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6 thoughts on “Unknown silent film – Her dream.

  1. Chances are, this is only part of a film… as for the age, I'm judging from the clothes, quality, and back-drop (for the angels), this film was done around 1910. Early, anyway. Country? I'm thinking american, from the style… I'm no expert, though!

  2. I wouldn't rule out the Netherlands; it doesn't look American to me, but I have been proven wrong on that end before. It looks possibly Danish or Italian. I think Unknown is on the right track; this could be a very short promotional film for a ladies' charity. The missing ending may have contained a title promoting them. Note the extremely low budget representation of heaven, with God running around. French or American filmmakers would have made a lot more of that.

  3. What a beautiful movie it is!Was this motion picture produced in 1910?
    Amazing! My deceased grandmother was born in this year.

  4. Very interesting, I love silent films and i wonder how long this film originally ran. It looks about 1910 and judging by the fashions i would say its probably america. Great, rare find.

  5. The beginning of the film is clearly missing but it is not too difficult to piece together what it contains. Philanthropic lady visits impoverished working-class family, dying father, sick mother and little girl. The father dies (the lady has evidently attended a funeral), entrusting his family to her care (the letter). While the little girl dreams, the lady visits her friends (or sisters) and all of them return (like angels from the girl's dream) to help the family. It seems a little unlikely that the mother (in bed behind) would be ignored throughout the film so it is probable that there is also some footage missing at the end. I would guess French c. 1908.

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