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However dark the night, however dim our hopes (inbound 4 o’clock, Woah!) the light will always follow darkness keep going the way you’re going, you’ll end up as a bum on the street you train, you fight harder than those other guys and you win if you can take it you can make it you can do this Lou, you just gotta believe you can Pop does Ma does I do Loui, a moment of pain is worth a lifetime of Glory We’re gonna die out here . We’re not dying! Who is the Olympic athlete? Don’t look at me Hello, mother, father. This is your Louie talking. I am now interned in a tokyo prisoner of War camp I can’t say this, what it says about America is not true This man must be taught respect. Each prisoner will teach him this lesson. Harder Harder! [Hit me!] I used to think that I could do anything and I was better than I am Who says you’re not If you get me through this, I swear, I’ll dedicate my whole life to you If I can take it I can make it Stay down If he drops it, shoot him.

100 thoughts on “Unbroken Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Angelina Jolie Directed Movie HD

  1. I watched the movie after I read the book and I find the movie fascinating as well, except where the part they changed about sharks

  2. Best movie ever,inspired other people , don’t give up , hope, love , future . Can’t wait to see second unbroken redemption!

  3. Am I the only one who noticed the particular sounds of enemy planes from those designed by Ben Burtt for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Apparently #skywalkersound did the sound design for this particular trailer (and this one only), while NBCUniversal Studiopost did the film's actual sound. #sounddesign #soundmatters

  4. I'm from the same city as this guy and the field that all the kids do sports on is called Zamperini Field. No one really cares other than a couple people.

  5. At the end of this movie.. and seeing the real Loui run with the olympic fire in Japan.. made me tear up. Damn.. my problems in life are nothing compared to his life..

  6. Thank you Angelina Jolie for chose MIYAVI to play as Watanabe in your movie. He did so great!!! I knew him the first from this movie. He is very outstanding. Hope to see him in the next next next movies.❤❤Love you MIYAVI.

  7. He is everything man should be, considerate, positive, loyal, brave, strong, awesome. He cared about his friends and just wowowowoow First time in a while that I watched such an interesting movie. He is very cool lol I saw how he got skinny as time passed, sad, sad movie. Please watch it

  8. My great grandad built the burma railway (as a prisoner of war) and said that the japanese hated them so much, they even hated eachother.
    He tells me stories that just shock me, he would beg for his campmates to live another day, he would get a spoon full of rice a day and an egg a week if he was lucky. He was one of 300 that survived.
    If it wasn’t for his will to survive, i wouldn’t be alive.
    Respect to all war veterans.

  9. Can't believe this is true story. Some people just doesn't know what giving up is. I need to learn more from them.

  10. I'm doing a school project on Louis zamperini, and he's extraordinary and has such an extraordinary story. When I did research for the kind of person I was looking for and came across Louis, I was so shocked and knew I had to do it about him. I want to read the book too, because his story and how much he managed to endure is crazy. Rip Louis Zamperini, you will forever be a legend.

  11. Angelina Jolie is much more inteligent than you think. Notice how she exposes such important events from our history. You have here the Japanese – American conflict from WW2 , then you have the Bosnian war and Cambodia. But if you actually go on the internet and search for Angelina Jolie’s views on holocaust and Hitler, you will not find that much, almost inexistent. Because she is not a brainwashed idiot and as she said…she documents herself very good before making a movie. She doesn’t want to get involved into this pathetic zionist lies and instead she shows us true genocides. Congratulations for not being brainwashed! Mad respect.

  12. I just watched it. I read it got mixed reviews, however I have to say I thought it was pretty damned good. I didn't even know it was directed by Jolie until I saw the credits at the end.

  13. jst finish this movie ..jst now literally..just fk ppl really aint matter japan treats americans etc..jst fk ppl

  14. Its other movie with the same name same history, but this is the one I love,its a lot better then the other productions

  15. I hate to say it, but this movie is painfully mediocre.

    From the title and the credits, you know the character will likely remain strong through all the trials that stand before him. You know he persists through his training in the Olympics and through Japanese internment during the war. But each scene just gives us a demonstration of his mental toughness through these obstacles. The character never seems like he confronts a challenge we didn't already think he was going to persist through. I mean again, we know the film is titled Unbroken and what the two main challenges will be in his life. We'd likely expect he'd just triumph over both of them and that's that. The importance of the narrative is to break our expectations somehow still reach that cinematic end. In that regard, the movie feels like all it did was glorify the life of Louis Zamperini without delivering a truly good story.

    I'd have proposed the following changes so that, hopefully, an audience is taken more by the edge of their seat: (1) Don't title the film Unbroken (it's too obvious and on-the-nose) (2) Demonstrate something our character fails at miserably and which is persistent through his life despite his efforts, see this manipulated by the Japanese, then see him triumph in the end (we will have witnessed him triumphing over something we very well thought he would fail at instead of seeing him basically play out like a superhero) (3) Give us more moments of him questioning himself so we, similarly, feel like he isn't just a superhero (I feel it is painfully obvious how much Angelina Jolie reveres Louis Zamperini for how sterilized the character depiction was).

    With what was a very sterilized experience, even the incredible production feels completely ornamental and over-produced. The period texture is great, the acting is great, the directing is good…but all for a story that doesn't break any of our expectations from a glorification pic.

  16. The Story of a man who could not be broken, no matter what, this shows what spirit, courage, and hope can do for someone

  17. We all owe our respect to Louis. My teacher read Unbroken to us in class, and it was very hard to listen to at certain points. The fact that Louis mentally survived, after all that he was put through is just incredible. Louis Zamperini is my life long hero

  18. The part of this movie that affected me the most was seeing him at 80 running in the Japan Olympics. After everything that happened to him, he did not let it consume him. He did not let the hatred consume him. He even tried to meet up with "The Bird" later on. He knew something about life that most never learn.

  19. So pathetic…USA is always lying. Jolie is just a puppet on a string.
    Why don't you mention the AMERICAN WARCRIMES.
    The japanese were defending their country, USA is destroying other countries.

  20. A really good movie not loads of action but really good story line and insight of how strong a human can be 9 out of 10 for me

  21. You know I have strong lineage to the military and I'd love to shed some light on the TRUTH behind my lineage. Not stolen or tampered with by a fake like this one who seems to think she has a right to replace me in the backroom of the Holocaust museum.

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