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(door knocking) (door opening) ♪ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC♪ [Dad: off screen]
I just came to give you the key back [Mum: off screen]
Thank you [Dad: off screen]
I didn’t want to just come in [Dad: off screen]
Is he ok? [Mum: off screen]
He’s ok… been better! [Dad: off screen]
Alright. Well, tell him I’ll see him soon, yeah? [Dad: off screen]
I’m only at my sisters! [Mum: off screen]
Yeah, ok! [Dad: off screen]
Ok. See you soon! [Mum: off screen]
Ok! (door closing) ♪ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC CONTINUES♪ [Mum: off screen]
You OK son? Grandad? I wanted to come out and talk to you Mum and Dad are having some problems I think Dad’s not been here for a couple of weeks now I don’t really know what’s happening but I heard him come around just now He’s gone though Grandad I don’t know if you’ll ever hear this but I hope you do I just wanted someone to talk to I remember some really good times spent with you When you would take photos of all of us When I would watch you play with your band I remember the naughty times too though when I would be rude to Mum and you would tell me off It’s ok though I still have the guitar you gave me by the way but, I might have un­tuned it I might learn to play it one day Oh and when you said we would go bird watching but we never did Do you remember that Father’s Day card I made you? I wrote ‘To Grundad’ on it and you would tease me about it I did write ‘Grandad’, honest But the ‘a’ just looked like a ‘u’ always makes me smile when I think about it I really miss you Grandad I miss your really tight cuddles Your deep, calm voice The smell of your cigars Sorry I didn’t get to spend too much time with you
before you left us It makes me sad I wish I could see you again I know you’re up there in good company though Grandad Wheels, and Grandad Shake Uncle Boo as well. I wonder if you’re performing for
all the special people I hope so You loved doing that! I hope there’s a Bluebird or a Robin
there with you as well It’s quite cold isn’t it? I hope it doesn’t feel this
cold up there for you I hope you didn’t mind me coming
out here to talk to you I brought my coat, so it’s OK It just feels like I’m closer to you here I wonder if you’re able to see
all the people on those planes that fly past? I bet you can see exactly where they’re
going as well can’t you? That must be really cool Oh something else I miss Drawing faces in the top of your Guiness! I will always remember you Grandad I hope you will always watch over all of us and know how much we miss you I love you Grandad Miss you I hope I’ll do you proud when I grow up Make sure you watch me Pinky Promise Grandad if you can do anything can you try help Mum and Dad? Mum has been really sad as well and I don’t like it Thank you I’m going to go back inside now but I hope you didn’t mind listening We’re always thinking of you Don’t go anywhere though I’ll speak to you again soon Grandad Goodnight Sweet dreams Good sleep Lucky dreams Love you lots! *blows kiss* [Grandad: off screen]
I can’t go nowhere with you!

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