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– [Danny] Hello YouTubers, and I’m back with another camera review. And this time I’m reviewing
the Vivitar film camera. It just runs on regular film. Hold on, let me just open here. Yeah. So this is the film compartment. (gear clicks) Yeah. This is where the film goes. This is where the batteries go. One AA battery. See? And this is to release the film when you’re finished with it. And this opens the lens,
and goes to flash too. This is the count of how many
shots you have left. Now I have zero, S means zero, and this is how I shoot, take a picture. This is the viewfinder
where I look through it, and this is how I insert the film, I have to spin it a little. Yeah, and this is the flash. And this is how the film looks like. One of the film. It can be higher than 200, it can be 300, 400, 800. And this is how you insert it in. I already used this up. So, yeah you can order that film. Everything works great, and you have to go to the store
to get it developed there. Yeah, so. That concludes my review
of the Vivitar film camera. See you later. Peace!

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