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Good afternoon. Uh, I’m here. Hi. I’m probably at the moment,
in the last seven years at least, the world record holder at winning semi-finals. If I would write a book about it
probably nobody would buy it. LAUGHTER Yeah, it’s a real football final. It will be warm as well,
with so many English people in the stadium. They are not used to that. We’re really looking forward to it,
it will be a proper game I’m sure. Good? Mr Klopp, thank you very much. Thank you, bye-bye. The most important tomorrow
is to play with freedom. To play like when you were young, a child,
seven, eight, nine years old and you played with freedom. The key is not
to think one billion people are watching you, it’s to go there and run and play all together,
helping each other, good communication. Then we are going to try and hope that we can be the best,
and the best will be Tottenham. Gentlemen, thank you very much. Finished? THEY SPEAK SPANISH It’s a very good journey coming
through Spain as well, isn’t it? It’s been set up really nice here as well. I’m up for 2-1, everybody makes it
difficult for us, don’t they? We’ll have to change all the songs
if we go to six times. ♫ I wanna be in that number ♫ Oh, when the Spurs go marching in. ♫ My dad always told me as a kid,
“One day we’ll be up there.” And look at us now.
We’re in Madrid. ♫ Poetry in motion
La-la-la-la-la ♫ Poetry in motion
Laa, la-la-la-la… ♫ ♫ Walk on… ♫ Boys, come on! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ANTHEM PLAYS ♫ Oh, when the Spurs go marching in… ♫ It hit his arm, what can he do?
What can he do? The arm is here. – The ball’s going that way.
– Check it. Clear penalty, 100 per cent. Guys, please, don’t go inside,
we need to repeat. Please, be careful. Guys, stay! Two hands. Two hands, come on. Two hands, push. ♫ ..go marching in ♫ Oh, when the Spurs go marching in… ♫ ♫ Oh, Andy, Andy! ♫ Andy, Andy, Andy… ♫ Run. Please, run. ♫ Come on, you Spurs… ♫ HALF-TIME WHISTLE THEY SPEAK SLOVENE Yeah, we are coming. Referees on their way. Use the space! Check, check. Play. Get in! Champions of Europe, Liverpool! ♫ There’s something that
the Kop wants you to know… ♫ Hi, Dad, it’s me. Yeah, you all right? Yeah!

100 thoughts on “UEFA Short Film | Incredible never-before-seen footage of Liverpool’s Champions League triumph

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  2. An amazing short film. I'm a huge Liverpool supporter, living here in Canada. I am so proud of everything associated, with this WONDERFUL !!!!! football club. The scene that got me the most, was when Jordan saw his father and they embraced. I knew that his father has been through some tough times, dealing with cancer, so, to see him hug his dad, with tears in his eyes……well……. i lost it. Couldn't stop crying…they were tears of joy and tears of respect, for our Captain, who has taken a lot of flack, over the past few seasons. YNWA. C'mon lads, lets go and bring that league title home. It will be tough, but I have every ounce of confidence, that you all can do it. LFC FOREVER!!!!!

  3. This squad is amazing! Even the players who didn’t even see the field were still in good spirits n behind the team 100%. The teams comradely is something special!

  4. Wonderful Liverpool.
    I love Liverpool.
    I love the city of Liverpool.
    I love the people of Liverpool.
    I'm egyptian . Thanks Liverpool.

  5. Gives me goosebumps all the time 6 times I am very grateful to have seen us lift old big twice let it be the premier league next.

  6. I must have seen this video now several times and I still feel a rush of pride in knowing that all the men who play for LFC are class acts. I admire all, and all have a story. Henderson is an amazing Captain…. in a team full of Captains. YNWA

  7. I was in Madrid and when the whistle blew I had flashbacks at when I was at school a few days before I was just playing football for the school team and I just scored a screamer from the halfway line in the final and in Chester it was an absolute honour(we won) and during the trophy lift i felt like i won the champions league so i think i am meant to play for Liverpool because i also come from Liverpool so yeah.🏆

  8. In the Chinese zodiac signs, this would been known as the year of “the premier league” well done 👍 Liverpool. Coming from Man United Fan.

  9. van Dijk at 10:24 again shows us why football is more than just a game. If you truly love it, you give it everything you have <3

  10. Tottenham fan. I’m still heart broken till this day. All respect for you guys. You deserved. Just watching my team lose and my favorite player on the pitch holding on the silver not the gold makes me sad 😞

  11. Лучший клуб в мире! Лучшие болельщики! Фантастическая атмосфера! YNWA!

  12. Best team in the world
    Best manager in the world
    Best players in the world
    Best camera man in the world in one video

  13. Wow.. this was like watching a real movie.).. Great raw footage. It was like you're right there amongst all the action experiencing the game first hand.. Excellent short film!

  14. Basically Goosebumps!!!!! Massive respect to Tottenham,,,, But sorry guys,,,,. our name was on it this year!!!!! YNWA ,!!!!!

  15. I am a Liverpool fan (Kopite) since I recognize football at 7yo. Now, I'm 26yo still love Liverpool. Liverpool lost from Madrid and become a champion in Madrid. YNWA

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