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The G7 stands for Group of Seven. It is an organisation made up of the world’s seven largest economies such as the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany and France. It is a group of these countries. The 45th G7 Summit was held from 24 Aug 2019 – 26 Aug 2019. Everyone gathered for the summit at Biarritz, France. PM Modi and USA’s President Donald Trump attended the summit. When they met each other, people were very worried. However nothing happened and the meeting went very smoothly. There were no problems during their talks. They exchanged pleasantries, shared jokes and held hands. American President Trump said that, he is good friends with PM Modi and Pakistan PM Imran Khan. He said that they have to solve the problem of J&K among themselves and would not get involved. Trump said that he has full confidence in PM Modi. If there are any problems in J&K, Modi will easily control the situation. PM Modi said that India & Pakistan will discuss and solve their problems. When countries in the world experience problems, India never interferes. They solve their own problems. In the same way, India and Pakistan will discuss and solve their problems. No one must interefere and the countries must be allowed to discuss on their own. Modi was very careful while talking about Pakistan. He said that India will talk to Pakistan in the future and find ways to solve the problem. PM Imran Khan warned the world that India is doing as they wish and have made J&K a Union Territory. The Indian government is very dangerous. Pakistan will continue fighting for J&K. PM Modi’s discussions at the G7 summit went on smoothly without any problems. The USA is completly supporting India. If there is any difficult situation the USA will give their support.

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