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muk camera service TOPCON uni is the use of video for beginners film camera that uses a In this camera, of Tokyo optical-made single-lens reflex popular models, It is a little unusual to make of camera of single-lens reflex of the lens shutter. Even the popular models mechanism in the elaborate mechanism, the fun of using is quite a thing. First of all, let’s look at the operation. It is winding lever. It is a ring of the shutter speed. Focus ring is here. By looking through the viewfinder, adjust the focus like this. The shutter is in front. Slow shutter valve The battery chamber is the bottom. Unfortunately, this camera has broken a built-in exposure meter. But, because it is mechanical camera that moves even without the battery, Exposure meter Let’s use are available separately. In the iPhone and Android there is application of the camera exposure meter. Since the exposure meter not be a ugo goods can be easily prepared in the app, Take advantage of aggressively simplistic. Here is an open of the back cover. The button, push from the offset. opened Let’s put the film. Lift the crank, film patrol – to set the value, and returns the crank. Plug in the direction of the arrow of winding up the previous film axis. As easy-to-understand, use the white dummy film. This remains, you wound up with off the shutter about 3 times. Close the back cover. Wind the film counter to scale. The open value of the lens is F2. According to the mounting the lens, set the ISO sensitivity of the film in the camera. On the opposite side of the lever of the scale, there is a lock. Please together the film sensitivity by turning because it is released when the pull. Red more numbers is the aperture F value of the lens. It was matched with the sensitivity 400 of the film. Even if the built-in exposure system is broken, by placing is set, it does not forget the film sensitivity. Determine the composition in the direction you want to take, and then set the camera the aim of exposure in the app. Press the shutter release button to focus. When you have finished shooting a film, the lever will be heavy. So it would cut the force to wind up the film, let’s be careful. Do not yet open the lid, rewind the film. Press the reverse button on the back cover. Rewind to cause the crank, turn it in the direction of the arrow. When the rotation is lighter, lift the crank to open the lid, and remove the film. The camera can also lens exchange. I’d like a channel registration.

2 thoughts on “TOPCON uni How to use a film camera. Shot on GH4

  1. The review is not bad, but its missing a human element showing feeling when using and how one feels when out using this camera…
    Don't get any feeling from how it marks you feel, rubber gloves and no human contact to give any feel on this lovey camera is.
    It's just sad, would love to see how you enjoy using it…
    But would need to see you to get a full picture, makes you look like a robot and not as a fellow human binging…
    Food for the futures… All the best

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