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Famous film director,
Sanjay Ram Leela Mastani, has been caught in the tangles
of controversy once again! He was leaving from a press conference
after announcing his film’s name and a controversy strcuk
regarding hi films name. Yes! A community named Bapu
Sena first started protesting, Then they blackened his face
and after that it was … The beating he got there… Then even our camera took advantage of the
situation and hence the footage after this even we don’t have it.
Please forgive me. So, to discuss on this topic
today we have with us, The head of Bapu Sena Party, Mr.
Majenakar Controversial film director,
Sanjay Ram Leela Mastani. And baristar….? Forgive me, I don’t remember his name but that doesn’t matter
’cause he won’t get a chance to speak. Let’s start with Mr. Majenakar. Sir, what is your issue with this film? This film he’s making,
called Mohan Kasturba, shows Bapuji’s lovestory
and that’s my problem. In our tradition even parents are not allowed to love each
other, how can the father of the nation be shown like this? Sanjay, I just announced the name of the film. We’ve still got to work
on the script. How could someone have a problem
with this name. If we go by what the reports say, you seem to be making all these
controversial movies intentionally for your film to get free publicity,
Mr. Sanjay. That’s a false accusation. Look, there has been no controversy
in any of my films except the last four. Sir, I think you’re forgetting that
you’ve only made 1 film before that. Mr. Sanjay, what I’d like to ask you is if
you can make a film without controversy? Give us an answer. Everyone are watching.
The country is watching! Open your mouth and say something.
Don’t just look like that. Mr. Sanjay? – Sanju?
– Yeah… I can make it. I’ll make one. What now, sir?
A safe love story? No, Prashant. I’ll make a grand historical
period war drama with a love story in the midst of it. As an artist,
I like to keep challenging myself. Like, how I can build a bigger set. How I can put much colorful curtains
in the background. And the most important-
what’s the biggest chandelier I can use? But, this time it was a completely
different challenge. Pradyut, which names do you remember
from history? – Nehru.
– Jawahar-Edwina. No, no. Edwina- Jawahar. The title doesn’t sound good.
Tell me another. Bose? Films, conspiracy theories, webseries and
everything else has been made about him. – Bhagat Singh?
– Yes! Are there any films made about him? Sir, 3! And 3 and half if we consider
‘Rang De Basanti’. Has there ever been a love story made? Chetana-Bhagat! Sir, there’s a heroine in every film. You’re right.
Give me another name. – Chandra Shekhar Azad?
– Azad-Panchi! Vikas, can Panchi be a girl’s name? Yeah, it can be. But, all these things
can be controversial, right? History has been around for the past
500-600 years. There has to be atleast one story
that isn’t controversial, right? And to find such a story,
we called a historian. Sir, if you don’t want a controversy then take a time or person
that people aren’t aware off. Like… – Lal Bal Pal?
– Love triangle? That’s perfect. No, sir.
They’re 3 freedom fighters. Oh I know!
Sir, I’ll tell you. Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak
and Sunil Pal? Sunil Pal… Can a movie be made
on all these people? Right?
La la land! No, how can a boy be called land? Lale-di-jaan? Starring Ranvir as Lala
and Deepu as Jaan. Sir, but it can be a little controversial
because those people were freedom fighters. National hero? There’s no freedom only to say
anything about these freedom fighters. Go back a little. There’s a lot in 1857.
Rani Lakshmi Bai. There’s already a film based on her life. – Mangal Pandey?
– Done. Tantia Tope? The name doesn’t even sound good
in the title. Okay..Begum Hazrat Mahal. – Was her husband a Hindu man?
– No, sir. It was Wajid Ali Shah Wajid-Hazrat…
No…No… It sounds like a 3rd grade writer couple. Go a little behind. I’d covered everything from modern
to ancient history. Either there was a controvesy, or a movie
was already made or the title was bad. If kings name is Maravarman
Kulasekara Pandyan. I can’t change it, can I? The only thing left now
is the Indus Valley civilisation. Try that. The boy’s name is Mohen and the girl’s name
is Jodaro. Mohenjodaro? That’s already been made.
With Hrithik. Can we go back a little more? People stayed in forests and caves before
that, go make a film on them! Hold on…
Cave paintings… There are a lot of cave paintings
in Bhimbetka. They’re very old. – From the stone age.
– Who made it? No one has, sir. No one has made a film
on it yet. Who made the paintings, man?! Sir, some pre-historic human made it.
No one knows about him. No one will even protest for him. – What’s the name?
– Bhimbetka, it’s in MP. Betka can be a girl’s name, right? Bhim – Betka The story of India’s first artists. But what could the story be? The worst thing was, no one knew
anything about it. And the best thing was, no one knew
anything about it. Sir, I’ve brought one among the 10-15 writer
guys that smokeup outside our office. – Do you write love stories?
– Yes, sir. Absolutely. – Do you have any ready?
– Sir, I have 6 ready. Very good. Is there any story where the hero
is an artist? – Sir, I have 5 like that.
– Very good! Take one of them and set the timeline
back to the Stone Age. And make the hero a cave painter. I’ll do it, sir.
But, the money…? – I’ll get you weed for the entire month.
– No, but…. We always have 10-12 scripts lying
around with us. There was one where the hero worked
at a call center during the day and follows his dream of being a writer
at night. I just replaced the call center
with hunting and the writing with cave painting.
The script was ready then! He then kills Aurangzeb and goes back
to his cave. Inside there, he has Betka, which is you,
waiting for him. A song starts… They both hug. After that, Bhim holds
Betka’s hand and takes her to the wall. He then paints a picture on the wall
with Aurangzeb’s blood from his sword. Betka.
The end. A film by Sanjay Ram Leela Mastani,
written by… Brilliant! Very good!
It’s already a hit! – Any question?
– Yes! How did Aurangzeb end up in the
paleolithic era, you fool?! What?
Paleo what? What? #RunDee are the hottest couple
in the country right now. Except Virushka. But Anushka doens’t know how to act. And Virat’s become a vegan. So… Sir, there are metal swords being
mentioned in the Stone Age. The hero’s playing the guitar?
A guitar?! At one point, there’s a bar
and an item number is on. I was quiet about all this.
It’s okay. But Aurangzeb?! Hey, JNU! Did Akbar fight with the elephants. Did Bajirao and Khilji dance around
with drums? In 1853 did a India and England
play a 3 day cricket match? Did Jackie Shroff show Sunny Deol
a thumbs up from the plane in 1971 ? Tell me! Bu…But, sir…The… Hi…History? History’s gone down the drain, dear! Do you want to go back
and be an assitant teacher? Just sit! Oh, I get it. Aurangzeb is a metaphor, right? The one who opposes art and wants
to shut it down. I get it…! No, it’s Aurangzeb only. So, #RunDee, what do you think? It’s really good! Very nice!
Sexy! But, should we add 1-2 scenes
with horse riding? Sir, there were no horses
in the stone age. Even better…!
I could be the first guy to ride horses. And also the first painter. Wow! – Masterpiece!
– I have 2 questions. First- how many songs? Nine songs, there’s just one
item song with Piggy or someone. 2-3 solo’s from the hero
and including your’s 5 . No, no, no…
I think there should be 8 atleast. 8 will be a bit too much, won’t it?
Deepu baby. Where do I stea..make all these songs?
It just doesn’t work out. Okay, let’s meet halfway.
Make it 7. – 6?
– 7, if not I’ll do a film with Adi or Karan. With Ranbir? Okay, okay. Make it 7. Your my crush’s girl friend… wife.
That’s why. – Don’t tell anyone.
– Okay. But I won’t have a heavy dress
like last time, right? – No, no…
– Will you wear a saree, then? Baby, you look so sexy in saree. – It’s a stone age film, guys…
– Will I have a stone dress then? I will charge extra for that. No! It’s like a tribal dress. Oh… Can I wear a saree then? I have played the love interest
of an emotionally immature man in all my films. So it is a welcome change to play the love
interest of an emotionally immature caveman. I always have coc at evey film set. But now that I am married, I’m more responsible. And because I’m playing an artist,
I will learn how to…! The cast was ready,
I’d written the script. It only took 3-4 months to build the set and by then I’d stolen a few folk songs
from MP. Well, it was time to begin shooting then. – Cut, cut, cut! That’s not fun.
– Why? – But I was having fun! Right, baby?
– Yeah, whatever. I remember the day I proposed to you
everytime you say ‘whatever’. I love you so much! Listen, do all this later.
Just do it now. Listen, why this wall behind so dull? Sir, caves look like this only. There were even colorful rocks, man. Make it colorful! Ashish, why did you paint it
with so many colors? Do I look like Rohit Shetty?
Do I? Make it blue. No, no, no!
Blue’s not working, man. Blue’s not working.
Make it yellow. Make it yellow.
Paint it with canary yellow. I’d told you to paint it with navy blue,
why’d you use royal blue? Don’t you understand me?
Who’s going to answer for this now? Anandeshwar, forget it. Just put the original set back
and put red curtains. Sir, curtains in the caves? Genius, sir. Genius. Cut, cut, cut! Very good!
Fantastic! Amazing! So beautiful!
What a set this is! It’s such a good set!
Who put it up? You put up a great set!
Very good! Once the sets were perfect, we finished
the shoot in just… about 2-3 years. Bhim-Betka’s promo song, shot 3.
Take 5! Cue music! Cut, cut cut! -Oh man! I can’t feel it!.
– Sir, what happened? Anant, where’s the media? Did you tell everyone that we’re shooting
the song at this location? My film, with #RunDee – Where’s the media?
– Sir, I’d told them, but… There was no buzz for the movie. People’s interest in our movie was just
as much as they did in reading history. People don’t want to learn from history,
they want to fight over it. There’s only one way
to make history interesting. Hello? Mr. Majenakar Controversy. Famous film director,
Sanjay Ram Leela Mastani, has been caught in the tangles
of controversy once again! A campaign has been started
against his film Bhimbetka by an institution named
Ban Runveer sena Let’s find out the reason
for this from Mr. Majenakar Respected, sir.
Tell us. In this film they have told us about
the ancestors of Madhya Pradesh. They were disgusting people
like Runveer Shinchan… So we want to ban this disease
called Runveer Shinchan from India.

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