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It’s me, the AC.
Round up that area Don’t allow the public, especially the media
Don’t let anyone click photos or take videos I’m on the way Arun, you were spot on! Finally, the SI was right. It
happened exactly as he predicted Don’t let any news to the
media without my permission Okay ma’am ‘Samyukta’s murder case officer’ No sir We don’t have any such gift box listed
in Samyukta’s murder investigation Please do check with her parents once Sir, we didn’t find
any such gift box Samyukta was kidnapped when she
was returning from her hostel Inquire at her hostel and
you might get some lead When I was conducting the autopsy… I couldn’t control my tears I guess, the killer doesn’t
know what pain is Black heart! Poor girl, he drilled out her eyes Then broke her teeth and
uprooted her hair patch by patch On top of that, he has scarred
all over body with knife He did this all while
the girl was alive This man is suffering from
Antisocial Personality Disorder With aggression and
deviant behavior In short a psycho! Completely a psycho! Sir… was she… raped? No rape But… her private parts were… Sir… this is Samyukta’s autopsy report Exact same! She has been murdered exactly
the same way as Amudha I am sure! Well, sir… do you think we can confirm he is the
murderer based on just these facts? Ma’am… someone had left a gift in
her name after she had left But I totally forgot about it as I was in
shock after hearing what happened to her I got this from Samyukta’s hostel What’s going on, Lakshmi? I
just got roasted by the DCP! Is there any link between Amudha’s murder
and Samyukta’s murder case that was closed? And how? No, sir. Well, that… Come on, Lakshmi! Sir… So according to you, it’s a psychopath
who is behind these murders If there is no motive or any
links to him and the victims… then how do we move
this case further? Whom do we doubt? How do we catch him? I have a strong feeling that this
case is going to be a big headache Sir, I have an idea but there is a risk
involved in it Tell me Sir… In this case, the mark of leaving a gift
box after kidnapping the victims… then leaving the corpse
in a public place… in a way the killer is
doing a self publicity Like how applause and appreciation
motivates an artist… Psychos thrive on the attention they
get and fear people have on them That’s what keeps them going That is what keeps their mind stable And that stable mind is what
helps them to plan their murders In order to stop him, we
must break his stable mind If no media or news publishes
any news about him… and if no gives him the
attention, that will distract him He’ll get confused He will divert his attention
towards another target He will commit a
blunder in his plan And at that moment, we’ll have
the opportunity to nab him! For that, we’ll have to keep
Amudha’s corpse away from everyone Even from her parents Sir, let’s try this idea Listen! If the information leaks
later, then an SI like you… you don’t have to worry the headache will be ours! We’ll have to reply to the
home minister, CM, media etc. Ma’am the psycho ain’t
gonna stop with Amudha Unfortunately, we don’t have any other
clue to approach that psycho So brutally murdered that even the autopsy
doctor couldn’t control his tears Do you want her parents to see it? Do you think they have
the strength to bear it? Arun… there are procedure and
ethics to handle a case It would be good for all
of us, if we follow it Go meet her parents
and inform them Let me talk to the DGP Sir, it is because normal procedure
won’t work out in this case… I came up with this idea Please sir Don’t you judge what will
work out or what won’t Just obey your orders. Now, go! It won’t be Amudha Fine, come let’s check once Please don’t cry Please come Don’t worry Why are we even here? I am not coming I don’t have the courage to see If it’s indeed our daughter’s corpse
then please kill me and let me die too Get up, dear No! She isn’t here What happened? That’s not our daughter Are you sure? I am serious Nothing will happen
to our daughter Come, let’s go home Sir, did you check properly? That’s not our daughter Come on Sir, wasn’t it Amudha’s body inside? I discussed the points you
mentioned with the DGP He has given the permission Sir, then Amudha’s corpse? This is a secret mortuary
maintained by the government It looks like an ordinary medical
warehouse from the outside When we frame the politically
supported criminals and finish them off, we
bring their corpse here We file an absconding case on
them and fake a search on them. One it settles down, we
dispose their corpses Mr. Arun, your logic about
the psychopath made sense I informed the IG and when we got the
permission we shifted Amudha’s body at once This place is under
Dr. Nandan’s responsibility There is no issue in
hiding Amudha’s corpse If that person is a psycho killer… then he must be arrested
before his next attempt

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