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hi guys and welcome to this new episode of 2film shooters we are here today with our friend pasquale Ettorre today we are going to do a film camera battle, a challenge with a very professional and expensive camera wich is this a Kodak fun saver disposable camera it remembers me when I was young incredible what’s inside ? 800 iso color film with a flash obviously so we are going to have fun ciak this camera has 39 frames we are three so we have 13 pictures each I’ll start because they made me a joke it’s ok ? ready, with Beatrice what does it say ? fun saver ! so let’s have fun ok we’ve finish we have finished the challenge ok the camera is done now we crush it on the floor to extract the roll no it’s a joke we are going to the lab are you going to scan the image by yourself ? yes we scan by ourselves who is the winner ? beatrice is the winner what is the point ? this is an extreme event but sometimes you don’t need big expensive camera to take great pictures you can always shoot with the camera you have the most important thing is creativity and the experience experience like pasquale which has a lot of experience pasquale who drink during the interview thank to the model too we are going to put their link in the description we suggest you to see pasquale’s videos on youtube too as always is a pleasure with you we always have fun so good luck for everything and have nice holidays so bey everybody thanks for watching

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