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hey whats going on guys its ballin here and
today ill be showing you how to watch movies or TV shows online for free this is a updated
video because the last one i did on this channel it does not work anymore so this is how you
do it now go to internet browser on your ps4 go to your URL type sometimes
on this website you will get subtitles all you have to do is there will be a cc icon
down in the bottom right like down here all you have to do is click on that to take off
the subtitles i just clicked on something random supernatural but yeah it only takes
a few seconds to load at first this is a really good website for this is what i use now and
if there is an hd version available then it will let you switch to hd so it will be high
quality if there is and ad that comes up all you have to do is close out of it like i did
in the old video i explained it in the old video that’s all you go to do for this video
if you guys enjoyed or found this helpful don’t forget to leave a like subscribe for
more videos like this and ill see you guys in the next one

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