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It has been said… Through the ages… Without sacrifice… There can be no victory. Two species at war. One flesh. One metal. Optimus Prime has left us. One hundred billion trillion planets in the cosmos. You want to know don’t you? Why they keep coming here? I wanna stay. And I wanna fight them! And now… Two worlds colliding. The operation is over! We’re not giving up, okay? Only one survives. Oh my God. Forgive me.

100 thoughts on “Transformers: The Last Knight Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Michael Bay Movie

  1. I seriously can't believe it's nearly been two years since this epic trailer was released. 😫 Time really flies

  2. Storyline of these movies weren’t that great, only in bumbler movie when I actually enjoyed they weren’t any over the top action scenes

  3. Just watched this movie as I’ve seen all the others and to say I’m so disappointed and the movie is everything I expected it to be: PREDICTABLE there’s not much you can do after you try to save the whole world over and over and over again… the storyline was rushed though spaced out in 2hours I really liked the first and 2nd one but there really a time where you should just cut off it.. And I also felt like this plot was similar to Shia and Megan’s love plot

  4. Wow it’s been 2 years this trailer came out I remember when I first saw this I said I already want it to be June so I can see it but damm time flies by so fast u can notice

  5. I miss the older days when this movie was gonna be considered the last of the series, but now, the series is one last movie from facing impending doom

  6. Characters The Last Knight
    Bumblebee/B127 as Optimus Prime
    Lightning Mcqueen as Bumblebee
    Barricade as Megatron
    Charlie as Cade
    Optimus Prime as Comedy
    Cade as Izabella
    Mikaela as Lennox

  7. I stand by my belief that if this movie were done properly, it could've surpassed all the other 4 Transformers movies up until that point and dare I say it be up there with Endgame in terms of a beautiful, perfect finale.

  8. Transformers ranked
    1. Bumblebee – 8/10
    2. Transformers – 5/10
    3. Dark of the Moon – 3/10
    4. The Last Knight – 1/10
    5. Age of Extinction – 1/10
    6. Revenge of the Fallen – 1/10

  9. Questions
    1. What is that song called?
    2. Why is the "Transformers" franchise done with Dreamworks Pictures?
    3. Do they still use Autodesk Maya for animating the transformers?
    4. How did Megatron became reborn?

  10. So much potential………….spoils and wasted

    This could be one of the best or THE best movie in the franchise by taking HUGE Risk…..but……………i never bored in front of a TF movie…..but this movie…….bored me a lot !

  11. The brings me back to when iron hide died 😢😢😢😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😢😭😢😭

  12. Hey bumblebee survived In it and he spoke for the first time
    For 10 years that’s all because Optimus prime gets back to normal by bumblebee because of bumblebee’s real voice.

  13. This movie is pointless, everything just seemed so predictable. It's as if they were desperate to put another transformers movie out there to make as much money off it. Michael Bay… you suck!

  14. I wonder how they movie story would turn if Shia Laboeuf still act in this movie after Dark Of the Moon. I mean no 4 & 5 story… But damn… Shia Labeouf you became famous and rich bcoz of this franchise and you turn Bay down for the forth…why Sam why Sam

  15. At 1:56 Who else thought (then they first saw this trailer at the end of 2016) that Bee Vs. Nemesis is going to be the end fight, instead the of the Ignition Chamber end fight.

  16. The moment that little girl said that the autobot was her boyfriend I left… I cringed so hard this movie was amazingly stupid

  17. Ok I liked the first 4 and don’t get me wrong I like all the transformers but the knight plot was pretty fuckin dumb

  18. Every transformers trailer promise a really good and intriguing blockbuster with a lot of potential, but damn it's always the same at the end because of Bay doing bay-things

  19. Coming back 2 years later, All I gotta say is the movie had so much potential, it could’ve been Way more better than the 1st, the soundtrack was top notch and the trailer made it seem like it was gonna be a Full blown war between Humans and Transformers with allies and traitors, plus those kids could’ve been at least some what useful

  20. I can't explain how hyped I was when I saw this. The best part was that it was on a YouTube ad. Thank God I didn't skip it

  21. This trailer is a insult. It makes us think we’re in for a brand new transformer movie unlike anything the series has scene. And guess what……………..WE GOT ANOTHER LOUD, FLASHY INSALT TO OUR EYES AND EARS. In other words the first movie without the surprises.

  22. I wish Micheal Bay would allow them to release the uncut version of this movie. Give us the 42mins you took out BAY. Your Tfmovie fans that supported these films and truly enjoyed them deserve it.

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