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Anyway, something about this basement tells me tonight’s gonna be fun At least until Ito gets here, that japanese freak What? You don’t have to talk about him like that just because he was my boyfriend He’s always looking weird, it seems like he never leaves home I don’t even know why he’s coming today He’s my best childhood friend and I bumped into him these days So I tought it wold be nice to invite him, but if I knew you guys would be so upset about it I wouldn’t even have called him man But I tought I was your… So… Let’s play guys? Truth or dare? Dare. Kiss Ana. Truth. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you? I don’t know man, what kind of question is that? It was my father’s death, some girl accused him of raping her and… …I watched him being lynched, it was horrible. Once he told me He wold kill that girl if he found her today. And later she said that nothing had happened… But it was too late. Truth or dare? Truth. Why did you ask Bruno that? Because he doesn’t know he’s dating the girl that… No!

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