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Datta.. Datta.. What is this.. emey…(husband calling wife in telugu) come here I am callling you only…come here Now we are going to play a game.. what is that.. Let I be your husband.. and you are my wife so… we will play husband and wife game No..I don’t play come..we shall have lunch.. take a plate for you also.. turn your face my father do this for my mother I am very hungry…take another plate which one suits me you will be beautiful with those clothes you told me that you will bring a make up kit for me It has been two days since I apply lipstick.. don’t worry I will bring it tomorrow….but give me a kiss what don’t you understand english kiss….one kiss where I have to kiss…above moustache or below it will you kiss …. Sai wait for one minute.. I did not understand you I was angry on that day I am sorry how can I believe you now.. I will understand You don’t like my fantacies how can you understand me.. sometimes we don’t believe truths right what about. I would like to stay like this with you who ever fel… we will like this only am I doing any wrong In which matter about Arvind.. why you are talking about that waste fellow don’t think wrongly leave them all… we will live happily Datta where is my lipstick see there.. Datta where is my hand bag why your going suddenly to meet a friend shall I come along with you no..I go alone wait a minute take this why If someone proposes you as I am not with you.. when you came I did not recognise you as you did wear scarf Datta gave it I am very happy to meet again but one condition I don’t impose any restriction on you.. even you can continue your job.. I love you Why you are so happy nothing where are you going where ever you go I will come with you I said no You are intensionally avoiding me no.. I am going on office work why you are acting…why you are acting I am going…I am going where… where… where Arvind.. I tried to tell this matter before but You took my heart into you fist even I can not breath darling can’t

100 thoughts on “Two Girls Love @19 | Telugu Romantic Web Series | EP6 | Naresh Lakumalla | Girlywood | Folk Youth

  1. Thank you guys for your love and support through out this web series. The reason behind these two girls love will be shown in the upcoming & final episode and it will be released very soon..

  2. Nak nachina dialogue,prsnt nen face chesthuna gundeni ne pidikililo bandhinchanu nak upiri aadatle drlnz …

  3. Shh i miss you maheera.. . Ila endhuku unamo teliyadhu kani nannu vadilesi poyav
    Ee dailogue neke na gunde ni ni guppetlo pettukunav opiri adatam ledhu maa.. Plz cme back love u miss u so much.. . Urs sravs

  4. Hii guys folk youth channel. If u have any idea about second season I have story. But it's kind of like this I hope u can like it

  5.’s hard to find some one like datta.
    সত্যি ভালোবাসাটা শুধুই অলিক.

  6. Datta is looking sooooo Dashing…😘😘😘😘😘😘
    plzz upload with english sub, i can't undestand….

  7. No one will understand true love n feeling,,, all are selfish,, they just loves us just for their purpose.. Really loves hurts alots💔💔💔💔

  8. hi datta your clocking supper I am datta fan and sae sri your acting super I like you your epsod

  9. స్వచ్ఛమైనా అందమైనా ప్రేమ యువతలో ఉంటే అది కూడా ఇద్దరి అమ్మాయిల మధ్య పుడితే ఎలా ఉంటుందో తెలుగులో ఇప్పటి వరకు రాని డిఫరెంట్ కథతో 7 ఎపిసోడ్ లుగా తీశారు. చాలా బాగున్నాయి వాటి links కింద వున్నాయి చూసి ఆనందించండి

  10. hello my dear girl friends this is deepika is anyone feeling{like} to have a girlfriend like datta ? don't worry am datta's shadow let us love let us enjoy let us have some fun let us rock by the way i don't believe in the love that which a boy show's becz in my view they use our girls and throw like a waste paper that's what i don't like boys……. & to all my girl friend's who texted the comments in this video from my side luv u all & am promising u all girls that i will satisfy u all with my lot's of love & from my side i love u all my dear girl friends all girls be happy …………yarh i think we got a freedom from boys yah is anyone willing to accept my proposal ah darlings reply me something babz please

  11. Hi i am lesbian ayone from bangalore? Looking for same like minded ppl for frndship to share feelings…boys please stay away not interested…TIA

  12. I saw so many law suits in this movie lol but I genuinely enjoyed it.

    No still means "no and go away" though people, queer or not.

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