before and this was absolutely amazing And don’t forget to check out online So we always get a lot of comments about all the editing. It’s all done in-house… A a massive thank you to Shani, Honeywood, Jonah, and Max of course for making all this possible, and working tirelessly to get a quick turnaround And just absolutely killing it, essentially. They’ve done a fantastic job, each of them. We’re all super happy, and of course, one huge massive big special thank you to Josh Meeks Rayvon as well We have four £150 Foot Locker gift vouchers that we’re gonna give away to four random commenters. All you gotta do is tell us what’s in your summer rotation, in the comments below Going to your local Foot Locker, head over to If you like the trainers that we we wore, we’ll have a link to them in the description box below of the video Click on those links, and you guys can have a sick summer rotation yourselves

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