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My name is tony as if now much
information is not required about me. There will be a crucial
situation in everyone’s life. but I don’t know that
would be as tougher as now. To get rid of this endless
pain, I should lose myself. I don’t whether it
is correct or wrong but as if now it
seems correct to me Are u mad.why do u
want to end your self. what the matter? Death is only
the answer to some problems. what is that typical problem? I love someone what, Did she reject you. I will tell u a thing
Death is not the answer for every problem if
so even death has no power to hold my pain. what r u talking senior yes Even I love
someone here is the hidden story of mine
from years that is untold to anyone. still, I remember that day which was the first day
of my 4th standard. Sushma Yes maam sathwik present
maam Shalini yes maam this is shalini shiva that is me….. For the first time, tune of my heartbeat got changed. I still remember her sight. that was the most
beautiful moment of my life. I spent the whole day with
her, without her knowledge. I smiled when she smiled, I shouted when she was. I have seen my happiness
in her happiness what! why are you staring like that? Nthg senior it’s not convincing me by looking at the age that your love story has started. there is no age for love! But that was not love it
was just an attraction. But it took many days for
attraction to convert into love. actually many years! As we were growing
up barriers between us got broken, turn into words. As we grow up,
conversations were started in our friendship,
which is limited to sight before.
we didn’t become best friends but good
friends by 10th class. keep all these
aside, tell! how did u fall in love with her? I am about to say that. one day I was late for school. as soon as I entered the class, I found her crying for some reason. want to console her but took a back step due to fear. for the time my tears got rolled down when I saw tears in her eyes. then I realized, she is a special person in my life. one cant bare the tears of a friend. maybe what u felt is due to friendship, may not be due to love on her. u caught me wrong. I said she was the special person in my life, more than a friend, but don’t have love for her. ahhha when did the
special feeling turn into love? Exams were started as soon as I realized she was a special person in my life. Everyone was busy with preparation. but was walking around in confusion. exactly the day before the board exam, I wished her. I didn’t expect that, that was the last moment between us. Later our paths got separated. Then? I had started living in her memories, I used to miss her a lot I used to feel happy when I imagine that she is with me and depressed when I realize that still, I have to become closer to her. when did u people meet again. I scared that she will not meet me again. My fear got increased as the days are getting passed. 3 years got passed away in this manner. what? Is it three years? you people didn’t meet for three years? After spending 3 years in her thoughts, one fine day I got her number through my friend. As the person in darkness when sees light, run,,,, That number brought me a new hope. slowly the chat which was started with hi and hello made us close to each other. senior………… haaa what happened? did u propose her? I felt,I should not delay any more. I prepared my mind and asked her to meet me at a place. My life which has been living with your memories, wants to live with you. whatever happens whatever the view of your’s on me what is the meaning of her leaving my body which is living by taking u as breath… you are the life for it, till the last breath….. what is the meaning of her leaving did she accept or reject you. when I proposed her, have seen the love towards me in her eyes but the next second, fear in eyes. I don’t the reason behind that fear, maybe she doesn’t trust me or due to any other reason. I don’t what it is!!! didn’t u feel pain? pain? why should I feel pain? if it pains, then there won’t be any meaning to my love. I love her so much that whether she loves me in return or not, my love is always owned by her. I continue to love her forever and ever Did you get to know what was the biggest mistake you gonna commit? if you are not enough sincere in your love then die. If u are sincere in your love wait for her More than this I don’t want to say a thing. Didn’t Shalini talk with u again? Every day I wait for her call. I believe she will get back to me one day. I will wait for that moment. hello hello haa Shalini I want to see you. can we meet? For sure, where shall we meet. The same place, where you proposed to me. Haaa coming………. come fast I will be waiting for you. Meet u again, bye. what you said is absolutely true! I wanted to end my life due to a girl today. If she leaves me, why should I reject myself? I gonna miss my parent’s pure love for this love which is not at all a love. You are right senior. how you waited for your love in the same way, I too wait for my love, I wait for true love. Thanks, senior. Love can be born at anythime, anywhere and this may end up with happiness or sadness No matter what happens The trust on your love should not be lost. If it happens, then there will be no meaning of your love. You love But, wait till your love realizes the value of your love


  1. Voice over , VFX are awesome…
    Story was really good…
    Enjoyed watching…
    Congratulations 💐 , Whole team…
    Characterisation 👌…
    All the best Vamc on further projects…
    Which you all a very good luck #teamvida…!

  2. Remembered my past by seeing this…
    Good work guys, keep it up. A deep heart touching message is hidden therein the video

  3. Excellent..good effort but close up shorts are missing …make sure that u don't repeat in next projects…all the best

  4. చిత్ర యూనిట్ కు అభినందనలు. కెమెరా టెక్నిక్స్ & మిక్సింగ్ బాగున్నాయి. నటులు, డైరెక్టర్ కృషి చేశారు. Good. Good

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