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“Sare Jaha se Acha” National song is playing in background Mom, Turn off the song.. Why are you disturbing early in the morning. Mother – Your grandfather is listening to it Son. You know about him right. Do you know the importance of today my child Today is the day ,India got independence. We fought against Britishers to make India free. Who is Britishers Grandpa? They invaded India They made us slaves and ruled us. That’s why we revolted to send them back from India Satirical smile What’s that laugh? Its true that we revolted , but the other one is not true. They didn’t invade Inida, they took our permission to enter India. Later we fought internally and gave them chance to rule us. Stupid. Our Unity is our strength Enough Grandpa. What unity is strength ! If we really have Unity, why Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal separate countries were formed. ? Not only that. We had only 24 states earlier whereas now, why is India segregated to 29 states .? Don’t speak foolishly Inspite of many differences we are all one. We always stays unite. Ok, Let’s leave all those. Why did you wake her up so early? Let her sleep. Anyhow you don’t have patriotism. I wont let her to be like you. Like how we pray God only when we are in troubles. What is the point of being patriotic once in a year ? Stop non sense. Do you know how many  people sacrificed their lives to achieve Independence Don’t blabber without knowing its importance. Do you really know how great India is?Yes Grandpa, India is very great We not only have the facts to be proud of but also we have the facts to be ashamed of.!!! What do you mean? Grandpa. For how long we keep saying India is a developing country You used to say, my father, me and even her generation is saying the same. Then when can we say that India is a developed country.? First you get ready and go to college. No one will go to college on holidays Its not the day to celebrate Independence which we got 72 years back rather its a day to think about Independence which we are loosing everyday. Having many faults in us, Its foolishness to expect development.  Faults? What are those? First thing is Population Grandpa. Are we humans or something else? What is this massive population? Russia is 5 times bigger than India. Do you know how populous they are? India’s population is 135 crores, whereas Russia’s population is just 15 crores. That’s why everyone in that country is getting everything they need and ultimately country is developed. India is the biggest democratic country in the world. That is why India is great. But till few days back, in our neighbour state , 3 politicians fought for the CM seat. That’s why India is much more great Grandpa. They need to fight for the power or for the people? Its not politician’s mistake Grandpa. It’s our own mistake. We are the one who elected them. If our mobile network doesn’t work for 10 minutes, we will call customer care, abuse them in 100 ways and get our problem solved no matter what. But if a Govt officer or any politician is not doing their duty, Instead of we questioning them , we are ok to bribe them to get our work done. That’s why India is much more great nation Grandpa. India is having a rich culture in which we worship river and cows as equal as our mother. In such a great country; according to 2016 crime records, there were 106 rape cases filed and 4 out of 10 victims are minors. That’s why India is much more great nation Grandpa and ironically most of the rape cases filed in our national capital, Delhi. Damn. Is it capital of nation or the capital of rapes? India thought Dharma to whole world grandpa but now we have dharma only as a dharma chakra on our national flag.  Its not enough to say India is a great country, even people of Indian should be virtue. As famous poet Gurjada apparoa says, Country is not made up of just land , its made up of people. But for this generation, Country is just a sand. Being highly qualified like IAS and doctors, they are still going and falling on the feet of fake Babas. Then what is meaning of their education? Having this much superstitious beliefs, how they are going to be useful to the country. When talking about this superstitious beliefs , I remember another great thing about India. CASTE We may able to find medicine for many diseases but not for this deadly disease. Adding caste in place of surnames is as sin as feeding poisonous milk to kids. while everyone know that there are too many faults then why no one is trying to correct them? No one is there to correct the faults Grandpa. Those whom country need are not here. They are migrating to other countries. Those who sing proudly “Sare jaha se acha, Hindusthan hamara (Out of all , India is the great country to live) are going to settle in other countries with good positions. People who are left out here are the ones who  change whatsapp DP once in a year to show patriotism. Everyone got habituated to this and everyone is living like this only. Namaste Grandpa. How are you? Come. You are the one lacking here now. Grandpa. Today is very auspicious day. That is why,Morning I went to temple and prayed to God for goodness of our country and our people. Am very happy to hear. These many days I thought you are Blighter of no use. You did a good thing. Come , let me pin flag to you. Happy Republic Day Grandpa. You idiot, Today is not republic day, Today is our Independence day Idiot. Oh God. Whatever it is Grandpa. Both are national festivals only right. Let me go. Dude come, our friends are waiting for us in ground. Get lost you idiot Grandpa. Is India really a bad country ? Why he hates India so much? haha. my little innocent girl. He doesn’t hate India,  He loves India madly. That’s why he is showing anger in this way. Is it? Yes my girl. your mom will always be keep scolding you for not completing your homework and for not getting up on time, right? But again she is one who feeds food to you always. and again she is the one praises about you to the neighbours that my kid is very good and studies well, right? the way your mom loves you,in the same way he is also loving this mother land madly.  Its true that anger resides where there is true love. National song “Sare jaha se acha” plays.

13 thoughts on “#Ugly Side Of INDIA [4K] | Independence Day Short Film| English Subtitles | Directed by Kiran Raju.M

  1. SR productions
    My friends Done this video in one day I salute them for this one day fabulous out put Kurnool team SR productions Jai Hind

  2. Vinay super ra manasuku thakayi endhukate aamatallu aksharala nijam kabati ee thelivi Mana rajakiyanayakulaku emathram vunna mana "INDIA" enado 100rettlu Singapore Kanna great ga development ayedhi.Anthedhuku Mana kurnool lone madhurnagar,Itc circle, kalluru kada eni eni mandhi pani kosam podhuni kadikapullu kasthuntaru hmm enadina ea rajakiya nayakullu Kani ee companies Aina pani episthanu randi annara adi manam chesukuna karma edharo brilliants VEDHESALLAKU poyi akkada companies ki CEO lu ayaru Kani mana India vallu Ani chepokovadame thappa evaru pikindemu ledhu evarina mundhuku vasthey LANCHAM LANCHAM lekunte vadini thokestharu ventani hmm. Any way super dialogues @Prawin good concept ra direct @Kiran good acting @Vinay and Shekar All d best….

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