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I’m gonna get some more food Someone move my piece. Are you guys not having fun? Well we have other board games right
Ali? You know where they are… Alright guys so we have Cranium, Monopoly, um Game of Life and Yahtzee! Okay, Monica… I
don’t want to be a douche and I’m not saying I’m speaking for everyone
but I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say…we don’t want to play board
games anymore… Ooh! I got something! So this is a Violent Realm – or VR. Get it?
Anyone? Anyways – this is a new horror game based in VR I found online. It’s still in
development so it’s a little buggy. Alright…so what do you do? You wake up in an abandoned
warehouse. This place is held many murders. Your object is collect audio
tapes and escape while being chased down by the killer himself. Collect all of
them you get out. But if he catches you… you die. So Monica you go first! Wh…Why me?! Well, you’re the one that wanted us to get together for game night. Come on Monica it’s just a game. Besides if you die first you won’t have to play
again. Ok so what I have to do? You take these controllers….and you go stand over there. This is Dr. Gerald Croft, psychiatrist. If
you’re listening to this you may be in great danger. One of my patients, who
suffers from a condition, which I diagnosis as schizophrenia with homicidal tendencies was convicted for murdering his mining partner. Now he’s escaped
prison and may be in this very warehouse. Several people have disappeared, believed
to be murdered by my patient. Despite authorities searching the
building, no bodies nor my patient have been found. As you try to find your way
out please do so with extreme caution The patient is a prospector who has
spent years in an abandoned silver mine. His prolonged exposure to silver dust has
accumulated in his bloodstream caused him to develop Agyria, a disease causing
graying of the skin. He also has thrombophlebitis causing the veins to be
readily seen. It is my belief that the silver in his bloodstream has left
deposits in his brain cells which may also affect his mental stability.
More later. How would you guys like to try this? I’ll do it. This is Dr. Geral Croft,
psychiatrist. If you’re listening this you may be in great danger. One of my pa– During my sessions with the patient in
prison he spoke with a time that he’s separated from his partner. He went and
explored an unknown shaft within the mine that was boarded up he used pickaxe and pried some boards off to gain entrance into the shaft. Once inside and
assuming that he was alone he still felt that someone else was there. Nope. Nope. Nope. Looking about the area he came across what appear to be human remains. He
noticed a putrid odor but it wasn’t coming from the remains but something
else entirely He claimed there was this entity that
overtook him physically and mentally and it wasn’t entity that caused him to seek
out and kill his partner. It’s my contention that being in a dark
unknown environment and seeing the horror of the human remains that he went
into shock While in fear and escaping the mind he killed his partner believing
him to be the entity that he created in own mind Someone else… you know it’s your turn No…come on… Look we’ve all played it multiple times and you haven’t played it once. You seen what we went through you could breeze right through this I just want to let you know good luck
we’re all counting on you. -Smooth.
-Shut up. During my absence, the warden has
informed me that my patient has killed both guards and inmates. Security has
been so high that he has now been chained within his own cell. Upon my
visit today, a prison guard confronted me this guard is a very religious man. He
told me he’s a firm believer of biblical stories of demon possession. So much so that he says he’s seen glimpses of a demonic persona and my patients cell.
With each inmate and guard he’s killed that a demon has become more pronounced
in his appearance believing that it grows a stronger connection to our world
with each death. The guard may be mistaking multiple personality disorder of a demon
possession. H-however I’m a psychiatrist not an exorcist Guys? Guys come on this isn’t funny. Ha ha. So original. Hello? Jake.
Jake I know this is you. If I knew you are so dead. Hello? Anyone? Monica? Come on Monica this isn’t cool. Come on guys. Where are you all hiding? ALI! (Ali whimpering) Well we should probably go.. Ali…what the hell happened? You saw what what happened it was on the screen! No we didn’t.
Whatever you saw we didn’t see. The computer shut down – the game glitched out. Stephen and I tried everything to get the computer back on and… …you still kept playing the game. We called your name… …and you didn’t even hear us It was like you
were in a completely different zone entirely I kn- I know what I saw! Look, Look. Whatever you saw it didn’t happen okay? It was just a game. -Look. I’m gonna go. Okay?
-Okay If you need me – if anything happens – call me! Okay? Okay.

7 thoughts on “Violent Realm | Short Horror Film (VHS EDITION)

  1. This was great I think my favorite part was the feeling of nostalgia. Keep up the awesome works.

  2. That was a really cool vid! I love the concept and style, great job! I'm checking out what else you have to offer! 👌👍👏

  3. (Ignore my stupid username)
    That was a really cool short! It took a little while to get going at the beginning, but once the VR segments started it was really amazing! The location you got and the shots were so great, and you got a really good horror actor! I really enjoyed it a lot, I hope to see more of these!

  4. Thanks. Even – THANKS. . Interesting allusions. But still…. silly stupid… er… apes…. dabbling with matches…. Guys, girls, please, take more care of you minds, protect them, preserve them. Maybe they will come handy later// I'll never play such games without a nuke-grenade in my hand :-). No demon can stand against it.

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