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47 thoughts on “TWICE 「Fake & True」 Music Video

  1. Im a new once…Feel Special and Fake&True are the first mv that Ive already watched.. I'm also in love on Dahyun and Tzuyu

  2. #3 Trending on the Philippines !!! i hope this is the 1st japanese mv that will get to 100 M views in like just 2 weeks or less

  3. The drawing in front of Dahyun is Adam and Eve. I find out that just now like wow😮😮😮
    Did anyone notice this before?🤭
    (I keep watching this video to find some secret in the set or some special message they wanted to convey, it’s really interesting to do so❣️❣️❣️love it)

  4. I think everyone can say your expectations here, because I believe it will be realized, the boss will see, and the next harvest will bring us a breakthrough TWICE.

  5. I thought this was going to be a show thing we're they guess 😂😂😂 as in is it a true music video or fake 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. I though that this is twice channel but this is like's Begers channel disappointing maybe I will find the right channel some day 😧but the song is pretty amazing the MV too 😊

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