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32 thoughts on “| Waves | a short film by ywilde

  1. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful video. I feel people describe depression as just being sad, as just one thing, when in reality it is different for everyone. You did such a great job capturing that. I also loved how you had multiple people contribute. Great job on your first short film, I'm so excited to see what you continue to create πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for using my dumb Scottish voice and part of my story to close out this beautiful project, I actually feel noticed for once!

  3. It doesn't surprise me that the way these people describe depression is how I feel when I have anxiety. you did great on this video ❀️

  4. This is incredible and really sums up what my brother and I go through daily. Thank you. Your art is a constant inspiration. You are a wonderful person Yasmine and don't you ever forget that.

  5. It's so cool to hear your own voice in something beautiful! Well done Yasmine! It's wonderful ❀️

  6. Really powerful video. Thank you for making this, I'm gonna share it so people know they are not alone and so that others can understand depression better.

  7. An amazingly raw, compassionate, and real video on our shared path through life.
    Thank you for letting my voice join the Chorous of Us – hope isn't a foreign concept to us anymore, for we've gifted it to each other through your artful eye and heart. πŸ’œ

  8. i'm in this, and this made me so emotional. thank you for making this and showing the world what depression is and bringing in awareness. this was beautiful.

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