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As we know, being a horror fan can be tough
— tracking down gems, while wading through oceans of pure trash. We have to endure that crap in order to get
to the good stuff. So, saying that, I’m going to warn you which
films you should definitely be avoiding, with our list of the Top 5 Worst Horror Movie Sequels
– Part 2. Before we begin though, be sure to stick around
until the end of the video where I’ll be responding to some of your comments. And with that, let’s jump in. 5 Troll 2
Yes, you can all sleep easy tonight. I am finally including Troll 2, a movie you
guys were furious that I didn’t include in part 1. Released in 1990, this comedy horror centres
on a family pursued by vegetarian goblins who seek to mutate them into plants so that
they can eat them. Yep, it hurts even describing it, which is
why this movie is considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. Worse still, the sequel has nothing to do
with the original movie — maybe that’s for the best. Troll 2 is instead completely nonsensical,
seemingly made by people who have no idea how human beings talk or interact. On Rotten Tomatoes that film holds a rating
of 6%, with many viewers turning scenes and moments into memes. We all know what I’m talking about. However, the redeeming factor about this movie
is that it falls into the category “it’s so bad it’s good”, making it the only
movie on our entire list that you should actually watch. Do it for the memes. 4 Halloween: Resurrection
Right off the bat, I should say that this film is pure trash, and sadly I owned this
movie on DVD, before growing wise and tossing it in a fire pit. Released in 2002, Halloween: Resurrection
is set in the original house of horrors, aka, the dilapidated home of infamous serial killer
Michael Myers, which has now become the set of a webcam reality show. But, when the veteran slasher discovers that
a group of university students has taken over his old killing grounds, he decides it’s
time to bring the blades out of retirement. Now, this is the 8th installment in the franchise,
and arguably the worst, with the movie receiving just 11% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the New
York Post stating, I quote, “It’s so devoid of joy and energy it makes even Jason X look
positively Shakespearian by comparison.” Whoa. Shots were well and truly fired. Not just that, but the movie completely undoes
what Halloween H20 established, by officially removing Jamie Lee Curtis from the franchise
— which in turn angered a lot of longtime fans. I know fans may complain about Rob Zombie’s
bizarre remake of the original film, but at least it was better than this crap and didn’t
feature Michael Myers fighting Busta Rhymes. 3 Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare
Released in 1991, Freddy’s Dead follows the murderous ghoul Freddy Krueger who has
slaughtered every last child in his hometown. So, he returns once ago to prowl the nightmares
of Springwood’s last surviving teenagers, and of a woman whose personal connection to
Krueger may mean his doom. Now, almost all franchises reach a point where
they stop being good and start being a joke — Freddy reached that relatively early on,
although, personally, I’m a huge fan of Dream Warriors, I know that most people aren’t. However, Freddy’s Dead is the standout for
the worst of the worst, with the movie being more comedic than scary, particularly the
scene where Freddy straps on a Power Glove and plays a video game. What a joke. Sadly, at the time of its release, it was
the final Freddy film in the franchise, leaving fans underwhelmed at the demise of Freddy
who failed to go out with a bang, and was instead dispatched by a stick of dynamite. It felt lazy, and at the time, like the franchise
had completely given up on itself. However, a few years later came Wes Craven’s
New Nightmare, which in my opinion is the second best Freddy film, right behind the
original. Quote me on that. The reason being because aside from the first
movie this was the only other movie to be directed by Wes Craven. That speaks wonders. 2 Hellraiser: Revelations
Released in 2011, Hellraiser: Revelations follows two friends discover a puzzle box
in Mexico, which unleashes the cenobite Pinhead. Now, what’s painful about this is that not
movie franchise has gone from cult classic to unwatchable as fast as Hellraiser, which
is upsetting considering how fantastic the very first movie was. Saying that, attempting to pick the worst
movie out of a bad franchise was tough, but easier than you would think, simply because
Revelations is the ninth and final film in the series. Aside from Hellraiser: Judgement. Now, I’m sure a lot of people will disagree
with me because there are honestly so, so many bad Hellraiser movies in the franchise,
but this one easily takes the cake in my opinion. What makes this movie so interesting though,
is the simple fact that its production story is the reason it’s so high. Written, shot, and released over the course
of a few months on a shoestring budget, specifically, $350,000, yep. The film was solely made so that the studio
could hold onto the Hellraiser rights as part of their plan to produce a remake of the original
film. It was made for such cynical reasons that
Doug Bradley, who starred as Pinhead in every single one of the movies up until this point,
declined to join. That speaks wonders. All in all, don’t check it out, because
you will be disappointed. 1 Leprechaun 4: In Space
Released in 1996, Leprechaun 4: In Space is perhaps one of the worst movies ever made,
quote me on that. Resurfacing on an alien planet, the Leprechaun
abducts a member of the world’s royalty, Princess Zarina, in an attempt to wed her
and become the supreme ruler. Now, I should preface by saying that in no
way does the film want you to take it seriously, however, that does not excuse it from being
a genuinely bad movie. The Leprechaun franchise up until this point
was goofy and fun, and never any good, but still nonetheless enjoyable. But the fourth entry takes the franchise to
all new lowes, offering terrible comedy in the process. The film as a whole is boring and low quality,
not to mention the production design just looks cheap. The script is a shambles, and the pace is
so poor that it’s short running times feels like 3 hours. And, don’t even get me started on the comedy,
which isn’t even comedy. We all love a bad movie once in a while, but
this is isn’t even close to being a “so bad it’s good kind of movie”, it’s just
a so bad it should end up in the trash kind of movie. Please don’t give into temptation. Don’t give it what it wants. Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any terrible horror movie sequels
that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below and perhaps we can do a part 3. Before I go though, I just want to respond
to a few comments from one of our last videos, Top 5 | It Came From The 80s | Hellraiser. Thorin693 said:”The scariest cenobite of
all, Queen Lucy.” — Damn straight, never forget it. Ant KLOS: “Always loved Hellraiser! Lucy would be perfect as a Cenobite! Love you Lucy.” — I’m seeing a trend here…I get it. Nixx0912 said: “Just finished Head full
of ghosts, thanks for the recommendation Lucy.” — You are very welcome, I hope you enjoyed. Brian Miller said: “So glad I found Top
5, Lucy and Jack are some of my favorite YouTubers, everyone should subscribe.” — Awww, shucks, thank you! You heard the man! Subscribe. And on that note, if you haven’t already,
be sure to give this video a big thumbs up, subscribe, and turn on notifications so you
never miss another scary vid. And until next time, see ya later.

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst Horror Movie Sequels Of All Time – Part 2

  1. Basically every Hellraiser after Hellraiser II Hellbound set the standard for the slapdash bargain bin lazy sequel. Most of them were actually studio acquired indie films hastily rewritten and recut to pass for Hellraiser. Clearly, they failed to do so.

  2. I agree with this list BUT for a part 3 please include " The Lost Boys 2 – The Tribe "
    Part 1 is an amazing classic. Part 2 is absolute garbage. Thanks, Lucy or Jack you both Rock.

  3. I haven't cared for any of the franchise "blockbusters" past #3. All they do is run the idea into the ground by greediness 😑

  4. Lucy is just the best. She does a great job of keeping my attention with her amazing insight, and talks about things in an interesting way. Even if it's about how godawful certain films are. Lucy… you rock.

  5. Sadly I’ve seen all five of three and agree totally. I don’t think I’ve ever even argued with anyone who liked any of these. My only (semi) beef is that I probably would have put Revelations at #1

  6. Halloween Resurrection I enjoyed. It was going in the RIGHT direction instead of repeating the Michael/Laurie story for the MILLIONTH time. I mean, how many times are we going to see Michael vs. Laurie? The franchise NEEDS a new story for Michael. And there's plenty to tell in that world. It needs a new hero. I mean Firday the 13th doesn't repeat the same stories over and over and neither did Nightmare on Elm Street lmao. The film wasn't the best Halloween obviously but it was FAR from the worst.

  7. Hi Lucy I love this channel its my favourite. I sit in bed watching your videos then wonder why I don't sleep. One of you and Jack top fans from Liverpool England. Xxx

  8. Maybe one day the Pale Queen or her 2 Jacketed Jester will select my comment 👻 (Ps Busta Rhymes entering with "trick r treat mutha*****" is iconic and one of my favorite unintentionally funny movie moments!😂🤘)

  9. How can you say Halloween Resurrection is worse than Halloween 3 Season of the Witch? Mask that turn your head into bugs?!?!?

  10. Hellraiser is garbage. The design of the cenobites is awesome but the plot is almost non existing and what little there is is not even interesting.

  11. As a big fan of the Hellraiser series, Revelations is the only one I never finished, never plan to, and vehemently deny is an actual Hellraiser film. That film was AWFUL.

  12. The second hellraiser was good. The scene where the doctor gives the insane patient a razor to scrape off the flesh eating worms he hallucinated were on his body still fucks with my mind. It also gave me a debilitating fear of worms coming into contact with my skin.

  13. "However, a few years later came Wes Craven's New Nightmare, which, in my opinion, is the second best Freddy film…"; I like "Oh, is not Jack" Lucy more now.

  14. Anaconda The Hunt For The Blood Orchard…. i mean what the hell !? I miss the animatronic anaconda from the original….

  15. Lucy you continue to amaze me with your knowledge and comedic chops . You can quote me on that 😃
    P. S . We all love you Lucy 👹🤡👻💀☠️👽

  16. If I can survive watching 50 garbage shark movies on syfy channel in a weekend, i can definitely survive Lucy's wrath and the movies on this list.

    Thanos and the infinity gauntlet got nothing on Cenobite Lucy

  17. Lucy please don't hate me for I do love you, but I think I have to disagree with only one thing you said "Dream Warriors" is probably the most loved of the Nightmare sequels. I know it's my favorite.

  18. After 3, The Hellraiser series of movies were not originally Hellraiser at all, which is why they lack so much. They just threw the cenobites in almost even after the fact, just to get them made. Deaders is a great movie by itself.

  19. If I can ever get my horror movie written I'd want Lucy to play the main character, how do you feel about being the straight woman in a Scooby doo like horror comedy?

  20. Add Perfume to the list. Yeah bought the movie wasn’t what I expected at all! Was the weirdest thing ever.Watch clips of it if their out there you’ll understand.

  21. My 5
    5- Jason takes Manhattan (fight me)
    4- Halloween 6 the curse of Michael Myers
    3- The Toxic Avenger 2
    2- Children of the living dead
    1- Jack Frost 2 return of the mutant killer snowman

  22. Once again this comment might be over seen of the Worst movie horror this movie should be intomed in time. Demon Wind 1990 to quote from the movie The seven sacred daggers to kill the son of Satan. This one you can smell the flat screen, the stench of the movie will make you cry. I seen this movie has some how make it to Bul-ray and some how it's getting 5stars on Amazon and 81% on Google.

  23. Spot on about Freddy flicks, Lucy. The original and New Nightmare are the only ones worth watching.

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