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Why didn’t you jerk just pass the ball? Shut up, asshole! Seems like you wanted to quit the game a bit earlier today, didn’t you? Fuck you! Marc, cover your balls. That’s disgusting. Andrej. Come with me. LAUNDRY MOOD You just play shit. You tackle all over the field and are sent off regularly. Do you have shit for brains? Are you trying to cheer me up? I’m trying to wake you up. Memorize this field one last time. I had bad luck. How is your girlfriend doing? Or was it your wife? How is she? Fine. Eh? Fine. The club has no need for people like you. I got a contract. And I can change that. Dude! What do you want? That you stop being a fucking faggot !!! Come. This is why you are here. To score fucking goals and not to pour powder in my team. It’s not your team. It’s mine. Oh sorry, forgot that. Place the ball. If you score, I forget what I saw yesterday night. Come on, shitdick! Do you still see Christian? Give him my regards. Those who are afraid of their own sexuality, also fear to be discovered by others. So they try to divert attention from themselves, become aggressive or provoke quarrels. That’s what I call “Laundry Mood”, that I could hardly bear. quote by: Thomas Hitzlsperger

4 thoughts on “WASCHKÜCHENSTIMMUNG (2015) | Official Short Film

  1. wie kann ein Fussballer das nur unbeschadet aushalten, auch in Brasilien werden wohl einige diesem Druck standhalten müssen — wahnsinn

  2. …erinnert mich an meinen früheren langjährigen Tennisclub…wurde ziemlich gehänselt und gemobbt –  bin dort ausgetreten,obwohl ich der Beste meiner Altersklasse war.

  3. tolles Video… bin nur mal gespannt, wenn der ganze Mist endlich mal aufhört … ich finde es unmenschlich sich so verleugnen zu müssen …

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