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Have you ever felt so much pressure that
you just wanted to disappear? That usually happens to me. it’s just
because sometimes we need a break from It’s just because sometimes we need a break from our daily lives and everything that we
know and because as human beings we find peaceful that which we don’t know. I’ve always struggled with finding peace and looking for answers about who I am. About my identity and where I’m going. And no matter how much I wander, I know it’s not as easy as that. I wish it was,
but it’s good to stay away from reality. At least for a few minutes… That’s when you actually realize what
surrounds you and you can admire it. That’s when you actually value what you
have and you think about what you can be. What you can become and you are away
from the reality of studying and working… And…. You can breathe. And you feel freedom. You can learn from everything that
surrounds you. You can be inspired by people, things, songs… And it’s honestly just because you took
your time to take a walk through your mind through your thoughts and through your feelings.

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