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Anthony has come, father. Father! I lived so long just to see you. Son. A lawyer has come from Pattigaon. And he is expert in his profession. A lawyer has come.
– Father! A warrior shouldn’t cry. When we have taken birth then we
should do something good before we die. Anthony. The holy war which
we are going to face.. going to be the biggest problem
the Indian government has to face. And there is only one solution
and that is our success. Our success. Anthony, You will have
to change to create history. This is not a change of
religion but an incarnation. You are going to assume a new form. Henceforth your name is not Anthony,
but Abdullah. Abdullah. Abdullah. “Allah-o-Akbar. Allah-o-Akbar.” Hey, Roshni. Come here. With which name are
you going to chat today? Ramesh, engineer from California. Being a girl you are attracting girls.
When will you get attracted? I do get attracted but But will not be
fools like you to kiss the computer. My attack is a straight one,
if I like him. The man who wants to impress
me should have certain qualifications. What qualifications? He should be a tall
man with clean nails. He should have shocking
eyes and clean teeth. He should give respect to his wife. Above all he should be a gentleman. Listen to me. I know of a person
who has all these qualifications. Who is it?
– Lord Rama from Ayodhya. If you have to get
the man of your choice.. can be only
one among a thousand. No, one in a crores.
– That’s right. I have found the man of
my choice among that crores. Is it? Why didn’t you
disclose this secret to us? Please tell us about him. Please tell us about him.
Please. Please. Wait, I’ll tell you about him.
– Okay. “It is best to shine in these times.” “Shining. Shining. Shining.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “I like you.” “I like you from heart.” “Amazing you are..amazing
you are darling.” “Music plays in my heart.” “I like you from heart.” “Amazing you are..amazing
you are darling.” “Music plays in my heart.” “My heart is running after you.” “And you are troubling
me every moment.” “Your smile kills me, my dear.” “Your smile makes me go crazy.” “I want you to stay in
my heart forever, my dear.” “I like you from heart.” “Amazing you are..amazing
you are darling.” “Music plays in my heart.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “The way you saw me killed me.” “I like you, I like you.” “The way you saw me killed me.” “Like you, I like you.” “My lips bloomed the
way you saw me yesterday.” “Listen, listen..I like you,
I like you.” “You killed me my dear.” “I like you, I like you.” “You are trapped in my eyes now.” “I like you, I like you.” “I got whom I liked.” “Like you, I like you.” “I got whom I liked.” “Like you, I like you.” “Why do you think I am
someone else’s beloved now?” “I am just for you.” “My heart is running after you.” “You are troubling me every moment.” “Your smile kills me, my dear.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “You are in my dreams
and in my heart.” “I like you..I like you.” “You are the only one in my dreams.” “I like you..I like you.” “Your walking style
forces me to look at you.” “Listen,
listen..I like you, I like you.” “I just love you..I like you,
I like you.” “In front you are there
and I smile at the back.” “I like you, I like you.” “It is my wish..I like you,
I like you.” “My life is yours.
I like you, I like you.” “Come to me and I
will never make you sad.” “I am only yours my dear.” “My heart is running after you.” “You trouble me every moment.” “Your smile kills me, my dear.” “I like you.
My heart says I like you.” “Amazing you are..
amazing you are darling.” “Music plays in my heart.” “My heart is running after you.” “You are troubling me every moment.” “Your smile kills me, my dear.” “Your smile makes me crazy.” “You always stay in my heart,
oh dear.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” Law isn’t blind,
It can see everything clearly. Law is made for the
people by the people. It is holy and a mystery
for those who don’t understand it. Give me the spanner, Chhotu. He gave, you gave.. Abdullah! I don’t understand law. What is civil, what is criminal? I don’t understand anything.
– Give me the cloth. Brother! If someone runs away with your money, ..then it is a civil case. But if you kill the financier
it would be a criminal case Hey Chhotu Give me the screwdriver. Your choice is superb. That’s my choice. Don’t try to do all this with me. Don’t do this with me. Hey, what is it? What is the problem? He is at fault You people will never change.
All day you are fighting. Abdullah.
– Yes. My wife and mother quarrel daily Legally, is a mother
more important or a wife? A wife is more important.
Do you know why? Because a mother can’t be a wife.. ..but a wife can be a mother. Well said!
– Get me the cloth. The next necessary qualification
also he passed. Have tea brother.
– Give it to me. The elections are approaching. They are making arrangements
for bogus voters. Can’t anything be done about them? Those you do bogus
voting should be killed. No brother.
Many people are doing like this. ..but Madan kutty’s
heart does not agree. It is wrong to do bogus voting. But even in Mahabharat
Lord Krishna changed his form. And took that earing from Karna. It is not important why they do it but
it is important for what they do it. Wait and watch. “Shining. Shining. Shining. Shining.” What are you doing? Open it. Let me do my work. Hey, hold it properly. There is a sealed box of Castrol. Oh God! Spanner! Spanner? Indu, ask something about law. What does eve teasing
normally include? Eve teasing includes
hurting a girl’s feelings.. ..imitating her,
troubling her while travelling.. ..abusing her over phone
and all types of mental torture. There’s a man who has
been unknowingly disturbing me. What would you call that? That’s called `Love’. You are right. Is there any punishment
for that, in law? Law cannot punish that,
only society can. That is marriage. There is no other punishment that
could be more severe than marriage. Okay I’ll arrange for it soon. They came and they went,
I’m truly fortunate. Close down the shop. The war has begun. You have to end the holy
war in the next 60 days. Those three men aren’t
ordinary people.. ..they hold a responsible
position in the government. They are the government
and they are the law. If the war begins..
– I know father. That the police will
come in search of me.. ..and if need be,
the CBI and the military may come too. But I’ll keep up my promise
inspite of these barriers. Every step you take should
disturb this government. It will definitely be, father. Before we start it. We need to inform the government. After the incident is over,
you leave a proof there. Let’s see what the government can do. The judge will come
to ask for forgiveness.. ..for having abused the lawyers
who were fighting for their rights. This will happen on the
same day at the same place. The protest staged by the
lawyers will take place today. The protest has been
going on for a week.. ..and it has reached it’s peak now. They have even decided
to burn their uniforms. Being the protector of law,
you are burning your coats? What kind of protest is this? It will happen this way. We were beaten by the police Against the protest that we did. All the lawyers atogether
are going to burn the black coat. If they burn that the
honour of the government.. ..will be at stake. Why do you go against the
law when you should be guarding it? When the law doesn’t guard
us why should we guard it? To hell with you and the law. Go away from here. First police beat lawyers in Delhi. Now it is our turn. We will fight and win. Calm down! Calling from control room.
– Speaking. A citizen is going to
kidnap judge Charan Bose. What? Citizen? You go and increase
the police protection. Oh no! Take a reverse. Please have patience.
I respect your feelings. In Delhi police beat the lawyers. The press gave a wrong
report on that incident. I too have been a lawyer. Today I am a judge.
I know your rights. I will even lay down my
life to get justice for you. Who are you?
– Arther station, 204 Come on show your belt.
– Okay, take care. Surround the entire compound. Please calm down. I think it’s good if you calm down. As it is people are
finding fault with the law.. add to it you are
indulging in these activities. Why do you threaten the government for
last one week of burning the black coat? it will be an insult of the law. Where is the driver?
– Where is the driver? Why is this ambulance
parked here without the driver? From which hospital is it?
– It’s from Vijaya hospital. Call the hospital immediately. How will the public respect us.. ..when you don’t
respect your profession? Sir, no ambulance came
from Vijaya hospital. Some thing wrong. This is a suspicious ambulance,
Citizen is definitely here. Isn’t it injustice? Don’t burn them.. All advocates are breaking the law. Go hold him. Please. Please listen to me and calm down. The law has agreed to us so calm down. Can we afford to undress our mother,
if she is stern? What did you say?
Is law like our mother? But stories of mother
killing her child.. ..have happened in history
and even in our country. I will not talk more than this. Atthipatti. Atthipatti. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Tell me. Who are you? Citizen.
– Citizen! Police, police.. Excuse me, sir.
Your life in danger. Please come along with us, sir.
– Where is he? Where has he gone?
– Sir, this place is not safe anymore. We have rescued the judge
but the situation is beyond control. We are trying to
control the situation. Whose car is that, stop it. That’s judge’s car.
– But where is he? I got late in getting it.
– Then in that car.. I will overtake. Okay. Be careful while going. Take care. Oh My God, where is he? Citizen! Tell your government that there
are three people in all in my list. Try to save if you can. Citizen! He has given an information
before kidnapping.. ..and left a clue after kidnapping. Aren’t you ashamed to show it to me? You told me that the guards
too are injured and in hospital. You are a police officer. Mr. Krishnamurthy,
you take charge right now. Okay sir. What are you doing?
Are you exercising? What are you doing? Wow! Who is there?
– Aishwarya Rai’s duplicate. Brother! What’s this?
– Exercise. It doesn’t look like an exercise. It looks like a `Midnight Masala’. Wow! He is looking so smart.
– What can be seen? His arms. He is holding dumb bells in his hand. Up, down.. Up, down.. Up, down..superb. Listen. Two girls are peeping
from there. Go and take a look. They are taking photograph
of our personality. Come on get serious friends. Let’s go and find out
who they are. Come on. Run quickly. Quickly.
– Come. Greetings.. We have not done anything. Hi, hello.. She is caught. Cat on the bench..discovery channel. When the cat jumped so I thought.. were shooting nature. Show me. Where’s the cassette? I want my cassette back.
– I don’t have it. I’m asking you for the last time. Are you giving the cassette
to me or not? Cassette. You don’t know me. Take it.
– No. What happened inside?
– He is a rude man. Come on, let’s go. What happened?
– Nothing, that.. Good morning Muhammadkutty.
– Good morning, Abdullha. What is it?
Are you whiling away your time? What are you doing
with that useless wheel? Greetings Brother!
– Greetings! Shaan brother! Greetings! I have come to invite
you for my daughter’s wedding. You should definitely come. Very happy moment.
– Please come alongwith your friends. When is the wedding?
– It’s on the 20th. You should definitely come.
– Definitely. Surely. “Regional language.” “Regional language.” “Regional language.” “Regional language.” “From heart you can ask.” “From heart you can ask.” “From heart you can ask.” “From heart you can ask.” “Hey flower seller.” “Hey flower seller.” “Tell me how many flowers you have.” “Touch and tell, count and tell..” “Only you can tell.” “Flowers bloom once
in life to give fragrance.” “A girl is also like that.” “The bud becomes a flower
and then fades away.” “Similarly a girl
fades away like this.” “Hey flower seller, flower seller.” “Tell me how many
flowers do you have?” “It is not easy to count them.” “You do not know how
many flowers you have.” “I am a bold girl
and can do anything.” “Try to woo me if you can.” “Whether it is Sunday
or Monday in love.” “Every day is a holiday in love.” “I have decided that
you are my lover.” “I can do anything with my power.” “I can make my palace with sun.” “You are very brave girl” “You can stop anybody
at your strength” “You wounded my youth
at young age of 18.” “Give me love of one night
out of nights of 12 months.” “Flower seller, flower seller.” “Tell me how many flowers you have.” “Touch and tell, count and tell.” “Only you can tell me that.” “Day and night I think
about beautiful girls.” “I am priest and a
man with moral values.” “You are very brave girl” “You can stop anybody
at your strength” “With my youth and style
I can make a priest also a man.” “I am such a girl.” “Whether it is Sunday
or Monday in love.” “Every day is a holiday in love.” “I have decided that
you are my Sunday, Monday.” “Just like the raindrops
in jungle we both have become one.” “The fragrance of our body
has become one with breeze.” “Flower seller, flower seller.” “Tell me how many flowers you have.” “It is not easy to count them.” “You do not know how
many flowers you have.” “You are very beautiful and young.” “I am totally in love with you.” “One who falls in love becomes crazy.” “And that crazy man
might forget his way.” Give me something, brother. God will bless you. Brother Abdul. Come fast, it’s time. Greetings. This is the courtyard
of the Collector Office. Income Tax department on the left. This is the place where
the applications that come.. collector’s office are typed. Besides it there will be queue of
people whose problems will be heard. I will be there. There will be our three men with me. I will go inside with a pistol.
– But how? Babu, go. Ganesh, Kumud you too go. Who is Sundar Murti here? Who is the freedom
fighter Sunder Murti? I am Sundara Murti. It is very hot. Next is your turn, go. Come slowly. Be careful. Come slowly. Inform sir that A. C.
P. Krishna Murti has come to meet him. I will just be back after telling him. Don’t worry. I will take a quick action about this. Thank you very much. Sir, ACP Krishna Murti
has come to meet you. Let him come. Sir has asked you to come. Assistant Commissioner Krishnamurthy. Good morning, sir.
– Please take your seat. Sir, encroachment in Sai
Baba Market has to be cleared. We feel that political
problem will arise. If you issue an order,
we can take easy action. No, no.. Whoever it may be,
take a strict action. Be strict with them. In case any pressure arises,
I will handle it. Will you go through this and sign it? Yes, yes..give it to me. Hello. – Can I speak to A.
C. P. Krishna Murti? Yes. One second. A call for you. For me.
– Yes. ACP Krishnamurthy here.
– Your wife is serious. She has been admitted to
Nanavati Hospital. Room number 3. Please come soon. Who is speaking? Who are you? Hello. Hello. Any problem?
– Nothing sir. Can I make a call?
– Sure. Valu, your master speaking.
Call madam. She has gone to hospital suddenly. Which hospital?
– Nanavati Hospital. Anything serious.
– Nothing sir. I’ll take your leave with your
kind permission. – please, please.. Thank you, sir Greetings, sir!
– Greetings! May I come in?
– Sure. He is freedom fighter Sundar Murti. Oh, I see. Let it be. May I sit? Have a long life. I have become old now.
– Yes! Who are they? My son. And my daughter’s son.
– Great. Even if you are old,
you seem to be young. I think you must have struggled
a lot for independence. No! I will start the struggle now. How will you do that? Struggle for pension?
– Struggle for freedom. What?
– Protest for freedom. We fought with the British
to get this freedom. We committed a sin by letting
it take over by the criminals. So to rectify that mistake ..I have come with a petition. Look Sunder Murthy,
don’t be emotional. Just tell me about your problem. Sir, by using your
capability and power. You have earned a lot from
this country and its people. Fame. You’re praising me a lot. Considering your work. Our village has taken
a decision to award you. So, you will surely
have to come to our village. Will you come? I am not a bill collector
to come whenever you say. I am the District Collector. I think you’ve come
to the wrong place. No, I’ve come to the right place. If I tell the name of the village,
you will surely come. What so great about it? Is it in America? Atthipatti. Do you remember? Who..who are you? Who..who are you? Citizen. Can you hear it? Can you hear the sound of a child? I can still hear it. Listen.. In some time I will give
this collector my get up. Take him with you and leave. Be careful till you leave the city. And you?
– Don’t worry about me. I will handle it here. You go. Slowly. Take the old man carefully. Who is next? Was there any problem outside?
– No. The car left 3 minutes ago. It must have crossed Main Road. Okay, you go and sit in the car. Next is our person, isn’t it?
– Yes. After I leave from here
none of our men should be here. Okay.
– Okay. Go. Greetings! Greetings! I am Minister IIjaatmalai. Are all of you fine? Hey..
– Yes sir. Go and tell Sir that
Minister Ijjatmalai has come. Okay.
– Go. Minister has come to meet you. Who are you? Who are you? I am asking you. Who are you? All of you vote to me. I am going inside
to meet the collector To talk about your work. Move aside, Sir is coming. We were supposed to go,
but the Minister is going. Brother! Greetings! I am Minister Ijjatmal
I have just to meet you.. You seem to be changed! I know everything. You reduced because you have diabetes. Don’t worry.
Drink bitter gourd juice every day. If you regularly drink
bitter gourd juice.. ..then this killer
disease will be cured. Okay. Tell me the
reason for your visit. Why are you so serious about work? Is anything hidden from us? The documents about the
2 acres land on the 100 feet road. There’s a small legal problem. What problem? The public had vacated from there.. ..where to be given
an alternate arrangement. But not even one allotment
has been made in slum rehabilitation. If I built a hotel in slum. Every person will ask for
an A/C room on an agreement. Find any solution. But find a place for
the public anywhere else. And finish the matter here. You could’ve said this on the phone. We don’t have a phone. What?! Sir, no one gives him
a good news over the phone. What nonsense are you talking? Either it is about losing
the post or something bad. You fool.. Can’t you speak good? We would have long
conversations over the phone. And in the process,
someone would overhear us. That is why we shall
talk face to face. Thank you, sir. In which room is patient
Sarojini admitted? One minute, sir. No, sir. No one by that name. Mrs. Krishnamurthy.
– No. I am on duty since morning. Only two gents were admitted,
no ladies. Listen..
– Sarojini.. I got a call saying that
you are admitted in the hospital. Me?
– Yes. Are you fine? Nothing is wrong with me.
Are you alright? The phone is ringing,
and he is not receiving it. Is he drunk? Now what should I do? Hello.
– Hello. Is it Collector Office?
– Yes. Is the Collector there?
– You fool. Who else will be in the Collector’s
office, if not the Collector? A. C. P. Krishna Murti speaking?
– I am Minister Ijjatmal speaking. Oh, sorry sir. A small verification.
Does the Collector have any problem? I and the Collector,
have several problems. Should I tell it over the phone? You fool. I want to talk to
the Collector urgently. Oh! You want to speak to him? The A. C. P. wants with
speak to you urgently. Here. Sir, A. C. P. Krishna Murti speaking. Someone purposely planned
to make me leave from there. Don’t worry sir.
I will be there in 10 minutes. Please alert the security. Hello.. Hello.. Collector, sir. Citizen! Citizen.. Hello, hello.. What is this? Is Citizen a new car? The one you were telling ACP. The car broke down. I have to go out urgently. Can you please drop me? Why do you say so? It is my responsibility
to drop you safely.. ..wherever you wish to go. Follow me. Hurry up. Quick. Oh no.. Go and search that side. I’ve been pressurized
from every department right.. ..from chief minister
to home minister. I’m not able to answer them. The bribe you receive
is more than your salary. But you don’t do any work. What is this commissioner?
What is this? Will you have breakfast? Sir.. Go and do that work first. You are temporarily suspended. Not only that.
The case is handed over to the C.B.I. Go. It is no use crying. You will have to
answer some questions. Yes madam. Do you have any personal opponents? Every case,
someone is surely punished. Then considering this,
he can be kidnapped by anyone. Or there is fear of death.
– I understand. We haven’t received
any bad news till now. I think someone has purposely
kidnapped him, to threaten him. I think someone has kidnapped
him to draw our attention. I think this is right. Exactly. Who? Who can it be? Gilbert.. The horse and the
bull that you can see.. This kidnapper has purposely
left these pictures. Do you know anything about this? No.
– What about you? No. If you receive any call or letter or
any kind of communication about this. You will not give any
reaction without CBI knowledge. Inform us immediately. You may go.
– Thank you very much. Why did you stop? Look! Hero is sitting
in the mechanic shop. What about the spare parts? I can’t see him. Is the mechanic there?
– Don’t I look like a mechanic? Don’t joke, brother. I’ve talk about the
repair with the mechanic. For last six years
I am wearing this dress. And don’t I look like a mechanic.
Don’t talk nonsense. He thinks himself
to be a great mechanic. Who is ill?
– Not me..him.. What rubbish are you talking?
– That girl? No..This girl? What is it?
– A little.. What’s the problem? Tell me clearly. There’s a problem in the heart. What?!
– I mean problem in the engine. The engine is the heart
of the vehicle, isn’t it? Bonda, open the seat.
– Okay. It can’t be opened. Bring spanner no. 10 and opened it. Not 10 but 12 Madam, will you please
take away the vehicle? What is this?
She is trying to confuse us. We might forget our job. Sorry. – Do something,
and get it out of here. The vehicle seems to be new. Only new vehicles have problems. For such vehicles there
is spanner in Abdullah’s hands. We will see to it. Don’t worry. If you don’t mind,
can you find solution to my problem? This is not a beach
or park where you can play. We work here. We can survive only if we work hard. He is a little mad. What?!
– No. Life is contentment. If you wish,
I can think about marriage, isn’t it? Marriage?!
– My friend’s marriage. I will be able to go
to my friend’s wedding.. ..if the vehicles is repaired. This is a mechanic shop.
Here, there’s all that you don’t need. Your heart..I mean take
your vehicle somewhere else.. get it ready. Or else,
the vehicle will become useless. A honest man who talks to
a beautiful girl so arrogantly. This impressed me a lot. I will face any obstacles
to reach my destination. I can’t change my plan. So, I don’t fear about
the vehicle becoming useless. You told me about your future plans. But I am not all alone,
that I can think about my future plan. Go.
– I am ready to take any risk. Nair, an interesting
turn in this case. Those two who are kidnapped,
worked together for 2 years.. Mayavaram Division
some years back. So? Both of them are involved
in the Atthipatti riots case. Interesting.
– Where is Atthipatti? It is a village in Mayavarm
division in Tanjavur District. The one who is going
to be kidnapped now.. he connected
to the same division.. ..or is he connected with that case? Anything is possible, madam. It is possible. Any other details about Atthipatti? No, madam. The computers
have the details of two years. There are no details about Atthipatti. I think we must go there. Brother abdul.. What? – The girl who used
to come here and pester you. She is going to commit suicide. Where? Dear friends.
This is the test of my love. I’m going to commit suicide. I am going to prove
how strong my love is. I’m going to jump.
– No. Don’t do like this. Should I not do like this?
– Don’t do like this. I am going to jump. You’re saying this since morning. Either you jump or go away. My love is true. No, no don’t jump. I’m going to jump. No, no don’t jump. Don’t do that. He has come. My hero has come. What if she jumps, Brother Abdul?
Do something. Barking dogs don’t bite.
She won’t jump. – No! Hey, jump. Hey, jump. Who will role the camera?
– You say. My dear girls, boys and friends. I love someone. He knows about my love. But there’s no response from him. So I am prepared even to die for him. Don’t. Excuse me. One minute. Jump. Who will say `action’?
– Action.. I should get the pay.
– Okay, jump. Sure?
– Okay, jump. Oh God, she has jumped. She jumped. Take care of her. Be careful.. What happened? Call the doctor. What happened? Move aside. Move aside. What happened?
– She jumped. She jumped?! Nothing happened. I didn’t get hurt. My love is strong. See. Now you will realize
the value of my love. How come she isn’t hurt? My love is very strong. She jumped from such a great
height and nothing happened to her. I did not understand. Oh God, what has happened now? Madam, we want some
detail regarding a case. Oh sure. Tell me what you want. I want the details of
those officers suspected.. ..30 years ago in
Mayavaram Village Council.. ..the riots which
took place in Atthipatti. Definitely. Manarpuram..
Madrampatti.. Chunarpatti.. Beramaptti.. Araspatti.. Is it Araspatti?
– Attipatti. Aadipatti, Murganpatti,
Tilaiyaddi, Paryadi, Tarangpatti. Think and tell me.
Is it Araspatti? No. Attipatti. In the period which
you are talking about.. ..Mayavaram’s name has
now been changed to Mailadurai. Whereas, some part of Tanjavur.. now changed into Naigi,
Chaigi district.. ..and has become
Nagappattinam District. The village you are talking
about might be in Nagapattinam. Moreover there’s a village
named Karaikal between them. It is in the French Union Territory. We don’t have any details about it. I will give an information. If you inquired in Nagapattinam
Collector Office.. will get the details.
– Thank you. What are you going to do? No idea. I have to do something. Did he leave you?
– No. When the heroine is
going to commit suicide The hero rescues her and hugs her.
And sings a song. ..singing a song of eternal love.. ..all this happens only in movies. In real life,
she tries to commit suicide.. ..he will encourage her. “Shining, shining.” You should be careful while boarding. Whether it is a bus or life. Take care. What happened?
I’m asking you. What happened? Sometimes it happens
in real life too, isn’t it? As far as we know. Atthipatti is not in our division. If so, can you check in
which district does it fall? The neighbouring
district is Tiruvarur. Some years ago,
the two districts were separated. If you go Tanjavur Headquarters.. can get full information. Thanks for your co-operation. Hey, brother has come. If he slaps anyone
then no one will be spared. So get a side,
side..hey, get a side.. Who is Abdulla? Who is Abdulla.. Hey! Come here. Come here quickly.
– What is it? O’ God! It is David brother has come.. Tell us, who is Abdulla?
– Who are you? What a question to ask! Tell him. We are asking a question. Answer it. You want the reply or your boss? My boss. Tell me. Tell me. I was talking to you and you beat me? That sent me for a spin. What do you want?
– I want Abdulla. I am Abdulla.
– O’ God! Are you a big don?
– Me? Am I a goon? Is this our profession? He hit me. I am an artist.
– Then why have you come here? A girl who loves you. She woos you. The one with a good figure.
I helped her win your love. She hadn’t jumped.
But it was me who jumped. What?! You jumped as duplicate. She told me to jump for Rs.
5000 if I jumped as duplicate. But she ran away. So that is why I thought of
giving you this cassette. And take 5000 from you. That’s all.
– Give the cassette. I will give the
cassette if you pay me. Will you give me or not? Sir, just a minute. You are such a big
man in the industry. But you always get thrashed.
– keep quiet. Listen, I think he is Big man.
That is why keep quiet. Hey, what is it?
– Nothing sir. Take it. – You have
always been acting in life. But for me, life is not acting.
– Yes. It isn’t wrong to lie for a good. But it wrong to lie for a bad reason. And I don’t like this. Thanks, sir. Thank you very much, brother Abdulla. I have a small request. I came here in my own style.
So shall I go back in my style? Beat me if you wish.
– Go. Get a side. Get a side. Sir, the village they want
is not there in our district. It is impossible to find
such a village which doesn’t exist. Look sir this is the
entire government record. It is no where there. This is a government record.
– Yes, you are right. Please check it carefully. We have searched all records
since the date mentioned here. Do you mean to say that your
records are correct and ours not? Narayan Murthy,
did you check properly? – Yes. It is not there. I have even checked
with the seniors.. ..but there is no such village. Madam, shall we check the
records from a little earlier time. Wait. Which year did you check? I checked from the date
mentioned in the record to date. Please go beyond that year and check. I checked from the year 1966 to 1972. No such village exists. I checked all records of 1980,
1990, but I cannot find anything. We even checked from 1972 to 1994,
there is no such village. Their records and
our records don’t match. Check records prior
to that year. – Okay. 28-38 39-48 49 to.. Mr. Narayan Murthy, come here.
– Yes madam. Remove a file from year 1967 to 1973. This year is there in our record. Anantyur, Narakvatur, Ananatmanglam. Myapur, Udyamanglam,
Araspatti, Andipatti.. – Wait! What did you say? Araspatti, Andipatti, Aragamapatti.. Read it again. Araspatti, Nagpatti, Aragamapatti. Nair.
– Yes madam. Remove all the files prior to 1967. It is here.
– Found it sir. Found it madam.
– Found it sir. It is found sir.
– It is correct, sir. I want the map of that district. See this map. Maligapatti, Andipatti, Marigapanga,
Arigapangu, Ananadmanglam. There is a village Arasapatti,
from the sea side. Then there is area
reserved by the government. It is not a safe place. Village Atthipatti
is not in this area. Of which year is this map? This map is after year 1972,
when the district was divided. Do you have a map older than this one? Check this map again. Aagpur, Nirukadayam, Manikamandu. Auregamanglam, Ananadmanglam. If you go from the sea side.. Vadugapatti,
Andipatti, Araspatti, Atthipatti.. What is this? Has a village
disappeared from the map of India? Yes, according to government
record one village has disappeared. Gilbert, Check how many people
are there in the voting list? 800. How is that possible?
Where is that village and its people? Nair, we are finding
the disappeared Atthipatti. That man surely has
some connection with this. Madam We have got a clue from
the list of the people.. ..who worked in Atthipatti. What is that clue? Pension is going to
him from the headquarters. To who? Postmaster Kalicharan. Which village?
– Kumbakonam. We will go to Kumbakonam. I didn’t expect that being
a woman you would do this. What one doesn’t
expect always happens. Even my love is like that. What do you mean?
– What I said! I love you. I didn’t call you
here to talk about love. I called you here to tell
you not to ever cross my path again. A woman never reveals her feelings. Yet I unabashedly revealed
my feelings for you.. you assume
I am not a good woman. Okay. I fell in love with you.. ..after getting to
know everything about you. What do you know about me?
– Everything. You are a good man. I even know that you
have some feelings for me. I know you will not accept. And that is what impressed me. What were you impressed about? My face, my skin? Let me tell you something. Under this hard skin there
are many ugly things in it. Like, skin, bones, blood. How much I know..
– What do you know? It’s not necessary to know a
man before you fall in love with him. I am talking about the bus incident. I have seen more than
just your physical appearance. I like your honesty. That has impressed me. That is why.. Please don’t talk rubbish. I did not behave
that way to impress you. If that incident made you
feel like this about me, I’m sorry. I don’t like all this. Please wait. Why don’t you like it? Aren’t I beautiful?
Or do you love someone else? I don’t need to give
you any explanations..’re not important to me. There must be someone made for you. Find another man for yourself. You will surely find him. Leave me alone. I’ll leave you for now. But I’ll always follow you forever. Because I am ready
to risk my life to live. You are at the shore.
I am in the middle. And do not know the depth,
power and the limit of the sea. You don’t know the
pain I am suffering. We come from different worlds. Hey! I am not alone. Greetings.
I’m Kalicharan. She is my wife, Laxmi. Hello. What do you want? Mr. Kalicharan. You worked as a postmaster
in Mayuram division’s.. ..Ananatmanglam Panchayat’s
every village 20-22 years back Tell me. Yes. Have you delivered
letters in Atthipatti? Atthipatti.. Yes. You are the only witness
to the existence of that village. There is no mention of Atthipatti.. any government record. The village seems to have disappeared. No one knows what happened
to about 800 people living there. That is why we want
written evidence from you. Mr. Kalicharan. Think and then answer.
You must be remembering something. Father Louis will know more about it. Because Father Louis was
then in Nagarpadam section. Father Louis knows about
the people of Atthipatti. Not only that,
Father Louis and the people.. ..shared a good relationship. It will be better if you
meet Father Louis for more details. Greetings, Father.
– God bless you. Are you Father Louis? He died ten years ago.
I am Father Kuriokose. Excuse me, can I know who you are? We are from the CBI. CBI. What do you want? I want details about Atthipatti.. ..the area the government
has reserved near Tarrangadpadi. Atthipatti.. Atthipatti.. Please wait. Father Louis gave a box
when he was on his death bed. He asked me to give it
to any government official.. ..who comes to enquire
about Atthipatti. He asked me to hand it over.. government official
after being satisfied. Take it. This is the box. And here is the key. Open it. See that you don’t miss anything. Gilbert.
– Yes madam. Nair.
– Yes madam. There is slope that side. Because of heavy rain the
water will start getting collected. I asked you to dig here,
haven’t you finished yet? Do it. Come on, What happened? We have dug 20 feet. There
is only sea water and nothing else. What is that? What is this stone? No, no don’t touch that. Bring it up slowly. Come on. Pull it up more.
– Pull it up. Pull it up.
– Carefully. Be careful. Ask the men to get aside on left. The stone is coming in between. Be careful. Nair, There seems to be
something inscribed on this stone. Ask them to clean it with water.
Come on. They have not been buried here. But they were drowned in water. Oh my God. Bhanipachalan, Kareem Bhai. Somanthan, Nagalakshmi, Saraswati.. Nair, this matter
is getting very serious. Collector.
– Yes. Inform the fire station
and ask them to come immediately. Yes madam.
– Do it fast. Ask your people to dig deeper
from where we got this coffin. Verify our census list
with the names inscribed here. Yes, madam. Get that census list. Dig faster. Gilbert.
-Yes. Go and check there.
– Okay, Madam. After verifying the two lists We found an important clue. What clue? According to census list one
name is not there is the list of dead. Which name?
– Arivanandam. His age is five years. What are you talking!
– Yes madam, even I’m shocked. No.. Don’t get confused. We will have to take all
the files from that year to date.. Kuriokose and
investigate with him. Now.. Arrange it now. Be with me Lord.
– Madam. Sorry Father I require
some details from you. There is a boy named Anthony
in the period you have mentioned. I have records of Father
Louis having done.. ..his holy communion and baptism. If you wish you can see. He even received a
scholarship from the church.. ..and has even
completed his schooling. Thereafter..he completed
his graduation in AVC college.. Manampandhal. Then he achieved degree of
law from Coimbatore college of law. Nair, the name Arivanandam
is not in the list of the dead. But in the same year,
on the same date.. ..the name of Anthony
is put in it’s place. He has done his schooling,
college here. But has not returned back
to this church. Why, Nair? That is why I think there
is something is fishy here. You are correct madam. Wait. Hold this. Give that to me. Call the fire brigade immediately. And start digging here immediately. Listen, go carefully down. Come here. Find out how old these corpses are. I want all details on my table.
– Okay madam. I want all details.
– Okay madam. How come the bodies
haven’t decomposed.. ..even being in water
for so many years? Salt prevents decomposition. That is why the bodies
did not decompose in salt water. I will give you all the
details within half an hour. Nair.. Born as Hindu and
living as a Christian.. ..are the same man. He is the same man we are looking for. The Hindu Arivanandam
and Christian Anthony. Where is he? What is he doing now? ‘Hail of Allah!’ ‘Sanskrit chants.’ Madam, Inspector Rajshekhar
from Masjid has come to see you. Send him in. Even I had attended the
conference you had organized. You had told me to inform
you about those who go against law. There is one such man in my area. Who is he?
– Abdullah. Abdulla. Mr Shekhar does your Abdulla.. ..look like this? He’s the one. Any case filed against
him in your station? Not to my knowledge. It is three years
since I am posted here. If you want details about him,
I can collect them for you. No, no.. Don’t let anyone outside
know about this discussion. Thanks for your information. You may go now.
– Okay madam. Gilbert, Nair..
– Yes madam. According to the information
the inspector gave.. has been confirmed that
he is the same man we are looking for. What are you saying? The Citizen we are looking for.. living as a mechanic
in Tamilnadu, in Masjid street Nair.. Before arresting him.. ..we have to first collect
details and confirm. Including me I have 4 brothers
but I still pray to Allah for Abdulla. It is difficult to find
a man as good as Abdullah. I was a cobbler.
Abdullah arranged this shop for me. We were so poor.
Abdullah arranged my kids schooling. I was a handicap, but he
made me realize even I can work. His house? Though I stay with him I don’t
know where he lives, or what he does. Where will you go and look for him? Madam, our suspicions are right. Abdulla opened his shop after 1996 Even his employees don’t
know about his activities. The days he gave
leave to his employees.. ..coincide with the dates
of the VIP’s kidnappings. Nair, We have to
immediately make a plan. I think we are very
close to the culprit. Very close. They have come closer. CBI Sarojini Harischandran
is close to us. It would be the same time of
our kidnapping and they reaching us. So we will have to work out our plan. That is okay brother. As it is
we have many problems in Tamil Nadu. The police and the
CBI is searching for us. In such a situation,
is another kidnapping necessary? No. As Father and I have planned. Every kidnapping will
take place as planned. Even the government should be shaken. Only then every step of
ours will be a storm for them. Tomorrow morning when
he goes for offering prayers. We will surround the mosque. No one in the street should
doubt we are keeping a watch on him. No one will know about it. No one will suspect me
and I will go to the DGP office. Brother, I.. – No, I will go alone. I do not need anyone.
– You will go alone.. The CBI and the police
are looking for me. That is why..
– No friend, I will manage. You’ll wait outside. I will kidnap the
DGP and leave the city. Thereafter, let anybody follow me,
you’ll don’t worry. I’ll manage. We want him alive! He is the one, Citizen. This will be his last crime. The CBI and every officer who
is finding me will again be defeated. Madam, I am Shankaran,
I am moving towards the Masjid. Over. Madam, I am waiting
in the Masjid street, over. People have started coming in. Everyone should remain alert. Madam, he has reached.
– Okay. Madam, Abdulla.
– Yes I am watching. No, no don’t shoot.
– Yes madam. Don’t take out weapons.
The matter might get worst. This is Masjid. Don’t shoot. Okay. Arrest him when he comes
out after finishing his prayers. ‘Muslim prayer’ Okay, be careful. ‘Muslim prayer’ ‘Muslim prayer’ Be careful. He hasn’t come out yet, madam. Madam, everybody has left.
– Wait for some more time. Everyone has left. Leaving
the Maulana there is no one else. What are you saying? Nair.
– Yes madam. H force immediately. Despite being on alert,
how did he manage to escape? Where did he go? Come on! Look that way. Madam, there is a
secret passage inside. That side madam. Hold it. Gilbert take the finger
prints of all things present here.. ..Into the CBI custody. Tele communication set up. Sir.
– You are useless. You cannot even solve
such a silly problem. Useless fellows.
I will solve this problem. Greetings. I am minister Ijjatmal. How can I forget you? How come you have
put on so much weight? I know! You are
suffering from thyroid. That is why you are putting on weight. You are right. Mix grass juice with
blood of dry fish.. ..and drink it thrice
a day for a week.. ..and your thyroid will be cured. Did you understand? Keep quiet, you fool! Why are you here? I want to meet the DGP to
take permission for the protest. Is that so?
Tell the DGP he has come to see him. But who is he? His name.. Pulitalah Pulitalah,
MLA, don’t you know? Pulitalah.. I hope I have not caused
you any inconvenience. Until you are here,
I don’t have any tension. You will help me where
I have to reach safely. I am pleased to hear that.
– Excuse me. You may go. You’ll stay here. I’ll go, brother.
– Okay fine. DGP, he is my man, treat him well. Say my name and you
can get everything done. Bedachalan, judge. Nair..
– Yes madam. Collector, Santana, Chennai. Look what is next. DGP..
– DGP Devsarayan.. I am Devsarayan. Yes.
– I am Arivandanam from Atthipatti. Atthipatti..Atthipatti!
How do you know about Atthipatti? Who are you? Citizen! Mr. Nair,
hand over everything here to the CBI. Yes madam. Come on take
all the properties immediately. Come on hurry up. Hello, is it DGP’s office? Citizen! You, Mr Citizen. I am calling from your place.
We will seal it soon. If you surrender yourself,
your punishment can be reduced. Surrender, and me? Before
you come here, I’ll come to you. We will meet on the way. Listen, you are going
on committing crimes. Miss Sarojini Harichandran..
Stop, listen and then proceed. Catch me if you can! You barged into my car.
– Not I but you banged against my car. You are arguing with me.
– Not me but you. You make a mistake and then argue. What is my mistake? Sarojini Harichandran. You should pay for it.
You broke the head light. Ask the neighbouring
officers to clear the traffic. Immediately. We are getting late.
– Yes madam. Hello, CBI Nair speaking. We are stuck up in the traffic.. ..arrange for a
traffic police at once. What is this? You should have followed your line. It’s your mistake.
– Move back. Take away your vehicle. What will you do?
– Take away else I will hit you. What is happening here?
– Look at him sir, he. Because of you the entire
traffic has got stuck Take away your vehicle. Come on start it. Take away your vehicle. Give me the keys.
– I am asking you to go. Thank you.
– Sit down. It is a limit. Be quick. Is there a starting problem? Go away from here. It is corporator car.
He is going for some important work. Sorry madam. There was a small problem
that’s why there was a traffic jam. But now it is clear. You can go now. Go, why is there crowd? Come on. The city faces lots of
problems due to these autos. Hello.
– Sarojini Harichandran. Yes. The Citizen whom you are finding.. ..Gave you a third clue
in your hand and went away. What? Oh no! What’s the matter, madam?
– Third kidnapping. Nair, the traffic policeman
was none other than Citizen. Oh My God. Indu, Indu.. Where were you?
– What happened? Do you know that Abdullah’s
shop has been sealed? What are you saying?
– I am saying the truth. He is the dreaded terrorist
who is wanted by the government. Police force is present in his lane. Did he got trapped or escaped. He escaped. But the matter has
become very serious. Indu, Indu..where are you going? I feel shy to stand
like this before a woman. She is a senior officer. Oh God.. Nair, did you get any
information after the inquiry? He doesn’t answer properly,
he seems to be crazy. Come here. Tell me,
What do you know about Abdullah? He has been staying in
our area for the past 2 years.. ..but there has never been a problem. Who are his regular customers? Many people come to
him for a legal advice.. ..and a fair girl comes
to see him often on scooter. What’s the girl’s name?
– Indu! Your father, Krishnamurthy
works at the Tahsildar’s office.. She is his eldest daughter, Indu.. She has studied computer science
and is a modern girl fond of roaming. Okay. Since how long do you know him? For the past 2 1/2 years. Do you love him?
– Yes. Is it today’s fashion to
have love affair with a criminal. No, it’s a one-sided love. Is it from your side or from his side? It’s from my side.
– Do you meet regularly? One more VIP is missing since your
last meeting with him at Vasant nagar. What did you speak there? Tell us about what you spoke? Why don’t you come out with it? I expressed my love for him. How did he react?
– He lost his temper.. ..and refused to accept me. Did he keep refusing
you for three hours? What are you trying to say?
Are you kidding? Nair, call her parents also. Why are you calling my parents?
They are old. So what? We have kept watch
on him throughout India. Your life will be in problems. You know.
– Problems! A girls name should only
in her marriage invitation. But they have humiliated
me by publishing a wrong news.. ..that I have an
affair with him. But.. I am prepared to risk my
life for leading a good life. Let her go now. You shouldn’t leave the city. Okay. You may go now. Nair. Watch every movement of this girl. Understood. Anyone who gets an information
of the whereabouts.. ..of the dreaded terrorist, Citizen.. ..should report to
the following address. Central Bureau of Intelligence,
Kurunji, Chennai- 8. This photo was taken
when he was 16 years old. This photo was taken when
he joined the law college. Citizen cannot be found
in any of these forms. We have got an information
that he is in Tadaghat. We will have to send commanders
of police to jungle to find him. Okay. If he is trapped, the history
of Atthipatti will come to light. How did you come here? I was missing you and came here. Your breath showed me the way. Please go away,
this is a dangerous area. I haven’t come to go back
I’ve come to live with you. Don’t talk like a fool.
Now you know the truth. Go away from here. The world would have
known the truth now.. ..but I knew of it long back. What are you saying? I went to your room after
I knew that you had the cassette.. which I had expressed
my desire to commit suicide. I got to know the truth when
I opened the file in your computer. I never thought wrong about you
once I come to know you are a citizen. Other than being a Citizen there are
many things about me. Do you know them? I don’t want to know either. I have no time to argue,
please leave the place. I am prepared to risk my life to live. I am not prepared to risk
other’s life for my sake.. ..because I am not alone. “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “You are the fire.” “And I am the flame.” “I am the flame and you are the fire.” “And we might get burnt in this fire.” “And I will dance in this fire today.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “Seeing you I have become lusty.” “Come and love me my dear.” “Be one with me and
make me yours, dear.” “Your lips too are hot.” “And you are a storm, dear.” “We get lost in each other.” “And make you mine.” “You are my love.” “Be one with me my love
and forget the world.” “I know that you are mine.” “I have sworn that my
life and body is yours.” “Let us be one and you be mine, dear.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “Your attitude and
beauty glitters like gold.” “The love in you
for me is so beautiful.” “The fragrance of love
has mixed with breeze, my dear.” “Fulfill my lust with your love,
my dear.” “You are so close to me.” “I feel so good being
with you my dear.” “My life and body gets alive.” “I have got all happiness
from you my dear.” “I am lost in fantasy.” “I am yours and you are
mine andd swear by that.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “I am the fire and you are the flame.” “I am fire and you are a flower.” “The flower will burn with this fire.” “Give me, give me love now.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” “When we bang against each other.” “Our bodies become hot.” Indu.. Indu.. Listen to me, go away. Why?
– I have a lot of work to do. Go away. I’ll go now but I’ll
definitely return. Fire.. Abdulla!
– Father! Father! Today’s breaking news. Citizen has been arrested. Citizen should be dead. Citizen should be dead. Citizen should be dead. Citizen should be dead. Citizen should be dead. The one who spreads dirt in society.. ..and the one who cleans
it both are arrested. In the presence of God.. I will speak the truth. Nothing but the truth. Why should I take an
oath of speaking the truth? My Lord.. It’s strange that he
is awarded a gold medal.. law and he does not
know why do we take an oath. Do you mean to say that they
were fools to have awarded me? You are trying to create
a confusion by taunting. It’s a rule to take
an oath from the person.. ..who stands in the witness box. It is believed that a person
who vows will tell the truth.. ..out of fear of
god or their conscience. But you criticizing even that. My Lord..he is insulting
the entire legal system. My Lord, even the ministers
and government officials.. ..take an oath of sincerity towards
the public before they assume office. Are they all honest? No. Why do you take
an oath from an accused.. ..when none of them
are true to the law? Do you want to say that
we shouldn’t take an oath? Will you release me if I take
an oath and say that I’m innocent? That’s not possible. Then why do you waste
time in taking an oath? Mr. Citizen. You must be well aware that
rules and regulations of court.. ..cannot change as you
are well versed with law. I know it My Lord. I know that rules can’t be changed,
but definitely.. ..but humans can be changed. Leaders can’t be
changed but if we try.. ..we can definitely
change people’s fate. Can you change the fate of people
by treading on the path of crime? Wait and see if I succeed or not. Mr. Citizen. Are you Arivanandam,
Anthony or Abdullah? I mean are you a Hindu,
a Christian, or a Muslim? People who know me will tell
you that I belong to all religions. And they will say so.
– What do you say? Citizen is above religion,
caste and language. He is an Indian Citizen. He is no ordinary citizen. But he is accused of kidnapping
a lawyer, an administrator.. ..and a police officer. Why did you kidnap them? I kidnapped them only
then this country was shaken. That’s why the police and
the CBI were on the lookout. Do you think they
have no other job to do? Do you think that their
only job is to provide security.. politicians and probing
the scams they are involved in? You are confronting the government. The people whom you are fighting for.. ..are actually the ones who
have confronted the government. My Lord.. An able district collector,
who takes care of an area. A police officer who looks
after law and order of the state. And a competent judge
who gives justice. Why should they be
confronting the government? I too don’t need to
create havoc unnecessarily. Then why did you kidnap
them and create a confusion? Why do people go on a procession
and stage hunger strikes? Why? They do that to create
awareness among the people. This is a one man procession,
people should know my problems. People should notice me. The society should hear
the grievances of a community. ..that has been disowned. That’s why I kidnapped
them and murdered them too. Have you killed them?
– Yes. That’s all My Lord. He has confessed
that he has killed them. He has murdered law,
justice and administration. He changed his religion,
appearance and did many other things. He shouldn’t be punished
only on charges of murder. He should be punished for
creating unrest in the nation. Keeping all this in mind I request you to impose
on him a rigorous punishment.. ..for the person standing in the box. That’s all I want to say sir. Hand over that murderer to me. I will kill him. He shouldn’t live,
he should be immolated. I’ll kill him if
you hand him over to me. Hand over that murderer
to me I’ll kill him. Order, order.. My husband! Did you see those innocent
kids who have lost their father? Did you see a wife’s suffering
after losing her husband? What answer will you give them?
Come on tell me. Tell me, why did you murder them? Tell me. It will amount to contempt
of court if you don’t answer us. Tell me. My Lord. He has murdered three innocent
people after kidnapping them. Who were in fact servants of law. It is shameful if
we do not punish him now. Stop it! Whom do you call innocent? Who is innocent? I killed three people so the police.. ..CBI and the entire country
came to together to arrest me. Did anyone ask that
why the village of 695 people Did you question them? What is this?
Are you trying to change the topic? This isn’t a story,
but it is dark history. It is an epic which will
compel us to shed tears of blood. To destroy a village near the sea. It is a conspiracy
of government officials. There was a village called Atthipatti. Does anybody know about it? Do you know? You can hear the cry
of those aggrieved villagers. That hue and cry
cuts through your heart. Just like Ahilya in Ramayan the
entire village was turned into stone. There’s no use even
if Lord Rama returns. The Bay of Bengal loved
the people of our village. It used to flood our village
every year for 20 days. My lord, Our village has to be saved. Our lives had to be saved. We requested them
to build a single wall. We requested them to build
a dam to control water in Atthipatti. On our request the MLA
who never showed his face.. ..after winning the elections came. He was accompanied by officials. They promised to build the dam but
went away after laying the foundation. We waited expectantly
but neither did they help.. nor did those officials come. My father Subramani couldn’t
bear to see them in pain.. he took the villagers of
Attipatti To the collector’s office. And then over there.. Greetings Sir! This is the Atthipatti. This is the entire Atthipatti. This is only a part of the
village that has been rescued.. ..from the floods and storm. We have come to plead
to you to save our lives. Can a law be made to
stop the storm and the flood? We don’t say that.. What had you said that there would
be no problem from the sea water. By saying this you laid the foundation,
offered prayers and went away, We want to know what
happened after that. Which offering? Which wall? What are you blabbering, Subramaniyam? We are talking about
what You started 5 years ago. It’s a common sight that at
least ten lives are lost in a year. Half of them are children. We fear that all our
children will be dead soon. Keep quiet! If water flows from eat
then we run towards west.. ..if it flows from north,
we go southwards. But water flows from all
sides and is bent on killing us. Where should we go if
water comes from the middle. Where can we go then? Please do something,
we have come to you with a plea. We have come to you to
request you to save our lives. Say something. Calm down! You tell me, Sir.
– Yes. Get me that Atthipatti file. Calm down! There’s nothing mentioned
here about new dam. The government never
said anything like this. The MLA has promised us. He has vowed, tell him.
– That’s right. Yes sir, yes sir..we are
not unnecessarily talking to you. The MLA is not the government.
Listen to me carefully Subramaniyam. We can’t spend such a huge
sum for the sake of a village.. ..which consists of only 800 people. If we build a cheap
wall it won’t be strong. The work that MLA inaugurated there. What do you have to say about that? They may commit many things,
but we are not concerned in any way. We can’t blindly do whatever they say. They may say a thousand
things to cheat you. Out of those a few things
may happen if we wish. Sir.. – I will tell you one thing
very clearly Subramaniyam. Try to understand. A wall will never
be built in Atthipatti. I suggest that you
vacate the village.. And go and reside in far off place. I will make arrangements
for you to live there. That is all I can do for you. Please leave the village.
– Don’t be so harsh with us. Have mercy on us, sir It’s easy for you to say
that sitting on that position. ..but how can we
leave our native place? We have no other option. Listen..
– Leave me. You are not a collector. You are God. Come on let’s go.
– listen.. Subramaniyam.. Come on,
Attipatti will not get any wall. Father! They refuse to help us.. ..they are asking
us to leave the village. Where will we go leaving our village?
Where can we go? Why did they ever talk about the wall?
And now they are refusing. We are not human beings but
they think us to be alive dead bodies. There is one thing, Father.. But there are two varieties of fish,
isn’t it? A fresh water fish can’t
survive in sea water and vice versa. It dies. When a fish can’t live elsewhere.. Then how can a human live elsewhere? Doesn’t it? Tell me. We will go elsewhere And die. What are you saying, dear?
– Father. Subramani, Subramani..
– Who is it? Welcome Sir! you are a clerk. Did the collector send you here? Actually..
– Why do you hesitate? Tell me.
– They have cheated you. Explain to me, Sir. He lied to you that there
is no wall that’s built. What? The wall has been
built and also the dam. What are you saying?
When did this happen? It was built last year.
– Don’t say a lie. Where has the wall been built? We have a record for it, Subramani. 550m long and 10m wide. It is made of black stone
and 15crores were spent on it. They built a wall and the
minister inaugurated it too. That’s a white lie. Do you know who that cheat is,
who duped us of 15 crores? MLA. Even the collector
is involved in this. They have cheated you. They embezzled all the amount which
the village received in your name. What are you saying? How can it happen that the wall has been
built and even the dam has been built. They have shown a fake account. They have lied saying
that they have built a wall. They have fooled us. Tell us how much money.
– 15crores. How much is that?
– It is more than thousand. How must have they
embezzled so much money? Did the government give us so much
money? And they embezzled that also. I curse them that
they will never be happy. I don’t understand anything. Someone else says that
the the wall will not be built.. ..and asks us to leave the village. They never built the wall
and took 15crores instead. We hear of it now. Hey collector.. We curse you.. Subramani,
leave cursing this collector. A true person never
fails and never cries. There is a problem between
the government and the officials. We will have to look into that. And have to rectify that. It is irreligious to take revenge. If we fight with law then
it will be called correct. We will get justice.
We will have to go now. I’ll take you to the right place.
Come with me. Oh God..15 Crores! Sir, if poor people steal
then they are not spared. Can you question the higher officials. Do you ask if it is possible?
I can change the whole course. You should arrest him
on the basis of this paper. Don’t worry this paper
is enough as proof. If you co-operate it
will be easier to trap them. Tell us what is to be done? Should I call the villagers
to give their witness? Tell me.
– That’s not required. Do as I say.
There is a hole in the wall. Hole in the wall. But there is no wall in our village. What do you mean? Didn’t he cheat you by saying that
he had built the wall? – Yes. Let’s use the same tactics. Let’s say that there is a
hole in the wall that isn’t built. You sign the requisition. Oh God.. Generally these complaints
are given to PWD. But we will not give it there.
– Where will you give it? We will give it where they
will get a severe punishment. We will give there where the whole
world will come to know the truth. Whom should we give it to? I’ll tell you. Where are you going?
– We want to meet the officer. Greetings!
– What is it? From where are you coming?
– From Atthipatti. Atthipatti?
– Yes. I thought so when there
was a foul smell of fish. Hey, 402.. See if they have brought fish fry? Please hear to our plea.
– What is it? Is there a dispute with the neighbors? But there is no connection
between the two villages. Your village is surrounded by water.
What else can be there? We are also living there. Are you humans? Okay, what’s your problem? There is a hole in the wall. There are men to fill the gap. Why do you bother? Tell me, what is your problem? There is a hole in the
wall that’s built in our village. We have come with a complaint. Dam, in Atthipatti..
– Yes. Are you joking? No, look at this.
– Show it to me. A wall and a hole. 550m tall, and 15 crores.
and 10m wide. The minister has approved of it too.
It has all the papers. The original are with the lawyer. Have you understood where the wall is? Yes I have understood. The wall is in the paper.
– Yes. Then you would have
known where the hole is. Yes. The hole is in the wall. We don’t want the wall. We don’t want the wall.
We don’t want the wall. We want you to arrest
the government officials.. ..who cheated us by not
keeping up their promise.. Yes, you will have to arrest them. You beat the one who stole Rs. 100.. ..what are you going to do with
these people who have stolen 15crores? Tell us what you are going to do? I understand your feelings. They have devised a play against you. But you people have
devised a greater play. You are saying that there is a hole
in the dam where no dam was built. You are truly great. I won’t spare them. Don’t worry. I will teach each
one of them a lesson. I won’t spare. That is great. Thank you Sir.
– Okay, okay Have a long life. Get up. It is good that you heard of it. They wrote a complaint. When I read it I thought of driving
them away but they were angry. I think the matter will
be serious and may aggravate. I’m not worried of those villagers.. ..but someone is definitely
instigating them to do this. I want to know who that is. I am the one who
is responsible for it. I wrote the complaint. I instigated them to
go to the police station. What are you blabbering? You need this Vedachalan’s help when
you wanted to earn a few hundreds.. ..but you disowned me when
it came to earning a crores. Then will you trap us in this way? Why did you make it a big issue? We would have given you
a share if you’d asked us. I wouldn’t have entered this
house if I’d wanted to cheat you. Do you think you are helping us?
– I’ve come to help you. Tell us. You prepared a false Report without
constructing the dam, isn’t it? You created a record
by bribing the officials too. But the villagers didn’t
say a word about it.. ..who hoped that
the wall will be built. Now those 800 people have complained
that there is a hole in the wall. They have pleaded to
fill the gap in the wall. What does that mean? It means that the MLA Ventichalan.. ..has fulfilled his promise
of building wall in Atthipatti. This is a truth that
can’t be falsified. I don’t say that, the paper says that. This is proof that
you have built the wall. You need not worry about anything. Complaint shouldn’t
go to the wrong hands. That is why I sent to
your man’s police station. I know very well that he is
your confidante and a faithful dog. He will act as per your wishes. I don’t know how to thank you. You can thank me later. You have to do one more thing.
– What? If you take a photo
with them for proof.. one can harm us. They will trust me
so I’ll accompany you. Father! Someone has come to see you. Oh the clerk! Greetings! Why have you come now? The policeman and the lawyer
too has joined hands with them. What are you saying?
Have the four united? You shouldn’t get cheated Anymore,
Subramaniyam. I’ll leave or I’ll be trapped. Shall I go? Bye father!
– Okay. Did you see what the law has done? You troubled the people
of Atthipatti who were quiet. You made the lawyer,
collector and policemen Stand in front of
us who were cheaters. If we die it doesn’t matter
but if we are disgraced.. is as good as dying.
Bring the sword. Today we will clear everything. Listen to me.
– Subramani, stop! Leave me. Get a side. Stop it. Get a side.
– How will it happen? What are you upto, Subramaniyam?
– They have united. Kill them. You have sharpenned
the sword, isn’t it? Go and kill them. Why do you scream, Chameli? It is not right to pick
up a sword for every matter. If you kill people
for the welfare of others.. ..then your family will be ruined. Who will accept that
you have done a good deed? Father! Our government gave 15 crores to 800
people staying in our village Atthipati. They have no rights to duped us? Oh no, father! A village can be sacrificed
for the welfare of the nation.. ..similarly, I will sacrifice
myself for the village. Don’t do like this.
– Don’t stop me. We will have to reveal them. We should sacrifice our
lives for our well-being. The whole village is standing there. We are going to get a royal welcome. We are bringing grains for them,
isn’t it? They don’t even want to wave hands. Wave your hands. They are going to applaud
for what we will do for them. Don’t laugh. You smell of cow dung. What are you saying?
– What did you do? We gave the complaint
to you gave it to him.. ..will you share
your wife with him too. You are a pimp. Don’t talk like a fool. Are you a lawyer, shame on you. Have you acted cleverly
by ruining our village? Why did you study law for that? Black coat and a white shirt.
You look ugly. Why do you get angry?
We have brought clothes for you. Have you come to
compensate for our loss? Aren’t you ashamed? And look we have brought rice also. Why do you need their Rice? Show tehm what we eat. Show, show.. Does it have a foul smell? The rice you are
giving us for 20 years. The rice eaten by insects. Why did you cover your mouth
with cloth? Why don’t you taste it? Eat some. Give it to me.
Taste a poor man’s food. What are you up to, Subramani? You cheated us by your sly talks. You didn’t see the problems we faced. You didn’t understand
the trauma we went through. Now you will understand
when you breathe the dirty air. And drink the dirty water of the sea. You will realize how painful
it would have been for us. Take off your clothes. Take off your clothes. Remove, remove.. Remove your clothes. Come on remove their clothes. Listen.. Come on remove their clothes.
– Don’t do like this, Subramani. Remove your clothes.
– Subramani. Come on remove their clothes.
– Don’t do like this. Remove, remove.. Remove, remove.. What are doing? You have crossed your limits
when you hold a small position.. there no limit to your atrocities
when you become a great officer. We won’t let you do that.
We will kill the devil in you. Hit him.. Hit him hard. Don’t hit me. I am drwoning. You will feel dizzy and
then ultimately you will die. Then you will understand
what death is. We will stage a hunger strike
before your leader in Nagpattam. We will burn our ration card there. Everything will happen. Our life does not have any value. You do not give us food. And throw ration cards on our face. These politicians are
not bothered about us. The officers who have supported
them have made a big mistake. This is policeman.. He is a lawyer and he is
a one can harm us. We are going to protest
in front of your leader tomorrow. Stop us if you can.
We will prove our worth. Push him into the sea. Greetings father! We have killed those sinners. We have killed those sinners. They beat us a lot. They have ruined us. They poured cow dung on our faces. They were obedient once upon a time. They shouldn’t be
forgiven at any cost. Forgive us, we have made a mistake. T make them realize our
trouble we troubled them. Please forgive us, father. Hey Jesus,
take care of us and our village. Please don’t alienate us. They shouldn’t be spared. These fishermen dared
to insult a policeman. Are they going to return the
ration cards and property papers? Let them return.
– Stop talking nonsense. What they are saying is right. We’ll have to face a lot of problem.. ..if they return their
papers and ration card. What are you saying? If all the countrymen unite.. ..and return their ration cards
saying that they can’t live anymore.. Then this collector who is sitting quiet
will have to take a step in an hour. You are the MLA of this constituency,
isn’t it? If you don’t act.. ..then the governor has full
right to dissolve the government. We heard that God will
forgive us for our sins. Will we be forgiven
for our sins father? No, Subramaniam. You have not committed a sin. The trouble that you gave them
to make them realize the value of life Cannot be considered wrong. But the one who deprived the rights
of a common man who does hard work.. actually the sinner. Your decision is right Subramaniam. You need not plead for forgiveness. I will pray for your well-being. Not a single person
of that village should live. There should be no record
of Atthipati in records. Destroy Atthipati. Drown those 600 people. I will record a statement that.. ..the villagers drowned
to death when they went fishing. Do you dare to take legal action? Go Subramaniam, go.. I will see to it that Attipatti
is declared a danger zone. Nobody can change it. You have called for a social war. You won’t face any problem. Tomorrow is 25th December,
Christmas Day. Your village will prosper. Those sinners who
have gone will return. You will definitely succeed. Let the music of your
success heard everywhere. “Now we all together
will do the impossible.” “Now we all together
will do the impossible.” “Now we will bring
light with our strength.” “If any problem arises with sun
rise then we will take care of it.” “We will fight with anything
and change the position of stars.” “With the light from the
sky we will solve our problems.” “Light is created
with the match sticks.” “Remove darkness before the sun rise.” “Now we are servants of no one.” “Leave this childishness.” “Don’t say anything
now and remain free always.” “Come on everyone.” “It is now time to fight together.” “Come on stand up, you powerful men.” “Let’s all move ahead hand in hand.” “Now together we will rule.” “Light is created
with the match sticks.” “Remove darkness before the sun rise.” “Now we are servants of no one.” “Leave this childishness.” “Don’t say anything
now and remain free always.” “Even insects make their homes.” “And look after them lovingly.” “Even we will make
our homes in this way.” “All problems will
be solved in a moment.” “We believe that we will win one day.” “Now we all together
will do the impossible.” “Now we will bring
light with our strength.” “If any problem arises with sun
rise then we will take care of it.” “We will fight with anything
and change the position of stars.” “Now we will bring
light with our strength.” So, that was the last
day when my village was happy.. Before that happiness ended. Their attack started. Father! Look! What are they doing? You want to eat food. Come on hungry people eat food. Oh God, what is happening? Hey Subramani!
Who am I? IAS. I am the Collector. I had told you to leave the village,
politely. Why didn’t you go? Now you will leave the world. If I spare you then
I will be found guilty. You want to fight with me.. You scoundrel!
You want to return the documents? I will torture you to death. Atthipatti must be destroyed. Rain is the proof of all this. I will completely destroy
the name of your village. Now see the fun. Everyone will be gone. Now see the fun.. What can I do? Mother.. You sinners!
You ill-treat women like this? You’ve seen the miseries
of the villagers.. watch the miseries
of your husband. Come with me. Come with me. You had insulted me in public. Now see your husband
will not be spared. Watch, watch.. Today I
will take revenge from everyone. Father, he is beating mother. You worship whoever
comes wearing a shirt. You catch my collar? Now watch
your wife I will remove her clothes. No, no stop all this. Please don’t beat my father. Stop all this. No. Stop it. Stop all this. No..Stop all this. Mother! Your mother is dead.
Now you too go to your mother. Subramani. Your son..he has drowned
the entire village. Now see what will happen of him. My son..Leave him.. Sir, leave him..Sir, leave him.. Subramani, don’t worry we will
save your child even at our risk. Atthipati is finished. Father! The last breath of every
person of Atthipatti.. within me. I have still kept it safely. There’s an ocean
of sorrows in my heart. My voice represents the voice
of those people who has died. These are the cries
of those 800 villagers. This is my anger on the
behalf all the villagers. I am not alone. I am the soul of those
800 people who died miserably. Those officers whom you killed.. ..were not responsible for
the destruction of Atthipatti. But no, MLA was responsible for it. You should have punished them. The public punished
them for their sins. They have been beaten in the election. Now they are no more politicians. But there are still
some officers like them. Politicians are turning
to be corrupted. You’re speaking so clearly. You received a gold medal in Law. Is it right to break law? Had I not broken the law.. ..nobody would come to know
what happened to Atthipatti.. ..and the suffering of its villagers. If Atthiapti had petrol
then they would have dug there. They would dig if
there was gold there. Had they been told that
there are 800 corpses.. ..they wouldn’t have dug it. And those who were
responsible for it.. ..wouldn’t have permitted for it. I instigated the police and the C.B.I.
to dig it over. Had you brought those
3 people to the court.. ..along with the proof,
they would surely be punished. What punishment your
law would have given? The biggest punishment
for criminals IPC 302 They would’ve been sentenced to death. If death was the
biggest punishment then father would’ve
killed them in Atthipatti. If hanged,
the pains is for a short while. Is this the punishment
for killing 800 people? There is life imprisonment, too. The VIP’s who commit sins,
live in luxuries even in jail. The jail officers serve
them like their slaves. You are against death
sentence and life sentence. Do you want them to be left Scot-free?
– Yes. They should be free and alive.. ..but every day of their
life should be miserable. Is there any such punishment in law? What would have happened
even if it was there. You killed them. Which punishment can we give them? None of them have died.
They are still alive. What are you saying? Are they alive? – Yes. My Lord, If you give
the punishment I say.. ..I will present them in the court. No country’s law gives permission to
the criminal to announce punishment. There is no provision like this. The court is adjourned. If you give the punishment I say.. ..I will present them in the court.
Citizen says so. Is there any law like this? How can I say without confirming? What if something untoward happens? If Citizen wished,
he could have killed those 3 people. But even then he is ready
to present them in the court. There is some strong point in this. He does not want death
sentence and life imprisonment. He has planned to give
a more severe punishment. If an ordinary man commits a sin,
a lawyer fights his case. But who will fight for a judge? If we fight for him,
it is an insult for our profession. The Advocates Association
has decided not to take his case. He has the knowledge of law. He will reveal truth in the assembly. The government is seeking
advice from experts. That what is to be done? No one else but we are
the one’s who made the law. Any decision for the welfare
of the public is right. Just watch. Citizen’s
case will bring a big change.. the Law of this country. It is a crime to misuse your rights. They not only confiscated
government property.. ..but they also destroyed
a entire village. What punishment do they deserve? Objection, My Lord He has the same right
in law as you have.. ..even though he is an accused. This court respects
you for your opinion.. the same way,
it also welcomes his opinion. That is why the court requests you That along with your opinion. Please listen to what they
have to say. You may proceed. Before I speak,
we should think about one matter. Those officers are so
greedy for wealth and power. Why are they proud of their position? They take away the money
provided by the government. So much money for just one person? No! For his family, for his relatives. They lead the luxuries
life with that money. Treatment in foreign
for their father.. ..a couple of bungalows
for their mother.. for their brother
and jewellery for their sister. A house for sister-in-law
and a truck for brother-in-law. Drinking and having fun
with girls in five star hotels. That is why they commit loots. Those who looted money
meant for the welfare of public.. ..for the welfare of few,
are not politicians. They are these officers. To stop this injustice. To stop the officers
from even imagining to do so. This Collector.. ..this DGP and this Judge.. ..their posts should be taken away. Their wealth and properties
should be taken away. They are accused
of looting the nation.. they should be deprived
of Indian citizenship. Whoever keeps alliance with their.. ..sons, daughters and Uncles,
aunts..grand children. Those who give their
daughters to them.. And to whom they give their daughters ..all of them should be.. ..deprived of citizenship. They should be deprived of
their right to live in this country. All degrees achieved through
cheating have to be confiscated. This is a lesson to
the section of officers. This should be made law immediately. This punishment should
be implement immediately. The citizenship of the
accused and all his relatives Should be cancelled
immediately without mercy. Mr. Citizen, to punish
them for their crime, is justice. But is it justice
to punish their family? I’ll think that Atthipatti
village was destroyed.. ..for the welfare of the nation. Similarly, why can’t they
consider this punishment.. a sacrifice for
the welfare the nation. If children don’t be
go to school and college.. ..they go astray. If anyone is ill,
they are not treated in the hospital. They should not be
Given corprration water. Shame on them!
Citizen has done a good job. They bought house and
car with the looted money. It is okay if they stay here.
What if they settle abroad? How can they go? If their citizenship is taken
away their passports shall be seized. This should happen. If it doesn’t, like how Atthipatti
disappeared from the India map.. ..similarly India will
disappear from the world map. No, My Lord.
Don’t gives us the punishment he says. Why are you punishing
our family for our crime? Please forgive them. How can we live without
citizenship with our families. Instead of this,
please hang us to death. We don’t want this
kind of a punishment. Please forgive me. This court has come across
such a case for the first time. The aim of law is to control crime. But the duty of the court and law.. punish the culprits. There is a way to stop crime. Citizen made the court realize that. Amidst thinking of personal benefit. Citizen has done a lot
of efforts and hard work.. thinking of country’s benefit. Amongst selfish people like us.. ..he struggled for
the welfare of the nation. India should be popular
in the whole world. With this goal to set an
example for other countries.. ..this court accepts
Citizen’s verdict. Considering his good intentions.. ..this court acquits him. “Light is created
with the match sticks.” “Remove darkness before the sun rise.” “Now we are servants of no one.” “Leave this childishness.” “Don’t say anything
now and remain free always.” “Even insects make their homes.” “And look after them lovingly.” “Even we will make
our homes in this way.” “All problems will
be solved in a moment.” “We believe that we will win one day.” “Now we all together
will do the impossible.” “Now we will bring
light with our strength.” “If any problem arises with sun
rise then we will take care of it.” “We will fight with anything
and change the position of stars.”

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