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Hi, my name is Wade Tyree and I’m a filmmaker. I love filmmaking because you live in a world of make believe where anything is possible and anything goes. When people ask me what the entertainment industry really is I like to start out by saying it’s show business. And just like any business there’s capital, there’s money that driving everything. People make movies to make money. When a film comes into town affects everybody. And I’m talking about the crew that’s working on it to the neighborhoods, to the people that live in the neighborhoods and the business around where they’re shooting in different locations. Everybody gets a piece of the pie, that money gets put back into the community, and really most people don’t realize their being effected by it, but they really are. Why should you come and attend the EOC? It’s easy; This is a fun time to
be a filmmaker, it’s a fun time to be apart of the film industry. We’re doing some really great things for a very positive effect on the state and they’re going to keep happening as long as we keep having the support and the infrastructure coming from within. So, come out, be apart of it. See what we have to offer and see how it’s making Maryland a better place.

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