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“Come friends let’s have fun. – I want
to move with you boy, one more time.” “I want to move with you boy,
one more time.” “Let us fly without fear. – I want to
fly with you boy, one more time.” “I want to fly with you boy,
one more time.” “Listen my dear life is
a garden of flowers , where the..” “ of the heart
have a sweet smell.” “Whatever will be will be
but you don’t lose this moment.” “Whatever happens will happen,
have fun with life. -I want to get..” “ hottie naughty with you.” “I’m not that bird that
will walk even when he has wings.” “I may not know my destination,
but i have still taken off.” “Everyone come and sing.
-Baby let me drive you crazy.” “Let us celebrate happiness. “Listen my dear life
is a garden of flowers.” “Where the flowers of
the heart have a sweet smell.” “I want to move with you boy,
one more time.” “I want to move with you boy,
one more time.” “I want to fly with you boy,
one more time.” “I want to fly with you boy,
one more time.” Come on, come on, yay! You can do it! Come on! Babe go, go, go! Does anyone hit like this just to win?
I won’t spare you. -Katik, Kartik. You stay quiet. I won’t spare you till you say sorry. I told you to stay quiet.
-Kartik, What are you doing? One, Two, Three, Four. Are you stupid? No, no. hey! stop, stop. It’s been so many days. It’s been so many months.
The place that i went to,.. ..we shouldn’t even
think about going there. No, no, no. Central Jail A totally different world,
I was missing you there. Power Rangers Spd Rose, Rosie! Rose! Hello. Hey Kartik,
Ramesh, the site supervisor fell down. Take him to the hospital. I am taking him, I was informing you. Hey, move fast. Take him fast. Hey, you reach the hospital soon. Yes, ok I am coming there. Sorry uncle. Sorry. Yes! What is this?
You spilled all the water. So what? The bucket had dirty water. It wasn’t dirty. I have just washed the car. Nothing is going to happen even if
you wash the car with so much water. You have no style at all. No problem. -I will tell you
what kind of a car you should buy. Ok. -You should buy Swift,
it’s a very nice car. Black colour car with
two white stripes on it. Ok fine, now let’s go. Stop, stop, stop. Dad, last time you told
me you’ll buy it but you didn’t. This time i will buy it. Now have a bath,
we have to go to the hospital. I’m not coming, you go. Get the Swift car
the one with two stripes. Yes I will buy it. -Promise? Promise. -Then you will
have to sign something. On what? -On this,
come fast and sign the glass. What has happened. Why did you leave us and go? You put it on. Who will support us now? What happened this? This has sugar? thanks. Stay Quiet. what happened? Why are you crying?
-You have to cry at a funeral. See how everyone is crying over there,
you go and cry too. Are you finding your mobile?
-Rehman sir.. ..don’t play with my heart. The poor fellow died. Hey, what happened? You said that one starts hearing
music when they see someone they love. Yes. -She’s inside. You didn’t hear the music? No i did not. -Come here. She went without informing. -Leave it. We are at a funeral,
stop creating a scene. Kartik, Kartik! Kartik. -Hey Krishna. Come here. -Kartik! Take it. Did he take it and leave?
-Yes, a while back. What happened to you? Nothing happened to me but
something has happened to him. Hello. -Is Sandhya there? Yes, speaking. who are you? Nice. Hello. -What hello hello? You hit my car and
ran off but I caught you. Who are you?
Who are you trying to call? What do you mean
who do i want to call? I got through with great difficulty. Now listen to me carefully,
you came to Alwarpet yesterday right? Yes I came. I think you came to
Number 5 Sun Beam College. Yes. -At someone’s Funeral. Yes I knew that person. I am very sorry,
thats where i swooned over you. I mean you damaged my
car and it’s a very big dent. No I didn’t. -What no? It’s a dent. Ok where is the dent? Do one thing,
come here and see for yourself. ok? Ok I am coming. Who was on the phone? Somebody is saying
I damaged their car. I’ll go take a look. You damaged the car, right? Why go now? Relax. If I don’t go now, he’ll keep calling. Come sir, there is a lot of space. Hey, come here. Sir. -I’ll park on my own. ok? Ok sir. Sir, the car is damaged. Good. Ok thank you. Hi, I am the one who called. You? Pcr carting? Leave that,
you damaged my car but why? Where was it hit? Look, you hit it so badly. It’s a big dent. Ok but why did you call me here? My, my mechanic is going to come here. Come, come we’ll sit inside and talk. Please come, come, come. No, outside is fine. Come, sit. Please sit. What will you have? tea? No thanks. -Coffee? I don’t have a habit. Then have some milkshake,
that must be a habit. Look I can never hit a car. I was trained at
the best driving school. Do they have races there? -No. I don’t even go walking on a one way. Going walking is not a crime,
just walk. Leave all of that,
tell me how i damaged your car? It’s a big story. Give me your mobile. For what? -Please give it. It’s an Iphone be careful. -Ok. This is your car and this is mine. Some idiot parked
his car infront of yours. Now you couldn’t go forward
so you hit my car while reversing. If i reversed.. ..then the front
side should’ve been hit. Sorry, sorry mistake. What actually happened was.. ..this is your car and this is mine. That same idiot parked
infront of your car. Very difficult you know. Now you couldn’t go back.. ..that’s why while going forward you
slightly hit my car on the left side. You’re saying the
car was hit on the left.. ..but the car was
actually hit on the right. I just know that my car was hit,
that’s all. You are lying. I can never hit a car.. ..but I’ll pay for the damages. And finish it off. What do you do? I am a Doctor. Doctor, which hospital? South Crest Mission.
-South Crest Mission. Ok look I really respect doctors. I’ll solve the dent problem. You can have your milkshake and leave. If i ever need you,
I’ll come to your hospital. Thank you. Milkshake? -I don’t want it, thanks. Looks like I need to
work really hard to woo her. Hello doctor. -Hello. Hey, where is she?
It’s been so long, look at the time. She’ll come,
she must be busy with work. She isn’t lazy like you. Why are you laughing? Krishna what happened? She is coming. -Let me get ready. Where is she? Hi, did you recognize me? You got your car dent repaired, right? Yes, It’s ok. Meet them,
they are my friends, Krishna.. ..Uttara, Shiva. -Hi. Hi. -I wanted to talk to you alone. Tell me what happened? -Yes, ok. I need to talk to her alone.
-Then go talk. Please go away. I didn’t get you. You said you have a lot of work left,
so leave. Bye. -Bye Bye. Now tell me. It’s a little personal. Do you have any problem? No, I don’t have any problem. How should I tell you? Should I suggest
another doctor for you? I am in the Pediatric ward. Whatever problem you have.. ..never hide it from a doctor,
so tell me. You’re right. Can we talk while having coffee? Thank you. You came here for a checkup? What’s the problem? I can’t sleep at night. It gets dark when I close my eyes.. ..and when I open them
I see the ceiling fan. Ok. -There is nobody
on the street when I go out.. ..only the street lights are on. And you can hear a
dog barking at a distance. It’s very strange. No, It’s not strange. The same things happen
in my area too at midnight. It’s very common. I thought about this a lot. I thought about it while sitting,
lying down.. ..walking and even while bending down. No matter which way I thought about
it, I came to only one conclusion.. ..I love you very much
and I want to marry you. What? I mean I love you,
I want to marry you. what say? No, no. What do you want me to say? Simple, that you love me too. What else? Come on tell me. I am leaving. Ok, next time. Sorry. What does he think of himself. Yes! Hi. Whats your name? -Iman. What? -Iman. Oh. Ok doctor. Iman let’s go. Let’s go. Yes! Excuse me, Mr. Nuashad please. Shweta. -Yes. Please go there. I want to meet Naushad. He isn’t here,
he hasn’t been coming to office.s I’ll be going tomorrow. Please just wait, I’ll come. My son died. You? -I am Naveen’s father. My wife, Geeta.. ..and my son, got into a car accident. My son died. Sorry but this case is in court. It was an accident. But how come you’re here? This is my office, I work here. My son died. I am in a hurry I will meet you later. I am Sorry. My son, my son. My son died. One, Nine,
Six, One, Nine, Eight. -Yes. Excuse me doctor. -Hi. Yes. Hi. -Hi. What’s happening? What you do is. Hello. Not now, I am very busy right now. I will talk to you later.
One minute ok? Yes,tell me.
-Why were you clicking photos of me? Tell me, I want an answer. Hi Sandhya. -Hi. I am getting ready. I need to have a photo
of the person I want to marry. It’s ok if i don’t have a big blower.. ..but I atleast need
a passport size photo. Why are you suddenly
talking about marriage? Suddenly? I did talk
to you about it the other day. But you didn’t respond
so I’m asking you again. You say this to every girl,
don’t you? -No. I don’t talk to anyone, its just you. Why should i marry you,
give me one good reason. One reason?
I can give you a hundred reasons. First, You are very beautiful.
-I know that. You look prettier
when you’re sad. -So? You are very tolerant.
-I’m not tolerant at all. You never get angry. Wait till you see my anger.
-Ok, leave all of this. Why don’t you want to marry me,
just give me one reason for that. I have a hundred reasons.
-You have a hundred reasons? Ok. -Firstly, I just don’t
want to marry you. -Understandable. Rest of the ninety
nine reasons are the same. Oh. -Don’t you do any kind of work? Oh my profession? I am an architect. I have various projects
in different places. I am very busy. Look I’m really busy too. -Ok. This is a hospital,
stop behaving like this. -Ok. I am explaining to you nicely,
don’t ever come here again. I want to go home,
i’m getting bored over here. Hi Sidhu. How are you? -Doing my homework. How are you? Is your cough alright? Did it go or not? Come on take deep breaths. What happened to him? What are you doing here? go out. Let me tell you something
important then I’ll go. It’s about last night,
I was sleeping peacefully.. ..suddenly I hear something,
I got up and saw.. ..your face all over the ceiling. Why you don’t have a ceiling fan? Whenever I see you.. ..I can hear Rehman’s music
beat in my heart on full volume. Do you listen to Rehman’s music? M. S. Viswanathan That means whenever I look at you.. can hear MSV’s
music beat in your heart. We’ll see later. ok? We’ll see later. ok? Hi. Hi. -How are you? I’m good. -What are you reading? Hey, do you know how i feel
when i look at you right now? As if a thousand butterflies.. ..are flying inside of me. Ok relax.
-How do you feel when you look at me? Do butterflies fly? I feel like this. I don’t believe it. Watch it. Wow. Super uncle. -No uncle, Karik. How was it? -Super. Once more? First tell me your name. -Shakti. Shakti. Shakti, convince
this doctor to marry me. Don’t worry Kartik. If she doesn’t, I’ll marry you. You? -Yes once I get a little older. No, No, No. I will only marry Sandhya. Kiss. See you got jealous. You didn’t like it when
she said she’ll marry me, did you? Why did you call these two? “Now only you can come into my life.” “Only your name echos in my heart.” “I take your only your name always.” “I am crazy for you.” “I am madly in love with you.” “I am lost in your love.” “Now only you can come into my life.” “Only your name echos in my heart.” “I take your only your name always.” “I am crazy for you.” “I am madly in love with you.” “I am lost in your love.” “It’s you that I want.” “You are the one in my dreams.” “I wanted to say this
to you since a long time.” “I can’t live without you anymore.” “I want to live and die with you.” “I want to spend my days
and nights in your arms.” “The day sets in your eyes.” “My life depends
on the thoughts of you.” “You are my heartbeat,
I am in love with you.” “I have become your lover.” “I have turned crazy for you.” “I am lost in your love.” My son died. I can’t tolerate this. But it did not bother you at all. Please come inside, we’ll talk. My son died. Look Mr. Ishwar, it’s over. The case was in court
and it’s been decided. I did not do anything intensionally. It all happened so suddenly,
it was an accident. But my son? I had so many dreams for him. I wanted to do so much for him. More than my status. He was my son. What do you want? How can i help you? You can’t understand my pain. I am very sorry,
please don’t come over here again. I don’t like it, please. You still can’t understand my pain. Ok, you tell me what can I do? You go through the same pain. What did you say? Are you blackmailing me? Please try and feel my pain. Look, you don’t know
what you’re talking about. Go Away from here. You took away everything I had.. ..and you’re screaming
on me to go away. No, no I’m not screaming. You’re not screaming? Hello uncle. Iman go inside. You love your son very much,
don’t you? Hey, stop it! But what about my son? I will take your son
away from you. – You.. Come, far away from your son
with me to graveyard. That’s when you’ll be
able to understand my pain. I will make you feel pain. Get out! You will feel the pain. Excuse me. Sir, nobody lives over here.
they left this house and went away. Take care. I’ll just finish it. Hi doctor. Hi. I told you to not come here. I’m not here to meet you,
I’m here to meet Shakti. Doctor, can i tell you something?
you won’t believe what happened. Kartik is very powerful. That’s why i am making him spiderman.
-Shakti, stay quiet. Let me talk. -Shakti go and lie down. Sandhya listen. I imagined too many
accidents last night.. ..there were cars and bikes
and they were flying over me. ..but I had so much power
in me that nothing happened to me. Superman,
Spiderman, Batman, Rajnikanth.. ..their powers combined
was how powerful I became. So why are you telling me all of this? Because you’re the reason for this.. ..looking at you gives
me all of this power. What would happen if
I jump from that window? You’ll die. -I won’t die. I will cheat death,
I can cheat death. -Oh. If that’s the case then do one thing.. ..go and jump. The emergency ward is downstairs,
you can directly reach it. You go and get the mortuary ready. Sister. -Yes doctor. Inform the ward a body
will come to them directly. Please go. -Doctor. -Please go. Kartik. -Wait I’ll be back. Hey Kartik. -Stay quiet. Please stop him. -Nothing will happen. Hey. Hey Kartik. Yes Krishna. Hey Kartik,
I have 2 tickets for Govinda’s film. You told me you’ll pick me up.
where are you? I am about to jump of a building. No problem.. ..from which floor? -Ninth floor. What? the ninth floor! Yes the ninth floor. Don’t jump off the ninth floor..’ll get hurt. -I’ll call
you once I land on the ground floor. No. -You wait. Kartik no! This is not a joke,
I’m serious I will jump. Go and jump. Shakti. Doctor. -Shakti. Go call the senior doctor. Check her pressure. -Yes doctor. Shakti. Sandhya I’m sorry.. ..I didn’t think it through.
-Please leave. You don’t know the importance
of saving someone’s life. All this is just a joke for you. Please go away. You still haven’t left? Do you want to talk
about the marriage again? Talking about butterflies
and jumping from the building. Go away, go somewhere else. Try and go to a doctor. Go to a psychiatrist. Please go. Sandhya. She scolded me a lot.. ..and she was crying
while scolding me. And you’re still the same. She had a reason for scolding me.. ..that’s why I was quiet. You know Shakti, don’t you?
-No I don’t, who is she? Very sweet girl. She wanted to marry me. Come and stand over here.
-For a moment.. ..I was completely surprised.. ..If I felt like this.. ..then how would Sandhya feel? Very difficult situation. That’s why I let her cry. Kartik be careful. That’s the problem.. ..I am speechless when I see her. But why did she scold me? She loves me.. ..that’s why she scolded me. That’s ok. -It’s not ok. She thinks I take everything lightly. Butterflies fly inside me,
is that a joke? I hear Rehman’s music, is that a joke? I think about her. -Kartik, no! Krishna, she also told me.. ..that I should go see a psychiatrist. What a ridiculous thing to say. Krishna do I need a doctor? Do you hear Rehman’s music? Yes doctor. Only Rehman. Whenever I see her
the music starts playing. Oh which song? “What to do? what not to do?
what kind of a problem is this?” Doctor. He wants to kill himself. You tried to kill yourself? -No. You said you could cheat death. You tried to jump of a building.. ..but you didn’t jump. Oh. Now I understand. You know what?
I think you are in love. That is what I am saying doctor. But no one listens to me. No one understands my feelings. Do you know 20 years ago.. 1980 I also heard a song. Which song? “A girl is drenched..” “..she can’t sleep at night.” Nice song doctor. Kishor Kumar. -Was this
song picturised on Madhubala? I found my love.. ..but i had to sacrifice a lot. Oh my god. How to treat this? See listen to me.. over react on everything. Very filmy. It is very dramatic.
-Love doctor, love. Have you ever looked into
her eyes and told her how you feel? No doctor,
she runs away whenever she sees me. How do I look into her eyes then? Try, you’ll be able to do it. Thats how I tried,
and in the end in the Krishna temple.. ..I got a chance
to look her in the eyes. Then? -I fell to her feet. Then we got married. Now we have 2 kids, twins. Bala Krishna and Rama Krishna. Nice names. What do they look like? Just like there mother,
they are very intelligent. Nice, very nice. Brilliant,
I’ll meet her tomorrow and then. Yes that’s the spirit, go for it. Krishna Temple. Catholic Church. Brother’s and sister’s
ever week we have a guest.. ..who shares with us his thoughts. This week our special
guest is Mr. Kartik. No. Hi, good evening friends. My name is Kartik. I am here to share
my feelings with everone. I am not used to giving
lectures on a mike, I’m sorry. I can’t talk about important
topics like the father. I don’t know how to do that. Actually I am not a christian. But it doesn’t matter if you’re hindu,
muslim or a christian. Am I right father? -Yes, correct. Do you all agree with me? Yes, yes, yes.. ..yes, ya, ya.. ..yes, yes. -Thanks. Yes. Every religion and every culture.. ..teaches us only one
thing and that is to love. That is love. Father? -Yes, yes. Do you all agree with me? -Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. When we love someone.. ..we give them love, not hate. Am I right? -Yes you are. That mean if I love someone.. ..then that person should not hate me,
am I right father? No, no, not at all. No, no! No, no, no. Yes. -No, no. I want to say.. ..that there is a beautiful
girl present in the audience.. ..whom I really love. I won’t tell you her name, no tension. What is he talking about? Mr. Kartik. -Father. Please come over here for a minute. Just 2 minutes, please.
-Please Mr. Kartik. Please don’t take me wrong,
I wanted to share my feelings.. ..with Jesus. The same way you make a confession. I have given my heart.. she should accept
it and give her heart to me. Then I can take care of her. Brother’s please wait I
will really love her. -So sweet. I promise to protect her. I swear on my father and my mother. I swear on Jesus,
please give me 2 minutes. I will go away, please stop. That was very interesting. Very inspiring. Mr. Narayan. How did you come inside? The door was open, where is Naushad? Who are you? -You know me. I don’t know who Naushad is. I went to his office,
they told me you would know about him. Yes I know.. ..but I don’t have
any personal contact. He doesn’t even call over here. I haven’t met him for a long time. Can I get a glass of water? Sure, sure. Yes Mr. Narayan. A man came looking for you,
he knows you. He was asking for your
address and phone number. I sent him away without telling him
anything. -What is happening Naushad? You don’t tell me anything.
-You take care of yourself. That man did not seem right. Ok, thanks. Hi, may I come in? Yes. No you get out. Ok, bye I’ll come bach later.
-Come here. Oh yes. -Why did you trouble
me in church with that speech? I troubled you?
I just spoke my heart out. Nonsense. -Everyone was on my side. No they were not. Good, atleast you’e talking. Love is developing. I will just tell
you something important. Tell me and go. You’re making me run away. But when you end
up marrying a stranger.. ..and you’ll have kids
and become a grandmother.. ..and you’ll lose all your
teeth and you won’t be able to speak.. ..and you’ll need a
stick to help you walk.. ..that’s when you
will think about me.. ..that you should’ve married only me.. ..I should’ve told
him about my feelings. After that you will sit and cry.. ..but by then it will be too late. But if you say yes now,
then any church you say.. ..Santam church or
the Vatican church.. ..we will get married there. We will love each other a lot,
we will be a happy family. We will have kids, that too twins. One will be like you
and the other will be like me. Ok fine both will be like you. Then they’ll go to
school and cthen college. And then they will
have a love marriage. You’ll say no for a love
marriage but I will say yes for it. Then they will get married.. ..they will have kids.. ..then we will become grandparents. We’ll turn old and love
each other even more than before. But I will die before you. And you will cry. But you’ll have happy tears.. ..because we would’ve
spent a happy life. We had a happy life. Is crying in regret better
or crying in happiness better? Which is better? I gave a huge explanation
please give me an answer now. I will be crying in both cases.
Now please leave. If I walk out this door.. ..then i won’t come back again.
-Don’t come back. Thing about it seriously. I thought about it seriously,
please don’t come back. Are you sure? I am very sure, out. Ok, look at this handsome
face one last time. Last look. I am going, I am going. I am going, I am going, I am gone. Sandhya, I went to
the supermarket yesterday.. ..with my friend,
she saw you somewhere. She really liked you.. ..she wants her son to marry you. So I said yes. You fixed my marriage? Why, you have any problem? Sandhya. Thanks, bye. First seal all of these. One minute. -Hi. Is Kartik here? Kartik is not here,
I don’t know where he is. You can call him. I did, his phone was switched off. Anyway thanks. Do you want me to give him a message? No. -Ok. Hello. -You were thinking about me? No. -Someone came looking
for me at my site. Was it you? Hello. Hello. I wanted to tell you
that I am getting married. Good, I expected this from you,
tell me more. I will get married. I will have kids, I will have twins. And they will have
an arranged marriage. I will become a grandmother. Wait, wait, wait. I’l have white hair
and I’ll lose teeth.. ..I’ll use a stick to walk.. ..and when i have grandchildren,
I will love them a lot. And you know what? I will die before you.. ..then you sit and cry..’ll sit and cry while
thinking about a happy life with me. Why will you die first
and why should I cry? You’ll hink about me and cry. Me, you? Oh no. Oh my darling. -Don’t touch me. If I don’t touch you.. ..then how will we have kids? How will we move forward? I should’ve told you this before.. ..that i tried really hard.. ..but I couldn’t understand women. Women? How man women? Right now, only you. And then. Always you. One huggy please. Please. “When the drops of
the first rainfall, fell..” “..I could smell the sweet
smell of the rain in your hair..” “It was as if you
set fire to the rain.” “This weather took my heart away.” “There is weird
feeling in our bodies.” “My heart tells me to hug you.” “The floor would be above
and the sky would be below us.” “We should find such a place
where we can lose ourselves.” “Where we become one.” “The floor would be above
and the sky would be below us.” “We should find such a place
where we can lose ourselves.” “Where we become one.” “Your wet hair drives me crazy.” “The water ends up catching
fire and the stones melt..” “..that’s how beautiful you are.” “The starts have a
relation with the moon.” “There must be such a place
where we can lose ourselves.” “Where we become one.” “The floor would be above
and the sky would be below us.” “We should find such a place
where we can lose ourselves.” “Where we become one.” “This desert is so lonely..” “..all it has is sand.” “Flies like a vortex” “There is no possibility
left after this.” Give it to me. Yes, yes. Over here. Wait, wait, wait, I’m coming too. Please wait. I’m first. Excuse me, who do you want to meet? Iman, fourth standard. Fourth C, he is my student. – Yes. He is a good student, but he hasn’t
been coming for the past few says. We did try to contact
them but they did not respond. By the way are you related to them? I know him. You remembered me
after so long Naushad. It’s not like that. It’s just that Iman stays at home,
all alone so he gets bored. We don’t like seeing him like that.. ..I thought I should drop
him off over here for some time. Yes why not,
I mean why just for some time? Leave him for a couple of days,
this is also like your own house. No, no, wait. -Hey Sachin,
let me fly it too, please. Uncle he wants to fly the kite.
-Iman that is a thread.. can cut your hand. Naushad we used to fly
so many kites in our childhood. They are kids, let them play. Be careful. Look, look, look. Iman. -Iman. What happened? Wait, wait, wait. This is our main entrance. Enter with your right leg. Let’s move. Please come. Let’s start. This is our hall. Ok. -There is nothing
this side nor that side. It’s empty. You can put anything here. Now look at that, a huge guest room. Our friends cannot come beyond
this point, this is their limit. ok? Ok. -And here is.. ..our beautiful kitchen. Your department. I won’t cook.
-It’s ok, we’ll order from outside. And over there will be a huge bedroom. We’ll have our own kids, twins. There should be some privacy, so
the kids will be a little far from us. So that the kids don’t hear anything. And as we have more kids,
we’ll build more rooms. This side or that side,
a beautiful clinic for you. Ok? How is it? Hey, did i hurt you? No, I am very happy. Even if at this monent.. ..I die, it won’t matter. Oh then i’ll have to change the plan. Hey! Our love has just begun,
why should we end it now? Anyways, let it be. Tell your dad to postpone
your wedding for a year. All my projects will get completed.. ..and your course too. A whole year? This cannot happen. No way. You kept running after me.. that I have said yes.. are postponing the wedding. That’s why I am asking
you to postpone it. No. -Hey, stop, stop. Fine, neither for you, nor for me. I want to get married now. Ok. Let’s have a bet, ready? Ready, on your mark, get set. Cheater. On your mark, get set, go! Hey. Loser. Where, where, where? Come on, come on, go, go. I will win. -I will win this race. Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya? Sandhya? Sister is she alright? Ok, you’ll be alright. Sandhya nothing will happen to you. Don’t be scared, you’ll be ok. Krishna. Doctor. Her carotid artery
and jugular vein was cut. She lost a lot of blood. We did everything we could
but we couldn’t save her. What are you saying doctor? You couldn’t save Sandhya? Doctor there must be some mistake. You could’ve made a mistake. I am not blaming you doctor. But a human can make a mistake. Please check again doctor. Krishna, tell him. I am very sorry, take care. Sorry. A few hours ago she was.. ..happily riding her cycle. I can still see her smiling face. It was such a tiny thread. How can it take her life? Mom, it was just a small
thread that is used to fly kites. I took it out,
it was wrapped around her neck. It was a thread that cut her throat. Please don’t cry. Take care of her. If you cry, it’ll make us cry too. She is allergic to hospital’s,
Uttra take her home. She gave me the smaller cycle. And took the bigger cycle herself. That’s why she was ahead of me. I should’ve been ahead of her. Then this would not have happened. I wish I was ahead of her, then
it would be my dead body ling here. But things were not
planned out that way. Hey, look how everyone is crying. Her mother and father. Ok. My life is over now. Krishna, we will have to sign
somewhere to take her body, right? Let’s go from here. Her parents are here. We didn’t get married.. Kartik, please. -So I can’t sign. Please, let’s go.
-It’s ok I understand. Sir. Uncle you should’ve called
I would’ve come to pick you up. It is ok Kartik. -Please sit. Thank you, how are you? -I am fine. Your face says it all. How long will you live like this? Life has to go on. I am so proud of Sandhya.. ..seriously I am very happy. As long as she was alive
she helped everyone that she could. And even after her
death she did the same.. ..even after dying
she helped save a life. Heart transplantation Kartik. She gave her heart to a.. ..small child and saved his life. My Sandhya is still with me. Madam. -Yes. I wanted a patient’s address.
-His name? Excuse me which on is Naushad’s house? F1. -Ok, thanks. Hello, no one lives there. Come here, come on. Where did they go? -I don’t know,
they didn’t say anything. The house has been
locked for a long time. Did you check at their old address? Sorry, would anybody else know? Only I know about everyone here. But even I don’t know.
Coffee? -Thanks. Twenty-fifth April
is my wedding anniversary. That’s why I remember
that child’s heart surgery. That boy sent me a greeting card. Iman, maybe this could help you. Iman, Mona. What are you doing? I just wanted to tell you
that I can’t live without you. You wanted to jump of the
building and kill yourself, right? But you know what? I didn’t
want someone to die because of me. You love me.. ..but also tell me
how much do you love me? Tell me. “Love helped our hearts meet,
that’s when our love began.” “Please don’t ever leave me alone.” “I am Romeo and you are my Juliet.” “I am Romeo and you are my Juliet.” “I swear I am yours.” “I listened to everything you said..” “ are my only Romeo.” “You are only mine, my love.” “No matter what this world says..” “ are my Romeo.” “You are my only lover.” “Love helped our hearts meet,
that’s when our love began.” “Please don’t ever leave me alone.” “My love is deeper than
the rivers and the sea’s.” “Your name is written
on every drop of my blood.” “As long as I live, I will be yours.” “I hope my life doesn’t
fall short for loving you.” “Please don’t say this,
I want to live and die in your love.” “Please don’t ever leave me, I don’t
want to feel the pain of separation. “I know now how madly you are in
love with me, I will never leave you.” “My lover listen to me.” “Oh my Romeo.” “My love, my other half.” “My crazy lover.” “Love helped our hearts meet,
that’s when our love began.” “Please don’t ever leave me alone.” “I am Romeo and you are my Juliet.” “I am Romeo and you are my Juliet.” “I swear I am yours.” “I listened to everything
you said you are my Romeo..” “ are my life, my world.” “No matter what this world says,
you are my Romeo..” “ are my lover, my love.” Syed, please keep an eye on the car. Hello, the car is damaged. Go and tell them inside. Hello, the care is damaged. Where are you from? -From Chennai. Rahul go and see. It will take 2-3 days to repair it.
-I want it soon. Sir what about all the other cars? Ishwar? Don’t you recognise me? It’s me. Your friend. Syed. We played football together
at the district match. Why are you looking at me like this?
You’re Ishwar, right? I am syed. You took so long to recognise me.
-Just now. “What’s the problem? Oh, it’ll be repaired in a day. Let’s go. Ishwar you’ll stay with me, ok? You have met me after such a long
time, you probably don’t remember. If you hadn’t fought
with the committee for me.. ..I wouldn’t have made it to the team. I wouldn’t have played
in the district match. What do you do these days? I am talking to you. Come on. Move. You got married and had a kid, right? Instead of bringing them along,
you got this dog along. Where are they? Thy died. I am sorry. This is my house. Not mine, It belongs to my boss. He is in Cochin,
I am just a care taker. This is my wife, Reshma. Come here my son. Say hi to uncle. -Hello uncle. This is my friend, Ishwar.
he’s come from the city. He’ll stay here for a few days,
get a room ready. Come on go, let’s go son. Come Ishwar. You had a lot of fun today? Mr. naushad? -Yes, you? I understand your pain. When I learnt that my child is dying.. ..I felt the same kind of pain. I had almost lost my child, but.. ..your Sandhya helped save his life. He was flying a kite
with his friends.. ..and suddenly he fainted. Doctor please save him no matter what. Your son is not a normal boy.. you know what has happened?
Cardiomyopathy. Do you know his heart
can stop beating any minute. We must do a heart
transplant immediately. Do you uderstand what I am saying?
We have to transplant a heart. Please save my son doctor. We have informed all the hospitals.. ..don’t get scared,
you should be happy that.. ..your son has a
heart enlargement case. That means, he does not
necessarily need a child’s heart. The heart of any person
who died 4 hours ago would do. An accident case of a
23 year old girl has come in.. ..she is donating her heart. 23 years old accident case. She is donating her heart. If that had not happened.. ..he would have died
on the day of his birth. 25th of April. My son was reborn and I got him back. Now in this situation should
I celebrate my son’s life.. ..or should I mourn the
death of the person you lost. Kartik, I.. with you in this sad time,
I don’t have any.. ..words to thank you. I want to see Iman. Kick the ball. The one in the purple tshirt,
there he is. Iman. -Hi. Fast. No, no. Please wait. “If a man wants he
can even touch the sun..” “If he has a strong will,
he can even take over the world.” “Go and fly like the wind.” “Everyone will help you, go and fly.” “Go and touch the sky.” “Go and elevate your aspirations.” “Go and take over the world.” “Don’t ever be scared of
the difficulties that surround you.” “Go and take over the world.” “Don’t ever be scared of
the difficulties that surround you.” “If a man wants he
can even touch the sun..” “If he has a strong will,
he can even take over the world.” “If an enemy ever strikes at you..” “ will destroy
him in that very moment.” “That will be your proudest moment.” “Everyone keeps blaming other’s.” “You are not the light of a lamp..” “You are the light of the sun.” “Every challenge will
seem to be very small.” “When you end up breathing
fire from your mouth.” “You become like this earth son” “You will get everything you want.” “Always show everyone your talent..” “ everyone how amazing you are.” “Dark clouds are here
and now there will be..” “..rain, rain, rain.” “Burst out as if you are a volcano.” “Don’t ever be sad in life.” “And always keep everyone happy.” “Never ever bow down.” “The heart is like an ocean..” “..where you’ll find love.” “Don’t ever let love
leave your heart..” “..always keep it in your heart.” “When you take over the world..” “..don’t be scared of the
difficulties that surround you.” “when you take over the world..” “..don’t be scared of the
difficulties that surround you.” “If a man wants he
can even touch the sun..” “If he has a strong will,
he can even take over the world.” Are you having fun son?
-Yes, a lot of fun. Iman, did you have fun? -Yes, awesome. Hi. -Hi. I was just coming to meet you. Had fun riding the elephant? Iman was getting bored,
so I thought of going out. Iman say hi. Hi. Hey Iman dude. Which class? Iman tell him. Fifth. -Oh, fifth. See. She is a doctor, MBBS, she is mine. You take care of her. ok deal? Iman shake hands. It’s ok, Sandhya was just like this. I am used to it. ok bye. Best wishes. -Thank you. I will call later. Then tell him to talk to me. Bye. hey! Iman. Hey Iman. Naushad, what is happening over here? I thought you told me everything. But you’re still hiding something. I don’t know who was
inside that black Scorpio. But he tried to kill you. Don’t tell me this was an accident. If it was an accident,
why did he come again to kill you? Naushad say something. Iman, go outside
and play for sometime. That was my car. I committed a very bad accident. Yes, I am coming. I can never forget it. Just a little while. My son died. He thinks I killed his son. You need to feel the pain. Now he wants to kill
my son and take his revenge. Are you black mailing me?
-I will take.. ..your son away from you. I sent him to jail by
filing a police complaint. But he never calmed down. Because of his fear I
have to roam around aimlessly. I will take Iman. Don’t worry. Iman is just as important
to me as he is to you. Because my life resides in him. I have lost Sandhya once.. ..I got her back through Iman.. ..I can’t lose her again. I will take care of Iman. Won’t you say something? What’s in this bag? -Nothing. Then keep it aside and sit properly. Sorry. Look over there, a wild elephant. How can you be so quiet at this age? I used to be very naughty. Sorry. I didn’t want to kill you,
please forgive me. Where is your son? Hey, if anything happens to my son.. ..I won’t spare you. I won’t spare you either. Don’t you understand?
It was an accident. I did not do it intensionally. My son died. And it was an accident for you. We had such a happy life.. took it away.. hurt me me.. ..look at my face.. ..can’t you see my pain? No, right?
because you can only feel the pain. I will give you the same
pain that you gave to me. He is just a small child. And my son? huh? -You want to take revenge? Revenge? I don’t want to avenge you,
I want to make it even. Even. Equal, neither more.. ..nor less. -Look Ishwar.. ..I killed your son, fine? Do whatever you want to with me. Just leave my son out of it. If I did anything to you.. will you feel the pain? I want you to feel the pain. I know where your son is. Oh God. Let’s go inside. I don’t want to go. -Why? I don’t like this place. You don’t like it, come one go inside. Excuse me sir,
I don’t want to come inside. My name is Kartik,
now let’s go inside. I won’t come. -Fine, stay outside. Hey. Do you want to stay there? Yes. -Ok, fine. Come inside if you
see the wild elephant. Elephant! This is your room. The bathroom is there. The toys are in the backyard. No, the other side. Are you hungry? No, not at all. Ok, fine.
but I am hungry, I’m going to eat. You can come if you want to eat. You are hungry right? come and sit. No. What were you doing?.. .. you were playing in the mud?
I told you not too Ishwar how did you
get that dent on your car? I had a small accident.
-Accident, where? A jeep hit you? Drive carefully. Should I get your car repaired? No need. -You’ll get it in one day. No. Listen to A. R. Rehman’s music. Dude, listen to Pritam’s music. Dude, A. R.
Rehman’s music is better, just listen. Listen to Pritam’s music. Hey I’m not saying that
Pritam’s music is bad.. ..but A. R. Rehman’s music
is the best, he is a genius. Listen. I’m also not saying that
Rehman’s music is bad but.. ..Pritam is the best,
a superstar. listen. A. R. Rehman is a super superstar. We’ll listen to Rehman’s music first. Hey, don’t touch it. Stop fighting like a kid. Both of them are super. First A. R.
Rehman then we’ll listen to Pritam. If you don’t change the song,
I’ll get off the car. -Stay quiet. I want to get down. Hey, stop, stop, stop. What’s your problem? Do you want to go walking?
go, let’s see how far you can walk. Go, the bag is on the back seat. Close the back door. Bye. Ishwar. -You recognized me. But I don’t recognize you.. ..or how are you
related to this child. But why do I care? Give me this child. -I can’t do that. You thought no one’s with him?
Go away. You go away. Give him to me. I want him. You don’t know what I’ve been through. I know, you want to take revenge. This is madness. This isn’t madness, this is pain. This is the pain of losing someone. You won’t understand that. Try to put youself in my shoe’s. I understand the
pain of losing someone. I hope this never happens
to anyone, now go. He should have thought about it too. Hey, stop saying crap. You only want to take revenge. Stop inviting your own death. I am not alive. You know what you’re about to do. How can you kill someone?
forget it and leave. My son died. What about those who already died? It’s very easy to think
about killing someone.. But it’s very hard to do it. There is a difference
between thoughts and reality. My life depends on feeling pain. You don’t know what happens to me. Whenever I look at him.. ..his father’s smiling
face appears infront of me.. ..and I can’t tolerate that. Give him to me. No Ishwar. Move your hand. No. Iman go and sit in the car. Iman, put on your seatbelt. Ishwar. What happened, tell me.
who was that in the black car? Why did he want to kill you?
this wasn’t an accident. Why did you come to Munnar? Tell me, don’t hide anything,
I’ll help you. You also helped me. Please tell me Ishwar. My son died. They killed him. I can understand your pain. But what are you doing? You’ll get into a lot of trouble. If anything happens to you,
who will look after you? Let’s do one thing. I don’t know how to say this to you. I know some people. We’ll get them to do this. Our names will not be involved. Don’t take any tension,
I’ll look after it. It will get done. I can’t sleep without the light. Hey, this is for your safety. You saw what happened in the morning,
so go to sleep. As long as I was with dad,
there was no problem.. ..with you there is a lot of problem. I want to go to my dad. I will take you, go to sleep now. You! My bag! You take care of your bag a lot. I switched off the light
so that no one steals it. I hate you. -No problem. Hey. Ishwar, the boys did it. They stabbed him with a knife,
he will die. But you didn’t tell me.. ..there was a kid with him. I never asked for your help. I am your friend, I saw you in pain.. ..and I wanted to help you. But after knowing this I feel.. ..I made a mistake
because I have a son too. No matter what you should
never separate a son from his father. Even you can’t understand my pain. No, it’s not like that. How will you feel if your
son gets taken away from you? My bag. Kartik. Kartik. -What? -Where is my bag? It’s in the car. -Why? Go and get ready, we need to leave. What happened, did you fall? That’s why I told you
not to put off the lights. And don’t touch my bag, ok? I should’ve let those goons take you. What? -Nothing, quickly have a bath. That was quick,
didn’t you have a bath? You told me to come fast. I can’t handle you, come on sit. Raja, look over here. Ishwar? Raja? Raja? Raja? Raja? Raja where are you my son? -Dad. Raja, my son. I am going. -Where? Iman be careful. Come on. Come. Come on, come on, come on. Iman, Iman? Here keep it. Keep it. Keep this also. What is this? Have you seen Rambo? Don’t you see action films? You have a lot of problems. Somebody is following you, right? Don’t be afraid and don’t run away. You have a great body. Fight! Look, from now on don’t
leave me and go anywhere. Do you understand?
go and get your bag. And you don’t fall asleep again. Do you know why I’m
tolerating you so much? Only for my Sandhya. Because her heart. Iman? Iman? Iman, Iman? Get up Iman. Iman. Where is his bag? Stop! Excuse me, did you bring the kid?
-Yes doctor. Are you his father?
-No, I’m his guardian. Did he have a bypass surgery? No doctor,
he had a heart transplantation. Heart transplantation? And you’re
roaming around with him like this? Why, is there a problem? Problem isn’t in roaming around.. ..he is very weak and
that’s why he fainted. We have given him a drip,
he’ll be alright. Hey, What happened Rambo? Are you alright? See for yourself. Kartik, where is my bag? My godness, thank god. Do you know what the doctor said? What did he say? -You’ve turned weak. Your body is weak and
that’s why you fainted. From tomorrow, take care of yourself. Eat a lot and turn into Rambo. Do you understand? And take care of this heart. Ok? Take rest. Kartik. I want to go to my dad. I will take you. -When? Tomorrow morning. -Really? Yes, I will take you. Promise? Promise. Then I will be completely ok. Nothing will happen to you. You’ll be with your dad tomorrow. I will take you. -Then sign. Where do I sign? -Here. Come. Come here. Be careful Kartik. Iman, go. Kartik! Kartik, Kartik! Kartik, Kartik! Run Iman run. Iman run away from here. Run!

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