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Velvet Buzzsaw is a film written
and directed by the same gentleman who did Nightcrawler. The colorful cast includes. Humble critic Morf Vandewalt. The forgiving Josephina. And John Malkovich. I’m quite moved by just how much these characters
love and trust one another. So the plot is basically a guy died and said
please destroy my art, don’t try to sell it Then the gang finds it and tries to sell it. It goes about as well as you’d expect. The characters are all pretentious douchebags
but the movie knows that they’re pretentious douchebags so the dialogue can be pretty entertaining. The
cinematography is also good and the dark imagery of the unsella-able paintings that they’re
trying to sell is sweet as well. This unsettling thing that looks like a zombie
version of Conan is pretty cool too. As far as things I don’t like, I believe
the director should’ve been more focused on character development and completely cut the supernatural
bullshit. I feel like I never really got to know any
of the characters as much as I wanted to, especially Morf, who seems to be quite an
interesting fellow. I also think it’d be way more entertaining
if the characters with fraught relationships and histories were trying to kill each rather
than a ghost being involved. And even though the very last scene was cool,
I didn’t like the third act and when the movie was over I just felt like something
was missing. Overall, I think the film has entertaining
scenes but fundamental flaws as well, so with 5 being average, I’d give it a 6.7/10.

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