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[Music] [Music] hello oh yeah you go I asked for that photograph inviting them rent out and rate hello sigh Andrew Heon I’ve covered and photographed biting into feeling random gonorrhea hi I’m Gareth Evans the writer director of Moran time on the raid one of the biggest challenges is the writer director and editor of action films is that there’s such a big difference between how you direct and edit an action sequence from how you know direct and edit a drama scene when you do working on drama you kind of you can snatch and grab from a bunch of different takes so you might have one shot where you do four or five takes on it and you can just pick the best elements from all five takes in action it doesn’t really work that way especially the way that we design our action because we’re so specific with each shot and with each movement and each edit that every time every time we go to to a shot it’s got very specific beginning and end it’s like a jigsaw piece it has to be perfect on every element of it before we’re done with that shot so it’s a very sort of more time-consuming process for directing action okay so this is basically where we start from in terms of design in the fight scenes and it always kind of starts from like the treatment of the script in this scene in particular we dealing with the corridor with the T section and it’s Rama’s character carrying one of the other SWAT team eaters called Pole and ball was injured at that time so in the script it starts off detailing up the idea that ball was injured and Rama’s they’re gonna carry him on his shoulder and he’s got a knife in one hand and then the nightstick in the other hand so that’s like the first piece of detail that we give the guys and then basically from there we can progress with along the corridor we decide to add little extra power points sort of so when he puts in for up against one of the doors it’ll be like this door here we can map that out using mock model of the the what the location would look like then we have things like losing one weapon losing two weapons where to go hand hand and that’s basically where we kind of start and that’s where the structure comes from the script but then also being able to visualize it with the guise of the location of what the tone and the feel of the scene is going to be like [Music] [Music] [Music] so we good yeah [Music] okay so basically what happens is the guys have just done the design of the choreography and I tend to give them like a creative space to do that themselves and now this will happen is they’ll present [Music] so that’s kind of we do it slowly first so that I can see exactly what’s going on in all of the choreography so I can kind of get a clear idea of every strike every block all the minor detail of the choreography then after that we want to see how that would look but full-speed so we can make sure that when they perform at the top speed there’s nothing that’s too fast and I think that’s too sort of beyond clunky in performance so if you can go close be [Music] [Applause] it’s important for us to kind of follow these steps because you know we’re only two films into our process at the moment of exploring how to do martial arts choreography we don’t have the benefit of you know countries like Hong Kong and Thailand they have so many decades worth of experience behind them that they can do this this genre you know in their sleep almost so for us we’ve tried to find a technique that suits our method for designing choreography that hopefully work for independent features as well it’s very important for us then it’s kind of a cost-effective way that we can perfect our choreography and figure out exactly what we need from every scene and that’s pretty much how you set up a fight scene thank you for watching I’m Gareth Evans there you go white oh yeah yeah yeah and we’ll see you all in the next episode of real bullet [Music]

23 thoughts on “Tutorial Film Indonesia – The Raid – Eps 3: Persiapan Pembuatan Adegan Action – Reel Quote

  1. Awesome movie, I really appreciate the director of the movies , Raid Redemption and Raid Redemption 2, I really enjoyed this movie , And best actor , waiting for Raid 3 , can't wait for that , It was really awesome.

  2. ini film mank d best ,, suka bgt klo iko wais yg main, lbh seru nya lg pemainnya ditmabh sprti vino bastian, herjunot itu kan keren bgt , pasti mkin bgus film nya , cuma saran , heheh ,, ditunggu bgt nih the radi 3 nya , pensaran gt lanjutan dari the raid 2 ,, lht iko wais lemah tak berdaya hehe

  3. "only two films in to learning how to do martial arts choreography"
    makes two of the best fight scenes ever laid on film….

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