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How about increasing capital? At least they’d give us
a good write-up. Especially if the capital
is from our own funds… This is a meeting
of our United Privatization Fund. My managers
are more educated than I am, but they never take risks. That’s why I’m the boss. If we privatize Commerce Bank
you’ll get 15 million crown bonuses. Forbes says I’m one of
the 100 richest people in the world. I’m in no way exceptional.
You’re more capable than I am. But I’m in the right place
at the right time. -Gimme 100.
-What? -Gimme 100! -Gimme 100, motherfucker!
-Are they mean to you? Fall down and start squirming. -Action!
-Not in the head! Please don’t kick me in the head! What are you doing to him,
you coward? Poor young Romany! You racist! Let me go! Zoom in! Get a close-up! Perfect! Perfect! Starring Written by Based on the novel by Music Costume designer Makeup Production designers Production manager Special effects Edited by Sound Director of photography Directed by CATCH THE BILLIONAIREThe forecast confirms that this is
the warmest spring in 40 years…
how wonderful that your home! My beloved Katerina
forecasts the weather on TV. She used to be a model. I picked her up
at a celebrity party. -But you never listen to me.
-Sure, I do. What did you say? Some guy called me at the station.
He says I brought him back to life. After his operation he was so happy
to hear me announce the weather. -Hungry?
-Christ, I’m as fat as a pig. No, you’re not. I’d like you
even if you were 10 kg heavier. -Really?
-Really. -I’ll go make tea, okay?
-I’ll look in on David. David, are you here? Hold on,
I just gotta kill these commies. You’re history, you Vietcong losers! This week I’m still stronger,
you little commie. -You’ll get yours, kid.
-How was school? Money is more important
than grades. Put that in your pipe
and smoke it! I thought good music
was the most important thing. Business is the best. -But you know nothing about it.
-So I’ll hire people. A businessman
just needs good instincts. C, D, F… If you know nothing,
people will rob you blind. I’ll be rich
after I get the money mom left me. Guess who Karel Capek was. A writer? He was primarily a great lobbyist. He had complete access
to President Masaryk. Call me in an hour. When a businessman needed
something from the president who do you think arranged things? Jansky, get to the point. We of PEEN Club, the intellectual
descendents of Karel Capek, are once again “in good”
with the president, so… So Mr. Grossmann will get back the
money he pissed away on PEEN Club? So you can arrange
for the president to… Sorry, I donft have time.
How much? A million? A million and a half.
I support Czech culture. Everyone knows that,
Mr. Grossmann. Thank you! Grossmann. Talk fast… Pat, have you noticed
anything suspicious? What do you mean? Something’s going on. The normal
channels have stopped working. The most important thing
is to be the first to lie. I always wanted to work
for Patrik Grossmann, but he prefers those two fags. So if you can’t join them,
beat them. Hey, Lehky, come on. How’s it look? Great! People will finally see
what a bastard he is.What are you doing to him,
you coward?
-I thought he’d be hitting him?
-The commentary will say all that. What a scandal it’ll be!
What a flick! Hey, I paid big bucks
to hire you a police detective, and you give me this!
I need him beating that kid! -What did Grossmann do to you?
-Nothing. He’s blocking our privatization
of Commerce Bank. It’s business. Hey, Lehky,
what about a Jewish conspiracy? Gonna help me with the wardrobe? -I’m working. Don’t bug me!
-Yeah, yeah, -and we still gotta pee in the yard.
-Don’t bug me! -You really don’t have a toilet?
-How can I reconstruct this place? They’d be after me for the money. Get it? It’s tactics!
I’m an independent journalist. These days,
computers can make an entire person. I know a guy who can do it,
but it’ll cost a bundle. He only does TV commercials. Money is no object. What are you doing? -Are you recording me?
-God, it never crossed my mind! -Relax…
-Yeah, right. -Let’s keep in touch.
-Yeah, right.A pogrom’s coming, get the Jew
no matter what he’ll say or do.
Pogrom’s coming, coming soon;for all us it will be a boon…Burning with racism,Mr. Grossmann beat
a young Romany violinist.
Not in the head! Please, no!Patrik! Patrik, get in here!It’s stressful to get rich quick
like Mr. Grossmann did.
It can even cause one
to beat a defenseless child,
especially if he loathes
the color of Romany skin.
He may never play again.
That beast crippled his fingers.
Not in the head!Poor young Romany!
You racist!
If I didn’t know better,
I’d say you’re a racist pig. -I didn’t kick anyone.
-But it was on TV. -Have I ever kicked you?
-This is a threat to me! They’ll use this against me. You’re trying to ruin my career! Do you know who’s behind it? Hard to say. -This is what I pay you for?
-Pat, let’s not accuse each other. Get drunk with some journalists
and find out! Maybe it’s connected to
the privatization of Commerce Bank. Either we defend ourselves
or we won’t get the bank. -Their attack on us starts tomorrow.
-What do you mean? Grossmann’s Managers
Tried to Bribe GovernmentBrutal scenes
in the streets of Prague.
Patrik Grossmann
slapped a young Romany.
Lots of money, little morality.Nouveau riche Grossmann is
a racist. He beats a young Romany.
Owner of a stock fund
beats up a Romany boy.
Businessman beats up
a Romany violinist.
Managers tried
to bribe government.
Patrik Grossmann
beats up a Romany violonist.
Businessman Grossmann
gave a young Romany a kicking.
Patrik Grossmann
Beats up a Romany Violinist Patrik, the ministry is calling. Good to hear from you, Eva.
When are we having lunch? A message from the minister: cancel
your tender for Commerce Bank. Otherwise you’ll cast suspicion
on the whole privatization. -Thank you, goodbye.
-Cunt! Guess what, Lehky’s behind it. We privatized
Chem Industrial with him. Oh, him: “The most important thing
is to be the first to lie.” The world can’t support everyone. -They’re trying to elbow us out.
-Cut the crap! We better bump him off
or that slacker will never stop. We can be reprehensible
but not criminal. I’ll call him. No answer.
I’ll call the prime minister. No answer.
I’ll call the president. Are we being bugged? He doesn’t answer either! Today’s high will be 16°C
with a southeasterly breeze. And clouds are piling in
from the southeast too! So grab your umbrella
if you go out, though maybe
it will rain happiness! Have fun, folks,
life is beautiful! Cut! That was terrible. -What was all that horrid fluff?
-There was no fluff. You think I’m deaf?
And what’s this awful blouse? Wardrobe said
that you picked it out. That pink monstrosity! Where’s your taste, dork? He’s getting back at me
for not putting out. They were all just having me on. I used to be everyone’s
best friend, but today… We went places,
they wanted to hear my ideas. They liked being seen
with a hot blonde… …which, of course, I am. What’s wrong? Can I sleep with you?
I’m scared. -Of what?
-That they’ll shoot you. Why would they shoot me, David? The guys say you’re a mafioso,
and now you’re an inconvenience. Go lie down; everything is okay. Crawl in with me. You’re not a mafioso, right? Mafioso, you say? Hold on… Isn’t mafioso
a new kind of cheese? Right, fried mafioso
with french fries. We are not withdrawing
the tender for Commerce Bank. Forget defense,
worry about how we attack. All right… how we attack? Police! Police! -Where are the cameras?
-The TV crew hasn’t arrived yet. -Just sit tight.
-Just hold on a sec. Sorry, but Prague
is one big traffic jam. -Okay, action!
-Police! Police! Lt. Jakubickova,
you have to work this afternoon. -What’s this about?
-Filthy rich Patrik Grossmann. United Privatization Fund. He’s also got his paws in
the chemical industry, insurance… -Petroleum, gas, and electricity.
-Now he wants to add banking. So the big man got caught
in our impermeable net. Tana, there are no guilty
and no innocent. Right, Zajicek? There are only the exposed
and the yet-to-be exposed. Allegedly, the woman he lived with
had an unfortunate accident. -You think he had her killed?
-We’ll accuse him… -Of racism. And I get to explain this crap
to the nation. And take the rap? A TV crew is coming. Suggest that he
is here for financial indiscretions. Leave such amusements to the poor.
I have something special. There was a drug raid yesterday.
Careful, it’s good stuff. One thing about our police
that depresses me: our guys get the normal pay scale
but they handle far bigger fish. And sooner or later
they’re on the take. The best men
should work for the police, but nothing about being
a policeman attracts the best. So you claim not to be a racist. How can I prove I didn’t do it? So the reporters are lying, huh? Electronic records aren’t
accepted as evidence in court. We’ll be the judge of that. Criminal
procedure allows us a lot of leeway. I didn’t do anything. You’re lying!
Admit it like a man, man! Okay, Mr. Grossmann, you’re
being charged with paragraph 196. Captain Viktor. I’m off to see
the district attorney. Be sure not to hit him.
Look at the coward shaking! What a jerk, eh?
Didn’t he even make you coffee? Checking out my shoes? I did inherit plenty,
but don’t envy me. Maybe I should envy you
but I don’t envy anyone. I take cases over 50 million. You’re a real barrel of laughs.
Why all the chitchat, eh? I’m supposed to dig up
some dirt on you. Using paragraph 196
is really reaching. Then suggest how I can investigate
your entrepreneurial activities. I’m not taking the bait. -Why didn’t you call your lawyer?
-They’d say a shyster got me out. -How about a doob?
-You can’t spark it up here. Anybody want another hit? Let’s not worry about
defending ourselves… Let’s worry about how to attack. If we give money to some
prestigious Romany organization, those darkies will swear
you’re innocent. Excellent idea. Pat, you’re on the news!Laws apply to everyone.Patrik Grossmann has been accused
of violating paragraph 196:
Racially motivated attack.-She’s pretty…
-Don’t tell me you’d screw her?Mr. Grossmann is free,
but the case will continue…
We need to get control
of a TV station! If one station can sink us,
another can save us! That’s it! We’ll buy shares in TV ONE! TV ONE! TV ONE! -But, gentlemen, it’s obvious…
-Nothing is obvious, honky! Anything to drink, gentlemen? Coffee. But only with cream. -Strawberry juice for me.
-Me too. Coffee. But only if it’s black. Our fellow Romany citizens
are pretty worked up -about how you treated the boy.
-We went over this already. You should give a million crowns
for the Romany community. Better make it two million. The money is for good causes,
for Romany education. Ever notice that black skin is
a real aphrodisiac for white chicks? -We agree to two million.
-But now it’s three million. No! Two!
And stop hooting that crap! The Equal Romany Rights Initiative
held a demonstration today.Mr. Patrik Grossmann has always
supported Romany movements.
We condemn this defamation.
This is a racist attack!
Yet it’s an incontestable fact
that he attacked a Romany boy.
That boy is
a Romanian pickpocket.
We fully support Mr. Grossmann.The demonstration is hot news.
How’d you pull it off? Don’t you believe Roma can bravely
express their community position? You have great PR managers.
But we’re still coming after you. Guys, take a walk. I have a friend who’s after
a 10% share of TV ONE. How do you know
we want to buy TV ONE? You want to buy TV ONE?
Include my friend in the deal. You think the deal could come off? Only if you help my friend. In time,
he’d even sell you back his 10%. With what return? 30%? -Did I hear 20%?
-I think I said 25%. If we buy TV ONE for ten billion,
his share will be a billion. And a 25% return
on a billion is 250 million. You’re a clever cop, captain. I know exactly where
the TV ONE shares are stashed. He’s sitting with Grossmann. Hi there! -Grossmann.
-Jakubickova. -Hello.
-Hello. -What can I get you?
-Six whiskies. Knock it off! You’ll shoot
your prick off one day! This way! Halt, police! How about getting a room? -Don’t you like my place anymore?
-Sure, I just thought we’d add
one of these chicks to the mix. You’re such a disgusting pig! Aren’t you going to choose one? I’m just footing the bill. I understand–you’re a fag. Hey, sorry I was
so terrible to you on TV. I had to do it.
I have a daughter to support. You’re married?
Doesn’t seem like it. -Do you think I’m pretty?
-I can’t say I don’t. Hey, I’m gonna cuddle up to you. Don’t think it means anything. It just means we’re cuddling. We’re only working together
because you’re helping me fight even bigger crooks than you. I heard Grossmann
is buying TV ONE. Don’t worry,
we’ll get that bastard.Electronic records aren’t
accepted as evidence in court.
-No one will sell him the station.
-Now it just needs clever editing. How much are you making for
the privatization of Commerce Bank? -You want money? No problem.
-I do this work out of conviction. I was awarded for it… A Silver Bluebird! -Hey, everyone’s on the take!
-I don’t believe it! We independent journalists are
happy when a criminal is punished. And Grossmann will be punished! Hey, are you recording this? I’m not! I’m not! Answer me this:
Why will Jews keep on suffering? Why? Because they killed
Jesus Christ, our Lord.Please don’t kick me in the head!When interrogated, this brute
talked cynically about his actions.
Electronic records aren’t
accepted as evidence in court.
As if morality
doesn’t exist for bigwigs.
It’s as if the self is an illusion:
intangible, indescribable, vague. And the only reality
is our image in the eyes of others. One malicious phrase
transforms you into a pitifully
simplified caricature. Don’t drink so much. Have some too,
or I’ll replace you! Think how many of our people
got it in the camps. Compared to that, this is nothing. You can suppress your Jewishness,
but they always drag it out of us. Hey, how do you know I’m a Jew? The same way you know I like boys.
You never threw it in my face, but you assume
you have the upper hand. -What about the TV ONE shares?
-No deal, but we’re working on it. -No answer! -Who?
-It doesn’t matter! Must be police spokeswoman
Jakubickova. -You know her?
-We know everyone. No! So she’s a Jew too? At least you know
what a Jewish conspiracy is. Katerina, you’re in luck.
They approved your brain transplant. They found you a bird brain–you’ll
be twice as clever as you are now. Bitch! The sun will smite us
from the west… I mean, smile from the southwest.
So we’ll all be in a great mood! So don’t let
any killjoys rain it… ruin it. Because… Have a great day,
folks, life is beautiful! -Katerina!
-Ivan! How are you? Are you still seeing…
Grossmann? -Yeah, but it’s hell lately.
-Patrik’s been framed! You’re the first person
to take his side. As you know, I’m with the most
influential lobby in the country. They also say you’re friends
with the prime minister. I made my friend prime minister.
There’s a difference. Oh, sorry. The problem is
that Gold and Razny are incompetent. -They’re losers.
-He’ll never get TV ONE with them. What, he wants to buy TV ONE? Try to get him to talk with me. I’ll show him such tricks tonight
that he’ll listen to every my word. You know Ivan Lehky,
the influential lobbyist? -He said he can get you out of this.
-He’s running the smear campaign! Now that you’re buying a station… -I’m buying a TV station?
-Everybody’s talking about it. -You better say sorry!
-What should we apologize for? I can’t sleep with all the noise. You have each other,
but I’m alone. -Then be with us.
-Okay. Too bad you didn’t see
how well he can ride his horse. I know I haven’t
been around much lately. I heard you’re buying a TV station. It’s great
how we all keep secrets. I’ll be general manager
when I grow up. Sure, you’d make a great boss. If we take over TV ONE, perhaps
I’ll become general manager. Me, a sickly Jew
that no one hesitates to kick. But I can’t complain,
except that I’m going bald. And that the One on high
gave me a weakness for boys. She’s pregnant! You’re a racist! -There’s trouble, I need help!
-Hey, hang up the phone! Gypsy scum! Fork over the wallet! If you’re going to act like that you can forget about equality!
Beat it! Your wallet…
Hey, lady, your wallet. -Thanks! What luck.
-Watch it next time. 578 crowns. That bastard!
Sorry, but I can’t buy any of it. Come and get it! Come on! -Why are you giving it back?
-Why didn’t you turn me in? -Who taught you to steal?
-My aunt, on a sewing dummy. Didn’t they teach you
not to steal? -We can.
-What do you mean you can? When they put Jesus on the cross,
us Gypsies stole the fourth nail, so Jesus lets us steal. -What’s your name?
-Lajos Manolescu. Ask your parents to call me.
Here’s some money. So they won’t hit you
for not stealing anything. Nice car. -Maybe you’ve come at a bad time.
-Of course we haven’t! That damned little hobby of yours,
paragraph 128: Misusing information
in business relations. You made 150 million?
I didn’t even inherit that much. No one exploits information
like Mr. Maxa. Right, Mr. Maxa? Captain, that business is over!
I can’t sell him TV ONE shares. By the way, you forgot these
during your last raid. But we have new information,
so we have to reopen the case. We can broadcast
anything you want in your favor. That’s not enough.
I urgently need the station. You’d like to privatize
Commerce Bank, right? I won’t give you Commerce Bank. Grossmann,
are you a Jew by any chance? Patrik, be realistic. The government
won’t sell you the bank anyway. I agree:
Commerce Bank for TV ONE. I only care that love and truth
will finally reign among people. Relax, it’s just a joke. Incredible! I’m to be
the general manager of TV ONE! I wanted to kiss Egon
but we broke up long ago… I was thrilled by our mutual ideas. The news media swallowed
our invented stories and then the whole nation
became absorbed in them. Have him say, “The time has come to unmask
unprofessional reporters, blackmailing policemen,
and corrupt politicians.” -God, you’re quoting Goebbels!
-At least we know it’ll… …work. -He says you want to abuse his son.
-Please, calm down. Would you like coffee or tea? He says you’re a pedophile
who’s pretending to be decent. Where’s the trouble? He says you offered
a million crowns for Lajos. I know you sell
your daughters in marriage. I won’t give anything for your son. I’ll give Lajos an education. If he gets into Oxford
I’ll pay for it. And if he stays with you?
He’ll pick people’s pockets. I know it’s your right:
you stole the fourth nail, thereby obtaining
a general pardon from Jesus. Give him at least half a million. A person is not a thing
to be sold. What if you start abusing him? We’ll do it officially.
Social workers will check up on me. Think it over well, Mr. Manolescu.
Goodbye. Goodbye, Mr. Gold. Are you insane? What do you know about it? Every copper
has a job on the side. They sold your interrogation
to the TV station for a price. Do you ever go to temple? I’m not interested in Judaism…
Last time we were less formal. I was a little drunk.
Now I’m more ladylike. -Judaism is mainly about blood.
-Who knows what blood they have? They killed your great-great
grandmother in a pogrom. And some of your relatives
died in the same camp as mine. Maybe we’re their souls
that returned. Souls, eh?
Me and a police spokeswoman… It’s absurd! -First you say I’m a criminal…
-But I got the DA to release you! Are you and Viktor… dating? You mean, am I sleeping with him? No, never! Strike me dead if I’m lying! Why wasn’t I struck dead? Thank you. Everyone wants to prove
I live beyond my means, that I’m taking money on the side.
But they won’t get me. I taught my wife to shop
exclusively at thrift stores, and that proves I’m squeaky clean. My only masters
are truth and morality. That’s why I’m the best reporter
in the country. Who the hell’s here? -I bet it’s that idiot Lehky.
-What the hell does he want? Grossmann’s buying shares of TV ONE!
Get rid of anything compromising! Hey, I did my work well.
Have some! No surprise that a crook won’t
stand trial in this corrupt country. Check it out: Grossmann
and some cops at a brothel. He’s hitting on the spokeswoman! -No way!? How’d you do it?
-It came in the mail. Stuff like that happens
to investigative reporters. A journalist should be able to
interrogate suspects like a cop. Why is it illegal?
We’d solve so many cases. Watch me question
their spokeswoman. Hello, Jiri Skopovy speaking,
independent journalist. Hello… I have a little question for you.
Do you know that some policemen spent the evening at a brothel?
And Patrik Grossmann paid for it? If you have any footage,
I can find those responsible. Apparently, you were there too.
Are you friendly with Grossmann? If you have proof,
see the proper authorities. If not, stop spreading rumors. You’re insane
to go up against the police. That’s my style. I stick it to all crooks. You know the interior minister,
so you can handle the police. Skopovy is the biggest skunk
of all the journalists. It’s a police war.
One of us must’ve squealed. Let’s go someplace else. -I’m going to see Skopovy.
-Don’t be dumb. He’d record it. -I’ll bring a detector.
-Good idea. Why’d you drag me
to that brothel, you perverts? So you’d let your hair down
with Mr. Grossmann. Cut it out! You dumped me a year
ago and now you act jealous? Tana, we’re meeting him
to talk about “his” case. -What case?
-Don’t you know? Skopovy is a drug dealer.
Right, Zajicek? -Yeah, he’s under investigation.
-You’re making it up. Yep! An old police saying:
if someone’s causing trouble… -make trouble for him…
-so he can’t make trouble for you. This way, Mr. Jansky. Mr. Grossmann, it’s always
a great honor to meet with you. But our appointment was for nine,
and now it is almost 11. Respecting another’s time
is a gentlemanly virtue. I always make visitors wait 3 hours.
So I’m seeing you an hour early. Bravo, two points! How come PEEN Club hasn’t
come out behind Mr. Grossmann yet? With the Romanies behind you,
we thought that we… We “funded” you to dictate
the statement we gave you. Can’t you push it through
that gang of idiots? Don’t forget that I represent
the culture of this country! The culture here never came
out of an intellectual association. You’d throw Hasek out for drinking
and Kafka for having TB! You’re cultural parasites! You have offended
the entire PEEN Club. Patrik, let’s broadcast a report
about how corrupt this jerk is. Two points, bravo!The time has come to unmask
unprofessional reporters,
blackmailing policemen,
and corrupt politicians!
We of the PEEN Club
say it loud and clear:
What is going on now
is an odious conspiracy…
-It’s all a dirty trick.
-I’d give them hard labor. Such a great reporter
in league with such a gang. -Who’s this supposed to be?
-Don’t pretend you don’t know! Guys, I really don’t. Journalism is just a cover for you.
A way to get information. In reality you’re a drug dealer.
Who’s your heroin from? Heroin? So you’re taping us? For Mustafa? -Somebody put it there!
-Let’s go! You’re under arrest! This guy could even have
a microphone on his pecker. Strip, you pig!
You almost got us killed. Me? Kill? I don’t understand. -You almost ruined the operation!
-Let’s snuff him and bury him! You tried to compromise us because
we’re putting the heat on Mustafa. Your job was clear:
to screw us over! To destroy half a year’s work
infiltrating Mustafa’s gang! That’s why
we were in that whorehouse! Guys, I swear on all the saints! I’m against crooks just like you. For the last time,
where’d you get that footage? -I found it in my mailbox.
-I almost believe him. I’ll give you all the footage.
Then you’ll know you can trust me. Lehky is the one who’s after you. He handles
the prime minister’s money. Oh, it’s after eight!
I’m on TV today! -You’re on all the time.
-But it’s different today. I’m on Anka Agorova’s show.
You’re really gonna laugh.Well, you’re with the richest
Czech, so I don’t think…
Yeah, like, we have sex a lot…The food is really great. -You only ever think about yourself.
-But dad was complimenting you. Know how everyone looks at me now? This is weird;
I gotta get ready for school. It’s too much for me. How about getting married?
Can I ask for your hand, darling? No one can accuse me
of being after your money now. How about packing a bag?
It was great but it was enough. Keep treating me like crap
and I’ll destroy you! I’ll slit my wrists
and call the tabloids. Did you hear me?
Come back here! I’m such an idiot!That was Katerina Hodzova…-Rabbi, let me introduce…
-The future media magnate! L’Chaim! Patrik needs your help. They’re
threatening him with a pogrom. Yeah, pogroms, sch’ma Israel,
an indivisible part of our culture. Purim is approaching. Maybe
Pat could secretly sponsor it! I’d be happy to come. Sponsoring it
would indeed be pleasing to God. It’s written in our beloved Torah
that 10% of what a Jew makes should go to the priest
and the temple. I won’t even ask
what 10% is of what you make. Better not.Muslims control
more and more world media.
So I wasn’t surprised
by the attack on Patrik Grossmann.
It’s hidden anti-Semitism.
Sophisticated, hidden anti-Semitism.
And it’s no secretthat the police
often recruit skinheads…
Dammit! Hi, Lubos, anything wrong? -Ivan, what’s going on?
-It’s hard to fight TV ONE! Lock him up and keep him there! -Hi!
-It’s the minister of the interior. I have shots of Grossmann
in a brothel with some cops. -He’s corrupted your whole field.
-There’ll be a purge. I’ve got a meeting. Bye. What’s going on? -Patrik is cheating on you.
-Cheating how? -He’s screwing somebody else.
-Women are always after him. He’s in love; you’ve lost control. -We don’t have such restrictions.
-Dammit, that bitch is a threat! -What bitch?
-This bitch. So he thinks he’s gonna
screw his way out of this? You have to convince him
to make me head of the news desk. What am I doing wrong? If I become head of the station,
I’ll make you evening news anchor. And my tabloid friends will make you
the most popular anchor ever. -The most popular anchor?
-You’ll be a real celebrity! Great, now one more time. I don’t wanna take a bath! “Avoid the tub and sink,
soon you’ll be extinct.” I won’t be extinct, I’m a Gypsy. -Go to sleep now. I have to work.
-Me too. I’m a great screen. But I’m not going out to steal.
Decent people don’t steal. And you won’t steal either. -Where did you steal all this stuff?
-I didn’t steal it, I earned it. How, motherfucker? If you work well,
people will pay you for it. -They’re unworried
you’ll rip them off. -I see. Sorry I’m late. -Are you trying to destroy us?
-I don’t understand. How can our station manager
be a pedophile. I’m not a pedophile! I know,
but who cares about the truth? That trash tried to rip you off!
He’s a troublemaker! It’s not Lajos’s fault. He’s incredibly talented. The world has shitloads of talented
people. Pat, he’s losing it! Return that little crook
or I’ll make Egon general manager. Come on, we’ve got
the world in our hip pocket. But now, because of me,
he’ll stop hurting people. -You really see it as your mission?
-Are you running for office? Clever! People looked at Jews just
like you’re looking at the Roma. Maybe we wouldn’t be here
if we’d believed all the prejudice. -You know we can’t take the risk.
-No, I don’t. But I respect it. Well, see ya. Bye, daddy. -Why do I have to go to that
Lauder school? -You’re a Jew. -I’m not a Jew! I’m like you.
-But I am a Jew. Mom was too… -How did mom die?
-I don’t know… Something jumped in front of her car
and she didn’t want to run it over. -Katerina says it was no accident.
-Katerina wasn’t there! Go ahead, forget you’re a Jew,
but someday someone will remind you. Hey, are you going
with that police woman? -Did Katerina tell you that too?
-Do you have sex with her? Not yet. How about
spending the weekend with us? -Daddy, I want more cake.
-Sure thing. Will you tell me
if something’s up? You’re not going anywhere
with him. You lost the right to mess
in my life a long time ago. Two more drinks
and some cake, please. Lehky the money launderer
is out to get him. -We waited for you for five years.
-You know I like my freedom. Go ahead and enjoy your freedom! I’m working for all of us. So milking Patrik is fine,
but not really helping him. I care for you. So you’ll tell me
if something happens. -You really aren’t cold?
-Of course I am. -I’m going in too.
-No way, you’ll catch cold! -I’m gonna run around at least.
-Okay, up to the rocks. -Time me, okay, Tana?
-Sure. Get ready, set, go. -Hold on, there’s a child here.
-It’ll take him at least 10 minutes. -So you are having sex!
-Eight minutes 10 seconds. Wow! -Well, well…
-Dang it, David… -So will we be together?
-Can we leave that for later? -So will we be together?
-Lovers and wives are different. -So will we be together?
-We will if we’re meant to be. So then we’ll be together! -Yes? -It’s me.
-What’s going on? They’re going to arrest him
at the border. They’re after me too. -You think he shouldn’t go back?
-I wouldn’t. I like Viktor but I don’t trust him.
He’s jealous. He took a huge risk calling. They don’t care about arresting me.
They don’t want me to come back. We can run away together.
My mom will bring my daughter. -I didn’t do anything.
-They’ll dig up worse dirt on you! I’ll take you to the station
so they won’t see us together. No, we’re in this together. Police! Hands up! Let me go, pig! Mr. Grossmann,
any statement for the press? Mr. Skopovy,
try taking a shower sometime. Hello! Grossmann,
we’re allowing you a visitor. -Can you sign this for me,
Ms. Hodzova? -Of course. -I really like watching you on TV.
-Hi, dad. Hi, David. Is everything okay? Here you go… You hurt my love! I wonder
what new tricks you learned! But you’re stuck here. Maybe they’ll let you
screw her in your cell! -Katerina, David is here.
-Let the poor boy know the truth. You wouldn’t have my child,
but you want hers, right? Right? Ms. Hodzova, cut the theatrics
or your visit will be over! Make Lehky head of the news desk
or you’ll never get out of this! You’ll rot in here alive,
you bastard! You bastard! It’s over!
Get her out of here! Leave me alone!
You disgusting bastard! Bastard… Bye… Damn, I’m general manager;
It’s beyond my wildest dreams. Finally, the cash
will come rolling in. Finally, we’ll mold the viewer
in our own image. I am truly sorry, dear viewers. -Director, sir, it’s Ms. Hodzova.
-Egon, I didn’t even recognize you! Hi, Egon. -Patrik has a great idea.
-You cooked all this up, eh? Forget the details, it’s showbiz. Jagr used to play for Pittsburgh
but now he plays against them. I always wanted to work with Patrik
but you sabotaged me. Patrik thought
that since Gold left… That you can trade him for me,
to continue the hockey metaphor. -Patrik didn’t mention it.
-I’m in contact with Patrik. -The government will back you.
-Or the police can trash the place. Here’s something that gets everyone.
Use it as you see fit. You’re such a bastard,
you’ll fit right in. I could return the compliment. Well then? Did you have
a nap in the kindergarten? -Ms. Jakubickova? -Hello.
-Should I introduce myself? -Since you recognized me…
-Don’t act tough. Stop messing around with Patrik
or I’ll destroy you. We have a good relationship
and a child who depends on us. -Sorry, but I have to go.
-Don’t move, you whore! -You stupid cow!
-Cow? Do you know who I am? I’d never stoop to your level!
Get out of here! Did you see
how she tried to kill me? -Did you get it?
-We’re journalists… Write that she’s jealous of me!
She wants to announce the news!Anything can be changed
with the help of 3-D animation.
A caress can even become a slap.These scenes were staged and
later manipulated on a computer.
At first glance,
not even an expert could tell.
This sham animation began
the unjust prosecution of…
-Hi, dad!
-David, I’m sure glad it’s you. -Is Katerina home?
-Yeah, she’s watching the news. You’re getting out soon, right? David, don’t go anywhere
without your bodyguard. -Sure nuff, dude.
-Good, I’ll call later. -Egon, are you there?
-Pat, how come you can call? -Money in jail buys a phone.
-We broadcast Lehky’s story. -And now we go after him.
-But I promised to work with him. But I didn’t! He’s going down
for pulling all that crap! The PM is behind Lehky. But he’s going
to lose the election. Think it over.
Let’s not dig our own graves. Who’s the fucking boss around here? -What about you, Mr. Grossmann?
-Why did they let you come? Your lawyer took me on as a clerk.
I can visit you day or night. I’d like to screw you. Your lawyer says
we have to watch it. -What’s that?
-I took one from Katerina. I’m off the force
and Viktor’s been locked up. My station is working
on another story. Things are going to be getting
pretty hot in this country. The lawyer says things will cool off
if you make Lehky head of the news. Everyone’s telling me what to do!I know best what I should do.I don’t need you coming here
and giving me your advice.
I was always able
to look after myself…
Better let him go!
Release the Jew! Racists! Racists! Racists! According to our sources,
the racially-motivated imprisonment of Jewish entrepreneur
Grossmann was preplanned.We ask all decent people
to protest
for the release of
Patrik Grossmann.
The entire affair is connected
to the Commerce Bank privatization.
Allegedly, Ivan Lehky,
adviser to the PM,
imprisoned Patrik Grossmannmerely to remove him from
the Commerce Bank competition.
-Razny screwed us.
-Have him arrested! -Shit! -What’s going on?
-Lubos, it got a bit out of hand. -What’re they doing at that station?
-Take TV ONE’s license away. They’ll have destroyed us by then. I don’t know what to do!
Shut down the transmitter! They’d lock us up! Including you! Ivan, I’m through with you. Arrange for me to be
at his interrogation. Today! Make sure
his Jewish lawyer’s not there. And I need two ex-cops,
capable of anything. Now! -This is the last time.
-What a mess, eh? When does his kid
get home from school? Racists! Racists!
Release the Jew! Racists! Racists!
Release the Jew! Racists! Racists!
Release the Jew! Mr. Lehky,
is Grossmann’s detention justified? I have no time now. Ms. Hodzova, are you
still intimate with Grossmann? Like I thought, Lehky is a Jew too! He was working for Grossmann
the whole time! I refuse to be interrogated
without legal representation. This can’t wait. Mr. Grossmann,
what’re you doing here? Go get a snack! Headquarters said you were coming. Get lost, loser,
or you’ll be walking a beat! Some people are kind of slow,
right, Mr. Grossmann? Lehky, what are you trying to pull? You’re the one
who violated our agreement. You started with the dirty tricks. Hard to say who started it. But I’m your salvation.
Without me you’ll rot in here. You’ll rot here and I’ll walk out. So you think TV ONE
gives you the upper hand? -Dad!
-David, what’s going on? They took me someplace
and there’s some naked man here… Beat it, you idiots! Wanna take revenge on Lehky?
Would you sacrifice your son for it? You fucking asshole! We’ll rise to the top together
or we’ll destroy each other. -You have another minute and a half.
-Tell them to let him go! Drop the campaign against me
and never go after me again. -And publicly apologize to me on TV.
-Okay, just call! Shake on it. -What?
-The battery. -What? -What about it?
-It’s dead. -Dammit, use mine.
-I don’t know the number! Sorry, it’s a joke.
My battery never fails. Okay, okay, I’m calling! Action over!
Return the kid to the nest. Like to work at headquarters? -Gladly.
-Then you shall. We’ll do big things together.
Call me. Sorry, Mr. Grossmann,
I was just doing my job. Grossmann! Grossmann! -Grossmann!
-Grossmann! Dad! Dad! Hi!So how did everything turn out?
Fine, I guess.
Everything was as it should be.
Tana and I got married.
Now, now, gents wish to call a vote
of confidence in the government.Ivan Lehky managed
the entire TV ONE news desk,
and in return he helped me
manage the prime minister.
Katerina became the most popularevening news anchor in the country.And those two
really started hitting it off.
But poor Gold
was laid low by a heart attack.
We walk through the present
with blinders on.
Only the future
reveals what things meant.
Subtitles by John Brent

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  1. Nejdesivejsi na tom je, že to tak opravdu funguje 😅 vyjebani židi nepočítaje Ty Americke tomu tady velí 😅 nevím jestli někdo postřehl ty podprahovky co ve filmu byli……i číslo na policejní budově když vycházel 1666😂😂😂 njn…..m Ave Satan

  2. Tento film stúpa na otlaky kadekomu, tak sa nečudujem že vzbudil vášne medzi divákmi. Satirizuje najhnusnejšie ľudské vlastnosti ktoré každý človek má v sebe a väčšina ich má dôkladne maskované nánosom pokrytectva.
    OK, možno sem-tam dal film facku aj nevinnému, ale stále je to len film a divák má vlastnú hlavu aby si to rozobral sám za seba.
    V pokojných a už trochu nudných vodách českej kinematografie patrí tento film medzi to najlepšie.

  3. tady je důkaz jakou máme v ČR špatnou moderní architekturu. Ke ztvárnění interierů pro miliardáře musíme používat devadesátkovej béčkovej design…

  4. jediný kde Matonoha stojí za to je Comeback.. jinak je to trapnej herec.. pardon… jen názor… a proč tady jedete cikánský písničky???? mi jsme Cikánská Republika nebo co? fakt ČR multikulturní shit země !!

  5. Nechápem tomu , ako môžu takýto rasistický film uverejniť. Najviac ma sere , že moji bratia a sestry ( rómovia) do toho idú, a našu komunitu tak ponížiť a nenávistne opísať.. " a že vraj to nieje pravda aký ste ?"
    Nie nie nejeto pravda , každý sme iný !!

  6. really good fun, thouroghly enjoyed…even with snippets of deeper wisdom as a bonus
    ‘’Jako by naše já bylo pouhé zdání –neuchopitelné, nepopsatelné, mlhavé…zatímco jediná skutečnost je náš obraz v očích jiných.’’

  7. bezducha komedie s naprosto jednoduchyma az stupidnima postavama… me to ale hrozne pobavilo, klidne to skouknu znova, treba hlasky vrchniho policajta sou naprosto uzasny 😀 (my te vodprasknem a nekam zahrabem HAHAHA 😀 :D)

  8. Zase dalsi Vorlovina (cti volovina). Za me palec dolu. Na druhou stranu, tisic lidi, tisic nazoru.

  9. it looks like you can't make a good film longer than 20 min., after that it always turn wrong 🙁

  10. 22:30 nebo ten čas kdy se zhulí, to je teda jak kdyby to mixovali i s alkoholem… 😀 trošku moc v piči jsou z toho.

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  12. Za mě dobrý, chce to u toho vydržet a pochopit. Ovšem není to nic nového, co by člověk nevytušil. Propaganda a podobné výkrmy, člověka zkrátka bloudí a lidi prostě žerou a žrát to budou po korytech. (Bohužel i já, i když si to uvědomuji)

  13. Scénář k tomu filmu je určitě dobře napsaný ,ale film je. nezáživně natočen ,absolutně chaoticky.

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  15. Krásnej film o tom, jak pravda a spravedlnost je v dnešní době k ničemu 😄.. prachy a kontakty vládnou, a né jen v naší zemi 😄

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