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[Abbess]: You would have been an awful girl, on a stormy sea. [Abbess]: Marriage is a safe harbor. [Abbess]: love, honour and obey. [Cornelis]: Amen. [Sophia]: Amen. [Jan]: I’ve come to paint the portrait. [Cornelis]: they’ll say ‘look their at that lucky old dog’. Didn’t he have a lovely young wife. [Sophia]: What are you looking at? [Jan]: What am I looking at? [Jan]: You are not happy, are you? [Sophia]: That painter, I don’t want him back. [Servant]: I’ll tell your husband what you have been up to. [Sophia]: What did you say? [Cornelis]: First to flower, first to fall. [Jan]: Come away with me… [Abbess]: Your proposition is absurd. [Sophia]: We have thought of something we could do. [Man]: You do really think he will carry this on? [Sophia]: We will be together. ‘Deception’. ‘Can be’. ‘Murder’. [Jan]: Sophia! [Abbess]: Mister Prater tells me you have been busy. [Abbess]: He doesn’t mean painting.

100 thoughts on “Tulip Fever Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Alicia Vikander, Cara Delevingne Movie HD

  1. This movies looks incredible! Amazing cast, and an apparent Shakespearean style drama. But visually & aesthetically speaking, it looks like a 17th century Baroque painting with a pulse!

  2. Has any one reason this? I want to read/see it but not if it has a tragic ending…I'm too sensitive and will be bummed out for days if it's a sad ending.

  3. Ok I understand why people are annoyed that they put Cara's name on the title because she was only in it for a second, but Jesus does everyone have to rip into her and say things that are completely irrelevant to the trailer just to be mean or 'truthful'

  4. Did someone know when this movie come out? I'm so excited to watch it even if I don't know when this come out, lol! It looks great and the cast too, omg.

  5. I think a movie about the phenomenon of Tulipomania would have made a better story than a cliched love story set against the background of Tulipomania.

  6. I'm really confused – first they say this movie will be released in 2016, now it says it won't be released until August 2017? What's going on, I can't wait to see it!

  7. Too much info bro. All you have to do is show Alicia Vikander and these other awesome actors and we'll watch it.

  8. Why has this movie been delayed for 2 years?! I was one of the few people waiting for it back then! Now I am curious whether they are trying to premiere it after Valerian to make more money, but I have seriously been wondering forever and what is the answer?

  9. everybody's talking about Cara but no one says about how weird is to see Zach in this kind of movie.

  10. This movie has a good cast with 3 Oscar winners, Alicia Vikander, Christoph Waltz, and the wonderful Judi Dench, but it's very unlikely that this will be an award contender or even do well at the box office because it's been sitting on the shelf for some time. Time will tell. Judi Dench is also in the remake of Murder on the Orient Express and Victoria and Abdul, in which she plays Queen Victoria again. She looks really good in that one!

  11. Somewhere it feels a little odd that this movie is set in the Netherlands and yet it has an english cast. But that's probably just me because I am Dutch. Still going to watch it, ofcourse! 🙂

  12. Who cares about Cara when you have Judy Dench and Holiday Grainger….I loved Maria more than Sophia as actresses and character portrayal….The movie is great and I hope people will realize that this was life in the 17th century and that this movie gives us a glimpse of history during Tulip Fever in Holland.

  13. That Cara Delevingne actress got no talent all, I bet she’s in here just coz she’s sexy…. tbh she’s not even sexy at all. Such a shame to ruin a movie 🍿.

  14. Guy's if you're going to watch this movie because you want to see Cara Delevinge then don't. Her role in this movie is not even remotely important, in fact if you were to take her out of this movie altogether it pretty much wouldn't take away anything from the movie. This movie is gorgeous and the cast is spectacular, with or without Cara.

  15. It is on Netflix now. I haven't seen it yet. It fit my title category 98%. I'll let ya'll know when I see it.

  16. Cara was the main lead , thank god she was in the thumbnail I thought Judi Dench was in the lead😂😂😂😂

  17. The main problem of this movie is casting Christoph Waltz as husband of the female heroine who should be in love with the young man! How can you be in love with a boy when your husband is as charming as Christoph??

  18. Just left the cinema…, what a captivating film? Gripping from beginning to end. Brilliant acting by Alicia and the cast. Exactly what was needed on a cold December day.

  19. Oooh, a period movie about an actual historical person or event? Sounds like fun, but let's see how we can muddy it up with cliches… unsympathetically sensible yet dignified mother/religious figure? Check. Cheating on a nasty old husband with a hot young guy? Check. Up and coming actress? Check. Eh, I think I'll pass – early modern history is a lot more interesting than that, and I'm no expert, but it looked like they were pulling in costumes from way earlier than the mid 1600's.

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