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– You wanna talk first, or
you want me to talk first? – Um. – I’m gonna save the best for last. All right, I’ll lead off and then we’ll– Okay, here we go.
– Ha! (Aaron laughs) – Hi, this is Vince Gilligan – And Aaron Paul. – And we are fishing for answers. – For answers. – Answers, answers. This is kinda cool. Answers. All right, here we go. – Why was it important for you
to revisit Jesse’s story now? Money, I gotta say. All right, pick one. No (laughs). I’m just kiddin’. – We’re actually gearing
up for celebrating the 10 year anniversary of ‘Breaking Bad’, and Vince said to me,
“I’ve been kind of thinking “about an idea involving Jesse
and what happened to Jesse “after the series, I
just wanted to kinda see “where your head was at.” – And it was an idea that excited me. I miss workin’ with
this guy here and then, and the crew, and everybody. – Do you think you would
ever work with me again? – No. Ya know, why ruin a good thing? People will obviously
need to see ‘Breaking Bad’ to understand this
movie, but will they have a greater appreciation for it if they see ‘Better Call Saul’ as well? I don’t know if I would
completely agree with, do ya need to see even ‘Breaking Bad’ to understand this movie. It’s not gonna nearly mean as much to ya if you haven’t seen ‘Breaking Bad’. Or ‘Better Call’, well,
mainly ‘Breaking Bad’. But I think you could even,
folks who’ve never even seen ‘Breaking Bad’ could watch this movie and, without givin’
anything away, what happens to your character in
this movie, I think will engage an audience even
that is not up to date on the prior shows. But having said all
that, yeah, by all means, see ‘Breaking Bad’ first. ‘Better Call Saul’–
– I mean I think they– – Not as much.
– Yeah, but I think they should watch– – I think they should watch it. – I think they should watch ‘Better Call Saul’ multiple times. – Plus every episode of
‘The X-Files’ (mumbles) (Aaron laughing) It’s important too. – Aaron, what was your
reaction to finding out you were almost killed off in season one? I was sad. I was, honestly, utterly devastated. – To me, that’s a victory
to you to celebrate. Like, you were so good–
– I know, but– You made yourself instantly indispensable. – I thought I was signing
on to a full series, and then, for the next
season, season and a half, any time I picked up a
script, this is the time– – Okay.
– Where Jesse– – And Bryan Cranston would mercilessly– – Oh yeah, he didn’t help
the situation, that bastard. He would say, “Hey, did
you read the next script?” And I’d go, no, did you get it? And he’s like, “Oh.” And he just would give me this big hug. (Vince laughing) And I’d go, what? He’s like, “Hey man, ya
know, had to end sometime, “but at least you go
out, like, guns blazing.” Or something like that. (Vince chuckling) And I’d go, what are you talkin’? It was like, “Well just read
it and, ya know, call me, “or if you wanna talk.” And then he would walk
off, and I would turn and go straight in to
the production office and I’m like, give me that damn script. They’re like, “It’s not ready.” I’m like, Bryan already read it. I have to read it. And then I thought, oh, they’re holding it because they know this is where I die. – What do you remember
most about the first time you met each other? – We met at the casting, ya know. – [Vince] Yeah yeah, right. – And I walk in, Vince
was looking at my resume and he said, “What episode
of ‘X-Files’ did you do?” And I told him, he’s like,
“Oh my God, you played “this guy Marsh Winky, that
was my nickname in college.” Such a weight was lifted
off my shoulder the moment– – Really?
– That you said that? Aaron in the early days of
‘Breaking Bad’ season one, what is something you
learned from Bryan Cranston that has stuck with you? Whenever it’s like the up, like a waist-high shot, never wears pants. – Your blood ya need for
acting, you don’t wanna constrict it in the lower
quadrant of the body, you need it in the brain. – And he insisted on the
tighty-whities in the pilot. – The day before we shot
that scene in the pilot, and I said, Bryan, would you be more comfortable in sweatpants? He said, “Yeah, I’d definitely “be more comfortable wearin’ those”. I said, okay, do you wanna do that? And he said, “No, why?” – Yeah. – I said, well, I just thought
you’d be more comfortable. He said, “Comfort has
nothin’ to do with it. “What’s best for the scene?” I said, well, tighty-whities. He said, “Well, that’s what I’m gonna do.” – He’s easily the most
professional slash immature person I’ve ever met in my entire life. So unbelievably talented,
but also so immature. (Vince laughs) In the best way, he’s
constantly making jokes in the most inappropriate places. But it’s the best. – Aaron, did you have any
wardrobe requests for Vince to help reflect the next
chapter of Jesse’s journey? – No.
– Assless chaps? (Aaron laughing) I know you’re pushing for that hard. I didn’t quite–
– I was, ya know. – Actually, you got a cool
leather jacket we put ya in, and then I wanna be you so badly
I had them make one for me. – We should wear that to
the premiere, you and I. – That would be awesome.
– Yeah. – That’d be adorable.
– Ya know, it would be cute. Aaron, you and Bryan
famously read the script for the ‘Breaking Bad’ finale
together at Bryan’s house. Where did you read the
script for the movie and what were your feelings? – Is it true by the way that you guys were in a warm, soapy bathtub– – Yes. – When you were reading the script? – Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah. I thought it was fitting. – I thought so too. (both laughing) – I mean, ya gotta give
fans what they want. Know what I mean.
– Absolutely. – I actually read the script for this film for the very first time on
his couch in his office, and I just closed the
page, the final page, and just sat there for a moment in silence and, ya know, just thought about this man. What a goddamn genius this guy is. – What can I say? This was fun, thank you. – Thank you for watching, everyone. This is Vince Gilligan and
Aaron Paul signing off.

100 thoughts on “Vince Gilligan & Aaron Paul: ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,’ Bryan Cranston Pranks & More | THR

  1. All the worhtlesss shit Congress does and they couldn't make it a law against Breaking Bad ending? I just watched it through fornthebthird time, finished last night, and goddamn it that's a masterpiece. If I can ever write something half as good I'll die happy.

  2. Watching Vince Gilligan giggle like a eleven year old school girl 2:38 at Aaron Paul's fear of loosing his job on Breaking Bad is priceless. Must have been a really fun production to work on. If you weren't the one being picked on.😂

  3. Jesse is a rat fink bitch I would agree that Jesse had every right to kill Walter for poisoning that boy but you never rat out your partner in crime it jest isn't right

  4. is it so clear that walter died ? because i watched all breaking bad, i think i hear its voice at the el camino trailer also. are there 0 chances to see walter in the movie?

  5. I watched all of Breaking Bad back in 2014. At the announcement to El Camino, I decided to rewatch it. I just finished Felina, and now I'm here. I totally forgot about Better Call Saul, so I'm going to try to watch it all before the release of El Camino.

  6. Walter's gotta be in the movie, and I dont mean that we want him to be but it feels like the movie is gonna include him in some way. I bet itll be flashbacks to when he was his hughschool teacher

  7. Vice is not only a genius he seems like an absolute sweetheart,which only makes me love everything he has done even more…..just re- binged seasons 3-5 in prep for the film.

  8. I wish vince was a character I hope he's in the movie he has a type of accent that is verry American American Paul does too an I think he could be iconic but he would have too write himself in kinda carefully

  9. Just Finished Watching Breaking Bad. It was weird to me. Knowing everything that happened before episode 16, such as Mike, but I like the charter Walt, I think have mix emotions about the ending. Took me nearly Two or months. I started watching in some time in August and finished today.

  10. I absolutely love Aaron Paul! 😍 Fantastic actor & I could never get tired of looking at him! Fell in love with him in Breaking Bad & loved him in The Path!

  11. I dont think there's any deeper reason than money to revisit jesse. The gang that imprisoned him are all dead so who's left to go after him? Feds? Is the whole movie gonna be a type of jason bourne plot?

    I'm still excited to see the movie, but I'm concerned on what kind of story is going to unfold on an already neatly concluded saga

  12. Well Aaron haven’t you learned anything about this country? The last thing they want is for you to have peace of mind. Trust me, they’re taking all they can from you. The money isn’t real.

  13. Just the fact that Bryan isn't shown showing support for the movie gives me the biggest clue that he will be in it….shhhhhhh,it's a surprise.

  14. Not as good as Aaron Paul made it out to be. I was kinda disappointed, thought it would’ve been better, especially because of how good breaking bad is.

  15. Here is my review of El Camino!

  16. just finished el camino.. Hey vince gilligan.. you had 2 more episodes in you… thats it.. its not a movie… thanks anyway

  17. Vince fucked up bad on this movie! Should of had Walter in it this is the reason why it didn't make it to the big screen!

  18. Im sure im not the only 1 to here thinkin……Breaking bad is the best show ever made and ever will be made….and i dodnt start watching til a year after finale. Which worked out perfectly… i didnt have to wait for next week to see an episode i just binge watched on netflix. I still think about this show alot and really hope Better call saul ends up being up there as well. Im saving El Camino for tonight…. with a 12 pack and some chemist art work hahahhahaha

  19. Thanks again, Vince! Enjoy a tee shirt for Jesse's woodworking ship on Alaska!

  20. Doesnt anyone remember the flash forward in Breaking Bad to Jesse oiling his handmade box with no nails? He got away, he made a life for himself likely in Alaska where he said he wanted to go when Saul was making suggestions – and then Jesse put it all together and had the best episode ever Rabid Dog where he tried to burn down Walter White's house. Nah, he got away and is alive and well in Alaska. Why mess with perfection? If Vince wants to tie things up he should just do a short one on where's Huell lol. Not gonna watch even tho I love BB and Aaron Paul.

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